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Shall We Open Nature’s Divine Golden Gift?

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In this time of gift giving and receiving, it is fitting that I share these thoughts of what I now see as a Gift of, and from Nature, that for obvious and not-so-obvious reasons, humanity has turned its back on, for which we are paying a great, unnecessary price.

In recent articles I have alluded to some fundamental and I believe important changes in my thinking based on information gained from my own research, and sent to me by some of the amazing people who subscribe to this forum. Some of these changes were foreshadowed in my own words in the article titled, Reflections on Who We Are and Where We Come From.

And yet, I am convinced that there is an answer to every problem that we face, and that it is not from or through an outside “expert,” agency or corporate authority, but within each of us.

I have come to see one such answer that relates to matters of human health and healing. It is as ancient as humanity itself.


Inner Vision, Power and Imagination

Events surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting have served as quite the wake-up call for America. The question that arises for each, is “what shall I do?” More so, how shall I “process” this information? What most don’t realize, is that this process constitutes the real workings in the “democracy” of how both our personal and collective reality unfolds.

A very determined, calculated, and concerted effort has been made to convince the populace that humans are incidental afterthoughts to the unfolding of events and life on Earth, when in fact, we, knowing and unknowing alike, are central characters. As such, most “truths” that we have come to accept and even revere, are actually lies. The “truth” about America being the land of the free and home of the brave, is one such example. The “truth” that the healthcare system is designed and intended to restore health, is another. Lies dominate the public consciousness, perhaps because the old truths are being superseded by new awareness, making the now falsehoods increasingly easier to see.


Newtown Massacre: Issues Unexamined Always Lead to Questions Unasked

I write these words today while in the process of undergoing a fundamental change in my thinking, with an ever-deepening appreciation for the wonderful and powerful Gift that we have been given, that is, the Gift of Life itself. Life, which in truth, has no antithesis. Instead, Life takes an infinite number of forms.

Everything is Life. Even the phenomenon that we think of as “death,” is but Life changing form. You and I, Magnificent Immortal Beings all, simply move our awareness “from here” to a different Here, from this now to a different Now. We’re not starting a new life there, but becoming aware of the new “surroundings” that we will now define Life by, and recognize as Life.

I wrote the two opening paragraphs before learning about the story of the massacre that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Connecticut, where a young gunman started the day by fatally shooting his mother at home, then drove to the school where she worked, forced his way in and fatally shot 26 more before taking leave of this life by turning the gun upon himself.

My heart reaches out to all who were affected, but not for the “loss” per se, nor for the picture of “evil” that many will characterize this event as. It is for the fears that so many shared so deeply that they were part of such a scenario.

This event was a human creation, like all that have preceded it, and all that will follow. What we make of it shall influence how or whether future events of this nature unfold. Only by fearing future events of this type can more such events happen. Through mass media channels, the public has received its catalyst to fear more, but the option and the power, still remains ours.


Reflections on Who We Are, and Where We Come From


I don’t know about you, but this has been, and continues to be a major time of reflection for me. It may not be a new thing, perhaps that’s just who I am. However, if you think there has been a glut of information in this, the Information Age, it is my feeling that we ain’t seen nothing yet.

And yet, I am convinced that there is an answer to every problem that we face, and that it is not from or through an outside “expert,” agency or corporate authority, but within each of us. Furthermore, “everyone” doesn’t have to “figure it out.” Only desire, intention, and sincere, love-driven action are needed. Harmony, joyfulness and peace amid fear, chaos and acrimony will be signs of the successful.


Two Videos for Self-Empowerment and Awareness

Only time will tell who will find this information useful, and when, but I am moved to speak more, through video. A few days ago I drove to an area not far from my home, looking for a place to talk about a few things.

The two videos below are the result.

Taking Ownership of the Gift

Whether we’re talking about healing a body, a planet, or greater things still, certain realizations are necessary. I offer some suggestions. (Browser Link)

The Interrelatedness of Everything

I barely managed to get my head in the frame in the second part of this video. (Browser Link)

A Planetary Fix We can Start on NOW

The year-end holiday season has become a month-long buying frenzy that would very likely go every day if a good reason could be found. In lieu of “good” reasons, there is no shortage of nefarious ways to get you to part with your money each day. The transportation industry’s ways to pick our pockets at will, would blow your mind, because it’s definitely a “well-oiled,” machine.

“The Problem” is neither the internal combustion engine, nor SUV’s, as some critics would have us believe. The problem is the built-in inefficiencies that have been institutionalized into engine design and “management.” We “putt” along in vehicles designed to give us 20 to 40 miles per gallon, when 150 mpg or more is possible NOW, and has been possible for quite some time.


Beyond Measure: The Real Value of Value

The general theme of the Thanksgiving holiday is to express gratitude for what you have, a fitting impulse for a culture that places such value on things. However, our material focus becomes problematic when it comes to figuring out how to treat the priceless amongst us.

“What is priceless?” is not the question to consider. The question is who. The answer is us.


Xenotransplantation, Exopoltics, and HeLa Markers

First of all, please accept my heart-felt thanks to all who sent birthday wishes today. You are much appreciated!

Xenotransplantation – Creating The Zombie Apocalypse « REALITY BLOG

Within the above image lies a very large part of the problem with the subject of “healthcare” in our general society today. That is, medical science’s willingness, if not obsession with “mixing and matching” genetic information across species under the guise of fighting disease. We continue to drift ever further from health, into disease in another series of “wars” that “benefit” a few at the expense of many.

The failure of the Medical Autocracy to notice, not to mention, be appalled at, the human holocaust that it is actively facilitating, leads me to believe that the debting, dumbing and dimming down of humanity is its actual goal. This is not to single out the medical profession, as it is but a single cog in a larger wheel of social manipulation and tyranny.


An Ode to Love and the “Magnificent Immortal Being” in All

Green Love

In less than one week (Nov. 19), I will have completed my 61st trip around the sun, having entered this reality in 1951. I’ve witnessed many dramatic changes in that time; social, political, technological, and spiritual. The phenomenon of global, direct, interactive, and personal communications between people in all parts of the world, is certainly one of them. And yet, I suspect that all the change that I’ve seen thus far amounts to an appetizer to a far greater feast that draws near.

One factor that shall influence just how our personal experience of the coming changes will unfold, is the “tack” of consciousness that we assume.

Will it be of fear? Or of Love?


A New Earth Vision Formed with All-Inclusive Love

Now that the 2012 election appetizer is over, we can get on to the main course. Some people are elated, some are terrified with Mr. Obama’s re-election. I’d like to suggest that there’s another position available, which is exemplified by a growing, but unacknowledged plurality, i.e., those whose vision for a balanced, re-harmonized, detoxified, abundant, safe, and peaceful world, is undeterred.

The importance of undeterred vision cannot be over-emphasized. It means being held in spite of apparent prophesies to the contrary in the Bible or Nostradamus, predictions of Planet X/Niburu, or further encroachment in civil liberties by a corporate oligarch.

An undeterred vision of reclaimed freedom and restored health of the People includes, but is not limited to the citizens of the United States of America. It would include the citizens of the world.

It is achieved, not by external force, but by individual “order.” Not by totalitarianism, but through the acknowledge of, respect for, and expression of individual sovereignty.

The basis of collective government, is self-government, mutual respect, and responsibility.

This is not the Fatherland’s “New World Order,” but it will lead to the unfolding of a New World that All would love, because Love, by All, for All, and in All, would have brought it into being.

Irrespective of external developments, this unfolding New World receives my vote with each breath that I take.

Every human being is capable of such love, but most have a long list of “justified reasons” for choosing a much narrower version. However, the number who embrace this all-inclusive love, is growing, and by their intent, thought, and action, so shall it come into being, irrespective of who would “win” the presidential elections of life.

The world we know today is a reflection of what we’ve accepted to be “true”, much of which is, in actuality, false. The world of tomorrow depends on what new truths we’re willing to embrace, and the new choices and actions that come from them.

While the election outcome was in doubt, thanks to the $6 billion public relations campaign that the candidates and PAC organizations mounted, I didn’t tune in or follow the exit poll results. I didn’t sit mesmerized at the TV set with bated breath to see who would be the first to project the winner from exit poll data.

I had a problem with both candidates, as well as the system so intent on controlling the population that it can’t risk any true diversity of opinion, and so practiced at shaping and controlling information that a yet large percentage of the population doesn’t even know that the government doesn’t work for its benefit in spite of a daily stream of supporting evidence.

Even fewer know that the president of United States Corporation and the federal government are just pawns in a much larger game.

The statement above, while metaphorical, caused me to pause nonetheless. It suggests that forces or entities are influencing the moves that the president, Senate, and House of Representatives, make, as well as the Alphabet agencies, both overt and covert, and the military. They are getting the mandates from someone or something, and it’s not helping the people of America, nor of the World.

Some examples:

  • Divisiveness – Politicians portray the United States as the icon for freedom and “righteousness” and anyone who takes issue with us “or our friends,” are enemies. They think that “might” gives us “the right,” and “wealth” gives us power to control, punish or otherwise negatively interfere in the affairs of others. When others take exception to our policies, we use that as confirming evidence of that our policies are “right” and their “enemy” status is justified.
  • Dissension – When diversity of opinion is stifled; and when real solutions to problems are ignored while false (and even destructive) solutions are promoted, dissension will naturally rise.
  • Destruction – After 9/11, U.S. Armed Forces were sent to invade Iraq on the premise of looking for “weapons of mass destruction,” and what did we do? Destroy much of the country and kill thousands of people, leaving depleted uranium material wherever “conflict” was engaged. We insinuated ourselves into war in Afghanistan, and what are we doing? “Killing terrorists” (so we say) and protecting opium poppy fields. Other sanctioned ongoing destruction programs include cutting down rain forests, incorporating poisons in farming practices, genetically modifying food supplies, poison-centered medical treatment standards and practices, poison-centered inoculation/vaccination policies, chemical (read toxin) or synthetic, nutrition-less foods.
  • Disease – The many destructive methods described above, coupled with our dissatisfaction about them, eventually become diseases, which start new, sometimes multiple or simultaneous rounds of toxic treatments.
  • Debt – This is the true state of the “land of the free.” The country is in debt, the people are in debt (or so they believe), because the system is designed to create the illusion of freedom, but actual slavery.
  • Disinformation – Clearly, a lot of disinformation is going on, because much is being hidden. Why is it being hidden? Because if you knew the truth, you’d really be mad, and more importantly, you have the power to change it.

In spite of these factors, or because of them, it is time well-spent to take stock of our personal vision and the knowledge or belief that support it. It is the one thing that each individual can “control” irrespective of what others do, whether they agree or not.

