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European Adventure: France and Spain

Just one of the views of Stonehenge

PUERTO DE NAVACERRADA, SPAIN ~ My European adventure continues at a breakneck pace. I started yesterday morning in Pombriego, Spain, spent the afternoon in Santiago, and ended the day in this mountain hamlet north of Madrid. With my Photonic Water Systems European distributor doing his best Fernando Alonso impression, we have traveled over 1,000 miles through the south of France and back to Spain over the Pyrenees mountains, to make a number of memorable meetings and alliances.

Outside of Lourdes, I can hardly remember all the places I’ve been, much less, their names, but the people we’ve met have been incredible. More meetings are scheduled when we resume the adventure by heading to Bolonia in Southern Spain, and the Mediterranean sea.

One week ago I visited Stonehenge, two hours west of London. It was a fitting culmination of a week that involved presentations of our water enhancement technology, meetings with friends, old and new, two interviews, and a LOT of walking as well as traveling to destinations on London’s Underground transit system.

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European Adventure London: ‘The War’ with Love

LONDON – One thing I’m grateful for in the first few days of my arrival in London, is the return of exercise; my own. Due to traffic congestion, a premium of space, high prices of fuel, and an excellent mass transit system, walking is the order of the day for a large majority of the people. You must walk to the Underground or bus station. Got luggage? No worries! Bring them too! You can take the Piccadilly Line of the Underground all the way to Heathrow airport to the west of the City. The District Line transports you to Gatwick to the south. I’ll take that ride Sunday when I fly from here to Madrid, to begin Phase II.

London is a shopping mall unto itself, replete with historic landmarks everywhere you go. Many of the stores that you enter are, in and of themselves, landmarks. The Beretta Gallery in St. James, a block away from my hotel, has been around since 1526.

Hunting accessories, anyone?

The major news story this week in London is the 100th centenary (centennial for Americans) of Britain’s declaration of war against Germany, which became World War I, which might also be described as Depopulation I.

I know, there have been many wars, all of which resulted in some unnatural level of depopulation. For as much as combatants on all sides may have claimed to have “God on their side,” War is not an “Act of God.”

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A European Adventure Preview

A few hours from now I’ll be on a plane heading East on what I expect to be an amazing and wonderful trip. With all the tension in the Middle East, the Ukraine, and other parts of the world, expecting anything that would or could be described as “amazing” and “wonderful,” seems beyond belief. However, the evidence suggests that’s intentional.


First stop is London. This will be my second time there. I will support a new reseller who will have a booth presenting the Rainmaker H2O water transformation technology at a Christian conference at the Earl’s Court Exhibition Center that is expected to attract 100,000 people from August 4-9.


We’ll show the Rainmaker H2O product; I’ll answer questions and give energy field assessment demonstrations with my new Bio-Well device, which was developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov.

Energy fields tell our true state, and are inexorably related to our physical state. The energy field causes the physical state to come into existence and manifest in the way that it does. Yet, standard medical practice only uses the energy field state to tell you what they think is wrong so that they can then apply their “curative” methods to the visible (e.g. tumor) and perceptible (e.g. pain).

We can’t generally see or even feel the energy state itself, but it is our real body, the one that has no beginning, and no end. It is consciousness, and it is truth.

It is also love. Our energetic health can be analyzed visually and symbolically, with the Bio-Well.

I do have several side-trips planned, however, such as to Stonehenge…

and to Wiltshire…

which is better known for the symbols that have, for many years, mysteriously appeared in fields, and now known as crop circles.

London is just part one of a trip that will see me visiting three additional countries – Spain, France, and the Netherlands – before returning to London for my journey back home to the U.S. I suspect, however, that I’ll feel at home throughout. There is, of course, much more to share, but I have a boatload of stuff to get packed and get going and leave.

You can, however, watch my two latest episodes of Talk For Food, both of which are on water.

The Fourth Phase of Water with Gerald Pollack

Primary Water: Earth’s Untapped Gift

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Milestones on the Road of Life

This stretch of I-10 heading west toward Los Angeles gives you some indication of my recent whereabouts, and actually, my planned whereabouts too, as in a couple of days I’ll make a return, but it’s the whatabouts that are of the greatest interest. The original plan was to attend my No. 1 grandson Tyler’s high school graduation, but that didn’t happen. He graduated, but through a Comedy of Circumstances, we weren’t there.

