What Makes a Race ‘Advanced’?

I used to think that having the knowledge and technology to travel through the heavens would mean that we had become a “more advanced” humanity than we have been, or are today. However, with our present set of customs and norms, it is reasonable to question if the words “intelligent” or “advanced,” with […]

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Stillness and the Power of Thoughts

Imagine that the most elementary element of all physical creation, is not a “particle,” but the stillness that allows and causes motion to occur, and hence, particles to form. And in order to facilitate such causation, it is present as “the centering force” of everywhere, and everything.

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Notes from the Stillness

It is sheer barbarism to vaccinate newborn babies, period. Having said that, it’s simply inane to vaccinate anyone else. Nothing that is included in a vaccine’s list of ingredients is of benefit to the recipient. No-thing whatsoever. “Benefit” only extends to the corporations that arranged sweetheart deals with politicians and/or […]

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A Practical Guide to ‘Going Within’

Each time I sit to write, it is with a desire and intention to convey thoughts that would be of most lasting value to the reader, any reader, without exception, agree or disagree, whether the ideas expressed are read today, or long after I have left this apparently chaotic world. It […]

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Taken one at a time, the message is easy to miss.

The ‘Wages of Fear’ vs. Power of Love

I started this post on Monday, and then the week started. Before the day was done, I had hit the road again; destination, Thousand Palms, California, near Palm Springs, where I was invited to meet Marko Rodin, father of Vortex Based Mathematics, and shoot some video. Now that I […]

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