For example, we “honor” U.S. veterans and combat personnel around the world, but what hope do we offer them? Over 320,000 vets have brain injuries alone. 18 choose suicide daily. Thousands more were wounded or maimed due to combat. My New World Vision offers them the hope of natural, not technological restoration. If they are a “force” of anything, it would be of friendship and peace. I see more travel than ever, because the destinations are safe, the people are friendly, and the memories would be Golden.

Don’t get me wrong; “The future” is at stake. However, NO ONE is able to speak with any certitude on what is going to happen. Everyone believes something; everyone feels something, but neither are expressions of known certainties.

There are those who predict a collective blooming for humanity (in the positive sense), and those who predict gloom. Who is to say that both aren’t right?

If your vision of the future isn’t a joyful one, isn’t one that you’re looking forward to, or is stress-causing rather than harmony increasing, I have little to offer that will change your mind. However, wherever you are on the “what lies ahead scale,” you may find the videos below worth your time.

Richard Hoagland: Government Secrets—What Obama Knows about December 21, 2012

Given in 2011, this presentation by Richard Hoagland uses “HD” or hyper-dimensional physics to guide his perspective to the global events of our time in general, and as they relate to December 21, 2012.

The significance of his thoughts on harmony at the end are easy to overlook.

He addresses, in some depth, many of the issues that have surfaced surrounding Freemasonry, Pyramids, Washington, DC, the presidency in general, and Mr. Obama in particular.

Mr. Hoagland, as well as the presenters below, point out substantial variances from the truth that certain scientific, political, social, medical, media, educational, and corporate operatives have relied upon to influence on our view of reality. In other words, much if not all of what we have held to be “true” has actually been false. This is a massive charade that we are waking up from and beginning to see.

The presenters also agree that we must be the solution, not some last-minute “savior”, a sentiment resoundingly echoed by Bill Donahue. How we change our inner relationship with self, will affect our geopolitical relationships with each other, and signify our readiness to be conscious, active, and equal members of an intergalactic community, and not fodder for human chomping aliens.

Notice how such membership never comes up in “New World Order” conversations?

However, in order to “be the solution,” we also need to recognize the extreme measures that have been taken to pervert the truth, and then keep it in protective custody through an entire matrix of “authorities.”

Just why things have been this way is not as important at the moment as realizing that most “truths” are actually not, and finding out what is.

Now what “truths” am I talking about? Here are a few that come to mind.

  • Darwin’s theory of human evolution
  • Germ theory
  • The speed of light is as fast as it gets
  • “Birth” is the beginning of life, and “death” is the end
  • The physical body is the being.
  • It is okay for a government to deceive, mislead, or oppress certain of its citizens
  • It is okay for a government to deceive, mislead, or disrespect the sovereignty of the citizens of other nations
  • We can dismiss the place of consciousness as a key factor in the involution of our problems, as well as the evolution of our solutions

The last item would more likely be classified as an unspoken truth, which, when they are detrimental, are the most insidious.


I have been reading several books lately, some of them are available free, online. One of which is The Dulce Book, by Branton. While I’m only halfway through Chapter 12, this book led to names of others, such as Dan Burisch (below), John Lear and a man referred to only as daniel, that fill in many blanks.

Watch them if you dare… and if you care.

Project Camelot Interviews Dan Burisch – Part 1

A five-part series.


Lloyd Pye – Everything You Know is Wrong

I differ with some of this conclusions, but his hypothesis is compelling.
Fasten your seatbelts!

Cast Your Vote Now! Elect Your Power Within!

Cast your vote!

On this eve of the 2012 election, I’d like to suggest a last-minute “write in candidate” and a slightly different electoral process. It involves casting a “vote” with, and within One’s Immortal Self. Whether Mr. Romney or Obama is named President of United States Corporation is not important here. What matters is the transformation of your life, and your world. When you are in harmony with the change that you envision, your “voice” will be heard throughout the Universe.

We’re always “in the voting booth” of life, but oftentimes choose “existing” by someone else’s “rules” than living by our own principles. Nervous about today, and fearful of tomorrow, we remain unaware of, or disinterested in our Inner Voice being “heard.” As such, it rarely occurs to us that taking time to sit and create an inner harmonic resonance, through meditation, might pay any appreciable dividends.

I’ve known of meditation for decades, but it took watching several more of Bill Donahue’s talks ( to appreciate the physiological importance of such practice as it relates to any human problem, “small,” or “large.”

Consider this video, titled, “Contacting ET.”

New take on “prayer.”

The centerpiece of this talk is an amazing transformation of the passive, impotent, fearful, and you might even say sniveling activity that “correctly implemented” prayer has evolved into.

People are inclined to “pray” when all other measures have appeared fruitless and they’re desperate, or when others are doing something we know is wrong, but are doing nothing about it. “Praying for our troops presently doing damage in Afghanistan,” is an example.

The connection that Donahue describes is a positive, aware, knowing activation, “turning on” a function that does not involve a “Higher Power” or “Deity” outside of yourself, but with the Inner, Immortal Being that YOU ARE. This is the result of a conscious choice, as well as a learned process that is available to everyone.

Whether you use MMS or chemotherapy, Rodin coils or Grabovoi numbers, it behooves each individual that truly wants to turn their life around, to turn this latent ability ON and let it be part of their healing or life transformation process. The implications affect far more than matters of personal health.

I watched his “Contacting ET” talk several days ago, and then queued up this blog entry yesterday, but the words that I wanted to add to it weren’t there initially. Until they were, it would sit.

Many Perspectives, Few Perceived Options

There is no shortage of people who have a point of view, with over 7 billion of us on the planet today, and counting. However, there are far less than 7 billion active points of view. Actually, there are surprisingly few.

Currently within the collective consciousness of humanity there is an abundance of viewpoints that support the idea of insufficiency (lack), limitation, opposition (conflict), that there’s something to fear, due to power disparities between some imagined “other” and YOU (Me).

  • “Terrorists”
  • Cancer
  • Global Warming
  • Famine
  • The Illuminati/New World Order Agenda
  • Martial Law
  • Collapse of the Financial System
  • Contamination of the Water Supply
  • Radiation Poisoning
  • GMO proliferation
  • Alien Uprisings

What, if any of these “menaces” do you feel you have any power to mitigate? How convinced are you that you are ill-prepared or under-equipped to do anything that could make a difference?

There’s good reason to believe that our notions of powerlessness, while carefully and deliberately cultivated, are baseless, but you won’t hear much about that from mainstream media outlets.

For my own edification, and to make the difference that I know is possible in the world at large, I share what I learn. What you or anyone does with it is a personal decision. Arguing for one’s limitations is nothing new, but uncovering and plugging in to one’s power can change everything.

It’s a change worth making.

As long as one believes a disparity exists between “the powerful” and “powerless,” “good” and “evil,” then the not-so-funny “game” of life as we currently know it, plays on.

Signs of natural, latent Divine Power that every human being is “pre-wired” for, are everywhere, including the Bible, even in the Book of Revelations, that often reads like a James Cameron disaster epic.

Some would call Donahue “sacrilegious.”

However, like so many ideas that make up our collective perceptions about the physical/material world, the list of what’s believed to not be possible is a long one.

The point of view that says Divine Power is within is also not new, but it seems that in spite of this truth, for a myriad of reasons, many who are suffering are nonetheless content to wait for someone else to exercise their power, not realizing that there is something that each can do that will matter, right here and now.

Taking a Personal Interest in Disclosure

Also for a myriad of reasons, a growing portion of the world’s attention is turning to the subject of disclosure, not in response to the question of whether we’re alone among intelligent life forms in the universe, but to relationships that have been forged with extraterrestrial intelligence entered into by the “powers that be” decades ago.

It is no secret that the United States Government, that private corporation headquartered in the CityState of Washington, DC, and actually has no legal jurisdiction over the American people, has maintained what are referred to as, “black projects,” meaning “for national security reasons we won’t tell you anything about them, including whether they exist,” which have their own equally “black” budgets. I mentioned, in a recent article, how on September 10, 2001, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon could not account for over $2.3 trillion.

‘Black’ Projects and the Armageddon Myth

What if a group of people in positions of great influence to, and even control over, the president believe in the literal interpretation of biblical and metaphysical (e.g., Mayan calendar) “end time” prophesies?

What if they think that a World War over the Middle East must occur in order for Jesus, “their King,” to return, and have been taking steps to instigate that very war?

Or, anticipating destruction and chaos due to a polar shift of the planet’s magnetic field, or other upheavals due to extra-planetary influences, they take measures to ensure their own escape (via interplanetary space craft), while maintaining control over the masses by controlling education, healthcare, monetary, and governance policies?

These are not hypothetical subjects. They simply don’t show up as talking points amid the $6 billion that is being spent on a “sham presidential election.”

In addition to such a world conflict, the seeds of an “extraplanetary event”, whether it is due to an asteroid, rogue planet, or a War of the Worlds-type invasion by extraterrestrials, have certainly been planted in the collective psyche of humanity, going back to the October 30, 1938 broadcast that was narrated by Orson Welles. Turns out that its origins were very terrestrial; a psychological warfare experiment that was funded in 1937 by the Rockefeller Foundation, an organization whose names shows up repeatedly in a long list of atrocities to humanity that have been “re-spun” and honored in the Beneficence Hall of Fame.

To add further injury to insult, suppose those very same people have authorized and orchestrated the construction of numerous underground facilities in anticipation of this surface conflagration, where they can retreat while those left on the surface would perish, as the vast majority of the Earth’s population is culled. The Denver International Airport gives graphic evidence that someone subscribes to this line of thinking.

Denver Airport Mural

Denver Airport Mural

The idea is that they would “survive” these cataclysms in comfort until it’s safe on the surface again, or using “black” interstellar-capable ships, they’d establish a base on another habitable planet.

This all sounds loony, right? That’s just the attitude necessary to justify complacency.

While we’re complacent, we sit and wait, sit and watch, look for signs that someone else is changing things on our behalf, while doing little that is positive on our own.

If we don’t have money, or status, or if our viewpoint differs from the majority, it’s easy to be self-dismissive, and discouraged. That’s the mind-state that so many people call “home.” It’s not a comfortable place. Yet, everyone has the power to change it.

With all the fearful chatter that we’ve grown accustomed to hearing, I want these times we spend together to be fear free.

What I’m learning is that each one of us actually has a voice, if not in the election of the next president of United States Corporation, then in the larger election, which addresses the question of “What comes next?”

Irrespective of who the “president” turns out to be, your vision of “what comes next” should be unwavering. If you are resolved that greater peace, harmony, truth, and love comes next by embodying these principles, then you are changing the world both within, and around you. No one can take that power away from you, try as they might.

Meditation is the Power Connection

It shouldn’t cost money to heal one’s self, nor to transform the world, and it doesn’t. This is because the catalyst for all forms of healing begins with the true intention to do so, which costs nothing to choose.

