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MMS: A Break in the Silence

Jim Humble in Amsterdam (2010)

Humble in the land of van Gogh.

I haven’t had much to say about Jim Humble’s “Miracle Mineral Supplement” or MMS in quite some time. The documentary that I produced on the subject was pirated, chopped up and placed on YouTube a few years ago by someone who felt it more important that the information get out to the world than that I earn an income for my efforts.

I took no actions against this person. Didn’t complain about it or denigrate. As far as I know, the video is still on YouTube. While I’ve yet to take the DVD site down, I stopped selling the MMS DVD quite some time ago.


MMS: Now I’m a Trojan Horse

The story of Jim Humble’s MMS, or “Miracle Mineral Supplement,” which he made infamous in the eyes and gunsights of the FDA, continues to evolve, and apparently, my voice still has some influence, however small my audience may be.

A couple of days ago, Jim Humble wrote the following reply in the comments from my article, Rethinking MMS: A Cell’s Eye View,” which was published in October, 2012. Instead of addressing his points in the comment thread, I feel that it best be done here.


Two Videos About Daniel Smith, MMS, and the FDA

The resignation of the pope is a big deal, the implications of which extend far beyond the reach of my visor, but much of my attention of late has been given to the plight of Daniel Smith, who, along with his wife Karis, and Chris and Tammy Olson, remain in jail.

After learning of his incarceration last week, I sat down to record a “short” video, with which to inform those who might be interested, and to request help. That “talk” turned out to run just over an hour.

After talking with Daniel the next day, I sat down to record another, more “concise” video. It turned out to be “only” 52 minutes.

They are what they are.

I have had a chance to read the indictment filed by the Dept. of Justice, as well as be privy to Daniel’s response. I have suggested to him that he welcome the opportunity to have his day in court, not so much to answer for any “wrongdoing” he has done, but to showcase the depraved indifference and monumental CRIMES against HUMANITY that the FDA has exemplified through its NORMAL policies and practices. No government agency, nor corporate entity, is “above the law.”

Perhaps the timing of the Pope’s “fall from pedestal” is a precursor to more.

With that said, I can at least be “concise” here. Smile

Baking Soda-Gate Part III: More Grist for the MMS Mill

It’s baaaaccckk!!!

At long last, I have uploaded the video I began working on several months ago after Grant Maanum brought to my attention the chemical effects of adding baking soda to the “Miracle Mineral Supplement” popularized by Jim Humble, which is known widely as “MMS.” Whether it proves to be meaningful to anyone but Grant and me will have to be determined over time.

Maanum’s different interpretation of “standard” MMS chemical dynamics, which attributes the therapeutic magic to “the chlorite matrix,” (ClO2-), instead of chlorine dioxide (ClO2), eventually made sense to me. He supported his case with numerous citations of independent, published, and in some cases, patented clinical protocols that were and are analogous to MMS. Furthermore he explained the workings of the chlorite matrix in a context that was overlooked in all MMS training that I’ve witnessed or heard, i.e., within the human cell.


MMS, the HeLa Menace, and a New Hypothesis

There are some very compelling reasons for being clear on how and why MMS and the chlorite matrix works that are bigger than Grant Maanum and myself, or Jim Humble. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the benefit that others gain from our works means that we, or our “product” did it for them. If we become so self-absorbed, everyone ultimately loses, with the actual gain never measuring up to the potential, or the need. As such, my search will take me wherever common sense leads, not only among outside sources, but within, not relying solely on established conventions of thought, but to consider new perspectives, and see if they reveal greater truths.

Yesterday I spent some time studying the F.W. Kühne patent, (No. 6,086,922) that was awarded for the “Use of a Chemically-Stabilized Matrix for the Parenteral Treatment of HIV Infections”. The product was subsequently called WF10. Filed March 19, 1993, the application was awarded July 11, 2000.

“Parenteral treatment” refers to methods of delivering nutrition or medication by other than oral intake, bypassing the alimentary system which includes the gastrointestinal tract, through intravenous or intramuscular injection.

Even if you are unfamiliar with biochemistry or biophysics, certain truths about the chlorine dioxide subject, vis-à-vis the chemical nature of MMS, will reveal themselves at first exposure, to anyone truly seeking understanding. I’ll say right off that to me, these truths prove the efficacy of the MMS idea.

