A Manifesto of ‘One’

Increasingly, I am realizing that power and value exists in thoughts and ideas, and that said power and value are easiest to overlook or dismiss. Ideas, represent compounds or collections of thoughts, in much the same way as a molecule is comprised of a number of atoms organized in a specific […]

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The Role of Truth in a Corporatocracy

Meet NP001 (Sodium Chlorite) [NOTE: This is one in an ongoing series of articles that refer to a landmark trial that commences (Part A) December 1, 2014 and (Part B) March 3, 2014 in Spokane, Washington when the Department of Justice brings its case against Daniel Smith, whose now-defunct company, […]

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Love Proclamation -- Signed

Fund Raising Fun

My desire and need to raise money in order to attend Daniel Smith’s trial vs the DoJ (FDA) in Spokane has kindled actions that, for me, have been long overdue. Instead of the standard, “please send me money” routine (although it will always be appreciated), I have something […]

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Fashion Ideas for the MMS Trial

I want to thank those of you who clicked the donation button to help me attend the “MMS Referendum” in Spokane, which I’ve relocated to help it be easier to find. We have a good ways to go yet, but every contribution is most appreciated. Let me also clarify for anyone new to this subject; […]

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