Journey into Quantum Possibility


A Worldview From the Energy Field

You could call this a self-portrait. It’s me. Actually, it’s a more appropriate image of “me”, in that it includes the energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates my body.

In other circles the energy field would be referred to as the auric field, or simply, the aura. It’s the same thing. But isn’t it interesting how this simple change in terminology has such an impact on meaning and relevance to the idea?

We’ve grown accustomed to dismissing the term “aura” as “unscientific,” along with the people who use the term. But energy field hits home. It is very scientific. A lot is known about its nature. With this small shift in context, the subject becomes meaningful, relevant, ripe for examination, exploration, and understanding in an entirely new way.

Every human being – every living thing – has an energy field. Actually, every human being is an energy field. What’s more, we have, and are an energy field even if we do not have a physical body. In other words, the energy field that you are both precedes, and succeeds the formation and existence of the human body, which itself is an energy field.

When the body sleeps, or is otherwise inactive, and we subsequently awaken with fantastic memories of alien places, recall interactions with others that had passed away, or for those who have experienced amputations, be whole once again, it is through the auspices of eternal subtle energy fields, which can also be referred to as “energy bodies.”

What this tells us is that we already have the power to travel through time and space already, that “the dead” don’t “die,” and that a part of who we are is always a perfect whole. The question is: Are we ready to consciously accept these ideas as true?

Subtle Fields ‘Inform’ the Dense

The “instruction sets” that the physical body operates from, and responds to, are actually imprinted by subtle energy fields, which are not singular, but several in nature, representing energetic strata of varying densities.

These strata correspond to specific levels and layers of instruction and coding, perception and experience, such as feeling and emotion, thinking and cognition, inspiration and will. What we are inclined to imagine, in addition to the “spin” that we place on the imagining, determines the experiences that we actually attract to us. More on that later.

Science has confirmed that energy cannot be created or destroyed, and only change form. The same principle applies to energy fields. As such, the same principle applies to you and me. We are, at our core, eternal beings possessing the implicit gift of immortality.

Because we have evolved an idea of ourselves that define our existence by the presence or absence of the dense field that is the physical body, the concept of death appears to be real. Some religious beliefs call the persistence of human existence into question, or make it conditional on the individual jumping through its particular ecumenical hoops. The continuation of life and existence is held in question, unless one has been a “good” member of the religious body.

Some religions have extensive concepts about reincarnation or rebirth, which make for lively discussions of who is “right” or “ill-informed.” Science is noticeably silent on this subject, even though evidence of our energetic – another synonym being spiritual – nature is right before our eyes.

By keeping it shrouded in mystery and fear, death remains a very effective tool of manipulation and control. For some religions, it is a most extreme form of “excommunication,” used as punishment. Socially and culturally, there is a collective “acting as though the departed one is gone,” when more often than not, they have simply phased to another energetic density.

What if we acted as though we knew that a deceased one still existed, and remained open to communication? What insights would we gain? What truths, thought to pass on with “dead men,” would yet be revealed? What mysteries would we solve? What injustices would we resolve for the greater good of the whole?

True justice is never “blind.” It sees and accounts for the highest good for the whole.

Vibration: Subtle Fields in Motion

Like the visible human body, the energy field vibrates. The main difference is that its frequency is higher than is presently perceivable by most people. Those whose inner sight, i.e., clairvoyance, is active, have generally been stigmatized, frightened, ostracized, or trivialized for this gift.

Have you ever wondered why?

Well, part of it is practical. They’d see images that are alien to our regular senses. They’d also see images of aliens to our familiar world. We think that our view of the world is the only view of what is. It’s currently the view that we will allow. Yet, there’s far more available to see, experience, and learn, when we are ready.

We have fought hard to keep our blinders on, dissuading our children from sharing about their “imaginary friends,” associating a woeful experience with having inner insight. We’ve made it seem as though it’s “more trouble than it’s worth.” It’s easy to dismiss that way, and thusly, not learn what the colors, energies, or images mean.

Our physically-focused myopia served to keep us “in the dark” about who we are, or our indelible connection to All That Is, which includes each other, “family,” “friend” and “foe” alike.

By maintaining a focus on the outer world we’ll continue to define life by the effects that we observe and experience. We’ll still see inequity. Yet, in the inner world and at the causal level, all are equal. As Grabovoi and Petrov aptly suggest, when we harmonize our inner world, the outer world is harmonized too. This is within the power of every human being to do.

Change of Heart, Change of Experience

Resources aren’t “scarce,” we simply have an over abundant belief in scarcity. “The rich” have no more power than “the poor.” They simply have no issues with, and create no resistance to, receiving abundantly.

However, true wealth is not about money. Money cannot buy happiness. Having money doesn’t mean that one is happy, nor that life is easy. It certainly doesn’t mean that we’ll be healthy. True wealth comes from and through the knowledge of who you are, and expressing the best youness that you can. It means having faith in, and being true to, the highest impulse that guides and influence you. Doing so kindles joy within the heart, inspiration into the mind, and coherence within our energy field.

The significance and scope of the energy field is not limited to the state of the form alone. It is a magnet for experiences, attractor of all moments that pass through the consciousness, including the subconscious and unconscious. The electromagnetic nature of the energy field is one reason for the truth of the adage, “there are no mistakes.”

Chance, happenstance, “luck” and fortune, both “good” and “bad,” are all concepts that have evolved from our fuzzy sense of self.

Not knowing the power of our thoughts, which energy will obediently follow, have made us unwitting creators of all of our calamities and ills. On the other hand, we are likewise the answer to the very prayers we’ve asked for, especially when it dawns on us that we are all connected.


If we’re all connected, how could we continue to justify the things that we do to each other?

Humankind’s inhumanity to each other, as well as to other life is emblematic of our cultural disconnect; from our own sense of self-empowerment, faith in our ability to heal, and common sense.

These factors lead to policies that stand at odds to reason or common sense.

  • Standard medical practice, which holds as its first principle to “do no harm,” is now considered the third leading cause of death – termed “iatrogenic disease” – in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer. (Source:
  • Health Authorities, Professionals and Educators have become so entrenched in the study of pharmacology, which is by definition, a non-living or synthetic science, they judge healing solutions to be viable only if they are pharmacological (patented), and have received appropriate “approvals” in their basis. Natural approaches and unpatentable strategies are of little interest.
  • Genetic Engineering practices have arisen to help life tolerate non-life (e.g., Round-Up Ready® seeds by Monsanto), and sub-optimal foods be resistant to Nature’s normal corrective measures.
  • Cut down forests and dam rivers with little or no regard to the effects that these actions have on climate and weather patterns.
  • Continue to engage in armed conflict over what are purported to be scarce resources while suppressing other technologies and methods that would dramatically reduce, if not eliminate the need for said resource.

These truths are becoming self-evident to The Many, a fact that The Few have yet to notice, and are unable to continue suppressing.

Yet, our liberation will not come by vengeance against The Few. It will come by knowing who we are, and reclaiming conscious, loving stewardship over our thoughts and imagination, directing them toward our hearts’ highest desire.

Ask yourself; Would your highest desire ever be to cause harm to another?

All of these elements can, do, and will influence the unseen human energy field, which will therefore influence the one that we can see. They also influence the world that we see, worlds that are unseen, and our ability to see those worlds and their inhabitants.

Many people are waiting for the day when there will be mass landings of spacecraft, populated by travelers from all over the galaxy. Just yesterday a friend told me of a lucid dream recollection she had the night before, of being in a field, looking to the skies, and an entire fleet of space craft “decloaked” and became visible to her. She was tearful with joy. We might look upon this as the Extraterrestrials allowing her to see them, but it now is evident to me that she resonated on a frequency that allowed her the sight.

When enough of us are collectively at a place where we can accept the presence of extraterrestrial intelligences without fear, and with joy and equanimity, then we will be ready to step forward into a new level of civilization. The key to demonstrating said readiness, is being able to see our human family that way now.

Science still asks questions that hearts have answered

Science continues to be the chief proponent of the question of whether we’re alone in the Universe. Perhaps the “dark energy” that makes up 95% of the measurable mass of the Universe simply represents what we can’t see with our outer eyes, but would be clearly visible with Inner Sight.

Perhaps inner sight would also allow us to see those who had departed this world, at least at the physical level, but are still near, still caring.

Petrov and Arepyev’s journey into Hell (Save the World Within You, “Creation of the Universe,” Book II), without fear or negative judgment of the energies that they encountered there, even the ones that attempted to thwart their progress, served as an example of true inner courage. They carried symbols that were representative of the Creator, but when push came to shove, they relied on the knowing that flowed through them.

These experiences were gained via the auspices of their respective energy fields. It’s time that we expand our sense of self to include our own field, which extends beyond the boundaries and limitations of familiar space and time.

Knowing that we can’t “run away” from our troubles, wouldn’t it make sense to resolve them as quickly and in as benign a fashion as possible?

Knowing that love is the motivating creative force in all of creation, wouldn’t it make more sense to employ it more liberally when times get tense, rather than protectively withhold it?

If we have the ability to heal, then what sense would it make to presume that we’re so likely to fall victim to disease that we need to take precautionary synthetic medications and vaccinations?

The day is coming when we’ll be able to measure and confirm the energetic price we pay by consuming energy-disturbing products and medications, including water treatment methods, processed and GMO foods, and pharmaceutical medications. We’ll also see that many “natural” products aren’t that way at all. The good news is that we’ll also see what is beneficial to us, and know what needs to be done to maintain and sustain said benefit.

If death isn’t a true concept, then what sense will it continue to mean to believe that we can “win” a “war” by attempting to “vanquish” what are, in truth, immortal energy fields?

If we are made in the image of God, then the Energy Field, which cannot be destroyed even by our various “weapons of mass destruction”, is the image of God. The Energy Field is life. It is eternal now. It is the seat of consciousness, not the brain. It is the body of the Soul.

The Energy Field is also the bridge where science and spirituality can meet and merge. This is not statement of religious belief, for religion, politics, national and international finance, world health issues, would all represent minor subsets to the scope and reach of Energy Fields.

At a cost of $2.5 billion, NASA has sent Curiosity, the 2,000 lb. Mars Science Laboratory rover to the Red Planet to study the terrain. The journey will take 9 months. Any one of us can go there and back in seconds for free through the auspices of our energy field.

We can gather, retrieve, and retain information. We can learn through the insights gained. Furthermore, we can see and interact with other intelligent life forms. This can all be done today, when we see ourselves differently. When we know who and what we are.

The cure for cancer, AIDS, and other diseases?

Answers on how to addressing these vexing issues of health become much clearer when looked at in the context of the energy field. Modern medical science looks at cancer and other diseases from the context of the particle and the molecule. All particle and molecular dynamics are themselves the effects of non-molecular, energetic states.

Non-molecular states influence the molecular ones. Medical science uses force… or shall I say, it attempts to use force to “fix” a problem, or to kill it. However, it does not restore balance, nor does it improve harmonics. Relying on such practices, the state of health cannot be restored.

Cancer treatment is the medical equivalent of trying to find and kill Osama bin Laden. After the enemy has been vanquished, a press conference is convened to triumphantly proclaim that the trouble maker is dead and the world is a better place without him. Except that the energy field that spawned the troublemaker is left unchanged.

When we restore harmony within the energy field, even the Osama bin Ladens amongst us will become harmless. The world itself will actually be a better place. We can begin by restoring and maintaining harmony within.

On Matters of Spiraling and Choice

A nether world...

I’m almost half-way through Save the World Within You, the second part of Arcady Petrov’s trilogy, Creation of the Universe. The book reads like an epic religious tale, and perhaps more importantly, seems deeply entrenched in the foundations of duality, i.e., heroes and villains, good and evil, heaven and hell, and an interplay between divine and demonic forces.

Inside the subterranean Sun, Mugen sits on the thrown in a giant hall he who once called himself “the only zealous god”. For some reason he is jealous, but of whom would he be jealous if he was higher than the highest? He had countless names, changed his image countless times. We look at him in wonder: he is a man but not a man, a demon but not a demon. He is something incomprehensible and in-between. p. 248

For one who has been inclined to reject such matters, this journey into the depths of Hell by Petrov and his partner in liberation and ethereal justice, Igor Arepjev, was met with some initial resistance. However, I’ll stress that resistance is not dismissal. Indeed, I have utmost respect for the journey that they took, and in Petrov’s sharing. And in spite of the polarizing dip in duality, their overall purpose was unification and oneness, not of “forces,” per se, but of a conscious awareness of The Whole.

Irrespective of the plane of existence that these excursions were carried out on, or whether anyone believes that they actually exist, the imagination or memory was vivid enough to the one who shared it.

The goal that they achieved is an important one for each of us, believers and non-believers alike. Their mission was to remove a “mirror” in the collective unconscious that blocked awareness of the connection between the two hemispheres of perception. It’s like a “missing link” that humanity has long sought, but while science has been trying to confirm our connection to primates, the true connection to be appreciated has always been between “us”, the microcosm, and The Macrocosm, the Individual and the Divine. In other words, to see the oneness between the Creator and Creation, each within the Other.

Scientific-technical progress in its contemporary form is no more than a mass of dangerous discoveries and technologies. The world is not a workshop, nor a temple in and of themselves. It is both one and the other, and in it the creative process must be illuminated with the sublime light of moral guidance of the Lord’s revelation. p. 250

Considered supreme in its “objectivity,” science as practiced today is indeed like a child running amok, playing with nuclear toys, altering the food supply to kill its nutritional value, then using deadly drugs to play doctor and nurse on real people when their health inevitably declines, all with no moral compass because science has lost its humanity.

Not only science, but medicine, business, and even commerce, where the pursuit of money is considered an honorable objective in and of itself. Religion has lost its humility, thinking that large edifices and intercessors are needed to “represent” the unworthy masses, and any belief that isn’t our belief, is “wrong.” Tax assessors and collectors, bill collectors and intimidators all see no link between their actions’ effects on others and similar dynamics that evolve in their own lives. These are some of the consequences of thinking that power is in money, and making money into a god. The actions that we justify doing to each other and the planet Earth in the name of money is indeed hellish at times.

I am no longer surprised that realms can exist that are populated by energies that would be considered “dark.” Fortunately, I now appreciate that none are static, and that light is fundamental to, and implicit in all of creation, and will eventually be revealed. When you know that, what is there to fear?

Petrov and Arepjev, along with Grigori Grabovoi, have demonstrated, and are continuing to demonstrate the efficacy of their healing practices and principles by the results that they are achieving, without “technology” or medication, but with consciousness and natural gifts, on real people. Dismissing their accomplishments is an option, but would not be wise.

But then, what has skepticism or doubt ever had to do with wisdom?

If all of creation is information, and in itself neutral, then any resistance or affinity that I experience was my own self-limitation.

Having said that, I am deeply interested in, and committed to learning, understanding, and utilizing the Gifts that I have come to understand are God-given, not only to me, but to all of humanity. This includes the power to heal myself of any ailment or abnormality, without a doctor’s note or permission by any professed “Authority.”

The journey of consciousness is singular even though we make collective strides. As Petrov and Arepjev traveled through the depths of the valley of the shadows of death, I was touched at how they feared no evil, knowing not only that a divine presence was “with them,” but also within them.

This is actually one of the blessings of contrast, in that by moving in and through the core of a frightful or even stressful experience, you do one of two things; succumb to the stress or fright and its resultant downward spiral, or rise above it and ascend to new levels and realms of experience.

What are you choosing?

The Power of the Imaginal ‘You’

Sad truth...

I can’t speak to mass media programming practices in other countries, but in America, the term “programming” is appropriate in ways far beyond the subject of entertainment. At stake is not the human soul. It is the human imagination.

At the heart, the control and programming of human imagination speaks to humanity’s collective perception of possibility and impossibility. It also influences who they believe is “in control,” and how said control is being played out.

Perception tends to be limited or constrained by that which appears to:

  1. have happened in the past,
  2. be happening in the present,
  3. be doable without dire consequence.

Our sense of both “the present” and “the future” is influenced and molded, but not controlled by these factors. If such factors controlled everything, there would be neither innovation nor invention. There would be no social change. There would be no change in direction. No healing for “the ill.” No abundance for “the poor.” No freedom for the confined, and no forgiveness for those who have condemned themselves for their actions.

If the past, present, and the threat of dire consequences actually controlled things, suppression wouldn’t give way to disclosure, and deception wouldn’t give way to truth. Hearts hardened by efforts to “rule” and “control” wouldn’t regain their humanity.

And yet, all of the conditions described above are changed with the application of another idea; courage.

Indeed, illness, dysfunction, poverty, crime, and punishment, and their collective forms of famine, natural disasters, and war, are also perceptions; ideas applied consistently enough to seem real and independent of the people who express, and are directly affected by them. When faced with the courage of heart-felt conviction, all can be transformed.

Say or see something a certain way consistently enough, and the proclivity to question and challenge the idea tends to wane. Acceptance and stagnation emerges as the limitation becomes a stable component of one’s reality. And yet, this can always be changed as one gains knowledge of our true imaginal nature, and changes what attention and energy is given to.

Expect a period of destabilization while the vision settles in.

“Image” is everything

While the imagination would be, and is the main component of the imaginal nature, the more fundamental element to notice is the power to image. When we imagine, we are imaging. When we image, we initiate the organization of patterns and frequencies into fields of energy. Field manifestation occurs instantly. This is one reason that intention is so powerful, though you’d never know it from mainstream media.

We are inclined to think that imaging is a brain function, but it’s not. The brain itself is the result of an idea. It has no creative power of its own. It is a transmitter and receiver of impulses and information that passes through the multidimensional and Imaginal You. The heart is where transformational imaging occurs. It is also how one’s transcendental vision is organized and coalesces without linear “thinking.”

Heart-felt imaging

An energy field is created instantly when we imagine from the heart. However, within the linear space/time continuum that presently predominates, a field formation process is initiated, whereby the patterns and energies that are destined to become our experiences will increase in both coherence and density.

In the context of space/time, “Here” and “Now” is an ideaform that has gained sufficient coherence and density so that we experience it as “the physical moment.” However, it is inherently limited since we think that it encompasses only that which is visible/measurable in the physical sense. Yet, Here and Now is far more expanded than that, encompassing all other planes, vibrations, and densities exist too.

The dark matter and dark energy that are now understood to make up 95% of the mass of the Universe, doesn’t represent an unmanifested reality, but simply one that we presently don’t or cannot yet coherently perceive. The fact that we are aware of it means that we can perceive it. However, we don’t presently know how to interact with it consciously. I believe the this knowledge comes as we awaken to the implicit Oneness of All with the Creator and Creation, and inherent Gifts that rest within each of us.

Our insistence on defining reality and our limitations by the characteristics of our physical form contributes to an inability to fathom the non-physical elements that are equality, and more fundamentally ours. And yet, these elements can be imagined by each human being, and therefore represent individual power that is not yet available consciously.

In this context, notice what the mass media serves up to us each day. Stories about conflicts and violence, that are resolved with guns. Stories of militarily enforced peace initiatives. Stories of disaster and disease, lack and limitation. Stories of exploitation and indifference. Divisive stories about “have’s” and “have not’s”.