The usually cited sources of information on chlorine dioxide, of which Lenntech and The Sabre Companies are prime examples, correctly describe the chemical dynamics of chlorine dioxide. Said description is appropriate given their business objectives and sectors; commercial operations that include bleaching (paper), and various forms of disinfection, e.g., foods, produce, odor control, or environmental remediation.

While it is becoming increasingly synthetic and man-made, the human body cannot yet be classified as inorganic, as it is teaming with life. I dare say that the most important, and yet most overlooked elements inside the human body are the many species of living human cells. By and through their health, they make a healthy life possible for each of us.

The “invention” that was officially recorded as Patent 6086922 was applied for by, and awarded to a scientist whose intent was use it in vivo, or within a living human organism from the very beginning. As such, the care by which he moves through the chemical landscape, with respect to what effects are, or are not sought is especially meaningful.

A Clear difference between ClO2 and ClO2-

From the very beginning, Dr. Kühne expresses his intention to formulate and use what he referred to as the chlorite matrix, which he describes as an isotonic solution that contains ClO2-. Everywhere in the abstract it is clear that his intent is to produce ClO2- and not ClO2.

By taking the time to examine some of the other cited patents, and then even earlier patents that they cite, it becomes evident that a progression of understanding has been, and continues to be at play. In other words, new levels of understanding can be seen between a patent issued in 1951 and 1993. For example, consider the first references to chlorine dioxide, shown as ClO2, which represents a chlorine atom bonded to two atoms of oxygen. The molecule was observed to be highly unstable or reactive. If you wanted to blow something up, that could be a good thing, depending on what it was.

With further experience it was discovered that ClO2 has another chemical side. The same molecular components are present, but it possesses a negative charge. It was designated ClO2-, and referred to as chlorite. In an earlier patent (No. 4,507,285), Dr. Kühne described the molecule as “stabilized activated oxygen which is incorporated in a matrix of chlorite ions.”

Oxygen, as is known, is the prerequisite for the formation of chemical energy in the living cell, for example, in the formation of adenosine triphosphate. Oxygen deficiency leads to various deficiency diseases and complaints during advance age. Moreover, oxygen shortage in the tissue areas involved also leads to a severe drop in the pH value.

Sound pretty familiar, eh?

Dr. Kühne surmised that the problem could be solved by means of a “stabilized oxygen enclosed in a matrix of chlorite ions.” The “matrix” of chlorite ions (Cl-) surround the oxygen, thereby making stability possible. Given the dramatic potential that chlorine dioxide could bring outside the cell, it is possible we haven’t previously explored what benefit a stable oxygen and chlorite combination might bring within it.

…because the oxygen according to the invention participates directly in the oxygen transport and outstandingly and to a hitherto unattained degree, supports the function of hemoglobin during the transport of oxygen into the cells. It is also well tolerated physiologically.

Moreover, the stabilized activated oxygen according to the invention is in a position to normalize again a lowered pH value. As a result, all of the processes associated with the cell membrane such as the energy production of the cell, the immunological processes or enzyme reactions are influenced. The stiffening of erythrocyte membranes is eliminated and erythrocyte flexibility is restored.

For anyone now on chemotherapy or radiation therapy, just as an example, contrast the above described cellular changes with the indiscriminate devastation that today’s Medical Standard of Care for cancer requires.

The stabilized activated oxygen of the invention, which is enclosed in a matrix of chlorite ions, can be produced by reacting a chlorite, such as sodium chlorite, in an aqueous solution with a hypochlorite, such as sodium hypochlorite.

Dr. Kühne’s chemical process for “stabilizing” the oxygen, which also included the reduction/elimination of chlorine dioxide, took 4-6 weeks to achieve, using the chemical elements described in the patent.Remember that the concoction that Jim Humble first made when the men on his expedition contracted malaria, was created from that stabilized, meaning chlorine dioxide free, solution.

Dr. Kühne took careful steps to prevent and suppress the formation of sodium chlorate, which we now understand produces a different species of ClO2 than when only chlorite is involved. That is also why dichloroacetate (DCA), is produced with pure sodium chlorite.