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A New View of, and Relationship with Water

This is a view of the Rio Grande Gorge from the bridge just outside of Taos, New Mexico, a most enchanting town in the Land of Enchantment where I’ve been for the past few days. I experienced, and thoroughly enjoyed an appetizer of fried green chili’s at the famous El Pinto Restaurant. The rest of the meal was wonderful too. Read the rest of this page »

Memorial Day Reflections 2014

It’s Memorial Day in America, circa 2014. My heart goes out to all who feel the added weight of sadness and grief over actions past. However, instead of ending the observance at “remembering” the troops that have “fought and died” for our “freedom”, my attention is on the people who continue to send them there to do their bidding, only to treat them like fodder when they outlive their usefulness.

Such actions dominate not only the history of America, but world history.

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So Much to Share, Where’s the Time?

Eric Dollard

Eric Dollard Listening to Some Vibration Rich Classical Music

I’m back home in Arizona, actually have been home for a week. So much has happened, so much to share. If you don’t hear from me in awhile, it’s because A LOT is going on.

That being said, I should share something.

Next Tuesday, I’ll be a guest on the A2Z Health Products weekly Conference Call. Started by Dennis Richard, whom I first met in Hermosillo, Mexico to visit Jim Humble in person for the first time to produce my documentary on MMS.

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Seeing Truth in a ‘Lie-able’ Reality

Pend Oreille River, near Sandpoint, Idaho

West View of Pend Oreille River, near Sandpoint, Idaho

POST FALLS, ID — Time only seems to stand still at times. At other times it seems to fly. It has done both over the past few weeks, as I am, and have been on another road trip.

Much is going on in the world, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you much about it. It’s not that I’ve been isolated from “any contact with civilization.” “Keeping up with the information Jones” just hasn’t been nearly as important or interesting as learning the truth and seeing “the reality” that we live in for what it is.

Increasingly, seeing “the reality” for what it is means seeing said reality as a lie. It means seeing all of the ills that we experience today as the outgrowth and consequence of fabrications, prevarications, lies, untruths, half-truths, repressed truths and distorted truths.

A corrected view of our reality gives new meaning to the word “illusion,” as the lie that it is, has been “hiding in plain sight” as truth.

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New Ocean of Information on Water

It is with great pleasure that I report the publication of an article that I contributed to about the Rainmaker H2O technology and its potential impact on California’s water politics and crisis, in Science to Sage e-Zine. The implications in farming and ranch applications, which are major consumers of fresh water, are huge.

This is the thirtieth edition of the thematic publication, which was conceived, designed, and published by Karen Elkins, and the second one on water. Some of the other contributors in this anthology include:

  • Dr. Gerald Pollack, snippets from his book, The Fourth Phase of Water, with images from the upcoming book, Water Worlds: The Hidden Magnified, by Georg Schroecker.
  • Sound Vibration of DNA by Jon Depew
  • Cymatics, the Ocean of Sound, by Jeff Volk
  • Dr. Len Horowitz, Love H2O and 528 Frequency
  • Don Estes, Water Transformed by Intention

And literally, many more.

I’m looking forward to reading the other articles myself.

You can view and read this issue by click on this link

You can download the PDF of the magazine at this link.

While this technology still represent what might be called the “fringe” of water science, it’s because mainstream water science can no longer afford to act as though it has all the answers.

As our understanding of the dynamics of energy increase, and we appreciate how shifts and changes in energy affect water’s energetic (and informational) state, new standards of common sense will emerge.

This one will be short.

I’m about to hit the road on another adventure that I’d love to talk about, but will have to allow to unfold in time.

However, my next entries will provide big clues. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Enjoy the discovery.

When Conspiracy is ‘the Norm’

Yesterday I watched an excellent presentation by Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973, and A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact at a 2008 Conspiracy Conference. We’re sometimes quick to dismiss, or at least discount the claims of “whistleblowers” about various conspiracies, because it seems unlikely that anyone would be working so diligently against the best interests of humanity.

However, Dolan backs his statements with ample evidence, much of which is available to anyone who cares enough to search for it via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Of course, as you’ll see, government and military operations have become so corporatized and privatized, that perpetrators operate as though they are above the law.

Just for the record, they’re not.

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