No one talks about the costs of health care going down, which would happen as more people (1) heal from illness, and (2) get sick less often. The predominant conversation is about the inevitable and continual rise in disease. Few are willing to help another who is ill because we are told only drugs can “cure,” and you have to be licensed to administer them. We do not understand our own innate power, not only to heal ourselves, but to send coherent, healing energy to another through the conscious use of our imaginal power. We don’t know that denying help to another in a time of need for fear of reprisal is to deny ourselves when our time comes.

It gets easier to pull the trigger with practice...

Our children’s imaginal power is being channeled through realistic looking video games that help them practice pointed guns at other human beings and pulling the trigger, stealing cars and racing dangerously through the streets for no particular reason. We’re led to believe that unseen viruses and bacteria are threats to our health, so much so that we’ve permitted life-altering chemical treatment of our water, foods, and medications to combat them.

When the viruses, bacterial infections, and tumors inevitably come, we raise more money to fight them as our “enemies.” Practicing medicine by “the Book,” allopathic practitioners discuss the odds of recovery using statistical data lacking any knowing, or even evidence, that the human being is well within his or her own power to not only heal, but regenerate and normalize and restore metabolic function.

Inner Peace art

Peace is not thought of as an inner state. We see it as a state that someone else must submit to through some form of “enforcement.” We have even shouted mantras such as “No Justice, No Peace!” in protest to perceived external conditions that we wish to see changed. Yet, the conscious, positive use of imagination is as powerful as any other, its power increased by the level of balance, peace, and equanimity that one has established within one’s self. It is untraveled territory for most.

Peace is a gift that one fills self with to overflowing. Then, as we keep on giving, its radiant vibration will touch everything and everyone around us without depleting the Giver. We need not be afraid of the future, if we choose a loving and peaceful present.


Before writing the above, I read this passage from Book II of Arcady Petrov’s Creation of the Universe trilogy, Save The World Within You.

I have devoted many pages in both the first and second book of my trilogy to traditional, “big” science. “Why did you do it?” the reader may ask. It was adherents of traditional science that formed humankind’s collective consciousness for centuries; they are responsible for many of the planet’s problems, both global and those involving personal destinies. Therefore, all those to whom the true state of affairs is revealed must relentlessly ring the alarm bell and help to shift the worldview and psychology of people in the other direction — from mechanical knowledge to universalism and from selfishness to universal love for all nature, for everything that the Creator has given us.

Yes, the inertia of thinking is a powerful and dangerous force. The well-known American writer James Halperin has a good joke about it: “People drummed it into their heads that man is mortal, and now they keep dying of inertia.”

Actually, Halperin is absolutely right. People do not necessarily have to die. Conviction in the inevitability of death is real only as long as public consciousness accepts this sad inevitability. But if people stop thinking that death is inevitable it will no longer be that.

Further on, Petrov continues…

When people appeal to the past, extracting from it abundant evidence to confirm that these or any other paranormal phenomena are impossible in principle (which is what Academician Kapitsa did), they forget about the simple and universally understood word, “evolution.”

Apple’s Brightest Light Dimmed

Steve Jobs passing

As I took photos of just my second Apple product ever, a tiny iPod Nano that has become part of my vision for a new concept in healing and well-being modalities (more on that soon), the announcement was broadcast on my car radio that Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer Inc., had passed away at a brief 56 times around the sun.

Expect to see pundits and opinion directors turn this into a platform for “heightened awareness” about the condition that will have been attributed as the cause of Jobs’ death. More money will be sought and raised, more people will walk, jog, and run. However, until more people gain a practical understanding of humanity’s multidimensional nature, we’ll continue devising strategies to heal the human iceberg by “attacking” the tip only. They will continue to sound plausible as long as we act as though the other part, is not there. I refer specifically to the need for balance, which includes a functional existence on what would normally be considered purely energetic levels of expression.

All expression is energetic. One major difference lies in density. Another difference is in the expression’s degree of coherence. The form that we think of as the human body simply represents the optimal vibrational density range for interaction with others who are similarly “tuned” for earthly life. When it is coherent, we are also healthy, not only of body, but of mind and emotions.

There are other, less dense energetic aspects (and realms) of Earth, as well as of the human nature, that we are free to travel to. Anyone who can remember a dream, recalls a subtle adventure where generally understood laws of physics, and concepts of who is “living” and “dead,” need not apply.

As is the case with the deaths of most high-profile people, Jobs’ passing is a windfall for the present medical orthodoxy because he will be presumed to have received the very best of care that money could buy.

That’s the problem. If he had insisted on some “alternative” approach and died, the approach would have been blamed. If he got well again, it’s highly unlikely anyone would ever have publicly said how.

If the money to pay for orthodox pancreatic treatments and liver transplants couldn’t buy Jobs his health back, most people presume — or it will be suggested — that even more money must be spent in research in this ongoing “battle.” They don’t question the treatment methods, even though there is no reason that a man so young should contract such a condition, much less succumb to it. We’ll never know whether it was the acuteness of his condition, or the treatment, that actually hastened his exit.

By relying on “the experts” to tell us how to interpret what happened, as well as where the challenges, opportunities, and research must be directed, we continue to put distance between true healing, and ourselves. Thinking of disease as a “battle” maintains the mentality that justifies destructive, medical weaponry. Thinking that death is the irrevocable end to life maintains the “by any means necessary” attitudes and methods that are employed to avoid it.

So expect to see all the stops pulled in an effort to “beat” this “menace to society,” even though in actuality, cancer is no more a menace than an Staph, E. coli or Salmonella bacteria, or the West Nile virus. These mute living messengers are natural responses that the body produces in response to the unnatural products that predominate day-to-day life. Being life, they serve a metabolic purpose that is necessary to sustain life. Yet, the press is more apt to characterize Jobs’ death a victory for “these enemies” than a failure of current medical or political, social, and educational standards and practices.

No one is speculating on what, with an idyllic life and enviable lifestyle, Jobs’ would possibly intake or be exposed to on an ongoing basis that would eventually wreck pancreatic function and lead to a liver transplant. Yet, there are surely a long list of medications that can shut a liver down.

We’ve lost touch with the knowledge that under the proper circumstances, the body can self-repair, and have been led to believe that unless we take vaccines “for protection,” we’ll definitely catch the feared disease. The companies that produce the medication think it’s good business to “be prepared.” They seem to have no concept of the insult, the shock that vaccines have on the entire electrical system. That’s why they appear dumbfounded when hints of a connection between vaccinations and autism and “sudden infant death syndrome” or SIDS, are suggested.

On the other hand, orthodox medical practitioners would likely be dismissive of a conversation about natural organ repair or regeneration without surgery!

The people who we’ve trusted to know what the microbial messengers are really saying, have themselves been fed a grim fairytale, and been led to believe that their medical religion is infallible, so infallible that laws and government agencies have put all conscience and common sense aside to shield them from the consequences of their prescriptions and practices.

However, Nature will have the last word.


Book two of Arcady Petrov’s trilogy just arrived, and the first paragraph of the introduction describes the journey and objective.

You are holding in your hands the second book in a series conceived as a trilogy. It’s title, “Save the World within You” largely defines its subject matter. The purpose of the book is to unveil the techniques and technologies of clairvoyance, its discovery through the spiritual aspects of self-development, and positive management of events in one’s life. Just as in the first book, the narrative is presented on two planes — the ordinary, earthly plane and the subtle matter plane occurring, as it were, in parallel to our world, the existence of which most people do not even recognize.

After reading the first book, “Save Yourself,” I suspected this might be the case.

Preparing to dive in…

On Neutrality, Changing Truth, and Worldview on Death

At its simplest, most fundamental core, change happens from the nexus of where the Now Moment intersects with the spatial construct known as “here.” At these precise coordinates is the confluence of feelings that represent one’s vision, or worldview, which is “colored” by individual and collective hopes, fears, passions, and beliefs. We could say that there are no real “truths” in this objective or observable world because while it might appear that the sky is blue or the sun is hot, you’ll always find someone whose “truth” says otherwise. Truth is an inner construct that is as malleable as the outer one. And when we are ready to embrace a different inner truth, we will create a different outer world.

For a vision or worldview to change, one’s truth must change. To understand that the truth can set one free, one must see how their truth has already enslaved, and most likely is still doing so.

We argue for our limitations. We rationalize the status quo, and horrors that we instigate in the name of freedom. We acquiesce to the notion that the diseases — the abnormalities — that have insinuated themselves into our lives must be fought to the death, and — as long as we have someone to pay for it — that we will be the battlefield. All the while we’re never invited to re-examine our truths. It’s not that they are sacrosanct, they’re very profitable for a few at the expense of many.

But damn neither the few, nor the many. If you insist in doing so, you strengthen your current worldview, thereby keeping yourself where you are.

The moment we embrace neutrality. The moment we see and feel all ideas with equanimity; the moment we are at peace with all that has “shown up” in the Now Moment, Shift can happen.

If death can be reversed, then what is the point of killing?

If death is an illusion that we’ve been treating as “truth” all these eons, it makes perfect sense why there would be a nether world of “dark” spirits who haven’t yet awakened again to their Inner Light.

Imagine the suicide bomber that was conned into killing himself for 72 virgins, only to get to the other side and realize that he needs a body in order to play with them, or that they are 72 angry wives. Angry before he took his own life and that of others, he’s most likely angrier now… but at whom?

If we are one, his motivation for wanting to return to this dimension (he will not have left Earth) may not be to “get even,” but to restore balance, for destruction is a destabilizing force that affects the entire Cosmos and dimensions not yet imagined in our world. As we recover our true selves we become the balance that the world needs and yearns for. We also reveal the love that the world needs and yearns for.

Love is the cohering power of all creation.

There is life on the other side of “death,” but not bliss if one’s heart is not blissful, if it’s not balanced, coherent, and at peace with all. There are legions of souls who have gone to war to fight (i.e., kill) for peace, but they were in conflict with their Inner Truth that since there is no death, this was not getting us where the politicians said we were going. Net result, messed up souls.

Why? Messed up worldview.

The “preserve freedom” mantra that the Western nations have fed their citizenry is the same as the “72 virgin” myth of the terrorists. I refuse to label the 72 virgin myth as an Islamic or Muslim construct, but will call our military actions in foreign nations terrorist too. They are just as destructive and destabilizing as the suicide bombers. They may also be fed from the same source, who fund both the west and east.

All of these dynamics could be part of a larger, collective ruse to keep the When Will Humanity Wake Up? game going.

And what are we to “wake up” to? Our power. Our ability to create everything, and to the fact that we are creating everything that we imagine. Everything, without exception, from the picocosm to the macrocosm. If it is in our consciousness, it is our creation, because it is real.

Many people think that when they die they’ll go to heaven and be with God (or a menacing counterpart). What if the real truth shows up after the veil has lifted, and they see the deception that they have operated under and the mess that they perpetuated?

It could be that many people are allowing themselves to be killed medicinally for some karmic balancing purposes that only a soul would understand for sure. But what about those who are allowing it because they simply don’t know better yet? What about those who think that their illness is God’s punishment, and they’re running the martyr program? What joyful options, experiences, and accomplishments are they foregoing simply because they have yet to imagine it? What if they knew that they can heal and be healthy, and the price that they must pay is to give up their tendency toward judgment and ill-will?

If such truths became evident to me after leaving the body, I can imagine wanting to come back until I understood myself enough to make making my heart’s choice the signature of my life.

Humanity to Its Own Rescue Through Information Science

Tough Times AheadHave you heard enough bad news lately? Have the experts thoroughly convinced you that we’re in over our heads and there are few places left to run? Even proponents of natural methods and modalities are convinced conditions are critical and “the fit is about to hit the shan.

Well, while the following thoughts may make you wonder what I’ve been smokin’, the key is what I’ve been reading. While there’s a lot of gloom, doom isn’t the only option, and the solution isn’t about someone else making a change.

It is always a veritable smorgasbord of information that surrounds me these days. I carry books with me wherever I go, and it’s sometimes difficult to choose which one to actually focus attention on at any given moment. However, I’m going to tell you about a couple of authors whose work I’ve known about for six months. The problem was that they weren’t available in English.

The authors are Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov, both from Russia. And before I get into their works, here are some the ideas that are supported by their work, and others that I have been drawn to.

Never before has it been more evident to me that we — meaning humanity — can solve our problems. I’m not talking about our “best and brightest” being the problem solvers for us to rely on. Not our “scientists” and “researchers” who look only if their research is funded, and report as they’re told. I certainly don’t mean our “government officials,” or the alphabet agencies who want to tell us what is “good” for us in spite of scientific evidence to the contrary. I mean you. I mean me.

We are the ones… in fact, the only ones, that can change our respective realities.

We are the ones… in fact, the only ones, that can heal ourselves.

We are the ones that can heal our relationships. After all, much of what we experience as disease have their roots in relationships that haven’t been attended to, or have been made even worse. Yet, every relationship is healable, whether it is personal or cultural, though you’d never know it by some of the beliefs we’re willing to die for, or, on the advice of “experts,” allow “authorities” to send our kids to foreign lands to kill over.

‘Death’ Not Final?!

What would it mean if death were proven to not be real? Imagine all those souls that we call ghosts, who don’t know they they’re “dead,” are actually right. Suppose they are still “alive,” but have been culturally and socially written off because we believe they are no longer supposed to exist.

We are spiritual beings whose existence has never been only “physical.” Anyone who wakes up from a sound sleep with memories of encounters and experiences has a clue to their expanded experiential nature. Yet, our entire culture is based around a totally physical interpretation of reality.

Ghosts on a battlefield in TennesseeAccording to some revered ancient texts, at one time it was customary for a human to live 900 years or more. Maybe that period hasn’t changed. Perhaps what changed is that the corporeal (i.e., physical) form’s life has shorted for a myriad of reasons, but the spirits of many live on “between time and space” because they’re chosen time on this dimensional plane hadn’t ended, and they had managed to break, poison, or mutilate the body beyond believed repairability.

Perhaps it is only a hypothesis, but now, it’s starting to make sense.

The Rise of the Medical State

Since we don’t think of ourselves as healers of our lives, or even capable of being such, it has made sense that we go to other “experts” and allow them to practice on, medicate, and mutilate us, and pay them well to do it.

The belief that we cannot heal without drugs, technology, or surgery is a calculated and cultivated one that covers much the 20th Century. It’s true as long as we believe it is true, but at the end of the day, it’s false. As soon as we’re willing to be well again, the power to do it is available, and the journey begins. The method must then be worked out.

This concept is not new to me. In many of my writings on MMS, I have stated that we cannot separate the experiencer from the experience. In other words, we must always consider the state of mind and consciousness of the person who is sick, as they are key to whether MMS or anything else works. The debate always centers around whether MMS “works”, with little or no regard to whether the individual is actually committed to the restoration of health.

Detoxified chlorine dioxide, which is produced when sodium chlorite is combined with citric acid, does have some very specific and beneficial properties that will help the normalization process (otherwise known as healing) along, but its power depends on the willingness and the will of the individual to change. When willingness and Will are aligned, like concentric spheres, an immeasurable, but powerful state of coherence of consciousness is achieved.

Coherence and Consciousness

Coherence is the key factor in unifying, or in other words, bringing oneness between our inner and outer realities, an idea that few people actually believe is possible. As long as one holds such a belief, he will be “right.”

Concentration Exercises, by Grigori GrabovoiFall of Language Barrier Brings Amazing Insights from Russia

I have received three of the books out of Russia, Grigori Grabovoi’s Unified Field of Knowledge and Concentration Exercises, and the 500-page Save Yourself, part 1 of the Creation of the Universe trilogy by Arcady Petrov. The two Grabovoi titles are short, but contain the foundational thinking that led to the unfolding of Petrov’s story, which includes regenerating his own gallbladder.

It takes a bit of time to adjust to the angular rhythm of Grabovoi’s literary voice, but he lays down the groundwork of where he’s going early in Unified Field of Knowledge where he states his intention, not only to cure, but to regenerate (restore) matter back to its original state, regardless of the degree of degradation.

I say, “his intention,” but this is not to mean that Grabovoi is presenting himself as the power that makes this possible. It is a power that is within, and available to each of us, that only we can unlock if we so allow.

The Power of Neutrality

This is not being done with medication, drugs, stem cells, or “nano-technology,” or at great cost. It’s being done with introspection and a deep, profound, and comprehensible understanding of information, and its inherently and implicitly neutral state.

Neutral is perhaps the last thing we are about information. Yet, in said neutrality emerges a new view of possibility. This is not the dispassionate “objectivity” that we’ve become familiar with in journalism, for the clear intention behind Grabovoi’s work is harmonization of the whole being to the norm of Creation, which itself is an informational structure, as is ALL of Creation.

Save Yourself, by Arcady PetrovWe are also not neutral about what we think is possible, and what is not. Much of what Grabovoi suggests falls outside of our long-held beliefs about what is possible. Look at the hundreds of billions spent annually on finding “cures” for chronic and degenerative diseases (without finding said cures, mind you). It doesn’t say that we don’t believe such cures are possible, but it does suggest that we haven’t achieved them, and that it is so difficult to find an answer that it’s worth the 100’s of thousands of deaths each year that people suffer through when their hope runs out.

Grabovoi’s principles, practiced since 1992 in Russia, suggest that this is unnecessary, as evidenced by the fact that he has even been instrumental in numerous cases of resurrection. Some people will be disinclined to believe this is possible, or perhaps that if it is, it’s due to the workings of some supernatural force that we should distrust and fear. But what if it is simply a connecting of the missing link to our immortal, implicitly spiritual nature? We know that energy can never be destroyed, only change forms. We know that every element of our being, both seen and unseen, is energy. Perhaps our belief in death, and that we can be “killed,” is part of a misinformation campaign that has persisted since long before the FDA was a mere twinkle in some bureaucrats eye?

What if every war that we have fought throughout history, every conquest, every plague, every surrender, every crime, every punishment, was actually a psychological ruse; a way for the actors to get on or off the stage in an ongoing play about the journey of human consciousness in the realm of apparent separation, and the return to Oneness? And what is the Oneness? According to Grabovoi, it is a return the normal informational structure of our Creation, which still exists, always has existed, and always will.

Illness and disease are information structures too. They are distortions, variants and alterations to The Norm that we are. According to Grabovoi, the Original Informational Structure for each of us, as expressed in a collection of number sequences, is available, and can be used to “overwrite” a distortion that we may have adopted or accepted as being our own. When you accept a distortion, you also accept the perceptions (which themselves are all informational structures), associated with it. Remember the “kiss of death” that was associated with the informational structure of AIDS when it first emerged on the scene? It’s no big deal in Grabovoi’s view because, at our essence, is information, which can be changed. His work and many lectures in Russia have been about making such potential real.

When I first learned of Grabovoi and Petrov last year from Daniel Smith of Project Green Life, I was excited about the prospects of organ regeneration that was discussed in the 7-part video, Light of Eternity.

One of the people showcased in the video was a woman who had been blind for over 20 years due to the effects of diabetes. In addition, she had also experienced kidney failure, requiring regular and painful dialysis treatments which lasted 5 hours each. With great joy she recounted how her eyesight began returning as she listened to her husband’s recording from Petrov’s book, Save Yourself (shown in part-6). Her kidneys now function normally.