Dr. Kühne’s recipe differs slightly from the one used to produce MMS. However, the purpose and principles of use are the same; i.e., the safe and effective application inside the human body. “Safe” not just to the human being as a whole, but to the cell.

Kühne cites another patent worth noting here. Patent No. 5,019,402 discloses:

a solution containing a chlorine dioxide or a chlorine dioxide-liberating mixture or a chlorite, a weakly acidic buffer and a heat-activated saccharide which can be used for the sterilization of stored blood components with the exception of those which contain red blood corpuscles, i.e., of leukocytes, blood platelets, coagulation factors and globulins.

He states that in whole blood, disinfection does not occur because the red blood corpuscles are more quickly attacked by the chlorine dioxide than the investigating microorganisms. For those reasons, he felt it was not suitable for a parenteral administration.

He felt that his own previous patent (No. 4,507,285) was suitable for external or oral therapeutic use, but not intravenously.

As I continue forth, I recall Jim Humble stating that it took too long to produce stabilized oxygen according to the schedule outlined in Dr. Kühne’s recipe. He wanted to develop a way to produce it quickly. Surmising that anaerobic microorganisms and pathogens were the actual cause of diseases and that chlorine dioxide could rapidly reduce them without introducing new toxicity, it makes sense why he believes ClO2 is the beneficial agent. Given the results that were achieved through Dr. Kühne’s work on WF10 and the earlier work with DCA, wherein Cornford et al (1971) demonstrated that the chlorine dioxide (ClO2) molecule was not present, there is sufficient evidence to entertain a hypothesis that equally remarkable results, if not even greater, may be possible if a chlorine dioxide detoxifying strategy were embraced with respect to the presentation and understanding of MMS.

This does not diminish anything that Jim Humble has done. He is a human being whose greatest gift to humanity is that he has tirelessly striven to bring something to our attention that would help us all. He did it well enough to have helped millions. Our medieval medical system is pursuing and enforcing treatment policies and practices that will not only harm humanity, but jeopardizes what it means to be human. The plan is not only in effect, but has been so for decades.

Are We Moving Toward a Mythological Reality?

Lateral Gene Transfer is a term that didn’t exist before the early 1950’s. On a planet that has existed for 4.6 billion years, do you ever wonder why purported “human history” goes back only 5-6,000 years?

And what about the labyrinthine body of information that we know as mythology, which is replete with beings that exist in hybrid-human configurations?

If you want a way to conceptualize lateral gene transfer, this is it. The human genome was designed to be inviolate. That was changed when the HeLa cell came along.

Notice how the year 1951 is cited as when the first papers on the subject were published? This tracks with the same time that the HeLa was purported to have come from the cervical cancer tumor of one Henrietta Lacks (1920-1951).

It is EASY to dismiss the HeLa, as results such as these may be unlikely. Yet, science, technology companies (e.g., Monsanto), government policies, enforced by alphabet agencies such as the FDA, and medical practices are increasingly experimenting with all of us, with neither our knowledge, nor our consent. No one asked me if I wanted to be vaccinated. Parents are told their children can’t go to public school unless they “submit” to vaccination.

Knowing when to say “NO!”, and what to say it to

May not be a figment of an artist’s imagination anymore.

This photo of a sculpture by Patricia Piccinin from the book, Art, Myth, and Ritual in Classic Greece (Barringer 2008) may creep you out, but it presents what has become a real possibility through the auspices of lateral gene transfer.

This isn’t going to affect you or me in such a dramatic way today. It’s the future of humanity that weighs in the balance.

Genetically speaking, we are what we are, and that’s a good thing because the Original Design is perfect and inviolate. However, the indiscriminate and unbridled proliferation of products that use lateral gene transfer, thanks to HeLa cell influences is, and has been ongoing for decades now. We’re part of a holocaust that we’ve not seen or arrested. Instead of arresting the people who are making it happen, we are respecting them, listening to their directives, and obeying them without question.

Our opportunity, as a human species, is to respect the Design, the Designer, and each other enough, is to stop the adulteration. Our responsibility as individuals, is to know ourselves and become stewards and guardians of our personal temples (the human body and the trillions of lifeforms that live within it). The reward is sustained and/or restored health and longevity.

