The Chlorite Matrix (ion) with the minus sign.

MMS and the Lesson of Ignaz Semmelweis

A blustery winter’s day at the 2015 Fieldays in New Zealand KERIKERI, NORTHLAND — Greetings from the underside of the world where I have been for the past week. I traveled to Hamilton, New Zealand to attend Fieldays (June 10-13) and to introduce the Rainmaker H2O vortex water product to the farming, […]

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Jury Deliberates in MMS Case

It’s fascinating that I wrote a short announcement about this, and it was lost in its entirety. If you anticipated the world finally hearing public discourse on the nature and science of the Mineral (Master) Mineral Supplement (Solution), or “MMS” through the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. LOUIS DANIEL […]

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MMS and the Bigger Picture

As chronicled here on numerous occasions on a product that I’ve written extensively about since 2007, the trial of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA V. LOUIS DANIEL SMITH, for his involvement in selling the product known as the Miracle (Master) Mineral Supplement (Solution) (“MMS”) is scheduled to begin May 18, 2015 at […]

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A Post of Few Words

This weekend I’m in California on a “secret mission” that I’ll discuss as it unfolds. I’ll let the graphics above do the talking for now. Click on it and read a higher resolution version. I’d also like to remind all that the trial of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA V. […]

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