Not everyone who claims to be looking for a “cure” to cancer, or to poverty, crime or war, truly intends to find one. This applies to both the “cure vendors” as well as the “victims” of disease. The change that they both say they seek won’t come if they refuse to let something else go, such as judgment, anger, resentment, avarice, envy, or enmity. These states of mind keep one closed to, and disconnected from the feeling that indicates the Power is present and active.

When an individual chooses to meditate, they are making a conscious choice to harmonize their inner world. The long breath that they take in will bring oxygen, the long exhalation will push out carbon dioxide. The harmonics of the tone generated, “OM”, will heard and positively impacted on every cell in the body.

No guess work is involved. If a person really wants to make beneficial changes in their life, then inner, personal work, facilitated through meditation, should be part of their process. It will help everything else that they do, because they are putting fear aside and consciously taking the lead in their own healing process.

Refreshing Bible Spin, Threshold of a New Golden Age

The Golden Age, by Clint Cassell

Watching Bill Donahue’s videos makes me glad I didn’t throw “the baby” that is the Holy Bible, out with “the bathwater” that is religion. The book wasn’t the reason I sought truth elsewhere. It was the predominant spin on said truths that I’ve had problems with as to their usefulness to me.

There are wonderful truths to be found throughout the Bible, but the way they are generally and officially “spun,” keeps the church’s coffers filled, and the individual’s Soul empty. The Medical Autocracy’s “spin” on health care is tantamount to another religion, as it has adopted ritualistic practices that keep its coffer’s filled and the individual’s health and pocketbook empty.

Some people think that the Holy Bible, or the Holy Koran, or the Torah, etc., represent the only repositories of truth. Emboldened by selfish righteousness, they then seek to insinuate their truth on other “non-believers,” as though their point of view is confirmed by the sheer number of “believers.”

I lost interest in Bible study and doctrine because, with few exceptions, the “spin” didn’t ring true to me, or came with too many other requirements and conditions. Yet, virtually everyone I saw or heard presenting from the Bible offered basically the same interpretations.

Some examples:

  • “Jesus died for our sins.”
  • “We were born sinners.”
  • “Jesus is our savior.”
  • Jesus is THE Way and the one we have to have a relationship with (ignoring other human beings)
  • We need to be “saved” or will go to Hell.
  • Virtually anything you did that was joyful or pleasurable, was a sin, an abomination to God, and reason to tread lightly.

I’m sure there are more, but you get my drift.

However, “belief” is not knowing, and the truth that confirms belief can only be gained within the Temple of Introspection, via meditation, in oneness and counsel with One’s Higher Self, the Immortal One.


I’ve only watched a handful of Donahue’s 615 videos thus far, but with the Bible, he adroitly crystallizes a spin that resonates with me.

Donahue states that through meditation (not medication), and “no thought,” which also means no negative emotion (fear), The Way, in other words, Your Way, will be shown. The Kingdom of God shall come through us, by the power of our willingness to make this inner connection consciously.

Very doable by anyone and everyone ready to take the next step beyond “belief,” to knowing.

This is not a “way over yonder” Kingdom (or Queendom as the case may be). It’s a pronouncement of potential for our Here and Now.

A Far Green Land

Rabbi Yeshua, by Jane Adams

Two thousand years ago, a man known as Jeshua described the signposts that would mark the beginning of the Aquarian Age, a time we are now firmly in. He said that we could bet that we too would do the things he did, and greater things still. The norm of today does not, in any way, represent anything equal to what Jeshua stood for, and could hardly be seen as greater than.

The status quo of today would be justified by the dismissive and condescending notion that we are nothing, and HE is “King,” or the doctor, or the politician, dictator, or billionaire businessman. Science would say this all happened by chance, or accident, or assert that we can’t heal ourselves without drugs or invasive technology. Economists would say can’t live “civilized” lives without money, government, and regulations. Regulators would say we can’t have energy without burning fossil fuels, or foods without designing them to be alien to life.

Having believed and accepted it all, we’ve got what we’ve got. Many who saw through the charade, and offered workable solutions, were ridiculed, ostracized, or eliminated. Yet, the tide of wonderful change is coming in. It cannot be stopped.

So I am left to believe… in fact, to know, that what we’ve got now is NOT what I envision from here on. Ergo (therefore), the magic MUST be about to happen, because I also KNOW that this crap is at its end.

The Powers behind this amazing transformation are far greater than forces that have so stubbornly tried to keep humanity deaf, dumb, and blind to its True Nature and Power. The Power of planetary bodies, and the Power of the Sun are aligning with the Power of the Galaxy, bringing forth a spectrum and level of energy that has not been on Earth for eons of time.

Perhaps it was during previous epochs that humankind experienced and enjoyed previous Golden Ages, but we’re at the threshold of one now.

Dawn of a New World (I really like this artist’s work. Visit his site to see more.)

At the end of the video below, he refers to a time of readiness that Jesus described “when we see the abomination of desolation”…

That time is now.

Help this guy out if his “spin” rings true to you.

A Grand Time for Lovefulness and to Know One’s Self

I don’t know about you, but in spite of all the perfectly valid reasons to be fearful about:

  • “the end” that appears to be upon us,
  • what is actually about to begin,
  • the chaos that is everywhere
  • threats that face humanity, and
  • whether there’s anything we can do about it, or
  • whether there’s time,

This is a GRAND time.

While I’m sure there are many who would beg to differ, It’s a grand time to be alive, present on Earth at this time in her history. Imagine, for a moment, that you have the power to re-create it in any way you want; what changes would you make in the world to make it a better place?

You need not tell me or anyone else your answer. Just imagine it sincerely, and love it into existence.

A massive effort has been made to keep you in a perpetual state of fear; deaf, dumb, dim, debt-ridden, diseased, and distracted. As such, the world is fraught with danger and distress, but imagine it changed. Picture your most wonderful dreams having come true.

It’s a grand time to be in the middle of things, to know the stresses that mount when we feel powerless, and the JOYFUL process of its re-discovery. It’s a grand time to realize that we haven’t been forgotten or abandoned, we’re not damaged goods, or that our isolation has been in belief, but not in actuality.

The task now is not in discovering our power, but learning how to use it consciously, lovingly. We have many things to practice on.

In every conceivable way we have been admonished to listen to and trust “experts” or “authorities” other than the One inside. We’ve been willing to offer ourselves in sacrifice, to allow the experts and “professionals” to make their best guess on what is “wrong” with us, and how to “fix” it rather than nurture and empower the Inner One that knows.

To fear for our lives means an active belief in the idea of “death” as an event we must avoid at all costs, or by any means necessary. The fears are unwarranted because death is but a phase shift wherein the Immortal Being that we are, dissociates from the mortal vehicle of earthly material, that we experience this reality through.

We are not, never have been, nor will we ever be the vehicle that is the physical body, itself a macrocosm to an ocean of microorganisms.

At death, for a final time, we “exit” the body through a stargate that is used over the entire course of the earthly lifetime while the body is in the state called “sleep.” The stargate’s molecular form is the pineal gland. This gives new meaning to the idea of entering the “temple.”

The only difference between our nightly sleep-time exit and final body dissociation is that at the final departure, the cord that persists during the physical lifetime between our Immortal Essence and the physical body, is cut.

Like an extension cord, this cord maintains not “a” flow, but the flow of divine energy that motivates, animates, and informs the physical form and all the life that lives, moves, and has their being within it, keeping it viable because it yet has a purpose to serve for you.

No force on earth can cut this cord unless and until the Immortal You decides that it is time. Even then, the cord cutter is YOU, the Immortal Being, and no Other. When and how the final phase shift occurs, is also up to YOU, for the experiential reasons that you chose prior to entering this realm.

Population Reduction, Armageddon, and End Times

Many are concerned about the population reduction intentions and initiatives of a few against the a vast portion of Earth’s population that are not only evident today, but appear to have been in effect for hundreds of years. Various prophesies, from the Bible and Nostradamus, to the Mayan Calendar and other sources, point to the times that we are currently in as significant.

Mass population reductions, or “phase shift events,” are not new on Earth. They go back much further than current shapers of opinion care to let be known.

The population of the “civilized world” has been led to believe that our present concepts of thought, science, mathematics, social order, governance, history, and most importantly, human potential, represent the most “advanced” there is, or has ever been on Earth.

Such thinking has led us to conclude that we’re a disparate group of fragile, mortal beings, alone on a hostile world and in a vast, lifeless universe, searching for extraterrestrial intelligence that may be like us, but afraid of any that appear different. While the U.S. government refuses to admit evidence of extraterrestrial visitations – recorded events go back hundreds of years – military factions prepare for war.

While I believe fear levels, with respect to ET’s are high in certain government circles, I believe it is more so due to agreements they entered into with certain ET factions – the HeLa cell is likely one such result, as it has made many “advancements” of the latter half of the 20th Century possible. This includes GMO technology.

The video below gives a small sampling of what has been going on.

While pharmacological research scientists had knocked on the door for decades trying to break in, the Human Genome itself had been virtually inviolate, that is, prior to the HeLa cell’s introduction.

After the HeLa cell, informational out-breeding across genetic lines was not only possible, it has now become accepted practice within $cientific circles. It has been duly named, “lateral gene transfer,” and has become very big business.

This ability to violate the natural integrity of the Genome is why a Monsanto can virtually co-opt “ownership” of entire species of corn and other crops via patent protection, because their genetically adulterated seeds were altered by the incredible HeLa-induced field effect that made gene mutation possible.

No one asked the public if they cared, but I think they’re going to find out soon. Monsanto isn’t alone in this one. Their fear may be more related to what humanity does with them when it finds out.

Being Immortal Beings too, but with the freedom to be unaware, the “lesson” of such people who run Monsanto, or the FDA, Syria, Israel, the various “ruling families,” etc., are between their conventional level of thinking and Higher Self.

‘Force Fields’ of Love

The time for the end of the grand charade is nigh, not because “they” are ready to let you see, but because sufficient numbers of you are ready to know and live in truth.

What does knowing and living in truth mean? It means loving love enough to be it yourself under all circumstances, toward all people. It means loving peace enough to embrace it yourself under all circumstances, toward all people.

A loving, peaceful person becomes a harmless person. And while the “powers that were” would have you think that the only way to protect yourself from harm is to “bare arms,” as in weapons of harm and destruction, becoming harmless actually invokes a much more effective power, in the form of your own force field.

The human force field is made of plasma, which is the same material as the silver cord that keeps the physical body functioning as it sleeps while we are away on other planes of experience.

Considered the fourth state of matter, plasma’s nature and dynamics are rarely discussed.

Our relationship to plasma, and more importantly, its ability work on our behalf, is largely unknown, and rarely consciously observed.