In addition to cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, this is more likely the kind of anomalous physical phenomena that we’ll see in our generation thanks to lateral gene transfer, courtesy of HeLa cells. These have all been considered acceptable consequences to the Medical Autocracy. Since we hadn’t noticed, they’ve had nothing and no one to answer to.

Morgellons… legions, fibers, rapid shifts in location…

Morgellons disease is certainly a HeLa-related effect of lateral gene transfer that is touching more lives. Notice where it has been prevalent.

Would you be surprised if autism and Alzheimer’s also skewed heavily in the same regions of the world?

In addition to being carcinogenic, HeLa cells are mutagenic and neurotoxins. After breaking the bond that holds the two chromosomal strands together with its 15 million volt per meter field, they change DNA information. They have also opened the door for other thugs, gangsters and thieves.

That’s why and how Monsanto scientists could “break in” to the information-set of corn and insert instructions that make the strain tolerant to their “Roundup” or other glyphosate-based product. This made the corn seed patent-protectable, and caused farmers to overload their soils with pesticides, which deplete said soils of natural nutrients and contaminate water tables.

There are plenty who are blowing whistles on the other subjects, but not many on this one. It seems far-fetched until you examine what’s happening right in front of our eyes. Every vaccine has HeLa cell elements. They cause Hepatitis B and open the door for years of disease susceptibility due to a chemically compromised immune system, thanks to standard medical process

It wouldn’t be worth writing all this if it couldn’t be changed. We can fix it all, first by realizing that the real problem isn’t whether Jim Humble, Grant Maanum, or I am “right” about MMS. If you know what HeLa cells do, and are doing, you can say “no” to anything that contains them. There’s precious little literature available on the HeLa cell that shows it in this context. A Conspiracy of Cells (1986 SUNY Press), by Michael Gold is one. Grant’s book, Birth, Net Worth, Cold Earth (2013 Phaelos Books), will be another. I’m considering writing my own book and producing a new documentary on the chlorite matrix, and also cover this subject.

Secondly, you can take measures to inactivate HeLa that are likely to be present within your body. This will not be done by blowing holes in bacteria. However, a detoxified chlorine dioxide solution using the chlorite matrix has been shown to inactivate HeLa cells. (DMSO has done so too.)

Speaking to Grant the other day, he commented that, if the Krebs Cycle is operating properly within each cell, there can be no disease. He also said that the Krebs Cycle is bidirectional, meaning that dysfunction can be restored, and if so, it will self-repair.

We are still stepping through the new hypothesis of how the body might heal itself from a cellular context if chlorine dioxide troops are not present and involved in an extracellular war.

The answer is coming into view.


A Conversation

This conversation was on September 30, 2012 (74 minutes)

MMS: No Need to Circle the Wagons

It comes as no surprise that the first official response to my latest articles on MMS chemistry would amount to a circling of the wagons, as though I had attacked the Doctrine. Given what I’ve learned recently, I am saying that Chlorine Dioxide, or ClO2 should indeed be avoided, and IS being avoided when MMS that contains no sodium chlorate is used. Given what I’ve learned, I am also saying that MMS that is free of sodium chlorate is a formulation that avoids or minimizes ClO2 exposure, hastening the natural cascade that leads to the production of ClO2- and Cl-.

If there is no sodium chlorate in the MMS, there would be no issues with the FDA, due to the particular ClO2- species that is produced.

This doesn’t make me a critic, or even critical of either MMS or Jim Humble. However, he’s taking it as though I am. After signing up to follow me on Twitter (@phaelosopher), then leaving a long comment in the thread Rethinking MMS: A Cell’s Eye View this morning, he sent me this personal message. I’m sure that Grant will have his own take on this, but I will comment below as I feel it appropriate.


You and Grant just ignored my last email a couple of months ago. Now you have put out reams of junk. You have just bought everything Grant has said hook line and sinker. Sodium Chlorite has been being used in the US for 80  years and has have(?) very little effect on health.