I don’t know about you, but this is what I’m looking for. This is how health care costs go down, by restoring health, a concept that many, if they listen to the doctors that the actors on the TV commercials always admonish you to heed, have resigned themselves to disbelief. Are those doctors, or the medical system, the FDA, or science the actual arbiters of what’s possible?

I think not.

But if they aren’t the ones that tell us what’s possible, who is?

Find yourself the nearest mirror, and take a good look.

You may not know it, but you’re the one who decides what’s possible, and not possible, for you.

Is this because Grabovoi says so? No. However, Grabovoi has come to the same conclusion, and has applied his insights into a methodology that has helped thousands of people become healthy once again without the costly and ineffective technological trappings that we have become addicted to. Could it be that all the king’s devices and all the king’s drugs were never really needed to put uncle and aunt Dumpty back together again?

Hence, science’s insistence on relying on “experts,” “data,” and “laws” to dictate the limits of what is possible and impossible, also establishes the boundaries of our expectations, not only of others, but of ourselves. Setting money (another outside factor) as the standard of value, “power”, “privilege”, etc. (all information structures), keeps the focus off the true drivers of reality, which Grabovoi claims is each human being.

The long list of lives that have been transformed since 1992 as a result of his concepts suggest that he may be on to something, and that we may very well be the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Spiritual and Mental Science to the Rescue

Are you ready to consider a new, more joyful and liberating idea of who you are, or what is possible? Are you willing to believe that an idea that may sound “too good to be true,” may in reality, be even better than described?

I am.

Doing so doesn’t make me gullible. The alternative is to continue slogging on with the “truths” that we have resigned ourselves to living life by. An example of such a “truth” is the FDA’s claim that any product that has curative abilities is a drug. This is such an absurd statement that it’s laughable, except that, with so few people actually calling it to the public’s attention, a de facto truth is apparent.

Our “brightest minds” in the scientific, education, and journalism communities are mum of this subject — not calling the agencies out on their misstatement of such basic facts. As such, we’ve undergone a general devolution in our expectations, and a degradation in the quality of life.

Science and technology types will claim credit for helping us live longer, but attribute the earlier onset of chronic and degenerative disease to viral and bacterial villains, for which more pharmaceutical “weapons” need to be developed.

This is a “grim” fairy tale that fewer people are buying. The mis-information has become so pervasive and blatant that people are now seeking truth once again… ones that they can live with, and be healthy by. That’s what makes the seminar that I attended, recorded, and talked about in an interview on Sunday, significant. I believe the methods covered can change everything; and I mean, everything.

It was titled, Controlling Reality Through the Soul, Mind, and Consciousness, and was presented by Svetlana Smirnova, a Neurologist from Omsk, Siberia, in Russia, now living in Hamburg, Germany, and Alexander Teetz (pronounced tates Smirnova, founder and director of the SVET Centre ( spoke in German, with Teetz handling the translation to English. They presented concepts that were intuited by a Russian clairvoyant and scientist, Grigori Grabovoi, and Arcady Petrov, a writer and scientist in Moscow who, after studying Grabovoi’s work, regenerated his own gallbladder, and has been helping others restore their health (including organ regeneration) using a system that involves replacing distorted informational structures (disease) with the Original Code of Creation, which may also be described as The Creator, or God.

The implications of this system includes and encompasses the ability to mitigate any and ALL distorted or mis-information states, simply by restoring what they refer to as the Norm.

Smirnova introduced herself as a conventionally trained neurologist, with no particular knowledge of, or interest in what today might be termed, “metaphysical” subjects. Yet, the principles that she articulated were simple, understandable, and profound truths. Teetz, a life coach and now publisher of the German and newly available English-language editions of Grabovoi’s and Petrov’s works, said that he personally experienced the power of the concepts while in the translation, editing and production phases of publishing. A seasonal allergy condition that had plagued him for over 20 years, went away sometime during the first year of his involvement, and has not returned in the two intervening years since then.

For all of our dependence on technology, and debates about which modalities “work” or don’t work, we perhaps get to the most profound conversation of all. “Who are we, and what are we capable of?”

The theme of the seminar was The Teaching about ‘Rescuing and Harmoniously Developing the Inner and Outer World’. It started out by presenting some basic tenets upon which the various exercises were based.

By looking at the world, the human being in this world and how the human being develops in this world, we see that any change comes from the human being. This means: the human being develops the world, his outer reality, through its conscious or unconscious inner reality.

This tenet is considered part of the knowledge of Creation itself, rediscovered and published by Grigori Grabovoi, who states that both the outer world that we see, and the inner world of the human soul, are both informational structures. As such, they are directly, and inextricably related and connected.

Acknowledging this relatedness and connectedness makes conscious adjustment possible.

Grabovoi has authored many books, and given close to 300 lectures on these concepts, describing, as it says in the syllabus, “the way to restore and regenerate organs and to heal seemingly incurable diseases, including AIDS and cancer. His method has been applied for years in several countries. Many extraordinary, successful healings have been documented and some (have) even been notarized.”

Grabovoi’s definition of health also reveals his holistic worldview:

Health is a state of reality in which the relations between a human being and the outside world are in the greatest possible harmony. Though, health is not only a physical condition. It is both a moral as well as a social and even political phenomenon. Health is a system of relations in which a healthy body exists. — From “the Technologies of Rescue”, an interview with Grabovoi by A. Vershinin

Consider our insistence on maintaining tension, conflict, and war between peoples, cultures, political parties, religions, and nations, in the context of this definition of health.

Yet, the goal, intention, and effect of Grabovoi’s practices, is to rebuild both the human being (inner), and the indentifiable (outer) world. This is because the entire world, and every perceivable thing within it, is an informational structure, and the human being is a light (as in luminescent) structure that contains information. While many researchers, including Fritz-Albert Popp, have confirmed the bio-luminescent nature of all living organisms, we tend to look at ourselves collectively as a conglomeration of nanoscopic particles possessing little in the way of dynamic intelligence, much less the ability to regenerate or reset when dysfunction has set in.

In his book, Angewandte Strukturen der Ebene der schaffenden Informationen (Applied Structures of the Level of Information Creation), Grigori Grabovoi describes how the human being is structured (created). The book describes how, through his mental structures (inner reality), the human being has a direct relationship to and interacts with the entire world (outer reality).

Lynn McTaggert’s latest book, The Bond, supports this concept:

We are constructed by a delicate interplay of substances, inside and outside our physical borders. A Bond exists between the blueprint within our cells and everything we connect with in our world throughout our lives. Like subatomic particles, our physical body is not a discrete entity, but the end product of a relationship. — p. 26-27

The implications of these statements run deep, to the very core of how to transform every problem of humanity, into a normalized state.


My conversation with Alexander Teetz. Video soon to follow.

This is just the beginning. I recorded the workshop on camera, and am determining how to best make the information available. Possibly as a 3-DVD set, or as a “pay-per-view” streaming video.

No matter what your favorite method, technology, or modality, these spiritual and mental science tools and practices open new and exciting worlds of possibility.

When ExtraOrdinary Technology Meets ExtraPerceptual Consciousness We ALL Win

Time flies when you’re having fun, or so the time-honored adage goes. But today, time seems to simply be flying. Your individual “fun mileage” may vary.

The 2011 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference was something that should be on everyone’s list who want to see “out-of-the-box” thinking in action. I had an intense weekend at the event in Albuquerque last week (some of it discussed in my most recent edition of Talk For Food), and upon returning home, quickly immersed myself in the details of opening up another venture, the Photonic Energy Center (we don’t have the web site up yet), which will feature, among other things, a device called, the Photon Genius, which I learned about in March when I traveled to the Midwest to interview a couple, Drs. Tom and Joy Watson, who run a natural health service, in which a Photon Genius is in both of their offices.

The big national (and international) story was agreement of the U.S. government to increase the debt ceiling. A cause for celebration by most pundits, but which affected me in much the same way as the celebratory tone that prevailed after Osama bin Laden had apparently been “conclusively” killed, according to the opinion makers, making the world a better place. I shared my misgivings about the debt ceiling decision too, since no one expected anything else. The drama surrounding the “last minute” wrangling was predictable and inevitable, so as to give the impression that the outcome was truly in doubt.

It was not. The perception of debt, indebtedness, and by inference, indentured status, was solidified, which was the goal all along.

It was the goal because no options; other than raising the debt ceiling or raising taxes, were ever discussed.

I opined that these, among other reasons, are why America has already become a Second World country. Standard and Poors has already devalued the bond rating, which will mean higher interest rates which will ultimately be paid by, guess who? Americans!

All of this in the face of the fact that it is unnecessary.

I’m about to dash out again, this time to record a seminar about a topic I came across last year, but kept quiet about. It is the work of a Russian, Arcady Petrov, who has a center in Moscow three notable phenomena are happening; organ regeneration (e.g., uterus after hysterectomy), restoration of eyesight (after blindness that persisted, in some cases, for decades), and the regeneration of teeth. The main vehicle for these changes? Consciousness.

Petrov is a student of Grigori Grabovoj, who is on record of performing a feat thought to be possible by only a few in all of human history, resurrection from death. I’m not making this up.

Watch this video, Light of Eternity. It is part 1 of 7 on YouTube.

When I saw this video last year, I made a promise to myself that I’d go to Russia to meet Petrov and Grabovoj, learn about their methods, and introduce and employ them here in the U.S. Petrov’s book was not available in English at the time. I looked hard and wide for a translation, finding only a 25-page manuscript of the beginning. But all of that is changing.

The only place where I found any coherent information about Petrov and Grabovoj’s work was in Germany, at the Svet Center, which was founded by Svetlana Smirnova, a Russian-born neurologist who now lives and practices in Hamburg.

Life hasn’t taken me to Russia yet, but today, the information that I seek has come to me. Svetlana Smirnova is in Phoenix, about to give an 8-hour seminar on this work with Alexander Teetz, a biophysicist who will translate Smirnova’s German into English.

I’ll be video recording, as well as interviewing them. We’ll discuss how to use the video after it is shot.

At the time I learned about this, there was no Photonic Energy Center in my plans. But now that there is, what I envision is even more exciting, as I see how humanity —  those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear — can ween itself off the “medicinal model” altogether. Looks like a great marriage between ExtraOrdinary Technology and ExtraPerception (which is simply an awakened) Consciousness is at hand.

I’ll have more to say about all of these subjects soon.

Self-Understanding, Beliefs, and Energy

Beliefs power all change that we experience, whether said change is desired or otherwise.

While self-awareness is not a foreign concept to most people, self-understanding, which is the larger and more useful goal, gets far less attention. To illustrate, our general self-understanding shows a level of maturity where, by adulthood, we’ve outgrown childhood beliefs in such concepts as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, but we still fall for the Grim Fairy Tales that suggest that “diseases” represent malevolent invaders that have a life of their own, afflict everyone that they “strike,” and once said disease is contracted, it must be killed, at the risk of the life and limb of the patient.

If our self-understanding is low enough to buy this story (and mine has been there because I bought it willingly), we will accept any plausible story from anyone who appears to know (credentials and degrees are very effective indicators of the appearance of knowledge or competence), even if the approach has shown little in the way of favorable results.

In other words, if the fear, the veil to self-understanding, is large enough, and misinformation is conveyed consistently enough, we will override common sense, and thereby allow “experts” or other influences to hasten us to the doorway of our demise.

Self-understanding is still low enough in general, that it has not yet become apparent that the long list of “diseases” that have been foisted upon the public consciousness by the Health Care industry, American Medical Association and related agencies of thinking, are fabrications that do not exist unto themselves, other than as states of energy, which are neither proprietary, nor engraved in stone.

It’s All Energy

Diseases are states of energy because we are fields of energy, in which smaller energy states exist. We exist in larger fields of energy. A field of energy is also an energy state.

Energy is the most malleable substance in all the universe. Even when it appears to be still, it is actually moving. Even apparent nothingness is actually a somethingness of subtle energy. Even when it is chaotic, there exists an underlying order. All harmonic change emerges out of apparent disharmony. They are always in a state of change, at varying rates.

All “disorders” and diseases have an underlying order that can be expressed, or re-expressed, when they are viewed from the context of energy. If you can detect energy, it won’t and can’t “lie.”

Healing is not the result of external, measurable, quantifiable factors. It is the process of adjusting, aligning, restoring balance, and coherence to our energy field complex, which is who and what we are.

The energy-adjusting factors that hold the greatest sway in the healing process are subtle, immeasurable. This is because we are not a single, but are multiple fields of energy, the differences of which may be likened to multiple octave scales on a piano keyboard.

In the illustration above, you can see the correlation between musical notes on a single octave on a keyboard. This sound (and light) octave corresponds to the physical body alone. However, we have other “bodies” that, while not visible, each have their own “musical notes” that are of higher octaves.

People who have endured the painful energy-state of nerve damage, which is referred to medically as peripheral neuropathy, are often surprised to find that after agreeing to have the painful limb amputated, the pain continues. The doctors call this phantom pain. But the truth is that the sensation of pain is an energetic disturbance that exists on a higher octave, in an unseen energy body, than the physical one. In fact, if the emotional or mental trauma that actually contributed to the damaged and hurt feelings that the individual experienced had been addressed in the first place, restoring balance, alignment, and coherency, the pain and the physical dysfunction could have naturally reversed.

The states of balance, alignment, and coherence of our energy fields, which constitute the complex of our beingness speak loudest with regard to (1) the individual’s putting themselves into the disease condition, and (2) their power to activate the corrections that reverse the condition.

Treatment methods that do not consider the entire complex, allopathic or naturopathic, miss the very biggest of opportunities.

The entire energy complex includes the individual consciousness that forms it.

That would be the true “you” and “me”.

A Greater Dawn Emerges… from Within

It has never before been so evident to me that we can create the moment, the experiences, and the lifetimes of our heart’s highest and most wonderful desire. Furthermore, this new life can be created from wherever we happen to be right now. It is not done by wishing it into being, but by accepting who, what, and where we are right now; in other words, by being present, at peace with, and releasing negative judgment to any or all people, situations, or choices that brought us to this now moment.

This ability perhaps isn’t so evident to everyone, given the immense amount of suffering and unrest that we see and are still creating for ourselves. On the other hand, the unprecedented events and cataclysms that we are witnessing and in some cases, enduring, may all represent our individual and collective darkest hour, before the emergence of a Greater Dawn.

In suggesting that we can create experiences and lifetimes of our heart’s desire from this point on, I don’t mean to infer that this is a “new” ability. The ability has always been with us, or perhaps, within us. What’s new for me is the evidence that the change that anyone seeks is available because the power to affect it is implicitly and innately part of who we are. This has been, and continues to be, the “big secret” that we keep from ourselves when we surrender our heart-felt desires, hopes, wishes and dreams, to the purveyors of doubt, skepticism, cynicism, limitation, prejudice, and fear, or when we knowingly or unknowingly, choose to become one.

Disease, as we know and experience it, is the byproduct of this great setting aside of all that is joyful, hopeful, and dear. We put living on hold in a belief, “proven” by expert “scientific research”, that we’ve got more serious fires to put out, aren’t able to turn things around, haven’t thrown enough money at it, or had enough extracted from us.

The truth is that in spite of general thinking to the contrary, the power to eradicate and heal the idea referred to as “cancer” – and all other diseases – is present within all, but it will not happen without some introspection and a willingness to see, consider, and eventually adopt new beliefs, new patterns of imagining and their supporting behaviors.

While ALL are able to make these changes, not all are willing at any given point in time. And that’s okay too.

We will not joyfully experience anything that we didn’t joyfully imagine. If we do not imagine joyful lives for all, we diminish or deny ourselves joy’s resonant frequency.

Please consider that we are the first recipient of the effects of every thought we give or project to others. Therefore, if we believe scorn and negative judgment is appropriate for another, then the cellular-stressing, cortisol-producing energy will flow through us. Any effect that our thoughts have on the intended target, is totally up to them, but negative thoughts that we believe are justified will affect us negatively. Evidence of this truth is everywhere if you’re willing to see it. However, we are adept at rationalizing the consequences of our thinking and behavior with platitudes and suppositions that keep us feeling okay about not looking in the mirror, to see what we may need to consider changing within ourselves.

There’s no getting around it; if we are quick to get angry and slow to forgive, we will progressively and unnecessarily kill ourselves. The good news is that this is a pattern that we can change, not by taking a wonder drug, not even by chlorine dioxide disinfection (MMS), but by taking a moment to put ourselves in another’s place, and ask if you were in that position (for whatever reason), would you like to be the recipient of the energy and sentiment that is coming your way.

One who might be characterized as a “glutton for punishment” gets no pleasure in such dubious success. But then, no pleasure may actually be the goal. Where there is no pleasure, there can be no joy. Where there is no joy, immune systems are suppressed. The author, Norman Cousins demonstrated this principle when he cured himself of a rare form of cancer through laughter.

When we postpone, set aside, and delay joyful pursuits and loving expression, where laughter is naturally found, we avoid or deny ourselves the sweetest gifts of life itself—relaxation, stress-relief, energy, warmth, pleasurable moments and memories, and the desire for more of the same—that is, until it dawns on us that something better is possible, and we choose to allow its emergence, from within.

Steve Bhaerman writes and performs within the same field of thinking. Co-author with Dr. Bruce Lipton, of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and How to Get There From Here, Steve was the keynote speaker at the first South Eastern Iowa Longevity conference in Fairfield (May 14, 2011). I opened the afternoon session of this symposium with a talk on PHOTONIC WATER.

Steve Bhaerman, co-author of “Spontaneous Evolution”, speaks in Fairfield, IA.

Steve is also the consummate humorist whose alter-ego, Swami Beyondanana, is one of the worst secrets yet to be kept from the general public. I had the chance to see and record Swami’s performance that weekend, and will share parts of it soon.

Later that weekend I also had a lengthy one-on-one on-camera conversation with Steve which covered many aspects of the same concept; our sovereignty as co-creators of our collective experience. In other words, that all that is actual, is actually optional and volitional. If we believe that our experience, destiny, or fate is engraved in stone, it will be true… that is, until a greater truth becomes self-evident.

In my book, A Freed Man: An Emancipation Proclamation, I devoted an entire chapter to the idea that truths are real, but not absolute. Greater truths will always emerge from those of today. Said truths will not be “new,” but will simply reflect the expansion of the consciousness (our own) that has perceived, and then chosen to embody it.

One prime example is the greater truth that the human lifespan is not hard-wired or predisposed to 80-100 years. Nor are life’s end stages destined to be characterized by chronic pain, a decline in mobility, mental coherence, and a miserable exit. These states, which are currently being experienced by millions in “modern” societies around the world, are more the result of habituation, environment, and thinking than nature. In fact, our turning away from nature is another contributor to the dramatic increase in unnatural ailments that so many are experiencing.

Only when a greater truth becomes self-evident to the individual can said individual change what has now become the lesser, and hence the resonant field in which it had formed.

It is not the truth that changed, for it is but a static idea. Only the perceiver — the human being — is changeable, and is ever-changing. The perceiver did not change the truth, but changed the truth he or she resonates with, and thusly, now “surrounds” the perceiver as their new reality.