Better we think that we need guns to protect us, when in fact, a plasma field around us and within has been protecting us all along, that is, when we’re not believing in, or thinking of harmful methods so deeply as to bring harm to ourselves.

What we seek, we’ll find. What we fear will appear.

A plasma field protects the earth, as it is made of the same “stuff” that is issued forth from the sun. It transforms the sun’s energy into a form that becomes our visible, “living” forms. It also influences the interactions that occur between living beings in our respective dramas of earthly experience.

Plasma, the fourth state of matter, is within everything that is physical, and is responsive to the direction of the consciousness of an Immortal Being, i.e., you and me.

With or without your body, you are an Immortal Being. Irrespective of who you call “God,” or whether you believe in one, you are an Immortal Being. Your disbelief in, or disagreement over the nature of God doesn’t invalidate your Immortal Beingness any more than your being “born” on Earth makes you an “earthling.”

All of humanity are spiritual, i.e., Immortal Beings, having a time-limited experience on Earth. As such, they take on an experiential vehicle that is made of earthly material, for the duration of their journey here. When that purpose is served and the journey done, they leave.

Existence doesn’t begin on earth, nor does it end here. However, distortion created on Earth will need to be resolved here before moving on. Distortion in one’s energy field, the effects of lovelessness and fear, remains in one’s energy field, dims the light, and therefore restricts one’s interstellar motility.

Yet, one’s very willingness to love self and others, to forgive and be forgiven, to not only seek peace, but be an example, marks the lifting, not only the veil to more expanded consciousness, but the restoration of conscience, and opening to the Universal Life that has always been present, though previously unseen.

Fearlessness is not the same as Lovefulness. One can be fearless, while lacking wisdom. The loveful are wise. The loveful will melt hostilities because they value and respect the life, sovereignty, and kindredness of themselves with ALL of creation, whether “born” on Earth, or in the Heavens.

An isolationist, separatist, xenophobic mindset has been inculcated within the consciousness of humanity, through education, science, religion, health practices, and government. The idea of “good” and “bad” is the foundation of duality, and the means by which certain information has been held back on a “need to know” basis. And yet, for those who seek wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, truth cannot and will not be withheld.

If knowledge is power, and truth will set you free, is there any wonder that such efforts have been taken to impair the human Immortal’s knowledge of self?

If knowledge is power, self-knowledge is Self power. The power of Love, for freedom, health, and harmony, washes away fear. An inner harmonization occurs only when one is in a state of joy, laughter, or bliss. Healing is one result of inner harmonizing. Opening one’s eyes to truth, unafraid of what will be revealed, expands the consciousness, and where needed, activates the conscience. The conscience is our connection to the Immortal Being Within, that has guided us to this moment, at this time of great change.

Ignorance of self, and consequently, self-loathing, fuels our fear of others, and willingness to force our will on others. Yet, in so doing, we also subject ourselves to being “forced” by what appears to be those with greater “weapons of will.” The greatest “weapon of will” is not a weapon at all. It is self-knowledge, understanding, and love. It is truth, undistorted. It is responsibility accepted, and respect fully applied to self and to others. It is treating others as we would like to be treated… even if they do not appear to be likewise so inclined.

We can change our world, and in fact, will change it, in spite of the dire predictions of the fearful. Extraterrestrial life forms exist in all manner of persuasion, but the only thing that distinguishes a “threat” that any might represent is the degree of our own self-knowledge. This is something that can be revealed for no one, but one’s Self.

Video Series on Death from a Biblical Scientist

Meet Bill Donahue. I have often described myself as non-religious, having spent much of my early days within a Southern Baptist household. But a friend sent me one of his videos the other day, and I love his way of explaining the symbolism and greater meaning in the Bible. While he is definitely a biblical scholar, his teachings are liberating, not dogma-building.

He also mentions the origins of Abraham


This is another series of worthwhile videos. Enjoy.

Good stuff…

Money Obsession and the Appearance of Good Deeds

With what appears to be more frequency than an NPR pledge drive, picking up groceries at Safeway is eventually going to mean being asked to make a donation for cancer research, twice.

If you’re using your ATM card to pay for your groceries, you’ll need to press a “Yes” or “No” button on the checkout terminal in order to get to the final payment screen.

If you press “No”, the checkout clerk will ask if you want to “round up” your bill to the next even dollar amount. Without any apology or need to explain or justify my decision, I simply reply to the teller, “Thank you, no.”

While many have expressed annoyance with this fundraising practice, which cashes in to the tune of $300 billion annually, it has not been for the most salient reason. The truth is that money is being raised to support the appearance of care about a “cure” while the Medical Autocracy maintains a coordinated practice that involve planting seeds of future disease, including cancer, within each human being.

Here’s a short list of just a few ways. I’m sure you can add more.

  • Vaccines – vaccines contain chemicals that are anything but beneficial to our biochemistry, yet trends have been to do more, earlier, and to try to “encourage” voluntary compliance without resorting to outright force.
                      • Chlorination of Water – In stark contrast to the chemical action of the chlorite matrix, chlorine Cl2 produces trihalomethanes (THM’s), which are known carcinogens.
                      • Fluoridation of Water and in Products – under the guise of helping make teeth stronger, the public continues to be “slipped” doses of fluoride from every angle possible. Instead of making teeth “stronger,” a link has been made between fluoride and higher incidents of bone brittleness.
                      • GMO’s Gone Wild – Corn, soybeans, almonds, salmon, strawberries… the list continues to grow, as the assault on humanity.
                      • HeLa Cells – not really a new, but still unknown kid on the block, HeLa cells would be the smoking gun, if and when the public understands what it is, what it does, and what science is doing to humanity with it right under our noses.

There are many other ways that science, industry, education, government, and the media are working in concert to keep humanity “dumb,” “disabled,” “dysfunctional,” and “dim.”

Consider the concept of evolution as presently taught in schools. Are you not convinced that the human species evolved from primates? That’s certainly what we’ve been told is true.

Did it ever occur to you that your true nature might be divine? That you are an immortal being having what appears to be a mortal experience?

There is great evidence to support the statement attributed to Jesus, that we would achieve on a scale equal to, and greater than his. The “belief in him” was simply a statement of his sincerity, such as “believe me when I say…”

You have the power that Jesus suggested whether you believe “in him,” or whether you believe he exists at all. What’s important is that you know who and what you are.

Right now we’re a money-influenced and distracted society that is in the process of imploding under the weight of its own self-deceit. We have the power to change our course, but think someone else must do, or lead the change.

We’ve been led to sit and wait for someone we think is greater than ourselves to do what needs to be done, to say what needs to be said about the crap that’s going on all around us.

We have a remarkable ability to heal, not only ourselves, but our world. We have a remarkable ability to establish peaceful relations with each other, and not be goaded into wars that produce no “winners”, except for those that have orchestrated the deception.

Money isn’t the root of all evil, but it’s a tool of evil doers. It’s not the money, it’s what people choose to think about it, and do with it, as well as without it. If we set our humanity aside, then all manner of dire consequence is possible. When we find peace within ourselves, no harm can come to us, because harmony will prevail.

In spite of the great orchestrated effort to maintain our slumber, we are waking up, we are speaking up, and we are seeing a better, safer, healthier, abundant world for all. Well, I’ll speak for myself. That’s what I see.

The healing starts within.

This is a great eye opener.

2012 Election: A Mockery of Democracy

Romney and Obama face off at the second “debate.”

In its beginning I thought of YouTube as a haven for mindless information, but it is only a reflection of where human minds are. Fortunately, there are many who now use the medium that YouTube provides, to put out information of a richness and diversity you’ll find nowhere else.

Right before our eyes we’re witnessing a gross example of government and corporate tyranny. The election process has been manipulated and distilled down to look bipartisan and support diverse points of view, but to represent a monolith in actual practice. The Democratic and Republican parties and their appointed representatives, are just two heads on a single snake. They don’t represent the American people, which is why they saw fit, especially the Republicans at their convention, to not even allow another party member, Ron Paul, who earned delegates during the Republican primaries, to speak on the convention floor. By the conspicuous absence of commentary, it seems that mainstream media hardly noticed.

In my opinion, neither candidate represents the best interests of the Republic of the United States, or its People. This truth hit home while, in response to the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010, a group of like-hearted souls banded together to find a non-toxic, restorative solutions. We impressed enough people to have our micro-organism-based bio-remediation strategy presented to president Obama by a well-placed representative. The Corexit sorties continued. Many other natural, restorative approaches were presented and shot down. BP’s actions were of greater danger than that done by any “terrorist organization.” If it were anyone else ordering the chemical dumpings over the gulf, which also produced benzene in throughout the Coast region, it would have been seen as a hostile act. Instead, we were facilitators.

The FDA’s indifference to inundating the population with GMO products without even the courtesy of a label, has been another example that began long before Barack Obama became president.

Legally, the candidates don’t have to care about the American People because the individual that will be voted upon on November 6, 2012, will become president of United States Corporation, a corporate entity based in Washington, DC, a “branch office” that answers to the CityState that it was patterned after, the Vatican. We’re the ones who have thought they were talking to us on the campaign trail.

The legal clarity with which I see this now comes courtesy of another conversation with Grant Maanum, which I turned into a video titled, Beyond the CityState: The Forensics of Freedom. I had already learned about the president’s role and responsibilities to United States Corporation earlier. In it he traced the historical chain of events from roughly 525 BCE and the Roman Empire, to the Maryland Constitution of 1776 and the true beginnings of sovereignty on this land. These revelations made the many paradoxical and freedom limiting or ignoring government actions, make sense.

The upshot of it all was the fact that the jurisdiction of the CityState ends at its boundaries. That is, unless we believe the corporate entity that is United States Corporation actually represents, or ”governs” us. What it’s actually doing is treating The People as though they were owned property, like inventory held in stock. If you listen or watch the above mentioned video, it’ll put the New York Stock Exchange in an entirely different context.

These are not long-held opinions about America or our government. I have voted, or would have voted for Hubert Humphrey (1968), George McGovern (1972), Jimmy Carter (1976, 1980), Walter Mondale (1984), Bush I (1988), H. Ross Perot (1992), Bob Dole (1996), Bush II (2000), Michael Badnarik (Libertarian 2004), and Obama in 2008. Today, the American People have no candidate. On the surface, American corporations, which themselves exist because of the American People, have the politicians’ ears. But when $6 billion is being raised and spent to get a “message” out, it’s clear the money isn’t coming from regular individuals.

The video below, “Romney Exposed,” is chilling.

Sobering, even if you’re not drunk.

Shows the massive amounts being spent. It’s the new hedge fund. No matter who “wins,” the corporation will have his ear, and he’ll be obligated to listen.

