Accessing One’s Power to Change the World

For anyone willing to take a cursory look, the evidence is overwhelming that virtually every aspect of Western science, religion, medicine, education, agriculture, banking, government, and culture: Is based on tightly controlled, false information, with the truth being closely guarded, flat out withheld, or destroyed, Inhumane, Unlawful, Exploitative, and Unsustainable. Since the overwhelming majority of […]

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European Adventure: France and Spain

PUERTO DE NAVACERRADA, SPAIN ~ My European adventure continues at a breakneck pace. I started yesterday morning in Pombriego, Spain, spent the afternoon in Santiago, and ended the day in this mountain hamlet north of Madrid. With my Photonic Water Systems European distributor doing his best Fernando Alonso impression, we have traveled over […]

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A European Adventure Preview

A few hours from now I’ll be on a plane heading East on what I expect to be an amazing and wonderful trip. With all the tension in the Middle East, the Ukraine, and other parts of the world, expecting anything that would or could be described as “amazing” and […]

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Milestones on the Road of Life

This stretch of I-10 heading west toward Los Angeles gives you some indication of my recent whereabouts, and actually, my planned whereabouts too, as in a couple of days I’ll make a return, but it’s the whatabouts that are of the greatest interest. The original plan was to […]

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