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Fashion Ideas for the MMS Trial

I want to thank those of you who clicked the donation button to help me attend the “MMS Referendum” in Spokane, which I’ve relocated to help it be easier to find. We have a good ways to go yet, but every contribution is most appreciated. Let me also clarify for anyone new to this subject; […]

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MMS: A Break in the Silence

I haven’t had much to say about Jim Humble’s “Miracle Mineral Supplement” or MMS in quite some time. The documentary that I produced on the subject was pirated, chopped up and placed on YouTube a few years ago by someone who felt it more important that the information […]

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MMS: Now I’m a Trojan Horse

The story of Jim Humble’s MMS, or “Miracle Mineral Supplement,” which he made infamous in the eyes and gunsights of the FDA, continues to evolve, and apparently, my voice still has some influence, however small my audience may be. A couple of days ago, Jim Humble wrote the […]

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MMS: No Need to Circle the Wagons

It comes as no surprise that the first official response to my latest articles on MMS chemistry would amount to a circling of the wagons, as though I had attacked the Doctrine. Given what I’ve learned recently, I am saying that Chlorine Dioxide, or ClO2 should indeed be […]

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