We cannot change another person’s truth, or their experience of it. If we are open-minded and heart directed, we can change our own only. No one else in this universe has to like, or agree with our decision. The choice, power, and permission always rests within each of us. When we get to this point of acceptance, then the fun part begins; that is, the journey of “tuning” ourselves to new frequencies that are resonant with the reality that is founded in our heart’s newly acknowledged and embraced desire.

Shifting to an Inner View

I am grateful to the many people who are opening their hearts and minds to new information and insights that give us the opportunity to reinterpret our reality, and hence, embrace new experiences.

For all of the attention that we are accustomed to placing on products, protocols, and their properties, we are beginning to learn about energy, resonance, frequency, coherence, and how it all relates to our own consciousness. In other words, we are gradually taking our place, not only in the familiar position of the recipient of, or reactor to our experience, but embracing the unfamiliar position as creators thereof.

In this new embracing as creator we enter the realm of conscious change. While change is always happening as we journey along an eternal continuum of moments, it is only through conscious change that we make the leaps of imagination, belief, and beingness that yield the “shifts” that are undeniably wonderful.

The question arises, is something undeniably wonderful happening right now? The answer is always an emphatic “yes!” the qualifier being that “the Wonder” has filled, and is in being chosen by you, The Wanderer.

Whether we characterize the Now by such words as “sick”, “lonely,” it is reassuring to know that it too shall pass, as we so allow.

A beautiful discourse on how “shift” happens.

Please enjoy this video of Bashar, that beautifully summarizes these thoughts.

A Love Note to the Beautiful and Powerful You

Lost amid a myriad dialogues about the trying, even apocalyptic times we are in, is an appreciation of just how beautiful and powerful we, this entire collective of Souls on Earth, are.

I write these words knowing that “beautiful and powerful” might be among the last words that some readers would choose for a self-description, much less for humanity. Or perhaps, given the opinion that it is okay to kill and even celebrate the elimination of certain factions, they can see where the terms may apply to some, but certainly not to all. The concepts of population control, capital punishment, “ethnic cleansing,” and eugenics are all products and permutations of such thinking, where “authorities”—believed to have something that we do not, e.g., power, money, credentials—decide who, for the sake of the “greater good,” should exist (i.e., to live) and who should not (i.e., to die.)

Yet, they shun responsibility for the policies that they enact on our behalf, claiming powerlessness to follow anything but the self-serving, arcane “rules” (laws) that control them.

This is all part of a grand fairytale that we’ve been unwitting witnesses to, and actors within. Our health care mess, War on Terror, Federal Reserve system and the National Debt, are all examples of how we’ve allowed our lust for money supersede policies that reflect and embody a love and respect for each other. It’s more of a “grim” fairytale because many people are suffering the ill-effects of the adoption of long-standing “self-evident” truths that appear to benefit a small few.

But I assert that humanity is beautiful and powerful. We are compelling evidence that anything we can think, is being done; is being experienced by someone, somewhere.

And if an idea isn’t being experienced presently, it can be eventually, at some future time. If an idea serves a purpose, a human, or group of humans, will imagine it into being. The purpose that the idea serves doesn’t have to make sense to you or me, but it is a perfect expression of gross effect that is spawned from subtle cause, the immeasurable nothingness and emptiness of a thought or idea.

The Power to Imagine Like da Vinci

While he is heralded as one of the greatest artists in all of history, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) imagined the advent of flying machines 400 years before the Wright Brothers took their historic flight at Kitty Hawk. In a scant 100 years since then, we are now imagining manned journeys to distant planets of the solar system and beyond. Clearly, there is power in imagining. It is also clear that a large portion of the human population uses its imagination unconsciously, with little awareness of its—or their—true power.

Leonardo had no more power to imagine, or to create than any other human being living on the planet today, any that has ever lived, or ever will. The question is, how do we use this power called imagination?

What do we imagine? Not only about ourselves, but about our world? And how does what we imagine about ourselves affect the world around us? There are some who think that individually, we are of little to no consequence in the larger scheme of things. I tend to differ.

The idea that our imagination is of little consequence provides no incentive to take greater notice. When persistent fears become recurring experiences, we don’t see the connection. When authorities take steps to limit our freedoms on the logic that they are “protecting” our safety, we blindly imagine the worse outcomes that they conjure up, supported by media coverage in newspaper and magazine articles, broadcast news, motion pictures, fictionalized dramatizations and video games. We allow them to send our children into zones of war, where hostilities and enmity is escalated and death tolls mount, instead of diffusing contentious ideas that have persisted for centuries.

Young soldiers are taught to “follow orders” and “shoot to kill” to protect life, liberty, and property. They will kill, confine, imprison, and destroy in order to do so.

So “the game” has gone.

I believe that if we master ourselves, we can transform the world. This is why the Powers That Be have attempted, best they could, to keep you in question and doubt as to whether you can trust, and therefore be responsible for, your own judgment, unafraid of any other.

This is why we’re encouraged to be fearful, an oxymoron if I ever heard one. If keeping people in the dark about who they are is the goal, fear is the only way to go.

Fearing Love and the Source

We are encouraged to fear loving and God (an omnipotent Supreme Creator that is separate from, and judgmental of us). We’re advised to worry about what He’ll do to us if we don’t satisfy the conditions and stipulations, and jump through the hoops that His intercessors have put before us to appease Him.

This God, mind you, is the Essence of Love, which has no reason to withhold Itself from anyone, any more than the sun would choose to shine on some while refusing its light to others, or gravity would selectively apply, or limit, its force.

Some ideas, in their purest, highest expression, are unconditional. They are also eternal. Love is one such idea. The intent of love, irrespective of the language spoken, is universally beneficial, harmless, courageous, nurturing, health-enhancing, and life-affirming.

When we practice love in anything other than its full intention, we open ourselves to the vacuum that forms by its withholding, expressed variously as sorrow, loneliness, and despair, or aggression, anger, shame, reprisal and revenge.

If we are willing to be blatantly honest, chronic illness and disease can all be traced to a time or place where love was, or is still being withheld, which reduces one’s joie de vivre, progressively and cumulatively, and hence, one’s reasons to live.

Love is a reason to live, because love is life. To take away love, or to refuse to give it, is to suffer a little death within.

We do this not knowing that the solution to our perceived problems in life (and love) is to give to others what we feel we want to add to our lives. If we seek love, joy, or peace in our lives, we should give it unconditionally, as the option is always present.

It’s hard—I’d even say impossible—to hold on to “hard feelings” when you’re giving love. When we’re withholding love, compassion, or genuine care for another, we don’t realize that we’re also withholding these energies and feelings from ourselves. When we feel vulnerable and victimized, we take our own immune system down, because we’re less enlivened in ways that only being in love can do.

This doesn’t mean being in love with another, but simply within the coherent, harmonic energy field that is the sphere of love.

Loving another does not mean condoning, or agreeing with all that another does. It means remaining balanced and coherent within one’s self, true to who and what we are.

Being unconditionally loving is to instigate, in other words, to intend no new harm. We cannot walk into a situation bearing a weapon of mass or self-destruction, and say that we didn’t intend any harm. Only by being harmless and fearless under all circumstances would such truth be confirmed.

This does not mean cowering passivity in the face of the threat of death. However, a courageous commitment to balanced, harmonious life can do wonders. Any love withdrawal that may have resulted in acrimony or harm can be healed through love’s restoration. We have tried sending money in the place of love, and all the practice has done is escalate the perceived danger index.

Far more that is joyful can be accomplished between friends, than can ever be imagined as enemies.

These are easy concepts to dismiss, as one could cite the escalating dangers in the world, but doing so wouldn’t diminish their truth. The Powers That Be want you to celebrate the elimination of an “enemy” while enmity between groups is increased; “Ask your doctor,” your pastor or priest, peer review committee, or anyone else to whom you can hand your imaginative power over to, and not KNOW that you are beautiful and powerful beings, and said power to imagine is yours to give, and that it is YOU who are giving it. If you love how you imagine your life unfolding, and live said life each day in that spirit, your life will unfold accordingly.

This is how the game continues, and how it can change as you change.

For these reasons, you won’t read much in the way of dire future predictions coming from me. This is not because I have mastered the art of love (although it is certainly my desire and intention), but I do appreciate its power, especially when it comes to the conscious use of our imagination.

Being fearful represents the unconscious use of imagination. Being loving is the conscious use. Choosing to love, in spite of the “logical” reasons to be fearful, opens the heart, expands the consciousness, and evolves the being to a new level of possibility. It brings the imagined world into being in ways that fear can and will never do.

IF we want to see a different outcome to the dire apocalyptic scenarios that some people are suggesting, we have to imagine differently, and exercise all the qualities that go with the new intention—e.g., patience, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, courage, and gratitude.

If we realize that energy follows and forms itself around attention, which follows and forms itself around intention, then it makes no sense to give energy, thought, and imagination to outcomes that we don’t feel joyful about. (Jim Humble’s recent “Kill Order” newsletter to his readers—where he reported that he had reliable information that an FBI “hit” had been issued on him—was a big example of what I feel is unconscious, because it is unloving, imagining.)

This doesn’t mean that dire events will not occur, but it is unwise to allow the fear of them to give them energy, and override one’s sense of what is best, and loving.

It appears to be a truism that if you can conceive or imagine an idea—good, bad, or indifferent—it is. When much of the information sent across public airwaves is either mindless or laced with fear, it’s easy to see how our evolution as a species might appear to be in question. But I believe the true jeopardy is in appearance only, because each Soul is both beautiful and powerful, and an expression of, and from the same Source.

In Duality We have Trusted

There does not appear to be a power problem, where one “force” is stronger than the other. There simply appears to be a persistent predominant belief in duality, which I believe we’re in the process of learning doesn’t really exist.

Duality, the idea of separateness and contrast, can express as what we might term, oppositionism, or the proclivity to seek to “win” or prevail (not “lose”) over our “opposition,” via eradication, after convincing ourselves that our imagined “good” is more worthy to exist than their imagined “evil,” even if we must do inhumane, “evil” acts in order to eradicate the inhumane evil force.

Because we see duality as real, we become “dividable,” and therefore, “conquerable.” Thinking that cancer tumors are evil, malignant forces that invade our bodies, we remain oblivious to the unbalanced environment and imaginings that we mindlessly maintain. We agree to treatment methods that make the environment even more toxic, as well as maintain our fearful, oppositional thinking. When these methods kill us, or those we unloved (or unloved us), we mourn. But what if it was all unnecessary? What if we can change this pattern through a simply shift to more loving consciousness?

Seeing beauty and power in everyone, meaning in all of humanity, tends to throw a damper on the idea that anyone, or anything is only a force for evil (and we’re only forces of good), even if we don’t find a resonance with their position or actions. Their existence means that a purpose is being served, which will be perpetuated by fear, or transmuted by love.

But then, that is the appearance. Anyone who is motivated to take the loving road less traveled, to seek, find, and know truth that emanates from their own heart, will find the way… their way. The Path to freedom, health, abundance, and vitality, is the path of Love, and is always available when one is ready.

Life Extension via Intention

FAIRFIELD, IA – I’m on the road again, this time to the town of Fairfield, Iowa, which could be referred to as the home of Maharishi University of Management (promoting Consciousness-Based Education), and the U.S. capital of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement. My second visit in two months, I am in town to speak tomorrow on water transformation at inaugural the South Eastern Iowa Longevity Symposium.

This is not your normal “longevity” show, which are mostly about maintaining our youthful looks, or reversing the effects of aging. But how often is the subject really about extending, in anything other than a hopeful way, our actual life span?

That’s what’s on tap here, as the event organizers are introducing a concept that intends to do just that. Referred to as Intended Evolution, a system of exercises and meditations designed to help change one’s thinking as a prelude to changing actual experience.

The keynote speaker, Steve Bhaerman, also known as Swami Beyondananda, and co-author with Dr. Bruce Lipton, of Spontaneous Evolution, has experienced the Intended Evolution program, and was sufficiently impressed that he wants to spread the word.

I too have experienced it, as well as interviewed the system’s developer, Dr. Dongxun Zhang.

While it employs some elements of Tai Chi and Qigong, Intended Evolution has many aspects that are uniquely its own.

Talk For Food Show on Intended Evolution

It’s been a long day, with much more to share, but I’m going to take in Steve’s Swami show this evening. But suffice it to say that true longevity, meaning a conscious change of thinking that results in the actual lengthening of lifespan, is possible.

Yet, it will require a total re-questioning of every idea that we currently hold about life, relationship, possibility, permission, purpose, and power.

For my part, I will be talking about water, particularly, the importance of energy-rich, coherent water and the role it can take in the realization of one’s longevity vision.

Conscious Imagining for a Changing World

Beautiful Planet

If the first three months of 2011 are any indication of what the rest of the year holds, then I think it would be a gross understatement to suggest that it’s going to be quite a ride.

What that statement means to you reveals a lot about where you’re putting yourself in the matrix of potential outcomes.

A large proportion of the population fears that the current chain of events represents the beginning of the end of the world. But that’s not the only possible interpretation. We all agree that change is occurring right now. The vast majority of us would likely agree that change is needed. So if we can agree on those two points, the events that are unfolding is simply how the beginning of what lies ahead looks right now. Everything else that unfolds is potential. It can be heart breaking, or heart warming, a nightmare, or the realization of our most wonderful dreams.

I see this time as a one of great opportunity to learn more about who we are, our spiritual/energetic nature, and what that means, and to imagine new and different outcomes that involve qualities best described in words other than “doom” and “gloom.” Imagination is the unacknowledged power that rests within every human being, used most often unconsciously, or stimulated through fear, limitation, and dread. We’ve grown accustomed to dismissing or discounting this great ability, thinking that the creative experiential process couldn’t be that simple. In other words, it seems unlikely that imagination/visualization plus belief could coalesce into experience.

I ask you to consider while you are reading these thoughts, that it is that simple. Consider that we don’t have to convince anyone else to change in order to change the world. We only have to change ourselves. The motive force behind all harmonic change, is being moved by, through, and in love. It may sound hokey, but it’s true.

If you’re sick, imagine what your life would look and feel like after you healed. Believe it. Love it. Be grateful. Rejoice. If you’re concerned about radiation, imagine what your life would look and feel like as your immune system is protecting you. Believe it. Love it. Be grateful. Rejoice. It doesn’t matter what the problem is. Imagine what your life would look and feel like with the problem solved. Believe it, love it, be grateful and rejoice.

This doesn’t mean we won’t have new challenges (which themselves are opportunities), but let’s get some of the old, clearly outdated ones, off the table.

Guided into Fearful Imaginings

Through education, medicine, science, the media, and many other avenues, we are being guided to imagine far more ignominious outcomes for the planet Earth and humanity, and led to believe that they represent the only possible future. We’ve grown accustomed to fearing the doom and dreading the gloom.

There’s no need to be afraid, but if you are, an option is available. Inquire Within.

Many well-meaning experts are firing off instructions to their email lists, to help their audience best cope with the changing tide… doling out advice on how to survive the anticipated calamity. However, survival mode sets the quality of life index quite low.

This lies at the heart of old school, dualistic, linear thinking. It is “Good Guy/Bad Guy 101,” played out on a grand stage. So “convinced” are we that our methods represent the most advanced possible, we panic when the limitations of our current orthodoxies become self-evident.

Pick your apocalypse.

Pick your apocalypse.

We’ve grown accustomed to watching and rationalizing millions of deaths each year as a result of pharmacology-centered medical treatment schemes. The public is placated by stories of the valiant fight that individuals are waging against the “menace.” Fundraising campaigns suggest we’re getting closer to finding “the cure,” and you can do your part by helping the organizers reach their fundraising goals. Each year over $100 billion are raised, and people keep on dying from the same diseases. Readily available healing methods, which might be called cures, go unpracticed, which health insurance companies would refuse payment.

Do YOU want more of this?

If you don’t, then celebrate the changes that are happening, and imagine how you’d like your new world to be, and know that you won’t be alone.

This is One ‘Cloud’ We Can Do Without

Take the nuclear radiation problem that now troubles so many people around the world. Suppose there was/is an easy fix it? What if it could be achieved through a simple matter of transmutation where, under the proper circumstances and conditions, the toxic elements could, in effect, be “turned off?”

This is not a far-fetched idea. The key could be through the auspices of biological transmutation, a subject that was studied by Louis Kervran (1901-1983), an expert in radiation poisoning.

In The Secret Life of Plants, by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird write about Kervran’s work:

All of this further suggests that in living nature there exists, below the level of Lavoisier’s classical molecular chemistry, a deeper level of nuclear chemistry which associates and dissociates nucleons, the components of atomic nuclei.

Science et Vie has postulated that if plasma-type nuclear reactions take place in bombs, in nuclear reactors and in stars, then there must be a wholly different type of reaction, specifically utilized by life, which brings about fusion in a strangely quiet way. The magazine suggests the analogy of a strongbox which can be opened by dynamite or by a combination lock. Like the lock, the atomic nucleus can prove stubborn when confronted with blind violence but pliable to a skillful manipulation.

This raises the question of whether Dr. Wilhelm Reich was not on track of the discovery of the century when he purported that he had observed at the microscopic energetic visicles or “bions” which are not alive but “carry biological energy.” Exposed to sufficiently high temperatures and made to swell, all matter, even sand, undergoes viscicular disintegration, wrote Reich, and the resulting visicles can later develop into bacteria.

What that means to me is that life is indestructible. The disintegration can be described by such terms as chaos and anarchy. Yet, they are precursors to a reorganization and re-forming of life, and a coalescing into new, improved forms.

While there may be a number of ways to mitigate the effects of radiation, including products such as bentonite clay, iodine, and even MMS, wouldn’t it be better to simply turn off the radioactive clouds?

While I believe it can be done, you have to wonder how many people would scoff at the idea if “pundits” hadn’t already given their stamp of approval.

After seeing how ardently some people are intent on debunking MMS, trying to convince anyone not already familiar with the product that it is dangerous bleach, how open are we to even imagining solutions to human problems if they haven’t come from “approved” channels.

MMS use has been criticized by some apparently naturopathic “experts” who dismissed positive testimonies freely given by many thousands of people. Like their allopathic counterparts, the many stories of success that poured onto the internet after Jim Humble wrote his book, were treated as “anecdotal,” while the erstwhile experts continued to scoff at its use.

Criticism or not, MMS has shown itself to be effective in many areas where satisfactory pharmacological substitutes do not currently exist. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a.k.a. MRSA, the leading cause of hospital-acquired infections which claims over 18,000 lives each year (and rising), is one example.

Yet, for all the claims that MMS is a dangerous bleach, there has not been one death attributed, since its introduction, to its intake, whether used therapeutically as recommended, or even by inadvertent overdose.

Make no mistake, chlorine dioxide is not something you take lightly. It should be used with careful consideration, but without fear. Contrary to what the FDA has suggested in its 2010 warning on MMS, it should be used. We should understand the “when” and “how” to apply it best. This is research that Jim Humble has continued to advance.

In 2011 we have seen the collective Calamity Bar ascend to unprecedented levels, and there is reason to believe that Mother Earth is not done. In part because we, her children, still have some waking up to do.