While I didn’t ignore it, it might as well had been so, since I didn’t reply to Jim’s last email, sent a few weeks ago. However, after receiving his email I wrote and published MMS: No Desire for Drama, Just Beneficial Results (09/20/2012). I’ve listened to Grant more than anyone connected with this idea would have been willing to, or have the temerity to publish without first seeking permission. Grant told me this morning that he attempted to contact Jim directly well over a year ago, but did not receive a response. His knowledge of biochemistry and biophysics is far deeper than mine, or what anyone would expect from a layman, but he has not tried to “tell” me anything. Instead, he has shown me where the information is that supports or explains what he’s saying. It’s buried in scholarly papers and scientific databases, and are on point to the application, i.e., biochemistry; not general commercial or industrial uses.

I told you that chlorite is not yellow.  You just chose to ignore that fact. Chlorine dioxide gas is yellow or yellowish green and it is yellow when dissolved in water. Chlorite is not colored in water and definitely it is not yellow. And if it actually kills pathogens it is not by blowing a hole in the side of pathogens. For a year and a half I had a dark field microscope and you could see that the pathogens were killed by destruction of the outer layer of the pathogen.

The yellow color may not be conclusive proof that chlorine dioxide (ClO2), is in the water. It can come from a number of other minerals, including dissolved organic carbon. We also know that the ClO2 molecule REMAINS in the water, however as ClO2-. Something is different about that molecule beyond the minus sign, which determines or affects its behavior. The chemicals selected to generate the ClO2 determine what the species, and as such, the differences in its behavior are.

If I understand you correctly, you’re saying that chlorite not being yellow in water is proof that it’s not there. Yet, every document that I’ve read on the subject states that ClO2 becomes ClO2-, which becomes Cl-. Every document I’ve read refers to ClO2- as “chlorite.”

Sir Humphrey Davy

None of the usual commercial sources of chlorine dioxide information, such as Lenntech and The Sabre Companies are concerned with preparing a solution for human intake. Their recipes are different. They use sodium chlorate as well as sodium chlorite. In 1814, Sir Humphrey Davy used potassium chlorate and sulfuric acid. I’ve found around 11 different recipes for generating the chlorine dioxide molecule. Each one produces its own unique species, with unique properties.


Here’s an example of a commercial recipe.

If all Chlorine Dioxide are the same, then why isn’t MMS produced with the same compounds that Lenntech and Sabre use, just scaled down to smaller proportions? That would make sense if all ClO2 were the same.

I don’t care how you decided on the MMS formula. Whether by happenstance or not, we’re saying that independent scientific research, starting with Cornford, et. al, in 1971, affirms that you chose a recipe that is right for the application. The people who studied the properties of that particular species of chlorine dioxide have confirmed that the switch from a highly reactive ClO2 to to a highly therapeutic ClO2- state, happens in less than 1/2 second. Apparently, the ClO2 last longer in other species.

The benefit of acknowledging this distinction is to be able to cite independent proof that the FDA’s assertions of MMS harm, (i.e., “potent bleach”), are specious. Given their motives and mindset, the people who run the agency are likely to change their position, so it makes sense to inform The People, to give them greater confidence to use MMS in these the times of change.

You can draw all the pictures of all the things in the pathogen you want, but the kill is by blowing a hole in the side of the pathogen.  That has been proven time and again with dark field microscopes. I had one of the most expensive dark field microscopes that money can buy at my use for a year and a half in Mexico. And that is what I saw. LENNTEK has been using chlorine dioxide to kill pathogens for 50  years.  Their chemical technology is not surpassed by Grant.

What do you or anyone care about where “the kill” actually happens? Why would this need to be the litmus test of what is “right?” “Conclusion by microscope” is problematic for what you don’t see, in this case, the cellular dynamics inside the body, before and after MMS intake.

I just learned that cells exhale carbon dioxide (CO2) after taking in Cl-. With up to 100 trillion cells, it’s no wonder that we let out ClO2.when we exhale. Conclusions are based both on what we look for, and what we overlook. I acknowledge having overlooked cellular dynamics for the five years I’ve been around this story, since it has never been mentioned. And yet, it’s the most exciting one.

The bottom-line for me is that MMS can and should help hundreds of millions more than the 10 million that have discovered and tried it in the past five years. And as more people awaken to the HeLa cell attack we’ve been under for 60 years, they’ll want it even more. But it’s got to be the right formulation.

