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Seeing Truth in a ‘Lie-able’ Reality

Pend Oreille River, near Sandpoint, Idaho

West View of Pend Oreille River, near Sandpoint, Idaho

POST FALLS, ID — Time only seems to stand still at times. At other times it seems to fly. It has done both over the past few weeks, as I am, and have been on another road trip.

Much is going on in the world, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you much about it. It’s not that I’ve been isolated from “any contact with civilization.” “Keeping up with the information Jones” just hasn’t been nearly as important or interesting as learning the truth and seeing “the reality” that we live in for what it is.

Increasingly, seeing “the reality” for what it is means seeing said reality as a lie. It means seeing all of the ills that we experience today as the outgrowth and consequence of fabrications, prevarications, lies, untruths, half-truths, repressed truths and distorted truths.

A corrected view of our reality gives new meaning to the word “illusion,” as the lie that it is, has been “hiding in plain sight” as truth.

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New Ocean of Information on Water

It is with great pleasure that I report the publication of an article that I contributed to about the Rainmaker H2O technology and its potential impact on California’s water politics and crisis, in Science to Sage e-Zine. The implications in farming and ranch applications, which are major consumers of fresh water, are huge.

This is the thirtieth edition of the thematic publication, which was conceived, designed, and published by Karen Elkins, and the second one on water. Some of the other contributors in this anthology include:

  • Dr. Gerald Pollack, snippets from his book, The Fourth Phase of Water, with images from the upcoming book, Water Worlds: The Hidden Magnified, by Georg Schroecker.
  • Sound Vibration of DNA by Jon Depew
  • Cymatics, the Ocean of Sound, by Jeff Volk
  • Dr. Len Horowitz, Love H2O and 528 Frequency
  • Don Estes, Water Transformed by Intention

And literally, many more.

I’m looking forward to reading the other articles myself.

You can view and read this issue by click on this link

You can download the PDF of the magazine at this link.

While this technology still represent what might be called the “fringe” of water science, it’s because mainstream water science can no longer afford to act as though it has all the answers.

As our understanding of the dynamics of energy increase, and we appreciate how shifts and changes in energy affect water’s energetic (and informational) state, new standards of common sense will emerge.

This one will be short.

I’m about to hit the road on another adventure that I’d love to talk about, but will have to allow to unfold in time.

However, my next entries will provide big clues. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Enjoy the discovery.

When Conspiracy is ‘the Norm’

Yesterday I watched an excellent presentation by Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973, and A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact at a 2008 Conspiracy Conference. We’re sometimes quick to dismiss, or at least discount the claims of “whistleblowers” about various conspiracies, because it seems unlikely that anyone would be working so diligently against the best interests of humanity.

However, Dolan backs his statements with ample evidence, much of which is available to anyone who cares enough to search for it via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Of course, as you’ll see, government and military operations have become so corporatized and privatized, that perpetrators operate as though they are above the law.

Just for the record, they’re not.

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‘University of Earth’ T-Shirt Launch

Make a statement.

It has generally been an easy thing for me to get behind someone else’s idea, but slow to support my own. Beyond that, it has also been hard to ask for the public to pay for a product I created. This habit hasn’t worked that well for me financially, even though I have had a good idea or two. Perhaps the “newness” wears off for me before anyone else has had a chance to consider or act on them. Perhaps I’d rather just give and not worry about receiving.

Maybe in another world, but it’s certainly a challenge in this one.

Well that’s a pattern that needs to change, and fortunately, technology is providing fewer excuses for anyone to not take positive steps toward a heart-felt objective or goal.

With that said, it’s my pleasure to introduce the University of Earth™ T-shirt, the first in a line of offerings under the trademark. I have just launched an introduction of the design via, a “crowd funding” site created specifically for launching t-shirt designs.

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The Journey Home is the Journey to Love

A lot of attention is being directed toward, among other things, a major “reset” of the global financial system. It is long overdue. The mysterious deaths of bankers around the world, largely under-reported by mainstream media, are not by happenstance. There remains a belief in some areas, that “dead men tell no tales.” That is another “truth” that will soon be shown as the myth it always was.

That being said, the financial system change is part of a larger, more important “shift” that is under way… that is, a major shift in the evolution of human consciousness, awareness, and beingness. It marks the “Coming Home” of our understanding and acceptance of who we are, as immortal beings, “born” from love, and if one’s evolution is to happen, to love we will, of our own volition, choose to return.