Money is even coming from other CityState connections.

I waited several days after recording before putting this video up. How to exercise our voices so that they’ll be noticed, requires some thought.

Got it off my chest.

This subject affects the health of everything, from our individual lives, to that of our communities, nation, and the planet itself.

Healthcare: Different When It’s ‘Money-Driven’

It rarely crosses our mind, but it should be noted that what we refer to as “the healthcare industry” is a collection of money-driven business entities. Just that statement alone gives reason to pause, because it includes both “for profit” and “not-for-profit” organizations. The not-for-profits can lay claim to some noble purpose, but they are still very much for the money. “Dead president promissory notes” remain their chief deity.

Health, on the other hand, is a province and state of living beings. Holding the word “health” in common with the collective of corporate entities that is the healthcare system doesn’t mean that its methods, standards, and practices are intended to help maintain or restore the human state of health. Business health is not measured in quality of life, but quantity of dollars relative to costs. Quality of life and health, are non-factors. Instead, the appearance of life and movement toward health, are prime.

When money is the chief focus, health may result from one’s activities. However, when a person becomes ill, health is likely to return faster if nature and balance are allowed to take its course. As such, an undeclared War on Nature has been raging all around us and against us for several generations that we have all but failed to notice. The healthcare industry is so into “the war,” they’ve all but ignored the restorative power of balance.

I am not against money. There should be a fair exchange and mutual benefit when energies are engaged, either as producers or consumers. However, objectives must also be singular and clear. When a person gets sick and seeks the knowledge and services of a doctor, the patient’s objective is to restore the state of health. The doctor may want to do likewise, however, the guidance indicated by his education, professional association, and industry, actually interfere with health’s restoration, or make the disease condition worse.

An Unholy ‘Dance’ with Vaccines

It’s raining needles…

To see such policies in action, we need only look at how vaccines are now routinely given to people for diseases they’ve not had, particularly children, on the presumption that they’ll get it. Then when some people do demonstrate the pathology, medical officials tell themselves (and us) that they need to inoculate more people, never questioning whether the chemicals in the vaccines had anything to do with the disease’s onset.

Vaccine pushers carefully word their press releases, advising consumers that there is still no guarantee that they won’t contract the condition that the vaccine is designed to “protect” against. Yet, in addition to not getting your money back, many people lose their health and never get it back. If the patient objects, practitioners are quick to question, or even challenge an individual’s judgment, particularly parents for their children, if they have the audacity to say “no, thank you” to the doctor’s kind protection offer.

If you take current vaccine thinking to its present “logical” conclusion, there would be a vaccine for every disease known to man. Why? Because diseases are idea constructs that are created by money-driven men. “Restless leg syndrome” is an example of such an idea construct. They are mutual thinking points, morphic fields that are used by all parties to the condition.

The perfect money-maker in the medical world would be to have “approved” medications for every known disease. It would even be more perfect to force the public into “patienthood” by way of policies, statutes, and laws, to involuntarily take the medications without ever having the disease, and then claim credit for preventing them.

If some people get the diseases anyway, such as for HPV, for which Gardasil® was developed, the industry and its practitioners are still protected because they told us it wasn’t a guarantee,  The spate of new diseases that evolve are viewed as reason to initiate new money-raising and research activities. They are not presumed to have anything to do with the existing medications that have become part of “normal” business.

The money motive is always present, but never admitted to, especially by $cientific researchers. This was very obvious in A Conspiracy of Cells: One Woman’s Immortal Legacy and the Medical Scandal it Caused, by Michael Gold (1986 SUNY Press). The book chronicles the discovery that some mysterious agent was changing the identity of human cell line specimens that are used — bought and sold — by the cancer research community. A prostate cancer research scientist needs “live” human prostate cancer specimens in order to observe and determine what the new drug she’s developing will do. In order for her research findings to be considered valid — according to scientific method — the specimens must be representative of the target tissue. In other words, findings made on a prostate cancer drug must be done on prostate cancer cell cultures. The value of the researcher’s findings would be lost if it turned out that the tissue samples she worked on were from lung cancer tumors.

It turns out that this is the kind of “identify change” that the HeLa cell was and is causing, in addition to adding race and gender markers that were associated with Henrietta Lacks, the woman whose cervical cancer tumor specimen is associated with the first discovery of the HeLa… or so the story presently goes.

My point in all this is that the discovery of HeLa contamination didn’t result in a unanimous, conscientious push by medical researchers to remove any question of specimen integrity. Instead, they were annoyed at Walter Nelson-Rees for bringing the matter to the profession’s attention and calling for stricter tissue integrity protection methods.

Over thirty years after the original problem was discovered, which had been at least twenty years after the HeLa cell had been introduced, the problem yet exists today. (See linked article.) If healing were the true objective of the researchers, then it would have been important to ensure that the specimens they used were right. But when it’s about money, or professional stature, which is still about the ability to charge money, then it’s another story. It’s the story that we have today.

Political types have cultivated the mindset that the healthcare system should “protect” every citizen, to the extent that legislation has been enacted that seeks to coerce, or even force the individual into the healthcare system, so as to “pay their fair share.” Note the money dominance in the thinking. However, the healthcare system’s Prime Directive is unchanged. We must still show them the money! And a lot of it! They don’t have to show us the health, and they’re not. We’re so used to them not showing us the health, we’ve stopped looking for it, with their encouragement.

Since we don’t think of these things that often, what with the NFL football season, American Idol, House, and Big Brother all gearing up once again, it is useful to consider that the Healthcare Industry needs us more than we need it. Even more so, it needs us to be sick. Sickness is good for the healthcare business.

Current healthcare practices have, for over 300 years, been guided by the money motive. This includes the materials and procedures that were selected. The decision, which goes back to Edward Jenner in the early 1800’s, to suggest that cowpox could be used as a plausible substitute for human smallpox made it more practical to offer smallpox response in a money-making organization. Using cowpox made it possible to actually stock up on raw material to produce the vaccines. Human smallpox was only available when people had smallpox. Not nearly as reliable a resource, business-wise.

Eighteen pence was established as the minimum that a vaccination officer would charge for the procedure in 19th Century London. Scaring the skin was a visible way to distinguish who had, and had not received the treatment, and more importantly, who had paid the price. All of this was instituted because the ability to make money was present, even though the method did not, in truth, eradicate smallpox, as had been speculated.

As a society, we remain more concerned about money than we are about the state of health of our bodies, and of our relationships with others. We continue to judge and compare others, as well as ourselves, by “what we have” versus what exists in our heart. Why? Perhaps because the heart can’t be regulated, nor can anyone else be an “expert” over what drives it, and as a result, what drives you.

Therefore, it is deemed better to set aside the heart and get your money affairs and values in order, which generally involves setting common sense, conscience, and even our humanity aside. What we get in exchange is insanity, heartlessness, and inhumanity, presented in white coats and three-piece suits.

Better than condemn the system for being the great evil force in our world, how about simply realizing how it was done; that is, by lateral power transfer, from many to a few. Each who walks his path in self-harmony, increases his own health and reduces the potential of harm, both within the body and beyond.

There’s no better time in history to live by these precepts, than now.

‘Standard of Care’ by Whose Standard?

“Medicine by the Book” is no friend of the public.

I have had the ongoing pleasure of regular conversations with Grant, who I referred to as “The Dot Connector” or “GM” in two videos thus far. He is truly an intelligent man. Although I don’t do it every time, each time we talk warrants recording, as invariably, something new to me, or a new take on an existing perception, will be covered. I bring this up because as these dialogues continue, I feel it important to understand that Grant’s “specialness” is NOT something that you or I don’t have. Instead, it is a level of NORMALCY that never left him, that is part of being human.

With all the news going on surrounding which man the directors of UNITED STATES CORPORATION will appoint to “lead” the organization as president for the next term, and what other distractions among many we’ll give our attention to, it seems almost as if we’re way out of touch with the pulse of public interest or attention. Yet, what Grant has brought to my attention, with regard to the HeLa cell alone, fairly well SCREAMS for more public understanding, because when you know where to look, and HOW to look, it is staggering, and liberating.


2 million baby boomers believed to be “infected.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued notice that all “baby boomers” – that segment of the population born between 1945 and 1965 – should be tested for Hepatitis C. That would include me. The virus is considered a leading cause of liver cancer, claiming 15,000 lives each year due to related illnesses. The agency suggests that 2 million boomers have the virus and don’t know it. Their recommendation would be for one to come in for testing/screening, and where the virus is found, begin a 48-week round of interferon alpha-2b or Ribavirin treatments.

At $50 to $100 each, the testing process alone could add a $150 million stimulus to the medical industry, but getting 800,000 people on the prescribed Standard of Care, which costs from $50,000 to $150,000, could generate $60 billion in billings (averaged out at $75,000 each), if fully acted upon just once.

Of course, this all amounts to horse hockey, because following the Standard of Care will not restore the natural balance that actually defines,  creates, or restores, a state of health. As such, if the Hepatitis condition goes away, you can pretty much count on something else eventually showing up to take its place.

Why? Because health care is a for profit business first. Health is neither its first priority, nor its second, or third. Health isn’t a priority whatsoever, only the appearance of the abatement of disease. I say this because we are succeeding at achieving the appearance of such abatement, at huge profits. We are not succeeding at helping people be well again. How can we when we’re gradually and consistently replacing natural materials for patented, unnatural ones? We can blame the producers for offering it, but what is forcing us to accept it, other than complacency, and a mistaken belief that medical standards and practices the very best possible?

We are paying a very high cost for this insidious wolf of a business model that masquerades in government protected, $cientifically authoritative sheep’s clothing. The only thing that is being “protected” in this situation, is market share of the medical service providers and their suppliers, and liability for the consequences of their recommendations. The public has no protection; they must pay with their money, hopes, dreams, health, and lives.

Oh how I wish this weren’t true, or even an exaggeration. If anything, this description of current medical practice as we know it, is an understatement.

Nobama Care

This story of the Hepatitis C concern comes out at a time when the Obama administration is trying to heighten the appeal of its health care reform law, called Obamacare. This program calls for mandatory enrollment into a health care plan, even suggesting penalties for non-compliance. However, it doesn’t call for mandatory use of methods by healthcare providers, that are known to help restore health. As such, this is a great windfall for the health insurance industry, which still only pays for methods that the policy makers approve. The medical policy makers continue to look askance at anything that isn’t inexpensive, adversarial, destabilizing, or toxifying in its metabolic effect on the body.

In making this story public, the Standard of Care for Hepatitis C is the only option that can be discussed in the mainstream media. As such, the entire population is led to believe that if they have Hepatitis C, irrespective of how they got it, the Medical Autocracy’s solution is the “best” and “most reliable” way to resolve it.

That too is a fiction.

