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Embracing the Miracle Power Within

Perhaps you’ve noticed, but I’ve been grossly silent for some time. With so much to comment on, I’ve said nada. I started a few blog entries but didn’t finish them. On the other hand, part of me knew that my “perspective” was/is, in fact, communicated, not only to […]

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Freedom and the Suggesters of Untrue Truths

With the celebration of our nation’s independence, the July 4th holiday can be bittersweet if you perceive freedom in a form that is characterized by joyfulness, health, abundance, and are not on constant alert from some perceived threat or “enemy,” whether foreign, cosmic, or within. From microscopic bacteria […]

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US~Observer Prepares to Cover the MMS Story

The story of MMS and Daniel Smith has caught the attention of the US~Observer (, an investigative reporting newspaper based in Grants Pass, OR that is particularly concerned with wrongful prosecution, and after reviewing Smith’s case, prepares to balance the editorial scales. The paper is planning to publish […]

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