“Wake up to what”… You ask?

For one, that neither “science” in its current form, nor scientists who consider The Scientific Method to be sacrosanct, have all the answers. And yet, they act as though they do. BP’s scientists and management sure acted that way in the Gulf oil spill of 2010, and we are seeing the pattern repeat itself in the wake of the 2011 earthquake in Japan.

A New Respect for Energy

Radiation is energy, and therefore, has a distinct vibrational frequency. If it has a frequency… of shall I say, if it is a frequency, then it has its own color (light) and audio tone. It may be possible to produce an audible (or inaudible) frequency that safely inactivates radioactive isotopes in the same way that chlorine dioxide inactivates pathogens.

Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) isolated the frequency of a microorganism that was consistently present in cancer, which he inactivated through the application of a complementary (cancelling) frequency. Patients went into Rife clinics in Los Angeles and San Diego with cancer, and walked out cancer free… in 1931! The Rife device represented one of the first vibrational or therapeutic energy devices to be suppressed by the AMA, and the still nascent FDA, which officially bans the use of this non-invasive technology as a medical device to this day.

An opportunity to imagine a different scenario is at hand.

We have been practicing “checkbook science” for quite some time, long before Louis Pasteur deduced that microorganisms, or “germs” were bad things that could and should be killed off by chemicals. In this thinking we have remained oblivious to the environments, including energetic states, in which certain microorganisms grow. We have neither taught our children, nor ourselves to be aware of, or respect energy. Children who retain their innate sensitivity to, and awareness of energy tend to be “persuaded” to shut it down, or keep it to themselves.

We generally can’t see an energetic state, but we are always in one. That is, because we are one. As such, they tend to follow us wherever we go. They (we) have the ability to bring certain experiences and behaviors into our sphere while keeping others away. The tipping factor?


Making someone or something else the “bad guy” has played its course for many of us. If you listen to “experts,” they’ll tell you who and what to think of as “bad” today, although it may change tomorrow. Taking no time to do any research on their own, or even engage in creative and courageous imagining, they look to what other “experts” have opined, even if it means resolving ourselves to many years (or lifetimes) of suffering.

I don’t believe that any suffering is necessary and virtually all suffering from chronic and degenerative diseases can be mitigated; and health restored, IF it is truly desired. Not everyone who is chronically ill wants to be well again, but we have to assume that those who are sick, but say that they want to be well again and are willing to take the sometimes lonely journey, are sincere.

The business of degenerative and chronic disease is a sorry game that’s only fun for a very small few, if the word “fun” even applies. It is big business, very BIG. IF it is going to change – that is, if more people are going to become healthy, then they are going to need to be willing to have more, and be more fun. We’re often ready to be serious at the drop of a hat (or news release); having reasons to be heavy, instead of light. And yet, this is where limitation and fear predominates.

The answers that we seek that will resolve the personal, or social challenges of our times, are available to those who have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. More importantly, to those who have the heart and wisdom to care for the whole, for Mother Earth, and humanity, Her Children, even those who don’t care for us, even over money itself.

The Money Factor

Our belief that money is the key to the solution of every problem, as well as the way to prevent solutions from being known, is part of why we are where we are. It is time to wake up to this fallacy. The “Golden Ring” that one human would think is so valuable, so as to step on, or over others in order to reach, would be fool’s gold. There is no real value in any “success” where the human heart has not been one’s guide.

On the other hand, there are legions among us who believe that their life is somehow “deprived” if they don’t have the latest this or that. They strive to “keep up with the Jones’” (who they may not even like), at the expense of their own happiness.

We are stressing ourselves out over meaningless distractions and pursuits, while meaningful discoveries and truths – about ourselves – go unexamined, and therefore, remain unembraced.

Money has been the goal of many, and the downfall of many more. It is neither a doorway to happiness nor power. Whatever one’s station in life, both happiness and power are abundantly available, if we liberate ourselves from unquestioned, self-limiting beliefs.

One place to begin this redefinition is by being willing to take a kind, loving, and benevolent look at ourselves and others (even if they don’t take us kindly), as well as the future, and don’t be surprised if it turns out just as we imagined.

On Asking Questions and Positive Change

Hello 2011

Have a Blustery New Year


So much has already happened to start 2011; so many opportunities and reasons, so many catalysts to encourage us to take a fresh look at life with both un-jaundiced eyes and mind. We’re receiving wake-up calls that prompt us to ask the long stifled question, “where do we go from here? Can we do better? Can we live better? Can we heal and be well?”

The word “shocking” has become the unexpected intruder in the unfolding history of this young year. Unexpected perhaps, but the events are all catalysts for each of us to ask probing questions.


Starlings die in Arkansas.

Starlings mysteriously fall dead from the sky in Arkansas.


With birds falling from the sky and fish die offs in the U.S. and around the world…


Worldwide locations of mass bird and fish die offs.


We search for causes, offering everything from fireworks and cold weather to HAARP emissions and the loop current as the answer…

But the mystery lingers…

Mystery, i.e., our inability to make sense out of a phenomenon, experience, or concept with understandings presently thought to be true, serves as reminders that we don’t know everything yet, and catalysts to stay open and keep asking questions.

We must ask questions if we are to change our attitudes, to change our behavior, and hence, our experience.

We don’t question human behavior nearly enough. In fact, we oftentimes tell ourselves that we (or they) can’t change. However, there’s a big difference between “can’t” and won’t. The only way to know the difference, is accepting that positive change is possible. The alternative, is to go dumb, or numb.

Then, just when we become comfortable in our numbness to bad news, another event happens close to home that we just can’t ignore, making us ask questions again.

My heart goes out to those who were involved in, and affected by the shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson (1/8/2011), which is just down the road from me.

The President and First Lady pay their respects to the Fallen in Tucson

The President and First Lady pay their respects to the Fallen in Tucson

As much as we wish her a speedy and full recovery, who among us is ready to send healing wishes to the man who pulled the trigger? Is he not, and was he not already in dis-ease?

Is he not “one of our own” too?

Are we ready to celebrate the heroes and disown the villains, locking them up and throwing away the key, or putting them to death?

How’s that working for us?

Would it be better to punish him? Or would it be better to help him heal his heart so that we know that the “red zone enmity” that he sunk to won’t happen again from him?

If we can help him heal, then can we help other “red zone cases” that currently fill our prisons?

Jared Loughner

The smile can't cover up a deep-seated hurt.



If we heal just one such man or woman, then a blessing can emerge from this chaotic mess.

(Hint, it won’t happen via prescription medication or surgery.)

If we seek to punish alone, we’ll get more of the same.

Every moment, every event, and every experience that is not to our liking is a catalyst to ask the question; “is there another way of seeing and responding, that I might realize a new quality of change? Can healing come from this?” These are personal questions that can affect humanity as a whole.

U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords

Representative Giffords: Simply irrepressible.


Even the most tragic moments have within them the seeds of the greatest blessings and beginnings. They will grow based on the environment that we create around them. If we create an environment that nurtures greatness and actually heals dis-ease of all involved, then the fruits of our choices will eventually nourish us.

Asking the right questions and making inspired choices are the first steps that each of us can take.

Flooding in Australia

Nature works on a scale that is sometimes hard to imagine.


I reach out to the people of Australia’s heartlands, who are experiencing Mother Nature’s power first hand. This is not vengeance, but her need to “adjust” her settings. Brace yourselves for something wonderful; the new lives that you can create in your new world.

Haiti earthquake aftermath.

Devastation begins within, as does reconstruction.


I reach out to the people of Haiti. You were suffering from life before the events of January 12, 2010, only to see a bad situation turn worse in the ensuing year. My heart goes out to you.

Will you search within your own heart and allow heaven to emerge from your hell?

Money only brings palliative relief, and even that will be for a few. Only love can cure what ails you.

Gulf Oil Spill BPs Costs

This can be cleaned up naturally.


To my fellow U.S. citizens on the Gulf Coast who still endure the effects of the chemical desecration that was the Gulf Oil Spill treatment chosen by BP and the U.S. Government. A corporate decision made a bad situation worse, and efforts are still being made to cover it up.

Even as you cope with the tell-tale and obvious signs of disease, please know that you can heal yourselves, your children, and communities. If you do, you can show others the way.

Afghanistan war child.

Let's give him something else to look forward to.


To those around the world whose countries are torn asunder by war, whether cultural, civil and political, please know that peace is at hand; and that it begins with and through you. Will you make your desire to break the cycle of tragedy your reason to treat others the way you want to be treated, instead of reason to prey on innocents?

-  - Homeless man John Wayne and others wait in a parking lot near LP Field after Metro police had them move their possessions from under the Shelby Street Bridge. Wayne said police have been nice about giving them time to move. A recent count by a national organization found 1,542 homeless people living in Nashville in January 2005. -  -.JOHN PARTIPILO/THE TENNESSEAN

A home is not the true measure of a man's worth, for each is priceless.


To those who are in poverty. If you don’t see a wonderful bounty that is available just for you at the expense of no one else, then imagine it into being. Imagine yourself joyfully being part of its growth.

Man behind bars...

Beware of the habits we embrace, lest we believe they are us.


To those who populate our jails, please forgive us for shunning and fearing you. We have made you our problem. Let those who are ready to treat others as human, even in an inhumane place, raise their thoughts and set a new course of intention. You are where you are for a reason. Only by owning the choices that you made to get there, will you gain the power to liberate yourself, even while behind bars. What is the true warden, but fear?


Famine in Africa

Famine is a state of mind that can be changed.


We complain about the darnedest things. We see our troubles as the worst there could ever be. Yet, we don’t know jack about troubles. Someone, somewhere always is experiencing something that would immediately make us feel grateful for the troubles that we have, and maybe even consider that we can fix them.

The world that we live in is one of our creation. Limited resources and availability, haves and have-nots, poor and rich, heroic and villainous, healthy and diseased, are all states of one humanity, and we are all capable of experiencing any or all of these expressions. We are also able to change any, if we ask heart-felt questions, and are willing to see new ways.

The Road Ahead

What lies ahead depends on how you see it.

Take a look at the image… how do you see it? Is the sun rising? or is it setting?

The answer depends on your point of view, which only you can change.

Delivering Ourselves from Orthodox Thinking

Dog chasing its tail.

Finding out that we're all connected, the hard way.

A CNN story on the discovery that the water supplies of 31 of 35 U.S. cities is contaminated with the carcinogenic chemical chromium 6, is evidence of how our media tells itself they’re protecting the public interest when, in truth, they’re doing little more than helping us “feel good” about chasing our collective tail.

Millions of people have learned that there is one more layer of concern that they should wrap themselves up in, as pointed out in a report published by the Washington, DC-based non-profit Environmental Work Group. Chromium 6 gained some recognition when it became a central plot point in the movie, Erin Brockovich (2000), based on a true story when the chemical leached from a manufacturing plant into the water table in Hinkley, CA, which resulted in a sharp rise in sickness and hospitalizations.

Instead of being a happy ending when Brockovich got Pacific Gas and Electric (PG & E) to pay out over $330 million in claims, the bell has continued to toll on the town of Hinkley.

The town’s citizens have been dismayed to see that the contamination area is now doubled what it was originally, and a new round of “woe” is about to begin.


The area of contamination has more than doubled.


image4061139g[1]This is reminiscent of how the death toll continued to rise after George W. Bush’s famous “Mission Accomplished” declaration when the U.S. led invasion of Iraq brought down Saddam Hussein in May, 2003.

The woe has not ended. The infection has even spread to Afghanistan.

This situation points out two fundamental flaws in our collective thinking about the value we place on life, and when the going gets tough, how we go about resolving it.

The first flaw is our thinking that money is the solution to every problem. If the problem persists, either not enough money has been thrown at it, or it can’t be solved. The notion that Jim Humble’s MMS could actually help mitigate many diseases is met with skepticism by some because not a lot of money, or even an expensive education is needed to either see how it works, or make it available to everyone. When money is made king, humans and humanity take a back seat, leading to a long list of expensive and ineffective remedies that are thought to be, because of the money that went into their development, infallible.

Did you noticed how, during the discussions and debates about health care reform, the overriding topic is how we’re going to pay the continually escalating costs?

Healing, as in the full restoration and sustaining of health – which would actually and ultimately lower health care costs –was never considered.

This leads us to wonder whether it is assumed that when the “cures” to various diseases, such as cancer, etc., are found, that health care costs would go down? Or whether no such cures are being projected?

Given news like the CNN story on chromium 6 in the water, you can see how there might be little inclination to project success at something that conventional science has, so far, failed so consistently at.

This points out the other fundamental flaw, which is illustrated in an often recalled quote by Albert Einstein:

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”


This simple statement describes why the problems are escalating, the projected costs are all on the increase, and we’re just getting more of what we’ve already had.

We lull ourselves into a false sense of security by thinking that life will be better if or when we raise enough money. We fight battles and declare wars over money. The battles can be political, medical, economic, or personal. Our logic will always sound quite reasonable and appropriate.

However, a false sense of security is simply a real state of insecurity.

By making money the chief raison d’etre in our life endeavors, it becomes more important than life itself, not because it is, but because we will have made it so.

Money itself is not a great evil, any more than a gun is dangerous in and of itself. The chances of a gun harming anyone are very slim, if a human does not it. The potential harm or harmony that we create and ultimately experience, are the progeny of our thoughts and beliefs, aspirations, motives, and fears, both collectively and individually.

The chromium 6 contamination issue is an indication that we can no longer ignore the proverbial elephant in the room, content to endure it growing case of indigestion while waiting for someone to fix our problems, whatever they are. While money may help a situation, it cannot be at the expense of our health and humanity.

So a new contamination threat is no longer limited to Hinkley, California. It’s now across America, thanks to precious little change in our ways of thinking.

The problem problem with contamination of the water supply didn’t begin with, and is not limited to chromium 6. Chemicals that are routinely used to make water safe to drink, are in large effect, contaminants, because of the energetic and informational state that they leave the water in. This state is not measured, nor considered by current standards of water analysis, which focuses strictly on its molecular properties. The molecular state is the densest energy state, around which Newtonian physics is based. However, its behavior is influenced and regulated far more subtle, quantum forces, to which the terms entropy (chaotic/destructive) and fractality (coherent/harmonizing) are germane.

I’ve been studying these issues and factors intently recently, knowing that answers to our social and individual challenges in life are available, if we are willing to view them with fresh eyes.

It was at first surprising to see the resistance, if not outright opposition to new approaches by orthodox science. The FDA’s initial disinterest, and subsequent smear campaign against MMS is by far not isolated. A history of such activity has evolved right under our noses, at an incalculable price to humanity.

Given that water contamination is so pervasive and spreading, it is all the more ironic that chlorine dioxide could possibly be used to inactivate chromium 6. The answer lies in whether the chromium 6 has an oxidation potential of less than .95 volts. Or… it may be that a microorganism that consumes chromium 6, thereby converting it to a non-factor, might then be oxidized by chlorine dioxide electron transfer.

Also, after experimenting, witnessing, documenting, and experiencing the remarkable difference they bring, transformation technology that restores balance and coherence to chaotic water, looms large in its ability to not only help us solve the problems of present thinking, but to live long and prosper in harmony with each other, and our planet.

These new, unconventional, “out of the box” approaches merit earnest consideration because it is quite evident we’ve been in the box for too long.

On Deaths, Delusions, and Going Nowhere for ‘The Cure’


I have received news of a number of transitions recently, passings by individuals from this world.

One was the passing of Marie Litster, who illustrated my book, I Am My Body, NOT! An effervescent, warm-hearted woman with that Canadian can do spirit, her illustrations gave my book the joyful warmth that made the words magical, practical, and timeless all at the same time. I last saw Marie on a trip to Vancouver in March, 2008. I only learned this past week that she passed away suddenly… in November, 2008. When her Facebook profile hadn’t been updated since late October 2008, I might have known, but it’s easy to rationalize a more palatable truth until the real truth is known. I trust she is in a better place now.


Marie Litster (1953-2008)

Marie Litster (1953-2008)


In Miami, another childhood friend of mine is sadly picking up the pieces after his wife’s death, the result of a protracted illness. A textbook patient — medical treatment billings measured in several hundreds of thousands of dollars — she finally raised the white flag in a 5+ year “battle” against an assortment of chronic and degenerative ailments, for which doctors prescribed, among other medications, chemotherapy, even against her own better judgment and wishes.

They are among the millions who have bought the story that science and technology are making the very best strides toward the eradication of diseases. They paid into the health care system, put their personal inquiry aside, and deferred to the “experts.” After doing things by the book, they have little more than mountains of debt, grief, loss, and bitterness to show for it. I feel for these families.

And then there’s the MMS story.

The phenomenal results that thousands of people have reported after evaluating and then taking Jim Humble’s “master mineral solution,” or “MMS,” coupled with the coordinated effort by public health agencies (such as the FDA) to dissuade the public from using it through fear, intimidation, and disinformation, points ever more toward “the cure” that they don’t want you to see.

Namely, I’m talking about you.

While this suggestion would be easy to dismiss, given the amount and variety of disease that humanity is experiencing in these times, I submit that current conventions of social thinking and behaving perpetuates the myth that something or someone outside of you and I, are going to fix our problems without us (or the medical practitioners) doing anything differently. And if we, or our heroes, are unable to solve them, then we have the ultimate, plausible escape route in this thing called, death.

It’s the greatest con there is. Not a conspiracy, but a con job, one that we have bought into, mind, body, and soul. The truth is that the powerless are the powerful. The first way to keep you thinking that you can’t solve your own problems, including your health, wealth, and any other challenge of life, is to keep you thinking that you need to put your faith and trust in someone or something else, most of which will simply keep your own inner light dim, which keeps the Curing Force within you inactive, and you unaware.

Most appeals to God come in the form of vacuous pleas and bargainings, from those convinced they have done something wrong, unable to understand, much less do anything right to change the situation. If we are God’s creations, why would we be dealt a short hand? The answer is, we weren’t. We have all the tools that we need for our problems’ undoing, the first step of which is the intelligence to see what is not working in our life and why, and then the courage to go in a different, though unfamiliar direction relying on an Inner Faith that is available to all.

There are other factors, to be sure, such as belief systems that we perpetuate, intractable and unrealistic promises that we make that our hearts can’t keep, airs that we build around ourselves that lead to disconnects between intention, word and deed. Nothing outside of one’s self is going to cure a person who has not yet found a place of comfort, peace, and freedom within his own being. This is what we should not only be looking for when we look in the mirror, it’s what we must eventually choose, if the cure for what ails us, is to be found.

MMS can facilitate a cure, but you are the Curing Force. The beauty of MMS is in its ability to inactivate many of the materials that promise relief but actually postpone healing, because their direct a chemical focus on an area where pain and dysfunction appears while ignoring where it is — in one’s mind, emotions, and beliefs. This is an immeasurable area that is beyond FDA jurisdiction, in which it holds no immanent domain. While the power of the human spirit is inviolate, you can give it away without knowing. We are doing it daily, and paying a dear price for our habituated lethargy.

Present conventions of public education, mainstream science, and even predominant religious teachings have come together in a chorus, singing a single song of separation from you and your Power, you and God, you and Freedom, you and your responsibility, and consequently, your opportunity to transform your life while you transform the world… if you dare.

