The Ascendency of Balance

I have just returned home from a crisscross country trip that covered 6,250 miles in 14 days. The “crisscross” comes from the fact that I began by heading west toward California, and returned home from the east. My destination was the Treasure Coast of Florida to deliver and install the […]

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The Forgotten Players of War

On this day of remembrance, I took some liberties with someone’s Veteran’s Day poster to create this graphic. To be sure, the numbers of casualties, disease, destruction, and deaths caused by warfare significantly dwarfs the number of liars and lies told that caused the conflicts in the first place. […]

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An Elegy for Daniel Smith

The following passage is from Walter Russell’s The Secret of Light: MAN’S NEW CYCLE The coming age will mark an epochal advancement in man’s evolution toward his goal of omniscience and omnipotence. Man becomes a higher being with greater power as he acquires knowledge. In knowledge alone lies power. Only […]

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The ‘Physics’ of God Explained

We assign the word, (the vibration) “learning” to refer to that which we have come to accept as “true.” What we learn, meaning that which has been recorded ~ consciously and unconsciously ~ into an area in consciousness, involves every aspect of life, both as we know it, and more fundamentally, […]

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On Raising Our ‘GQ’ (God Quotient)

My journey through A Course in Cosmic Consciousness, by Walter and Lao Russell, continues. I am past the midway point of this 520-page volume, presently in Unit 10, Universal Law, Natural Science, and Living Philosophy, where my highlighter has been put on overtime. So many simple but profound truths, not only in […]

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