What do you two think you are proving anyway?  You should join Silver Fox and make another hundred people be afraid to use MMS. Do you think I haven’t restudied the subject time and again?  Well you are wrong because I have.  EVEN IF YOU ARE RIGHT, YOU ARE GOING ABOUT IT ALL WRONG.  You are scaring people and that means there will be some that go on suffering.

It’s not a matter of what you studied, but where you looked. I searched the same sites as you for my chlorine dioxide education, but they were commercial applications. If you found one like this example, you might think twice:

Detoxification of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) by ascorbic acid in aqueous solutions: ESR studies


Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) which was easily prepared from dissolving sodium chlorite (NaClO2) in acidic aqueous solutions can oxidize l-ascorbic acid (AsA) to give the short-lived intermediate, ascorbic acid free radical (AFR). The detection of the ascorbate radical was made by using the electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy coupled with a rapid-mixing flow technique which enabled us to detect radicals having a life-time of 5–100 ms at room temperature. This result indicates that the ascorbic acid becomes a suitable reagent for detoxification of the ClO2, which is remaining in drinking water, in the living body.1 Ozawa, Kwan

The above study was published in the Feb 1987 edition of Water Research. It both supports and confirms the assertion that it is possible to detoxify of ClO2 with a mind toward human consumption or use.

How many people do you think the folk at the FDA have made afraid of MMS with its generalized and inappropriate warning of its “danger?” Why are you trying to raise money for a “legal defense” fund? Why does he fear for his family? Could it be that focusing solely on the “kill” properties of a generic ClOovershadows a more remarkable, but unexamined natural process that occurs when a specific ClO2 species is formulated?

If it could be shown that there is no real danger of chlorine dioxide exposure by using MMS, due to the particular species that is being formulated, and said non-toxicity has been proven via independent scientific study, wouldn’t that remove the need to circle the wagons and go into “defend” mode at the drop of a hat?

I am not a critic of you nor MMS. Simple fact is that I was open to learn more from someone more knowledgeable than me on the subject, in order to perpetuate and build on what you started. IF this new interpretation is correct, which the research suggests that it is, it will take away a huge excuse that naysayers, including “naturopathic types,” have offered about MMS. It would accelerate growth.

The fact is MMS makes a good bleach and I have bleached a lot of cotton with it and then used it to cure diseases from the same bottle after the bleach was accomplished.  DO YOU GET IT, THE SAME BOTTLE THAT BLEACHED COTTON ALSO WE CURED DISEASES WITH IT.  TIME AND AGAIN OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS I’VE DONE THAT.  HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET AROUND THAT?

Yes Jim, I get it. Why don’t you mix up some sodium chlorate, and hydrochloric acid in an MMS bottle. It will produce chlorine dioxide, but do you want to use it on humans? All chlorine dioxides are not the same, nor do they behave the same chemically. You chose one that helps miracles happen. However, you’re presenting it in such a way that gives some people reasonable doubt. I am bringing this up to remove doubt… to help people be clear what will and will not help them.

I would ignore you guys except you are doing vast damage to MMS and if anyone that is sick decides not to use it because of you then you have caused suffering and maybe death.  I’m the expert on MMS and yet you go to someone who probably hasn’t healed a single person.  And he is going to tell you that he can use MMS2 to heal cancer and in many cases he cannot.  I’ve healed a thousand cancer cases if  you count those over the phone and email.  YOU WERE A HELP AT FIRST, BUT NOW YOU ARE DOING MORE DAMAGE AND PROBABLY YOU WILL CANCEL THE GOOD THAT YOU DID BEFORE THIS IS OVER.

Each is responsible for his or her actions and inactions. I am comfortable with mine. I saw value in you and your work, and have not changed. MMS use should be expanded. However, the science needs to be shored up, such as

  • by acknowledging, embracing, and citing existing scientific findings,
  • demonstrating an understanding of ClO2 species,
  • specifying that ALL MMS shall be sodium chlorate free (28% solution for 80% and 23% solution for pure sodium chlorite),
  • emphasizing that with the reagent the solution is detoxified,
  • moving away from the pathogen “kill” story and giving credit to the restored cell
  • consider returning to the 10% reagent and the 5:1 ratio.