You can transform the world. While you wouldn’t do it alone, you could. There will always be others who share your view and want to play in the new world with you. However, if you don’t believe you can heal yourself, and you are taking medical advice that also supports that falsehood, you’re not likely to give serious thought to changing the future by simply visualizing a new, joyful Way, with a knowing that it will be. In order for things to stay as they are, it is imperative that you not look at yourself as capable of any meaningful action on your own. That is the essence of the dissuasion strategy that we’ve observed.

The “opposition” is not really focused on MMS. They are against anything that could possibly restore to you the time, energy, and opportunity to recognize, re-acquaint yourself with, and reconnect to your True Self.

In his book, Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber, MD, quotes William A. Tiller, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science:

Man appears as a being whose primary level of existence is at the non-space, non-time levels of the Universe, and who has placed himself in a space-time vehicle of consciousness for the purpose growing in awareness of the True Self of generating coherence in the True Self. Our perception mechanisms at the space/time vehicle level lock us into a narrowly restricted view of reality and the Self. — William A. Tiller

Predominant science has yet to consider that a non-space/non-time aspect of the human being exists, much less factor in its potential influence. They’re not alone.

While children are led to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny in their early years, they get virtually no introduction into their own energetic nature, not in early, secondary, or in college studies. We are taught to believe that safety comes from the possession of the biggest gun and power, happiness and security go only to those with the most dollars. We don’t give it a second thought when we hear someone make being a millionaire their goal in life. Some even become erstwhile heroes, though they’ve done nothing significant to advance humanity.

Humanity will advance as each human being gains and demonstrates a better understanding, and mastery, of self. To do so means accessing and acknowledging the non-spatial Aspect that influences and forms the spatial one.

Any information that a church-connected school offers is likely to be shrouded, if not overshadowed, by denominational beliefs and doctrines.

Tacit agreement has therefore been made to not adopt, promote, or teach any  intelligent understanding of that department of reality that could be considered, faster-than-light and non-material, leaving myth, superstition, and fear in the vacuum. Tales of ghost stories, hauntings, pearly gates and fire and brimstone fuel our imaginations about the non-material and non-spatial world, to which we are encouraged to maintain an aversion… and hence, a fear of the transition between worlds, otherwise known as death.

Anything that may help open the public’s awareness to the fact that healing is possible, is a threat to a far larger cat being let out of the bag.

As such, the “debate” on MMS will, for a time, continue to be framed in the context of whether some impersonal, laboratory enslaved, linear thinking, scientific “peers” have reviewed and some advertiser supported, credential impressed, editorially biased publication has rubber stamped the information. Don’t think for yourself. Don’t choose that you will decide what’s right for you. Don’t stand by your own decision, even though they don’t even stand by the medical decisions they make on your behalf.

The best that any product can do, is facilitate your healing. This is its only true measure. You are the healer. Not by waving a magic wand or falling down on your knees in prayer, but by doing the truly difficult task of looking in the mirror, and letting go of your story. Forgiving yourself and everyone you feel has “hurt” you. Looking ahead to the life that you truly want to live, instead of the life that some else wants you to live. This means being you, whoever that is.

There are those who believe that some people are “evil” (to our good) and we have to watch out for, and fear them. If you stay ever alert on fear watch, you will not have time to look into the mirror, and find that aspect of you that knows there’s nothing to fear, not even that dreaded thing called “death.”

When you see yourself differently — with love and compassion, you will see the world and all therein with fresh eyes, and a marvelously opened heart.

If you can be persuaded to not consider a product’s facilitation potential — that’s all any product or treatment method can really offer — because it hasn’t been peer-reviewed, then you have already decided that you won’t allow your own healing to occur unless it looks a certain way, such as being under the direction of people (and their belief systems) who think their methods, knowledge, and power are more effective than yours. In other words, they believe that the Curing Force is in their products and technology, not in you. But this is your belief too.

In this respect, I am not an advocate of MMS, or anything outside of one’s self, as a “cure-all.”

Imagine millions of people seeing the light, realizing not only that the Curing Force is within them, but it has always been there, and always will be there. With the Curing Force, all things are possible. This can’t be said about technology, given the hundreds of billions that are raised annually for medical research. What has it gotten us? Longer life spans coupled with the earlier onset of chronic and degenerative diseases. Coupled that with the protection of government agencies such as the FDA, Health Canada, and FSA (UK), medical research that demonstrates a strong bias toward patentability over effectiveness, a myopic peer review process, and a compliant health insurance industry that only pays for “approved” methods even though they are ineffective, you have a pharmaceutical company’s dream come true.

And a medical and social nightmare.


The world also eulogized the passing of Elizabeth Edwards recently, wife of former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards from breast cancer at age 61. Her passing represented another silent vote for the status quo.

What is the status quo? The idea that “medicine” is the best response, death is never a personal choice, and that “incurable disease” remain a plausible way to make a “no questions asked” exit from spatial life.

Elizabeth Edwards died, not of breast cancer, but of uncured dis-ease. I didn’t know her, but she had not found peace within herself, a reason to tap into, or avail herself of, the Curing Force.

The public story will be about the valiant battle she waged against the cancerous nemesis that still takes the lives of so many women. But who talks about the end of a person’s, not “will to live,” but desire to live a lie?

Mrs. Edwards underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, a point that, on unconscious levels, represents what is considered the best approach to cancer treatment. It is, if you’re not yet aware of, or willing to use, the Curing Force.


Millions will read of, and identify with her battles, and never consider that other options were available.

We assume that the desire to live is unfailing and universal. It is not.

We think that no sane person would ever wish to die. This too, is a myth. If an individual is not in harmony with their life, in their relationships, and inner peace, they may not be dead, but their life will be out of balance, and in some form of dis-ease.

Given the tens of thousands of people who have taken MMS and have wonderful results to report, it would be tempting to think that it, and not the Curing Force, was responsible for the healing. As I see it, the Curing Force Within has guided people to MMS, that it might address the environmental and energetic factors that have contributed to the onset of their pathologies.

Possession of money, a doctor, or health insurance, or even MMS, is not required for an individual to heal. A desire to continue living, not just “surviving,” is required, as is the willingness to write a different plotline in one’s life story.

These are subtle factors that don’t make the major news stories, and leave many people prepared only to take the sorry road that most have traveled before them.

Making a Real Stand on Cancer (and All Disease)


You can call me the Grinch that stole Christmas for cancer fundraisers. I am as passionate as anyone in my desire to see the end of cancer as part of the human experience, but the billions that are raised each year constitute a monumental missing of the point of the highest order. Cures for cancer and other diseases are available now, have always been. We have simply blinded ourselves from seeing. As such, our predominant methods actually keep us from achieving the stated goal.

According to a 2008 paper published by the Rand Corporation, funneled along three prominent tracks

  • drug development
  • biotechnology, and
  • medical technology

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in 2010, cancer will become the leading cause of death in spite of $65 billion invested in cancer research by the pharmaceutical industry, and another $30+ billion by the National Institutes of Health, state and local governments, and private non-profit organizations.

Almost $100 billion raised in the United States alone for cancer research in one year. Yet, methods that show not only promise, but demonstrated effectiveness, such as Jim Humble’s chlorine dioxide delivery protocol, MMS, are first shunned (e.g., Gates Foundation, WHO), or ignored (FDA), then as the amazing stories of recovery and relief pour in, they are attacked (Health Canada, FDA, FTC).

With that said, this article isn’t about MMS, or about fundraisers. It is about where the true power to heal lies, and where it begins.

Inside you and me.

You are the answer to your disease, as I am the answer to mine. We are the “missing links” in the search for the “cure”.

And guess what? We’re only of value to the cancer research community as laboratory test subjects. Results reported by people who have healed themselves using something than drugs, are dismissed as “unscientific” or “anecdotal.”

Yet, research in the area of quantum physics and consciousness studies indicate and confirm that we are much more than people who can sign forms and give consent for procedures to be done on us, or products to be given. We are the one who give the products and procedures the ability to hinder, or actually help us.

If we have been experiencing disease and choose to be well again, then we will be the ones who heal ourselves. It need not be through a journey where conscious awareness is raised, but it can be. The power of choice, or shall I say, the power in choice, has been grossly under-estimated.

Wishing and choosing are two different things. I imagine that the number of people who wish to be well again is most likely as high as the number of people who are sick. But the number of people who chooser to restore their well-being is much smaller, as evidenced by the fact that disease has become a $100 billion growth industry.

Let’s agree on one thing here. You’re not likely to get the detailed map on “what to do” to heal yourself in this one article because it is a personal journey. Yet, if you understand and accept that the power rests within you, your journey will have begun.

There are things that you can do to begin, which I will explain as we go along.

It is, and is not a simple task to accept that you have the power to heal, because depending on the acuteness of the illness, it will have become a preoccupation, not to mention that you don’t believe that you can change it.

If the power to heal is within you, it begs the question, why would you have created disease for yourself in the first place? There is no rational answer to that question, and the lack of a rational answer as to why anyone would choose illness becomes the reason to believe that the ability to heal at will is not innate.

Another reason to disbelieve in our innate healing ability, is that if we acknowledge that the power is within us, it would mean that it is currently being used to create and maintain our susceptibility to the disease.

It suggests that we give situations, people, or circumstances power over us. This is a bitter pill to take at first. However, with it comes relief in the idea that we can choose, at any moment in time, to rise above former limitations.

The journey begins by choosing to see life, and ourselves – actually imagining – differently.

Healing is an Inner, and Very Personal Process

No matter what you take, or what you allow someone to give you in order to “get well,” the true catalyst starts on an immeasurable plane. It is the plane of intention. Again, this is not a place where wishes are sent, or even prayer.

While prayer is powerful, it is most often presented like a plea for mercy or clemency, by one wanting to be released from prison. It’s not done from a place where we see ourselves as the prison’s key holders, much less the ones who willingly created the prison, entered the cell, and then hid, or threw the key beyond our sight or reach.

Issuing forth the intention to be well again as the acknowledged creator of your experience is no plea. It is an alert that is broadcast throughout the 50 trillion cellular population of your body, and extending to subtler levels through the recesses of your mind, soul, and beyond. The real “you” exists in all of these realms, and on all of these levels. Treating your body for disease while ignoring the rest of you is like thinking that the tip of an iceberg represents its totality. This is another reason that, as currently practiced, medicine is doomed to higher costs, more disease, and more rationalizations when healing doesn’t happen.

You may not know how or even what to change in your environment or behaviors, but after setting your intention with a knowing that the power to heal IS within you, the next step is to calm yourself and be at peace with where you are, and what you’re experiencing Now.

  • If you’re in pain. Choose to be at peace.
  • If you’ve been stressed out, choose to be at peace.
  • If you’re worried about the bills, choose to be at peace.
  • If you’re angry at what someone did to you, forgive them, and choose to be at peace.
  • If you’re afraid of what will happen to you or someone you love, be grateful that nothing has happened thus far and choose to be at peace.
  • If something “bad” has happened to someone that disturbs you, realize that he or she is the creator of their experience, and what they’ve gone through is their choice – consciously or unconsciously – and need not be part of your journey. Then be grateful that you haven’t needed to choose such a catalyst for yourself, and choose to be at peace.

The simple act of choosing to be at peace will relax The Inner You and is a more powerful healing event than words can express. You will not balance yourself or heal while under inner stress. Your body manufactures different chemistry when you frown (toxins) than it does when you smile (life enhancing).

And guess what? The items listed above won’t cost you a dime.

Re-Imagining Our World Consciously

We are always using our imagination. What we don’t tend to realize, or perhaps haven’t noticed, is what we imagine, we create. While we don’t experience everything that we imagine, every experience is the result of what we have imagined, that has come into being. Therefore, it behooves us to become conscious imaginers.

A conscious imaginer takes an active step in using his or her imagination, choosing, for example, to imagine desired experiences and outcomes instead of feared ones.

Every time you embrace any horrifying idea, it becomes a possible experience for you. You increase the likelihood of experiencing it in this reality, or even in dreams, which are not bound by present “laws of time/space.”

If a sex offender is reported to have moved into your neighborhood, and you go on “red alert” with fear that you, a neighbor, or someone you care about could be victimized, you are already in a receptive and creative state for that possibility. In fact, you and those who resonate with that idea, would have already been in that state before the sex offender moved in. This is how regrettable experiences are created. The actual moving in doesn’t mean that it will happen, but it is the manifestation of thoughts and fears, commonly shared.

Even if a sex offender or ex-convict were next door, having no fear, meaning no resonance to possible victimization, creates no entanglement with such an eventuality. Loving yourself, and forgiving those whose behaviors you don’t love, is your best liberator and protector.

You don’t get this kind of advice on the Evening News.

Another example is the idea that cancer that is a difficult, vexing menace that we’ve been unable to conquer, for which we need to walk, run, sing, shout, and raise and spend more money to finding a “cure.” We see, and know so many people contracting and dying of cancer – big names and anonymous – and assume that it’s just as hard to conquer as everyone says it is. We then imagine that, if we get it, we hope we’ll be lucky enough to survive.

The public is also led to believe that everything possible is being done to find the cure, that no stone is being left unturned, and that the answer will come from some laboratory, and we have to patiently bide our time and hope. Intended or otherwise, this is a deception nonetheless.

Notice how the focus is everywhere but on you. If you happen to have cancer, this method fully absolves you from any involvement in the unfolding of your experience, and any power in the cure. It empowers the medical institution and treatment system to “fix” your situation. Actually, you empower the system. Unfortunately, the system’s predominant treatment methods make an imbalanced environment worse, and allows you to continue thinking that you have no say in this, all the while sucking your pocketbook and life, dry.

Cancer is an easy example because so much energy has been given to it. The body/mind/spirit complex that IS you makes no distinctions on difficulty. If YOU change YOURSELF, then the disease – by whatever name – will change accordingly.

To get a different outcome from what has become normal and customary, one must be willing to apply their energy differently.

  • Intention – Without equivocation, make health and well-being your already realized goal.
  • Imagination – see again, with your radiant, open heart, your healthy life unfolded, with you as its joyful star
  • Self-empowerment – embrace the idea that your power has always been, and will always be with you, and that you are using it Now. Now empower your new imaginings, trusting that transformation will unfold in its Natural Order and Timing.
  • Love – who you are as you are. Love others as they are, even if they don’t love you back. Like a light to darkness, love dissipates fear, replaces stress with flow, and discord with harmonic energies.
  • Forgiveness – Release toxic resentments that skew perception, create spiritual blindness, and cause doors out of the prison to appear to be locked, or non-existent. Problems and limitations only look real until we adopt “new sight.”
  • Balance – Respecting another’s right to an opinion different than one’s own is one way to unpolarize one’s self. As we let go of the need to be “right” which requires another to be “wrong,” or lesser, or unworthy, we gain insights to discover what is best for all. Make optimal balance your mission in life, and it will be revealed to you in all ways.
  • Peace – When our care is for the whole, then fear will be quelled by love, forgiveness will wash away enmity, disease will no longer fester in the spirit, which will quiet the mind, which will reform, cohere, and heal the body.

Peace is an inner reality well before it becomes an observable one. Finding peace within – making peace with one’s self, is a key factor in healing, and finding one’s own cure.

Perhaps you see why, in my eyes, the days for these many efforts that call for something outside of one’s self without acknowledging humanity’s innate inner Power, are numbered.

Saying ‘No’ to War on MMS or FDA

Jim Humble speaks at 2010 Nexxus Conference in Amsterdam

Jim Humble speaks at 2010 Nexxus Conference in Amsterdam

It is common practice to refer to the unfolding situation with the FDA and the Miracle Mineral Supplement (“MMS”) as a battle; a war that must be fought, and “won.” To MMS proponents, it is a “right” that must carried forward to overcome a “wrong.” Of course, the FDA is thinking the same way, albeit with the roles reversed and they are the “good guys” and Jim Humble and the MMS distributors the “bad guys.”

Oh yeah… the public are “victims,” a perception that may be shared by both. The FDA may not really care, since it protects the interests of corporate pharmaceutical entities, and is indifferent to criminalizing, prosecuting, or threatening anyone who appears to stand in its way. Jim Humble does indeed care for “the little guy.” I believe that both tend to underestimate the power that each citizen wields.

The goal of both the FDA and MMS proponents is for the other to “lose”. Both believe that their “victory” and the others’ “loss” is a “win” for their side. Such is the nature of oppositional thinking that has brought us countless wars – between nations, states, social causes (e.g., President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty (1964), Richard Nixon’s War on Cancer (1971), and the Bush/Obama War on Terror) and losses of life. What these efforts get us is more of everything that is opposed.

For the record, I am considered by some to be an MMS “proponent.” I don’t sell it, nor do I take it religiously. However, I can personally attest to MMS’ efficacy for me. From personal observation, study, and experience, I know that a light dosing of chlorine dioxide, via an MMS protocol (and there are several intake methods), will do more to help my health than the chlorine and fluoride added to the water supply.

Chlorine dioxide is effective against a wide range of pathogens that live in water, as well as the biofilm that they colonize (for protective purposes) in. The FDA’s saying that chlorine dioxide use is dangerous, as indicated via the MMS protocol, is tantamount to absurdity, given what they have sanctioned for human consumption and medical use.

Even if the FDA had acknowledged the merits of chlorine dioxide, but said that they had reservations and would like to see – and fund – research into its best use, the Agency might have had some credibility. Their total disinterest in looking at the merits of chlorine dioxide, in the face of hundreds of thousands of deaths each year from cancer and its treatment, diabetes, heart disease and many others, plus others from infectious diseases that drugs have shown themselves to be ineffective against, reveals a level of indifference to human welfare by the Agency that I find unacceptable.

Based on observed actions, their bias is toward corporate welfare, which makes its living from the perpetuation and management of disease. When you’re trying to perpetuate disease but not restore health, it means that people are needlessly killed off. Beyond one’s ability to pay the bill, life is no longer sacred.

In television ads for pharmaceutical drugs, have you heard something like, “if you can’t afford your medication, maybe A-Z can help.”

Sounds really caring doesn’t it?

A-Z will help get you addicted to its expensive, ineffective drug. Then you’re indebted to them twice-fold. If someone doesn’t keep up the payments, you can bet the drug will stop. The only problem is that we continue being led to believe that the drug may have helped.

Must Therapeutic Effectiveness be Expensive?

There are some who dismiss MMS because it’s so inexpensive. They think it can’t be viable if millions of dollars of research and countless double-blind studies and clinical trials haven’t been funded. What they don’t consider is that such Draconian measures aren’t necessary. If people get well, if the problem that is being combated goes away, then you’ve got a winner. We’ve grown accustomed to accepting a standard of activity that doesn’t even include restoration of health and well-being as its mandate.

From what I have seen, experienced, and have learned from others who have used MMS, it is clearly a superior tool than many that our medical system is relying on. People are dying each day from standard medical prescriptions and practices that actually make the patient’s problems worse, not better.