A major attempt has been made, and perhaps continues to be made, to ignite another outbreak of war somewhere… anywhere… in the world, through a “terrorist attack” by any “terrorist.”

The “terrorist” that poses “the threat” could be human, but it doesn’t have to be. The presumed “enemies” could be “aliens” of the microscopic kind, or from realms beyond this world.

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An Orchestrated ‘Drought’ of Self-Awareness

I love California. It is one beautiful, often congested, hectic place, but I’m happy to be home, to a different kind of beauty and hecticness. I returned with bronchial congestion that I didn’t leave home with. I suspect it is something that the atmosphere has been spiced up with.

Not to worry, I have some “natural helpers” that are already taking care of the matter.

This last trip of 12 days, took me to Tulare, to the 2014 World Ag Expo, then to Ojai and Santa Barbara, then to San Ramon and Vacaville, in the “straight” between Sacramento and the Bay Area where I received an exam from the Natural Health and Wellness Center (it’s for women, but I was given a pass), then to Paradise and Chico, then Sacramento, then to the San Francisco Bay Area, then toward home, with stops on the Central Coast, Santa Barbara again, with a layover in Pasadena before motoring home.

Multiple purposes served, and many observations.

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Discerning Truth, Love, and the Rhythm of the Heart

The public is perceived to be unable to see through the lies that “checkbook scientists” present as truth.

I take in much more information than I put out. I carry 3-5 books around with me virtually everywhere I go. I watch a lot of video on YouTube these days. (Some wonderful stuff, I might add.) Not only is there a lot to sift through, there’s the sometimes thorny question of what’s true, and even if it is true, is it meaningful?

The thorniness of the matter of discerning truth is greatly compounded by the fact that many of our general understandings about reality, science, religion, and even the “laws” of nature and the universe, which are presented as incontrovertible, are in actuality, not true.

For example, we’ve been told that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light (approx. 186,200 m/s). Before Chuck Yeager managed to safely pilot his Bell X-1 aircraft through it in 1947, the sound barrier was presented as the upper limit of air speed, in the same way that the 4-minute mile was considered the human speed limit in track and field before Roger Bannister surpassed it in 1954.

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Say Hello to “the Stupor Bowl”

It’s Stupor Bowl Sunday… wait; did I call it “Stupor Bowl”? Oh, I mean Super Bowl Sunday, the forty-eighth time the “big game” has been staged. I’m sorry if I sound a bit cynical, although it is definitely intentional.

However, the cynicism isn’t directed specifically at the football game being held today in New Jersey, which I will watch. It is at the entire, and not so fun “game” of life that is being run on the human species, which, apparently by design, puts them into a stupor of consciousness and self-unawareness, and does its level best to keep them there.

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‘False Idols’ Among Us: The Gun

“Put your hands up, pardner!”

Another New Year is upon us. Let me add my voice to the chorus of well wishes for a more joyful, prosperous, harmonious, healthy, and enlightening era, from here on. There are many things that you and I can do to ensure it.

For this entry I wanted to delve further into the subject of false idols, for there are many. They persist in their ability to influence us because we don’t see them as such. Their “rightness,” “benefit,” or “necessity” appears to be so self-evident, they are not questioned. Indeed, proponents deem it preposterous to question such modern-day sacred cows.

Vaccinations and vaccines come to mind as examples.

Indeed, anyone who challenges them may likely themselves be questioned. However, today’s subject merits the stage by itself.

What makes a false idol false is the unquestioned belief in its “rightness,” “benefit,” or “necessity” when in fact, it is a facilitator of great harm. As such, they must be viewed with open mind and hence, unjaundiced, non-judmental eyes.

The picture above is one of yours truly, circa 1956, physical age approximately 5 times around the sun. A true “urban cowboy,” with holster, six-shooter, short pants, argyle socks and penny loafers.  It provides a clue to where we’re going.

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Happy Zeitgeist Day

I saw the movie Zeitgeist, a few years ago, but I watched a portion of part one yesterday on the origin of religion, and had to watch the rest. It was time well-spent. The word reflects the defining spirit, characteristic, or mood of the time, period, or generation.

Ours would appear to be in an unprecedented state of flux.

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