I was editing a conversation with Grant for my radio show when he called today. We’ve now spoken further on this topic, and you need to hear it. For the moment I’m going to give you just a little piece of the longer one. This tidbit is on WF10, clinical trial results that won its developers a patent, and MMS. There is much more to come, but I want you to get acquainted with this caring and very awake being, knowing that such “awakeness” is both our birthright and responsibility. It is also within our power to restore.

Shaking Vaccine History at Its Foundations


At long last I’ve re-surfaced. Never really went anywhere, but the number of hours in the day seems to shrink further while my worldview morphs and transforms.

My information intake has gained a new input medium in the form of regular conversations with the Canadian gentleman known here as Grant. The conversations have become quite valuable, as his grasp of physiological and medical sciences, as well as the history of the evolution of many of said practices, as well as the individuals involved, is vast and impressive.

It’s all the more so when he says that his educational pedigree is graduating at the very top of the bottom third of this high school class.

We talk just about daily. I began recording the conversations after one too many informational gems had escaped from the corral. There’s something special about gaining a new awareness the first time that is elusive when we attempt to re-create the moment.

Dialogues on Vaccination

My last article on vaccination sparked a cautionary suggestion in the comments section by Arrow, long-time Thought For Food subscriber and moderator of Health Salon. Arrow helped many people find this forum by linking to my original article on Jim Humble’s Miracle Mineral Supplement, titled No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry. That one article became a forum unto itself, and remains the most widely read article that I have written on the subject to this day.

That seems so long ago. Yet, not far away.

In fact, MMS plays a role in how Grant found me. He knows the difference between the product that the FDA issued a warning about and mislabeled as “MMS,” and the real thing. He was exposed to chlorine dioxide at a pulp mill where he worked in British Columbia, which resulted in severe respiratory distress. This condition was resolved when he discovered a product that features the chlorite matrix, that we know as “MMS.”

Just last week MMS came to the rescue for him again when he brought his 10-year old Pekingese mix (I think that’s what he said) with an impacted uterus back from the brink of death. The local veterinarian declared, in no uncertain terms, that the dog, which was losing significant amounts of blood, needed a hysterectomy right away; a $2,000 procedure.

Declining the offer, he went to one of Jim Humble’s sites and found a testimonial by a woman who had a similar problem. Roughly three days later, the bleeding had stopped; her appetite had returned, and she was beginning to act like a puppy again. Within another two days her bowel movements resumed and normalized. This account is in one of our recorded conversations.

Arrow’s comments on vaccination provided an opportunity for Grant to do his thing, which is to share his remarkable grasp of the research that he’s done. He estimates that it took him nearly 500 hours of digging into the science of the chlorite matrix before he found WF10.

Grant reminds me of Sheldan Nidle, in the ease with which he retains, recalls, and sees the context of history. We haven’t gone totally “off world” yet, but you will find some – actually many of the upcoming subjects to be quite compelling.

“How compelling…” You ask? Compelling enough for me to have added a little dose of MMS to my daily routine… well, not one but several, and they are little. Dowsing to get the best intake amount and frequency for me, I use the original, 1:1 1 drop of MMS to 1 drop of citric acid (50% solution), 6x per day. I activate it in a shot glass, and add water. No taste problem, no nausea or diarrhea, but I do feel it working within me.

I’ll give you two reasons why I see this as a uniquely important and valuable move, not against any other method, but in conjunction:

  • The nature, use, and deliberate proliferation of the HeLa cell in vaccines and GMO products. The current story about HeLa cells and how they came to be, may eventually rival the immaculate conception story that we’ve been led to believe, under penalty and duress, about the birth of Jesus to Mary. I mean no disrespect to religious traditions here. However, no “history” is immune to the biases of the historians, particularly if they were subjects to a higher human “authority.” They will write as they’re told. Not much has changed.
  • Given what we will reveal about the HeLa cell, the nature and characteristics of the chlorite matrix, which sodium chlorite is, becomes even more important. I learned that MMS is just one way, and perhaps the most economical, to avail one’s self of the chlorite matrix. Two others are DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane).

I’m delaying discussing just what the chlorite matrix does to the HeLa cell, and why it is important, to give you some time or opportunity to see what’s said about the HeLa cell now… for example how it made it possible to sustain a human cell vaccine outside of a human being. Nobel Prizes were awarded for this discovery.

The Chlorite Matrix

According to US Patent 6086922, which was filed in March 19, 1993 and issued July 11, 2000, the chlorite matrix is an isotonic solution containing 5 to 100 mMol ClO2- per liter of solution. The “minus” sign is important, because it distinguishes whether conditions are ripe for the tragic and the magic. Our FDA, in its efforts to “protect” the public, has described positively charged version. Truth is, I didn’t understand this subtle distinction until Grant brought it to my attention.

Notice a second patent, 5019402, that was awarded to Alcide Corporation in 1990, for a product formed by adding “a chlorine dioxide liberating compound to a weak organic acid and a heat activated saccharide.” This was to safely disinfect blood.

There are roughly 20 other petitioners listed on the page that reference the Alcide patent. The list includes Proctor & Gamble, and Cancer Technologies, Inc., with a method for deactivating HIV infected blood. NONE of these applications suggest that the end products are dangerous. Yet, with all the great intention behind these products, it appears that, to date, the FDA has not granted approval to any of them.

The dialogue that Grant and I had in response to Arrow’s thoughts was significant enough to base an entire video around. We covered the topics she raised at the end of a 2 1/2 hour chat. Our exchange about variolation (a precursor to vaccination and subject of the video below) and its evolution only took about 11 minutes. It took me an additional 30 minutes to set the stage for the subject, insert clarifications here and there, and provide a summary at the end.

The video is titled, “Mysterious Indifference.”

You’ll eventually meet Grant (“GM”) after 20-minutes of my setup.

There’s far more to say about this subject, much of which has come from subsequent conversations with Grant. As I mention at the end of this video, ending vaccination won’t occur by showing the illogic or dangers, or “fighting Big Pharma.” However, I am convinced that it can be done, and WILL be done.

To further prepare yourself, watch the short videos below. They contain the kernels of understanding that you’re going to want to explore if true freedom is your goal. We’ve long contented ourselves on seeking financial freedom, but given the fiction that the current monetary system is founded under, we’ve allowed a far greater tyranny to operate in plain sight, where The People are the property of soulless corporations, and profit is king.

If this is new to you, then take some time to ponder what Jordan Maxwell is saying. We’ll be covering these subjects too.

Shocking at first…
But really makes sense…

Curing ‘Reactionism’ through Stabilized Imagination

Alex Jones hosts a nationally syndicated news/talk show based in Austin, Texas. You may already be familiar with him. From time-to-time I’ve listened to his highly-amped commentary. Needless to say, while we may agree on a range of issues, our styles are very different.

The video linked below was produced July 26, 2012. By the title, RED ALERT: AMERICA UNDER SIEGE – THE ROUNDUP BEGINS, you get an idea where he’s going. He takes umbrage with what appeared at the time, to be an agreement that Sec. of State Hillary Clinton was about to sign. The U.N Arms Trade Treaty would have meant restrictions on domestic gun ownership. The deal didn’t go down, which wasn’t apparent to Mr. Jones at the time.

I watched this 49 minute tirade. I let several days pass before responding via another video. Several more days have passed before I’m now presenting it here. While it wasn’t exactly “much ado about nothing,” it was, in my opinion, far more reaction than was necessary, or wise.

However, reactionism of this kind is typical these days.

It’s amusing to read the copy in the description of Jones’ show from his web site:

Jones avoids the bogus political labels of “left and right” and instead focuses on what really matters — what’s right and wrong.

In spite of the claimed avoidance, the statement translates into Jones is doing what everyone else is doing; i.e., giving his opinion. No more, no less. Believing his opinion is “right” (better) and others are “wrong” (worse) is exactly what people on the “left” and “right” are doing. In the process they remain ideologically polarized and divided, which contributes to things staying just as they are.

I appreciate Mr. Jones’ passion, but for the tens of thousands who listen or watch him, I offered another perspective.

My attempt to quell the alarm.

We are well-practiced in the art of reacting, unaware that there’s no such thing. There is only creating. What we think of as a “response”, is actually new stimulus.

We are creating our reality, both present and future moments, by the views that we hold dear, and the actions that come from them. Whether by love, or by fear, we are always creating. This is an understanding that has escaped our education system. It is absent from science, and missing in most religious traditions, which tend to focus on, and promote devotion to an animating force or “authority” believed to be outside of one’s self.

Self-understanding is not cultivated or even encouraged. Self-reliance is unknown. We’re steeped in matters of conflict, vulnerability, risk, and limitation, where past ways are glorified amid a chaotic present.

Our willingness to be “governed,” has also been cultivated, as has our willingness to accept early inoculations to stave off diseases we’ve been led to believe will be inevitable if we don’t. In the process we’ve seen a gradual transfer of responsibility and consciousness from the individual to external, impersonal, “proxy” entities. Like frogs in a pot suddenly realizing that the water’s hot, we’ve made corporations and the governmental state, our masters, buying their promises to take care of, or protect us, as though we can’t take care of or protect ourselves.

In a country that boasts a rich history of innovation born in the garage or napkins over dinner, young people are conditioned to set their sights on getting jobs, not on creating them, on being consumers, not producers; to listen to the authorities even if they don’t listen to you.

We don’t know what we don’t know about ourselves. This is why we’re where we are now. As such, we don’t know the true missing link; that is, the power of stabilized imagination, which is the actual instrument of transformative creation that will change everything when we apply it individually and consciously, with the ultimate stabilizer, love.

The Power of Power, and the Question

A month has passed since we had our Genome Healing Workshop experience, and it feels as though it was light-years ago. Yet, I have only begun to scratch the surface of useful information to share about the process.

Many people will encounter a credibility crisis with Genome Healing, but it’s not about the method; it is about the individual. Until a sick person is ready to be well, they will question the credibility of any change that could actually take them in the direction of their desired outcome. Skepticism, doubt, or cynicism reveal the true barriers to personal transformation.

It’s not that you should believe anything or everything you hear, but it’s important that you know your power. You are either using it on your own behalf (or learning to), or others are using it for their own gain, which is often at your expense.

My current reading is Secrets of Power, Vol. I – Individual Empowerment vs. The Societal Panorama of Power and Depowerment, by Ingo Swann. If what I’m realizing from this book is any indication of the rest of Swann’s numerous works, reading them promises to take me on another rewarding journey up the rabbit hole on our return journey HOME.