Consider how cancers tend to spread right after biopsies have been performed. A condition that was being contained by the body is immediately placed into the bloodstream where it quickly spreads. Consider how chemotherapy and radiation increase cellular stress on the entire body, adversely affecting healthy tissue in the process. Maybe this is why so many people believe that chlorine dioxide can’t be “selective” in its reactivity. It may not be checking the ID cards of pathogens, but anyone that has a natural electrical “signature” that is lower than the chlorine dioxide molecule (0.96 volts), will be toast.

The body doesn’t heal under stress. It heals as stress is relieved, and the stressors are removed. By there very nature, drugs increase cellular stress. MMS/chlorine dioxide appears to relieve stress.

Waging war on MMS, or on the FDA, will not change these facts. Doing so would mean that the FDA continues doing what it does, the way that it does it, and MMS will in fact, be around, and used in the way that Jim Humble has outlined. Both will “win,” and both will “lose.” In that respect, society will remain in the status quo, continuing tiptoe around the truth. Continuing to quietly help each other. Continuing to meekly present one’s self to the chemotherapy and cancer mill when doctor’s “data” has determined that you have cancer.

Some will say no to medical orthodoxy, but it will not be with the open and intelligent support of their doctors, because the practitioners, their teachers, medical schools, professional association (AMA), government agency (FDA), health insurance companies, charitable organizations and research facilities, will all remain slaves to a pharmaceutical god thought supreme. This is the change that needs to happen.

It’s time for medicine to acknowledge that Nature has an answer to every ailment known, and unknown to man. It’s the height of delusion to believe that we can do a better job at assisting life by using synthetic methods, or bring health by creating greater imbalance.

Embracing Mother Nature

Our belief in the primacy of technology and power of money have blinded us to the sublime and simple power of energy of Nature that denies itself to no one, yet is unavailable to anyone who denies himself.

Each human being is the keyholder, the solution to whatever problem one has. That is, unless one is in a state of waiting for someone else “better” to solve it. The better could be seen in terms of education, money, credentials, looks. Imagine how many people have called their doctor because they saw a commercial featuring a good looking paid actor or actress suggesting “that ____________ might be right for you,” even with its laundry list of side-effects that can include suicidal thoughts and death.

Such is the world we have created when we deny who we are, believe we are powerless, and need someone else to “save” us.

The MMS/FDA situation doesn’t have to be a war. Since the dynamics that brought MMS into being have established its right to be here, the FDA can fiddle with it, or mess with people as long as they want. They can try to defame the idea of chlorine dioxide use. It’s not going to work. This is not simply because of Jim Humble, but because the fundamental impulse and intent of LIFE is to LIVE. Chemicalization, as predominantly practiced by medicine and society today (e.g., food production, water treatment, environmental pollution), is antagonistic to life.

Department of Dubious Truth

While watching the NFL preseason game between the New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers last night, it was interesting to see the PR campaign in full force to get people to come to the Gulf, as the announcers went on and on about the oysters that they ate, and that oil is not a problem.

It is a statement that I dare say doesn’t ring true to most people. Just because you can’t see the oil doesn’t mean that it’s not there. More importantly, you can’t see the millions of gallons of the oil dispersant Corexit, which was banned in the UK more than 10 years ago due to its toxicity. Yet, it was okay to drop liberally on the Gulf. Perhaps people won’t keel over and die seconds after eating Gulf Coast oysters, but something inside us all knows that they’re not healthy. Yet, our FDA has declared them safe to eat.

If we stay in “winner/loser” mentality, this kind of stuff will go on. The FDA can tell us anything and we will meekly accept it, or oppose it under our breath. In the meantime, untruths become de facto “truths.”

Declaring war on the FDA isn’t a solution any more than their declaring war on MMS. The solution lies in each of us knowing ourselves… who and what we are. We are creators and co-creators of our experience. This includes the folks at the FDA and other agencies we love to oppose.

But remember, everything we oppose gets bigger. It grows. Oppose MMS, please, and watch it grow. Leave it alone, and watch it grow. Why? Because it is yielding results that help life without harming it. As for the FDA, we must speak our truth if they refuse to speak the truth.

We have the power to resolve this situation and grow, because the power to heal belongs with each and every human being, not with doctors, the FDA, the health care system, or anyone else. This may not be common knowledge, but when you listen to people who have healed, you gain insights into your own path. Note that the FDA only wanted information from people who felt they had been damaged by MMS, and claimed that ailments that people have reported success with were unrelated.

To Heal and to Cure Through Balance

The “H” word (heal) and “C” word (cure) are not the province or domain of technology, or pharmacology. If we want to heal ourselves, we need to understand our complicity in the problem’s evolution, and the laws, nature, and dynamics of balance. Then we must commit ourselves to restoring it, because if we are sick, we are not in balance. It’s that simple.

If chemotherapy or radiation helped restore balance, then it should be used. If it does not, it should not. The results will be the indicator. Healing and curing is evidence of balance being restored, not the efficacy of the drug, but of a change that has occurred within the person who was ill. The first change that must happen is in a place that won’t show up in diagnostic tests. The FDA isn’t thinking along these lines. I can’t speak for Jim Humble in that regard. But I can say that he has brought something to the world’s attention that should be noticed, studied, and used.

Ultimately, unseen and immeasurable forces influence the organizational and functional dynamics of the human body. You might call it consciousness. It’s the “who we are” part of the matrix that we’re oftentimes most confused about, and quick to dismiss. When we deny our nature as living consciousness, we also disavail ourselves to amazing power. The agent that makes that power appear to be absent, is fear. The agent that makes it grow, is love.

A chemical focus alone does not cover the bandwidth of the subtle realms, which is permeated with, and by love. However, we now know they’re present and in operation.

From a wonderful book, Spontaneous Evolution, by Bruce H. Lipton and Steve Bhaerman:

There is a famous story of a Native American grandfather talking to his grandchild. “There are two wolves fighting inside me,” said the grandfather. “One of them is of love and peace, the other is the wolf of anger and war.” “Which one will win?” asked the grandchild. “Whichever one I feed.,” was the grandfather’s reply.

MMS: Setting Perceptions Straight, 28% at a Time

Where's the 28% they're talking about?

Where's the 28% they're talking about?

Irrespective of what happens in the journey of MMS, the FDA has done a few good things. They brought the subject to the attention of a larger number of new people, and given those who do understand something about MMS an opportunity to set the misinformation straight.

This is not about “fighting” the FDA. They are doing what they have done, the way they have done things, for quite some time. If you don’t like their methods, then you have the power, ability, and responsibility to let them know. One way to do so, is to use products that you know are in your best health interest, and to not use products that you know will do you harm.

If you believe that MMS will do you harm, you should not take it. This doesn’t mean that MMS should not be available to help others, since we know that it can.

Toxic drugs should also not be given to people who object to their use. A person’s preference against chemotherapy should be respected. Doctors should have more in their tool box than chemo and radiation. Well, they should have other tools altogether to assist healing, unless the patient is actually asking for an agonizingly slow and painful death. This is what so many people get, you’d think they were asking for it. Yet Dr. Jack Kevorkian was vilified and prosecuted for helping people exit this world peacefully and of their own free will. If you’re kicking and screaming in pain, able to pay the bill or insurance premiums, but acting like you don’t want to die, it’s okay for them to poison you.

Doctors will try to coerce (not being the FDA, they can’t force) you into taking the drugs their “book” recommends, even if you have legitimate reservations. This policy should be changed. Any reservation about taking a drug is a legitimate one. I can understand a pain killer in a moment of extreme duress, but not in the absence of a conscious, concerted effort to help the patient restore health.

It’s ironic to see the moral “high ground” anti-drug crusaders take on marijuana and other street drugs, while sanctimoniously claiming they are not addicted to their even more expensive prescribed, and therefore accepted medicine. They get the benefits of addiction without the social and legal stigma attached.

However, drugs are not helpful if one’s goal is health and/or healing. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to a former pharmaceutical sales person tell how business is done.

Now, here’s a short video I produced that describes how MMS is prepared, and explains the confusion around the 28% solution, which is one of the reasons that the FDA claimed it is dangerous.

Let’s thank the FDA once again for giving us the opportunity to set perceptions straight to such a large new audience.

Desired MMS Outcomes, Power, and Beliefs

Jim Humble the educator prepares to teach at MMS workshop.

Jim Humble the educator prepares to teach at MMS workshop.

I have suffered from Epstein Barr Virus for 20 years & YES my first two weeks on MMS I ended up getting the worst chest cold I had in years. This was a form of detox to my body. I had pneumonia many years prior & had the best removal of hardened junk come out of my lungs. I could literally taste the ephedrine HCI (an energy pill I abused yrs ago) in my mouth and smell it in my nasal passages as that came to the surface too. After my cold ended I felt like a million bucks w/no EBV symptoms! — From YouTube viewer responding to Jim Humble’s FDA response

I received an email from a nervous MMS supplier, concerned about the potential ripple effect that might come from the FDA’s campaign. Her concerns are legitimate, but then each person has to ask, what can I do?

We operate in a mindset of they are “big,” and we are “small”, or “they have money and we don’t.” This is the thinking that has contributed to where we are today. We belittle ourselves and tacitly stand by while the “authorities” run roughshod over our freedoms, without a hint of exception on our part.

This is because we don’t know how to use our power. We think that power is in what we have, or in the case of powerlessness, what someone else has that we don’t. The truth is that power is within us all. We’re using it all the time, except it’s mostly unconscious. Anyone who thinks they are a victim is using their power to maintain their state. Have you heard the term, “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer?” There’s a clue there that often goes unnoticed.

Simply put, “rich” are those who see possibility in everything. “Poor” are those who predominantly see, and operate from a mindset of impossibility. While we cannot see, feel, touch, or otherwise measure or quantify them, beliefs are the switches that either turn on, or turn off possibility for an individual. They are bridges to knowing. A person who knows has the power of manifestation. If you “know” that you are sick, or poor, or inadequate, or unworthy, then you have, and are using your power to manifest your experience. You may not have been “the cause,” but you have made yourself susceptible, where others are not. On the other hand, others may be susceptible to conditions that don’t affect you. If we were to examine beliefs and attitudes, the wide range of experiences that we observe would make far more sense. We’d see a correlation between the creator of the experience and the experience itself, and not the random, haphazard process that appears so real.

We create different experiences by adopting new knowing. This is why knowledge is power. New knowledge and hence, knowing, are gained be demonstrating the willingness to adopt and embrace new set of potentiating beliefs. In other words, since present knowing is supported by beliefs. New knowing begins as information, which becomes knowledge that is then processed through, and integrated within a mind that was opened via new beliefs.

Any “poor” or “sick” person can transform their life. However, he will never be rich or well again without a prior belief change. Seeing is believing mentality will not work. One must believe, or be willing to believe in the new outcome, in order to see and ultimately experience it.

Only when one believes that wealth and health are possible and inevitable, does it even become potential. From potential the new reality becomes probable, and with more visualization and acceptance of its inevitability, it becomes actual. The process is like tuning into a specific radio frequency to play the station that delivers the music that you enjoy.

If you are convinced that your particular situation cannot be rectified, or your doctors have convinced you with their “data,” then you will be right. Change will not happen until you accept that it is possible, even if you don’t know how. The evidence that the change you seek for yourself is possible, is any positive change that anyone has experienced that were “against all odds.” What we don’t tend to understand is that we are the only one who has to believe in our very powerful nature in order to begin to consciously use it to change our world.

This applies to health too. If we are sick, especially those that evolved through the degenerative effects of over chemicalization, medical doctors, with their pages upon pages of printouts and test results, and their narrow focus on what is possible and what is not, then we’ll need to take stock with our true desires, as well as our true power.

My response to the MMS distributor triggered these thoughts, related to visualizing a different outcome from what many people are presently imagining.

I wrote:

I don’t know you, but I will say that you need to consult, not your mind, but your heart on what YOUR best move is. Ask your heart if you should power down and disappear, or whether you should continue to make MMS available? If you have no health claims on your web site, and it is a water purification product – which it has always been – then you must decide where you will stand, or whether you will.

You can also help by literally spending some time each day SEEING, again with your heart, the desired OUTCOME, ALREADY DONE. What is the desired outcome?

  • FDA RETRACTS its warning against MMS and explains to the public how it erred
  • That MMS be OPENLY available to the public, without feeling need to tiptoe around the FDA
  • The FDA knows and EMBRACES its therapeutic properties
  • LEGITIMATE clinical trials are done with MMS, comparing it against other antibacterial agents
  • MMS is integrated as a standard medical protocol
  • MMS remains inexpensive and widely available
  • Sellers (of MMS or ANY new modality that has shown merit) are not targeted and persecuted by the FDA
  • FDA doesn’t target or persecute ANYONE… that persecution and intimidation aren’t part of their operational ethos
  • Daniel Smith and all MMS sellers are held harmless, as they have harmed no one
  • Human health improves, by whatever means necessary…

One very important aspect to this exercise, is not being attached to the outcome. In other words, letting go. Letting go of attachment actually connects you to the outcome that you seek. It allows you to become one with it. Attachment to how things turn out, or fear about it, maintains a connection to what is feared. Beliefs are the activators or deactivators that we can change.

If you’d like to add to this vision of desired outcomes, please free to do so.

There’s nothing to lose, except perhaps if we don’t practice.

MMS: The End… or is it the Beginning?

Jim Humble

Jim Humble wonders what the next step for MMS will be.

Now that the FDA has shown its hand on MMS, it’s now reasonable to wonder what’s next. Is this the end… or is it the beginning? It is a point that, most likely, has been anticipated by Jim Humble, who worked out the protocol for generating chlorine dioxide in levels safe enough to be used inside the human body. Although the FDA, Health Canada, and a host of other government health agencies haven’t looked at them, the results speak for themselves.

History offers many examples of interference, harassment, persecution and prosecution by government agencies of individuals who introduced “alternative” products that actually produced positive results. However, there’s no reason to assume that MMS will be another such story. Jim Humble had the  wisdom to write his story down in his book, The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century. His travels included approaching the FDA, which had no interest in MMS, since he was introducing it in Africa. After approaching other agencies that expressed an interest in human health and curing diseases (WHO, Gates Foundation, among others), he made his MMS story public, even making half the book available as a free download. The other half, which talked about how to prepare MMS in volume, was available for a nominal fee. His book has been translated into Spanish, French, and German, with other languages in the works.

While some editors would criticize Humble’s writing style, and some have criticized his interpretation of the chemistry (the aerobic/anaerobic debate), few can ignore the fact that the overwhelming preponderance of results reported by actual MMS users — people who KNOW what they were going through before, and after — has been positive. This should be cause for greater interest and support by the FDA, instead of warnings and dissuasion.

The positive results MMS users have reported stand in stark contrast to the ever more expensive, drastic, and ineffectual results that are being reported by the myriad research organizations that purport to be searching for various “cures” to the mounting list of maladies that the public is experiencing. If all the many billions of dollars have not yet yielded results anywhere near as positive as Humble has instigated via MMS with perhaps a few 10’s of thousands, it is probable that the FDA’s unfavorable stance is more to save face, than to protect the public.

Making MMS

Product is prepared in the kitchen at the first MMS Workshop, Barahona, D.R.

The problem with this tactic is that the public sees the FDA’s bias in favor of the pharmaceutical industry and its patented chemical ways, for what it is. Patenting allows the pharmaceutical companies to “protect” the financial interests of their investors, stockholders, market shares, and other business factors. It also allows them to charge astronomical prices for their drugs, which IS being done, thanks to the insurance industry that collects premiums from the public, and then decides which medications they will pay for. If results are a true indication of intention, then helping the public to recover from illness, or sustain their health, is not actually important. The powers that be don’t seem dissatisfied enough with results to be open to promising alternatives. They can use “bleach” to clean up toxicity or disinfect water on  a large scale, but don’t you do it in scaled down dosage, even though there’s some reason to believe it works.

The public needs to put their money into insurance companies that pay for what has proven to work to the patient’s satisfaction. And while some may be skeptical that this will ever happen, I am not. It must happen, and it will.

What appears to be more important to the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry, is achieving what appears to be medical “relief” without actually fixing the problem. This is why their ads talk about relieving symptoms. If it is to mean anything, truth in advertising would preclude claims that any synthetic pharmaceutical could actually resolve a real medical problem. They cannot. The real problem is that purveyors of the products that actually do help the body repair and heal itself often have to figure out ways not to tell you, so that they won’t incur Inquisition-like scrutiny by the FDA.

This scenario makes the process of healing and recovery a slow one, if it happens at all, more for political reasons than by actual necessity.

Current medical practices do more to maintain the problem and keep the patient an active candidate for the doctor’s visit, for the drugs, and other services, than to help them get well. Even the simple act of administering an antibiotic may fix the problem of the moment (it also may not). However, antibiotics will kill off aerobic microorganisms in the stomach. By not automatically taking steps to replenish this vital group (the anaerobic are important too), an imbalance is then established which can show up as another form of susceptibility somewhere down the line.

Pasteurizing and homogenizing milk is not a medical responsibility per se, but it falls under FDA oversight. This practice kills off aerobic microorganisms and digestive enzymes that would otherwise aid digestion and restore balance (not to mention the real vitamin D that raw milk contains), thus helping maintain or restore health. Yet, raw milk producers are like the bastard children to the dairy industry. They are forced to print warnings on their labels that suggest great harm if the product is ingested, while pasteurized milk producers do not have to warn of the dangers that their products portend. The milk that you buy for $1.99 a gallon at the local supermarket will do real damage, not only for what it is putting in you (including the antibiotics that the cows are given), but for the real nourishment that is not going in. The effects of these practices occur slowly, over time. We don’t see the corporate, industry association, or regulatory culprits that instigate it, and then assume that the problems we encounter are of our own making, “luck” or fate. They are those things, if we do nothing to change our ways.

The public is not against doctor’s visits, if the doctor uses tools that will actually help fix the problem, instead of masking it. That doctor should understand that the body and those microorganisms that reside inside it, not the medications, are the only curing agents in conjunction with the willing patient. The medications and nutrients are all tools to get it done.

MMS is a tool that any doctor that administers antibiotics, treats infections, performs surgery and many chronic conditions, should have readily available. It’s not that it would be used all the time, or exclusively, but if the patient’s condition warrants it. This is what is being frowned upon by the FDA’s ruling; a stance that is likely mirrored by the AMA, and the various journals that tend to influence medical and public thinking, as well as the schools that train future doctors, and the insurance industry that pays for patient claims. None of these groups seem to have noticed that, outside of emergency medicine, their standard, chemical dominated modalities are not working. The practice of giving an anticoagulant, or blood thinner, originally marketed as a rat poison to stroke patients, is one such example. Giving highly poisonous mustard gas to cancer patients in an attempt to “kill” cancer tumors is another. This is a deadly game of medical roulette that may pay well for the doctor and hospital, but sucks for the patient. These practices, initiated several generations ago, have moved beyond all forms of reasonableness, given what we have learned about balance and its role in sustaining or restoring health, and the new science of epigenetics, which looks at overriding factors beyond the genes that can bring about true resolution of medical and life problems.

The way things stand now, most allopathic doctors have become licensed drug pushers. The medications that they administer are antagonistic to normal physiological functions and processes. How can anyone expect to help a patient return to normal (health) by adding new layers of substances that only increase cellular stress?

Given the results that current medical practice and research are delivering, it makes no sense for the FDA to even dare attempt to suppress or dissuade the public from the use of MMS without a benign and conciliatory attempt to confirm and validate the claims. It further makes no sense that they would presume to know what’s in the public’s best interest while having no knowledge of what MMS does, or even inviting people who have benefited from its use to step forward and share. Clearly there’s an opportunity to learn here, if there’s a willingness.

In the meantime, it is incumbent upon the private individual to look out for self and family, since it is clear that the agencies that were established in the public trust, are asleep at the wheel.


MMS Training Seminar — Barahona, Dominican Republic (August 9-13, 2010)

Jim Humble at the Workshop

Jim Humble covers MMS intake methods at the first workshop

In light of the official interest in MMS that the FDA has now shown, learning about MMS, what it can do, and how to use it has become even more important, not only for Americans, but for people around the world. Jim Humble has put together, and is offering an intensive, 5-day course on MMS, at the Genesis II Mission, in Barahona, D.R, August 9-13, 2010. As you can see by the photo above, he has learned many ways to facilitate MMS uptake by the body, which should be studied and understood by medical staffs around the world. For more information, you can email:

If you cannot attend, but would like to purchase video of the Seminar (most likely a 6-DVD or more), please email me for more information.

The Monumental Journey to Explore ‘Energetics’

Monument Valley

Still real after all these years.

I’ll soon be able to replace this Monument Valley landscape with one of my own, as I head on a road trip to Crestone, CO, to interview Rob Williams, developer of PSYCH-K ( and then head to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I’ll meet Dr. Sam Berne ( who is fast becoming an expert in energy measurement and analysis using electrophotonic imaging technology, referred to as the GDV developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov ( I’ll also meet Clayton Nolte, developer of the PHOTONIC Water ( structuring technology, which through biophotons, transforms the energetic quality of the water, which then yields significant, measurable, physiological effects. We will test, compare, and document a number of  configurations of his device, to increase our understanding of the nature and scope of the biophoton potential.

The agriculture world is beginning to take notice of this technology, as it portends an amazing opportunity to improve, on profound levels, the quantity, but more so the energetic quality of foods that are produced. Americans presently have a very low energy IQ, a fact that leads them into the valley of chronic disease. When they turn to their doctor, they are generally guided to take medications that take more energy from them (not to mention money), until there is no more. If your money runs out before your will to live, you’ve got a chance if you embrace energy-rich products, and that which is life itself. As more people wake up to this bald-faced scenario that’s going on right before their eyes, they will simply start saying yes to that which is energy rich, or energy enhancing, and no to that which depletes. This includes predictions of imminent doom by irate physicians whose omniscient guidance has been challenged, questioned, or chosen against.

We now know that the human body is its own healer, and that we, the consciousness can empower or dis-empower it in every way, starting with how we think and feel, and what we believe and disbelieve. All searches for “cures” that don’t take the human consciousness — i.e., the one who is experiencing, and in effect, creating the malady — will be for naught. People who don’t want to look at themselves, and how they have contributed to, or allowed their situation to become what it has become, will go to great lengths to hold on to their current ways of thinking. This is not a criticism. It’s just a human’s nature, until one is truly ready to experience something new, and something wonderful.

In addition to the structuring device we will test some other products with the GDV, which stands for “gas discharge visualization,” for their energetic properties, including MMS, Jim Humble’s “miracle mineral supplement.” We’ll test the “standard” formula, as well as a homeopathic version, developed by Ann Schneider-Cullen (, a health practitioner who among other things, supplies MMS in the UK. We will take a look at these products from an energetic perspective. The results will be illuminating in many ways.

You’ll read, see, and hear about it here.

These are just a few of the products that we’ll evaluate with the GDV. I’ll have more to share soon. Now it’s time to get ready to hit the road, and begin a monumental journey.

Shedding More Light on Structured Water

Movement and Freedom Liberate Water's Light

Movement and Freedom Liberate Water's Light

The nature of structured water is an ongoing exploration. Since meeting Clayton Nolte, developer of the now re-branded PHOTONIC™ Water structuring device (the site is presently under construction), my appreciation of the significance of this subject and product has continued to grow. While there are many ways to structure water, from technological to spiritual, Clayton’s technological method unifies both worlds into one. Using no electricity, magnets, or any other outside force, they are catalysts for an inner transformation within each water molecule, as evidenced by a major increase in the presence of light, scientifically referred to as bio-photons.

In the same way that I wanted to do something to help the public to understand more about magnesium’s importance in the body’s health matrix which led to publishing Mark Sircus’ book, Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, and Jim Humble’s discovery of MMS which led to producing the documentary Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble, this is my way of helping wrap our mind around a subject that, in many respects, has remained beyond lay understanding, since all the water that we consume looks similar. The difference is in energetics, and the essence of energetics, is light.

My education in “structure aquanomics” really took off when I was invited to take a road trip with Clayton to Santa Fe, New Mexico in March 2009 to attend a workshop presented by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov (, developer of technology that is so new and revolutionary that it defined a new field of study; electro-photonics. Generally dubbed an electro-photonic imaging system, and technically referred to as a gas discharge visualization (GDV) system, I had the honor and privilege of interacting with some of the brightest minds in subtle energy research on the planet.

Four Amigos -- Krishna Madappa (L), me, Konstantin Korotkov, and Clayton Nolte

Dr. Korotkov has appeared in a number of documentaries, including Water: The Great Mystery, along with his friend Masaru Emoto. I highly recommend this movie.

So water is nothing to sneeze at. And yet, that might be one of the most charitable ways of describing our relationship to it, and the quality of the results that we get from it. Truth is, we’re getting far less value from our water than what we might, i.e., if we knew better. Knowing better. Not knowing it all, but knowing better than I knew. That’s the significance of this past year for me, and the ongoing relationship I’ve built with Clayton Nolte. There’s much more for all of us to learn, but it’s time that each of us turned on our own antenna, to gain the understanding that we’ve waited for others to get on our behalf. We don’t  have to wait for someone to tell us what’s beneficial if we’re truly willing to know for ourselves, and are willing to hold new understandings and perspectives, and let go of those that no longer serve us.

At First, It Was ‘No Big Deal’

I wasn’t that impressed with Clayton’s water structuring “green machine” when he first described it to me. After all, it didn’t really do anything to the water like other devices we’ve grown accustomed to. It didn’t give you an entire range of pH levels, much less the higher alkaline settings that could accelerate one’s return to balance, and hence, to health… or so I thought. It wasn’t even electric for chrissake!

Clayton wasn’t phased by my underwhelm. He stated the device’s characteristics with neither embellishment nor apology. There was no attempt to justify or rationalize its shortcomings because no shortcomings were perceived. Indeed, on further research, it appears that our unquestioned reliance of forceful methods has made suboptimal, meaning unbalanced, the rule rather than the exception. In other words, the water that we generally rely on has shortcomings that contribute to our health problems. When the problems crop up, drug based treatment practices simply continue the downward spiral away from health, and into habitual pathology.

This process is not limited to personal consumption of water. It happens with water used in agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications. Where water sources are out of balance costs of production, manufacturing, or growth will always be higher. More water will also be used than necessary. Since most bureaucrats do not question their methods, much like the health care reform initiative that tries to get more people covered in a system that is failing the millions that are already in it, we’re in a perpetual state of reaction, whereas a proactive exploration into new areas could change everything.

We’ve grown so accustomed to imposing our will on Nature that we have little clue as to what Nature would normally give us naturally and abundantly, by design. Water is one of Nature’s most important gifts. It makes life as we know it, possible. But life isn’t necessarily health. Optimal, balanced, structured water makes health, as we all desire it, possible.

Structured water is health in liquid form, because it is optimized life in liquid form, now in season to deliver its gifts to us according to its Original Intention. The light, and therefore, the life in processed and treated water is greatly diminished energetically speaking, in part because it is out of balance. It will therefore produce a dimmer “biophotonic signature” than that of a structured water cluster. The cluster sizes are also smaller for structured water, and in this case, smaller cluster sizes and lower surface tension means easier cellular access and communication, and hence, more effective hydration.

Breaking Down Ionization

Before meeting Clayton I interviewed a man on my radio show who sells water ionizing systems. These devices sit on a counter top and connect to your tap, and by a process of electrolysis — feeding an electrical current into the water to “shock” oxygen ions loose — will give you water in a pH range of anywhere from 2.5 to 11. Water at a pH below 7 is not intended for human consumption, as they are thought to contribute to a generally acidic internal ecology. I was surprised to learn that many brands of bottled water are sold with pH values below 7. Even for the benefit that they might have delivered, they did not address the fact that our water intake is not limited to drinking. Showering or bathing in processed or treated water opens the body to all of the information that said water contains. The faint light that is generated via the structuring event clears the water of its prior bias or polarity. The biophotonic light release contains the full spectrum, which would include any counterbalancing frequencies that would discharge any information that is not part of life’s natural hydration design and protocol or script.

At one time, drinking high alkaline water sounded like a viable way to raise the overall pH of the body. This was especially important when I learned that the vast majority of chronic and acute disease pathologies are accompanied by an inner ecological imbalance that is biased to the side of acidity. Interesting that most allopathic treatment methods and protocols bias the body toward acidity, as they rely on blockers, inhibitors, suppressors, and synthetic chemicals, which have no instructional corollaries  in the human DNA. In addition, the intention behind these products influences the cells’ interpretation. The body naturally will take what it needs of any informational signatures in the water, to sustain life, or the individual’s perception of what is possible and probable for that individual. In other words, we are very important influencing factors as to what works in the body (or not), and how it works (or not).  This factor is rarely taken seriously, if ever, in most discussions about healing because we’re not yet clear on why we might create and maintain our diseases, and most people don’t even want to hear it.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t take people who truly want to restore their health long to learn that cancer cells, for example, thrive in acidic, meaning oxygen deficient, environments. The same applies to a myriad of other chronic pathologies, since an out of balanced state, to one degree or another, is common to all disease pathologies. The act of naming and categorizing these states has led to independent lines of research, each thought to be unrelated to others, all at profound expense to humanity, not only in dollars, but in lives.

An ionizing system can be an easy sale for someone choosing to get off the allopathic bus, on the justification that it’ll help raise the body’s pH, thereby helping the healing process. What they don’t tell you is that while the body’s overall pH should indeed be in the range of 7.2-7.4 for one to be considered in health and homeostasis, the gastrointestinal tract — where food is broken down and processed for nutrient extraction and deployment — is highly acidic by design. Dumping a steady stream of high pH water for an extended period of time into the GI tract could and would have a highly detrimental effect on one’s health because I can’t imagine anyone paying $900, $1,500, or $5,000 for a water ionizer system and not want to drink the highest octane possible. Plus, due to the use of electrification, ionization is a disruptive, not a cohering event, so the water produced in such systems is not structured.

I was at first underwhelmed when Clayton told me that his device restores optimal pH balance to the water. A person with a low pH that has a water ionizer can drink some 10 pH water. It seemed reasonable that balance would come sooner. That is, if you didn’t understand about the normally acidic nature of the GI tract. With Clayton’s structuring method, which uses flow forms oriented in a very specific way, the beauty of taking the middle road, the way of balance, became clear. Balanced water is alkaline enough to deliver a coherent, oxygen rich supply into the body, but not so alkaline as to undermine the acidic strength of the gastrointestinal tract.

Eventually, I started to understand why Clayton offered no apologies or excuses for making the water optimal for what the body actually needs for health.  If your water is balanced, you don’t have to guess when it’s time to not take the high octane blend. Then too, all your $900, $1,500, or $5,000 for a water ionizer device would get you drinking water, which would need to be consumed fairly quickly. You’d still shower, bathe, cook, and wash your clothes with the same old chlorine, fluoride, and chemical rich water that your body was already coping with.

As it was with the spreading of information about Jim Humble’s discovery, MMS (the “miracle mineral supplement”), word is getting out about water in general, and structured water in particular. To appreciate what’s out there and the potential value, it really behooves us to look at all water, a task I’m not going to undertake here, but important insights await the inquisitive, open mind that chooses to walk this path.

Water: It’s Alive!

One of the fundamental perceptual changes that we need to make is to acknowledge that water is a living substance, not the inert “wet stuff” that we’ve dismissed as unimportant and treated it as. I know this may be hard for some, but I can assure you that life will be harder for those who do not accept water’s living, intelligent nature as truth, than for those who do. This is not because water will get pissed off or angry at us, but because we — meaning those who can’t get themselves to form a healthy relationship with water based on mutual respect — will have cut ourselves off from its most sublime gifts. And here’s a clue. If you are unwilling to establish a healthy relationship with water, you can’t establish one with anyone else, including yourself.

We can continue drinking water that has been forced to go through various “short cut” processes in order to “protect” us from harm, but what we’ve been getting is sicker, earlier in life, and therefore, for longer periods of time. Because we often continue to function day-to-day for quite some time in spite of chlorine and fluoride baths, which combine with countless chemicals that are in the processed foods that we eat and the simulated dairy products that we drink (“milk” as it is presently known, is definitely not milk), we believe that we’re putting our best nutritional foot forward. But this is not so.

Genetically modified (GMO) products look natural, taste natural, and even appear to act naturally when ingested. But they are not, cannot, and will not be metabolized by the body, because they do not contain the vibrational signatures — which take the form of specific frequencies of light — that are naturally read by, and responded to by our cells, protein, and enzyme populations, from our DNA. Time and distance from the moment of ingestion of these products provide great deniability for farmers and food processors, as well as hospitals and other health care institutions that are ambivalent to, or even “pro” GMO. They’ll look you in the eye and tell you that their way is the way, mainly because it’s the only way that the FDA, AMA, USDA, and regulatory agencies, in cooperation with lobbyists and detail representatives for the pharmaceutical industry, what us to play. However, when the evidence that our fall from nature has taken us away from health, and that our return to nature will usher health’s rebirth becomes so overwhelming to become self-evident, the administrators and bureaucrats of the old way will, with appropriate innocence, say that they didn’t know.

Water is fundamental, not only to health, but to life, and the quality thereof. Structured water is essential for health; its maintenance, or its restoration, because it is water in an optimal, balanced state. If a person has any chronic disease pathology, the water inside their body is either (a) inadequate, (be) unbalanced, or (c) some combination of the first two. It certainly is not in an optimal state. Structured water should be one of the first “prescriptions” suggested to an individual who is seeking to mitigate a chronic condition. I refuse to use the excuse that goes “but they don’t want you to get well.” It doesn’t matter what “they” want. What matters, is that you want.

One other thing that impressed me about Clayton, is that he makes it clear that we can structure water without his device. One needs only be in a joyful state. If we’re in chronic pain, fear, skepticism or doubt, we’re not likely living in joy. Yet, we could benefit from a device that structures water, for as water is cleared of memory, the molecular bonds to much that had been accumulated (often in the form of calcium deposits), is released. One man noticed that a dermatological condition called “skin tags,” that he had carried for many years, disappeared after drinking and showering in structured water for just two weeks.

So shifts of many kinds, in health and in consciousness are very real possibilities when we’re taking in structured water. If we truly wish to experience well-being once again, then the journey starts by improving one’s inner ecology, which won’t be done by mounting a “search and destroy” mission to “kill the bad guys,” and creating a battle zone in the process. It’s almost funny how long we’ve bought that “good guy/bad guy” strategy as a medical treatment principle. Yet, all parties in the war lose.

With the recent announcement that he has been diagnosed with throat cancer, George Karl, coach of the Denver Nuggets in the National Basketball Association, has stepped up to be the next high profile standard bearer for current cancer treatment orthodoxy. High profile people are a Godsend to the shapers of public perception, far more than those incessant ads that encourage you to take obscure drugs and ask your doctor if you’re healthy enough for sex. High profile cancer cases give the impression to millions of people that radiation and chemotherapy are the only viable ways to “combat” cancer, and that drugs are the only sane “combattants” in the battle to get well again. They actually foster the idea that a battle is necessary. It is not. Balance is. And medical treatment strategies that don’t have balance as the goal — as opposed to killing an “enemy” — will not restore the precious gift of health.

This is first-hand evidence that earning a high income is no guarantor of receiving the best, most informed, and most effective care. My heart reaches out to him, as people plan the radiation therapy that he will take, six times weekly. If his body had a radiation deficiency, or if he lived on chemotherapy, I’d be fully supportive of the outlined plan. But too many people around him still think that there is a place for chemical and radiation poisoning, and that a “fight” is required to abate his disease. Too many people still have a cultivated distrust in anything they find unfamiliar, that is, unless it was presented by their doctor, after being advised countless of times by a paid actor, to “ask your doctor.”

As important as light is to human existence, not simply well-being, only forty institutions are presently doing research in this shift causing area, according to the International Institute of Biophysics. Biophotons are very weak pulses of light, but their “weakness” should not be construed as the “wimpiness” variety. Their presence signifies the availability of a new order of life, and hence, power.

“We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light.  And the modern science of photobiology … is presently proving this.  In terms of healing the implications are immense. We now know, for example, that quanta of light can initiate, or arrest, cascade-like reactions in the cells, and that genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired, within hours, by faint beams of light. We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say emphatically, that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.” — Dr. Fritz Albert Popp

It’s now time to make your heart your first and last counselor.  This doesn’t mean to stop talking to your doctor if you believe you need one. It does mean that we must become conversant in true causes and consequences. It’s time to put balance back into our lives; to admire it when we see it, and to re-instate it where it’s missing.

In the video link, Roger Daggett describes some of his experiences with Clayton’s water structuring technology.

To purchase, visit this site.

Haitian Water Relief Strategies

Water is Key to Life

Energetics can change water in magical ways.

Developer of Photonic Water Structuring Devices

The relief effort in Haiti would be for naught if the survivors’ lives can’t be protected, and water is central to that effort. The threat of water contamination is increased in Haiti, simply because municipal sanitation and water treatment systems barely existed in the first place. If a mini-education on the nature of water and its energetics wasn’t a prerequisite, structuring devices such as the one developed by Clayton Nolte, now branded as Photonic Water, would be most helpful. The importance of the latent bio-photon release into the water supply that these devices affect is grossly under appreciated. Yet, a growing number of people are starting to experience for themselves, the “photonic difference.” It’s the difference between having balanced, life-giving energy available in a time of need.

Clayton’s device is also profound for its simplicity. Just hook it up to a hose, or connect it on a water line as it enters a building. No electricity, magnets, filters, or any other maintenance is necessary. The change that is affected via structuring renders the water useful where it counts.

Photonic Water Structuring Device

Photonic Water Structuring Device

In spite of occasional naysayers who refuse to believe that a chemical compound can destroy one form of microorganism (anaerobic) while leaving others (aerobic) unaffected, Jim Humble’s Miracle Mineral Supplement, or “MMS” would also be most helpful, as it would, in a different way, address some of the greatest risk factors. Fortunately, relief efforts are addressing the water issue, and the video below shows how some familiar chemicals (sodium hypochlorite) are being used to make the water safe for consumption.

What someone needs to see here, is that if that process will clear up polluted water and make it potable, doing the same thing inside the body just might clear up a myriad of disease pathologies that we’re still trying to find a drug to do.


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