It is increasingly evident to me that we are the creators of our life experiences, you of yours, as I am the creator of mine. Forget about whether you created the earth itself, or the Cosmos. Forget about whether you created the disparity between rich and poor, crime in the inner cities, genetically modified foods, unrest between Israel and Iran (or whomever they feel threatened by today), or the recent mass shooting event in Colorado. The people who chose these direct experiences are their creators. However, awareness of these elements are part of your consciousness, as they are mine. We are the creators of said awareness, and therefore, witnesses to, and influencers of, those experiences/events too.

There are people on earth who have zero awareness of the examples mentioned above. Their consciousness is free of any thought or “emotional charge” – positive or negative – surrounding such matters. Being human, however, they will have thoughts, and an emotional charge – both positive and negative – about other matters. Collectively, this is how we create our experience, the human experience, which is the earthly experience, a concept proffered by Grigori Grabovoi. It is done by the predominant thoughts that we generate, and the feelings (emotional charge) that we imbue said thoughts with.

In Secrets of Power, Vol. 1, Swann explores the subject of human power in great depth. Without going into the specifics of what human power is – at least through the first half of the book that I’ve covered thus far – he deftly illustrates:

  1. how valuable and important it is to all, the few who appear to be powerful, and the many who appear powerless,
  2. how social structures usurp the power of the many, to maintain the status quo of a few, and
  3. the lengths that are gone to in order to keep the masses unaware of their power, through the use of same.

In other words, a “Great Wool Pulling” is, and has long been part of the game on Earth, that goes back hundreds and thousands of years, that has contributed to the state of the world as it exists today. That state is an outpouring and reflection of human consciousness, expressed collectively.

However, that’s the collective view. The magic is in the individuality; in the Awakening of the Oneness with, and of The One.

Power can only be wielded consciously if it is accepted as part of one’s being. It is not an object, staff, or amulet, but a “set” of both the mind and heart together.

Neither mindlessness, nor heartlessness will confer power in any benign or beneficial manner, nor will it spawn an expansion of consciousness. Both must be active, aware, and in balance, as yin and yang, as we walk our path in a mindful, and heart-filled state.

The Genome Healing Method invites each to connect the yin and the yang consciousness, bringing them together in concert and symphony, restoring an inner harmony, where cacophony had long persisted. It is heart-directed; not for the mindless.

I mentioned a credibility factor that some may experience, because we are conditioned to expect “the product,” “the expert,” or “the method” – anyone but us – to do the magic, not knowing that we are the magicians that are actually allowing the magic to occur, or facilitating its unfolding, through us. We are that powerful. If you believe that you are not, you will be correct. However, you may not see how you routinely set your own boundaries of possibility.

When we accept the idea that the power to heal, to restore the Blueprint of Optimal Functioning, and even regenerate ourselves in ways we’ve not dared imagine is ours now, our journey to such restoration begins. It will take as little, or as much time and experience as it takes. The best way to ensure that the time will take longer, is to be fearful and rush or try to force the issue. It won’t happen. There’s no reason to rush.

Healing rests self-awareness and understanding, the willingness to let go of or limitations, and the desire to live in health and happiness, within the fullness of our power. It means realizing and then reclaiming the power that we’ve turned over to others. Then, we demonstrate how much do we want to know ourselves by having the courage to ask the deepest of questions of our neglected selves, i.e., the organs within us.

Well, I said that some might question it… but then, if we haven’t demonstrated the courage to ask of ourselves, it’s not wise to judge others who have.

Carol shares the fundamental questions in the Genome Healing Workshop.

Much more to share… and more to do.

Rise of the Disillusioned

Disillusionment, or to be disillusioned, is generally considered to be a negative state. Indeed, once disillusioned, an individual’s “happiness index” is likely to go down for a time. Seeing the world differently, particularly when the heart is caring, means seeing and caring for the whole. It is the height of illusion to care only for some, such as “us good guys”, and not for others who may be characterized as “them enemies”.

For the newly disillusioned, seeing and respecting another’s perspective doesn’t mean that you’ll agree with them, or like what they’re doing. As such, the disillusioned point of view is not a major smile generator. However, it can be the catalyst for a profound liberation and expansion of consciousness, and the precursor to positive change, also for the whole.

I have been feeling the effects of disillusionment. Look all around, everywhere are lies, deception, distraction, and misdirection.

They only *appear* to be different, but they serve the same master.

The presidential campaign pits two men who are trying their best to present themselves as polar opposites to each other, who actually represent the same thing; the status quo.

While they ply the campaign trail to garner both popular and Electoral College votes, neither Mr. Romney nor Obama work for the American people. Their allegiance, if elected, will be to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation (formed by act of the 41st Congress in 1871) which is headquartered in Washington, DC., but answers to factions and interests beyond. We pledge a similar allegiance, not knowing that this particular corporation is not the one that is reflected in the Constitution for the united states of America. (See the article.)

Campaign promises aren’t meant to be broken, they are destined to be, because peace and prosperity for all aren’t on the agenda. Why should Americans think they deserve peace and prosperity, and not think that other human beings deserve it too? Why do we think freedom of choice is good for us, but not for other human beings? Why do we speak of the fear of what others will do with self-determination when we act on our fears, and threaten to use deadly force to stop them? The controversy around Iran’s pursuit of nuclear technology being but one example. Why do we promote the use of armed military responses in our professed efforts to “maintain peace?”

The answer to these questions is that quelling hostilities between individuals, groups, or nations is not on the political agenda. Since the subject is never brought up, the public doesn’t even think about it, much less vote on whether they want it.

Saber rattling which remains in the political toolbox, has been stepped up a notch by U.S. led, sanctioned, or instigated invasions of countries – where we think we can get away with it – and assassinating self-professed “bad guys,” and then getting on national television to congratulate ourselves about it.

To add injury to insult, the public is then inundated with “documentary” films on various science and environmental media outlets (e.g., Discovery Channel and National Geographic), to let everyone know how the killing mission was carried out, and how right it was “for America”.


Was it really?

Is the world a better, safer place today because we led brigades that slashed and burned Iraq in order to get Saddam Hussein, or into Pakistan to kill real people in an effort to put the idea of Osama bin Laden being still alive, to rest for good?

The presidential campaigners talk about the economy.

Romney, who we’ll call “the hopeful promisor” suggests that he is going to fix it, but how? Rolling up the sleeves and spouting rhetoric, or pointing out the perceived faults of his opponent won’t do it.

The president promisor, Mr. Obama, used the current system, the current way of doing business… printing worthless money, to “bail out” a system that was built by the previous promisor, Mr. Bush, and the one before that, and the one before that.

I could go on, but you get the point.

It doesn’t matter whether they call themselves Democrat or Republican, they work for a Corporation that is SUCCEEDING at its directors’ plan; that is, to GROW THE DEBT, and the public’s national sense of indebtedness. With the exception of Calvin Coolidge and Warren G. Harding, each administration since Woodrow Wilson has overseen growth in the national debt. (See reference.) When presidents have deviated from the dictates of the directors, they have been eliminated. John F. Kennedy planned to end the Federal Reserve System. His life was ended instead.

The promisors will continue growing debt as long as we have a banking system that is not tied to stable, agreed-upon assets, such as gold and other natural resources.

In our economy, money is not an asset, but a debt. A Federal Reserve Note is a promissory note. Its value is what it is simply because we say that’s what it should be thought of as being worth. But what a $10 Federal Reserve Note buys today is a far cry from what it bought forty years ago.

I remember in the early 1970’s, putting $1 in my 1966, metallic green Oldsmobile Toronado to go to work at Delta Airlines in the air freight department at O’Hare Field in Chicago. (It didn’t look nearly as good as the car pictured above.)

That dollar put several gallons of fuel in the tank, which was enough to get me to and from work. Today a dollar’s worth of gas will barely get you out of the gas station. What’s the difference? More money in the system, and much higher debt.

Even with the correction in the real estate market over the past several years, it’s still rare to find, build, or rehab a decent home without the price spiraling well into six figures. This is due in part because a fiat banking system is involved, and each transaction that doesn’t involve the direct exchange of money, either physically or via transfer of accounts, introduces new money, and new debt into the economy.

Unless a person is in a position to pull cash from their own stash tucked away in a safe or under a mattress to buy a home, they’re creating and adding new debt to the economy, and thereby diluting the existing money supply that much more. The bank didn’t have the money either. But it gladly charges you interest on the new money, i.e., “debt” that you’ve created, and it will take control of your home if you default.

Lies, deception, distraction, and misdirection.

Don’t get me started on the medical system. Too late.

“First do no harm…” has long been thought of as the first dictum of the Hippocratic Oath, which could be thought of as the tone setter for the physician’s ethos. Turns out that the phrase “do no harm” is not even part of the Oath. It also turns out that while oath taking is an almost universal ritual as one enters the medical profession, what one is required to say can be at wide variance. Instead of “I will do no harm,” the modern oaths can be loosely translated to, “I will do what I’m told…”.


Experience has shown that when doctors do what they’re told, treat according to guidelines in the Medical Standard of Care, the system does everything it can to (1) reward them with money, professional stature, and accolades, and (2) protect them from the consequences of the medical system’s inherent mal-practices.

For all of the detractors of Jim Humble’s “Miracle Mineral Supplement” (MMS), including the FDA, that claim it is tantamount to giving someone bleach (which isn’t true), treating cancer and other conditions with certified poisons, which are FDA approved, is insane, and under any other circumstance, would be considered criminal. But because all the “authorities” say it’s okay, and the medical schools are told to teach pharmacology, the human toll that counts in millions of deaths and yet rising, is explained away by attributing carcinogenicity to the disease itself. We absolve ourselves the responsibility for examining and changing the many factors, chemical, environmental, and psychological, that contribute to the gradual and chronic increase in imbalance that precipitates cancer and other conditions.

If they use their intelligence, seek, discover, or use methods that actually help their patients restore their health, they face ostracism, professional ridicule, loss of license, legal persecution or prosecution, or worse. The medical system is a friend to those who appear to feed it the most worthless money (i.e., pharmaceutical companies), and a foe to those who actually help the real providers. Who are the real providers? That would be us… the creators.

A holocaust is happening right before our very eyes, and many of us either refuse to see it, or are afraid of admitting it to ourselves. It’s not just the medical system that is killing us by having our heads in the sand.

It’s not just the politicians that are presenting untenable promises. It’s not just the BP’s, McDonalds, KFC’s, Monsanto’s and Halliburton’s of the world. It’s not just the Muslims or the Christians, nor the Vatican or the Bank of England.

This is the world that we have created.

What we haven’t understood is that it belongs to us all, and that we can change it. It doesn’t matter if we remember agreeing to all this. It’s here, now. Lies, deception, distraction, and misdirection are everywhere you look, except one.

What matters is that we discover where the true power rests… and that is within each of us.

Whatever is true within us, will be “true” in the world around us. If you see yourself as a victim, so shall you be. Life will play out as though it is true. If you see yourself as an answer to some of life’s problems instead, that is what you will become.

Disillusionment has its gifts. They come in the form of self-discovery and awareness, and a wonderful sense of satisfaction when you know that you’ve facilitated a positive change, within yourself or another. This is especially so when the change is mutually joyful, where you and the other are both elated over what happened.

Imagine international diplomacy that encompass change via cooperation rather than force, mutual respect rather than saber rattling rhetoric, freedom rather than oppression, openness rather than secrecy. You might say it’s idealistic, but it only requires representatives of one country that is willing to be the example. It would be the first step that changes everything positively.

You don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to “find yourself.” You only need to re-open your mind to that most revered idea of the most wonderful life that you ever imagined living/experiencing, and make that the mission of your heart. Only you know what it is. Yet, if you do it, you will be changing the world. Instead of concerning yourself with the untenable promises of politicians or other “authority” figures, make the ultimate promise to yourself, and be the ultimate authority that you can be.

Freedom and the Suggesters of Untrue Truths

With the celebration of our nation’s independence, the July 4th holiday can be bittersweet if you perceive freedom in a form that is characterized by joyfulness, health, abundance, and are not on constant alert from some perceived threat or “enemy,” whether foreign, cosmic, or within.

From microscopic bacteria and meteorites the size of Mount Everest, to plasma bursts many times larger than the planet Earth itself, we are encouraged to be afraid; be very afraid, because somethin’ or someone is gonna get us.

As we believe these suggestions, so it happens. It becomes real because we make it real. That’s what we don’t often see, as we’ve bought in to the idea that life happens to us, and not through us, around us, and not within us. If we are conduits of life, it means that we are the directors thereof. Not just the “leaders” but each of us. We are each messiahs who have come to liberate ourselves and to re-imagine, and thereby recreate the world.

We have the power. We have the freedom, to continue along the present course, or to pursue a different one.

Freedom is a relative term, except that in the moment it feels absolute. It’s easy to think that you are “free” when in actuality, you’re not. On the other hand, it’s easy to think that you’re not free, when in actuality, you are. Both statements are true.

We are free, and we are not free. We have freedom to limit our freedom to the full extent of our imagination. We are free to discover and then remove the governors that have restricted the power of joy and love for so long. The determinant is the way that we attract and organize information into our very own body of perception. Made up of hopes, aspirations, fears, intention and beliefs, perception becomes the lens of the mind, heart, and Soul.

Yet, the really fearful ones are our Suggesters. You know who I’m talking about, the ones who, silently and consistently, invariably and eventually influence the ideas that predominate our world. If you hear a suggestion often and long enough, and most “authorities” appear to be in agreement, then it becomes a de facto “truth,” even if it’s not true. The idea that pharmaceutical “drugs,” that disrupt, block, and alter normal biological processes, are curative in nature, is one such untrue truth that unseen Suggesters have succeeded in propagating.

Untrue truths abound. They are pervasive. They help those who are yet susceptible, to remain ready to “do battle,” a mind-state that can’t work unless the landscape is populated by enemies. What we don’t know is that we are the “populators” of our own mind-state. In other words, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, they are our creation. That which happens “inside,” also happens outside. If we subscribe to the idea that an “evil” exists to “oppose” a “good,” then it’s game on.

However, when one is in the “good vs. evil” mind-state, freedom can appear to be “off” for one side, even though in actuality, it’s on. It is on because we are not divisible into “light/good” or “dark/evil” components. We are single, indivisible wholes. Full harmonization cannot occur until we have fully acknowledged, accepted, and embraced our wholeness, with love. It is the highest power, the truest of truths. When consistently applied, love exposes untrue truths.

Buried deeply in and around our relationship with money are many untrue truths. We think money is an asset, when in fact, it is a debt. We think that it’s something we have or don’t have, when in fact, we create it. We believe that power rests with the wielders and controllers of money, when it actually rests in the hands of those who can write their signature.

The struggle persists when we acquiesce to the suggestion that knowledge and power rests beyond our personal sphere. We then rely on self-professed “experts” and “authorities” to tell us what is “true” and how we should feel about it. We do this not knowing that when we put others on pedestals, we’re actually putting ourselves down.

This too is freedom. Although it can be sublime, it isn’t always pretty.

Our experience of freedom will change as we change. Our susceptibility to untrue truths will diminish as we replace “rage,” with courage, voicing our own truth instead of deferring to someone else’s. You’re not going to please everyone, or get everyone to agree with your point of view. When you’ve embraced the wholeness within yourself, it will be okay with you.

Many of todays most popular pursuits are often the most meaningless, in the larger scheme of things. Tracking the lives of “celebrities” of every stripe becomes a distraction from finding and knowing the star within one’s self.

What’s particularly interesting is how large sums of money are lavished on those who “rise to the top” of their craft or profession. Actors and actresses, artists, and musicians. Athletes making millions annually to play a game. Yet, they often seem fragile and insecure. “More” will never be enough if you don’t know your Inner Star.

Why? I’d suggest that it’s misplaced value. They think the possession of money establishes wealth, when in fact, it only establishes debt.

Money has no intrinsic value, whereas humans are value creators. Yet, we have become accustomed to valuing money over humanity; seeing and judging one another by the money that they control.

Through our dependence on these untrue truths we have brought our collective culture to an inevitable reboot of all monetary systems. The Suggesters would have you think this is the worst that could happen, when in truth, it must happen if the best is to emerge.

Deviation from ‘The Norm’ to Restore The Norm

Our emotions color our memories, and frame our experience.

“Think positive, forget the negative!” That’s the general mantra and long-accepted truth in most circles when the goal is to achieve some form of positive change in one’s life. Being positive is considered a required “norm,” in such matters, but in Genome Healing, we are encouraged to take a walk on the negative side. It is done so that “a Greater Norm” may be achieved.

Before you jump to any conclusions, the exercise is not about being, or even remembering negative experiences. Instead it involves becoming aware of the emotions that the experience may have engendered. They can be associated with any form of trauma, shock, or disruptive event in your life; e.g., the time of birth, being robbed at gunpoint, the loss of a job or the breakup of a marriage through divorce. Such events can have a profound effect on one’s sense of self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-esteem, all of which tend to slide lower on the immeasurable scale as a result.

Taking active, conscious steps to acknowledge the feelings of despair, disillusionment, or futility just prior to restoring the Blueprint of Optimal Functioning can result in an immediate and noticeable shift to the positive side in one’s perceptions and beliefs. While medicine pushers may scoff at the notion of an inner consciousness that can be consulted about the psychological state of the inner self, the palpable shift in overall feelings after such acknowledgement can be even more meaningful because the negative imprints and feelings were brought freshly to mind, and ties to them consciously severed, just prior to the Restoration.

Carol Roberts comments on this element of Genome Healing in the following brief clip from our U.S. workshop.

In the “Afterglow” of Genome Healing

Cathedral Rock is the perfect backdrop for an afternoon in Oak Creek.

As events unfold in the world that suggest that a major “reboot” lies just ahead, a week of savoring has swiftly passed since our Genome Healing Workshop experience ended, to which we added several days in Sedona with Carol Roberts and her co-facilitator Gabrielle (“Gabi”).

We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop itself, as well as our guests who traveled from Australia, Canada, the states of Washington, California, Massachusetts and Arizona, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Each brought with them certain elemental truths. Each took back the realization that truth is a tapestry, not absolute or static, but a dynamically unfolding element. Through Carol Roberts’ efforts, my Genome Healing workshop experience added several practical elements to my truth cosmology.

The All is Conscious, therefore All is Consciousness

I don’t know about you, but the statement above is not new to me. The idea that consciousness is in everything, and everything is conscious, makes sense if your concept of a God or Creator can be described by the words “omniscient,” “omnipresent,” and “omnipotent.” However, the practicality of that truth is relative to the degree that we (1) acknowledge our own direct connection to life and its Source, and (2) exercise our will to live, not merely “survive,” or “die,” which would be the ultimate expression of one’s failure to survive.

While these factors may sound as though they should be attributed to the realm of philosophy, they are of direct relevance, as they affect the degree to which we are susceptible to the vagaries of all indicators of well-being, including our states of health, wealth, and relationships. Indeed, life experience, and the quality thereof, is a direct effect of the ideas that we give our attention, beliefs, and energies to.

The Genome Healing method encourages, even requires conscious communication with consciousness. You ask, “Consciousness of what?” The answer is, what ails you. You don’t speak to the “disease,” which itself is a fiction, you speak to the organ or system that is expressing the dis-ease. There are two reasons to do this:

  1. “Dis-ease” is not normal. It represents a deviation from joyfulness, harmony, love, and undistorted truth. It is a result of isolation and alienation from those very elements (i.e., joyfulness, harmony, etc). If not reconciled, dis-ease leads to a denigration of our ability to sustain or restore health and well-being.
  2. The organ or system represents unexamined parts of ourselves; unresolved traumas, unrequited memories and insults that have resulted in imbalances, blockages, and dysfunction on mental, emotional, and metabolic levels.

The Genome Healing method not only helps one to raise his or her own conscious awareness, it elevates the level of one’s conscious integration, increasing inner harmonics, thereby expanding our sense of self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-esteem.

Self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-esteem will never be measured by, or on a scientific instrument, yet try doing anything positive or noteworthy without them. The internal dialogue, not just with one’s organs, but with the “female” (yin) and “male” (yang) aspects of said organs, are an attribute of Genome Healing that Carol Roberts introduced and has raised to an art. It is founded on, and framed by questions that take one to the depths of negative feeling. The goal is not to wallow in said feelings, but to become conscious of them so that they can be expunged by restoring the Blueprint of Optimal Function, or the Creator’s Norm.

This is simple stuff, and it is profoundly deep, and deeply profound. Anyone and everyone can use Genome Healing, but each must be willing to see, touch, and acknowledge their darkest feelings, that they may be given light. It’s not the light of technology, but the light of one’s own love, acceptance, and forgiveness, which is the Norm of the Creator.

In the video below, realizing how easy it might be to dismiss these methods as unscientific, I spoke about the mistake that would be.

Science is beginning to recognize the power of the subtle world.

Although I have used one of the Genome Healing protocols (there are many) on my eyes, I still wear my eyeglasses. Yet, my eyesight is changing, and I am feeling inclined to wear my glasses less, essentially giving myself more time to exercise and re-experience having perfect sight.

I have used the process for several other areas in my body, and the results are still unfolding.

One thing I can say is that you can feel a literal change in your outlook after going through the “Transformer” protocol (introduced by Grigori Grabovoi), which results in a change in energy, as well as the aforementioned self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-esteem matrix. This doesn’t put it “above” any other method, but it certainly distinguishes it.

I’m glad we did it. We’re planning the next one for November 2012.

Much more to share.


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