If you had been willing to listen to Grant when he contacted you directly, perhaps the reasons behind why these suggestions are helpful would have been seen and this exchange wouldn’t  unnecessary.

All three of us agree on two things;

  1. You da man, and
  2. MMS is valuable and its use should be expanded.

Whether or not you agree on how I am going about doing it, Grant and I both honor you for what you have done, and the many yet to be helped by MMS.

It dawns on me.  Become a MMS advocate and then all of a sudden find terrible things wrong.  People are more likely to believe you were an advocate at first.  Being a critic of MMS might pay better and get you better known, but it generates karma that must be paid. If you keep this up, I will explain to the world.


I hope I’ve made it clear to you that I am not a “critic,” yet you’re free to see things as you will. No one is “paying” me to present this viewpoint, as has been the case for the over 100 articles that I’ve written on MMS over the past five years. I am part of why 10 million people have chosen to use it. MMS will not “win” a fight with the FDA by claiming that chlorine dioxide is the central killer in its work. By looking beyond pathogen killing and exploring cellular restoration, which has been proven to apply, the “dangerous” label could be transcended altogether.



Trying to sum it up.

Evolution of a New MMS View

Now it’s clear the minus sign is missing.

These recorded conversations will one day be historic, as I believe that the value of the MMS idea that Jim Humble introduced will be embraced far and wide, around the world. At this point in time, the public is still virtually unaware of the HeLa cell factor, which we intend to change.

Below are short and long versions of a conversation that Grant and I had on the chemistry of MMS. He’s describing what happened after he inhaled industrial chlorine dioxide gas in Kamloops, which eventually led him to search for, find, use, and then study the chemistry behind it.

The full-length [60-minute run-time] edition:

Rethinking MMS: A Cell’s-Eye View


I don’t take the things that you’re about to read lightly. I can’t even say that my understanding of this subject is full and complete, but it is changed enough that what I write from now on must reflect that change. It’s a view that makes better sense than the one I had.

I had chemistry in high school, many years ago. Didn’t do too bad. But it’s a distant memory, just like Latin, the only “foreign language” that I elected to take. While I never learned, or even needed to speak it, fluently or otherwise, my grasp of the etymology and meaning of words grew deeper. While there is much that I don’t understand about chemistry, I retained a fundamental comprehension that has served me enough to get to this point; which included an intrinsic appreciation for the authenticity of Jim Humble’s story about MMS, which was supported by the amazing results that he claimed.

This understanding was enough for me to write and publish over 100 articles about it on this blog, starting with “No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry,” which has had over 140,000 direct page views alone. My audio conversations with Jim Humble were listened to by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, and my documentary has been distributed on many continents and in several languages.

This effort hasn’t been “for hire” due to being on anyone’s payroll, where I needed to go through a process of someone approving what I had to say. As such, I make every effort to give my best understanding on the subject, realizing that understanding will never be static unless one closes the mind.

Now, after five years and roughly a month of intensive conversation with Grant Maanum (which now happens daily), my view of what MMS is, what you’re looking for when you use it, and how best to do so, has changed enough that this re-statement is warranted.


ClO2 : A Molecule with a Light and Dark Side

As it is in all of creation, a full spectrum of potential exists within the molecule known as ClO2. As chlorine dioxide (ClO2), it is highly reactive and unstable and its destructive potential is very high. However, in its ionic form as chlorite (ClO2-), it is chemically stable, and restorative, so much so as to be considered miraculous.

Given that ClO2 is a chemical phenomenon that doesn’t naturally occur in nature, the key to getting the miraculous, versus the destructive results rests in the ingredients used, and how they are prepared. Produce it one way, you’ll get the highly reactive and toxic chlorine dioxide (ClO2), used as a bleaching agent in paper manufacturing. This is produced using sodium chlorate, sulfuric acid, and electrolysis.

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)

  • Yang/Masculine
  • Extracellular Free radical
  • Unstable/Destructive
  • Avoid at all costs
  • Positive charge
  • Industrial
  • Toxic

In order to recover from chronic and degenerate diseases (yes, I know I used the word “degenerate” instead of degenerative – I’ll explain), it is necessary to nurture and restore the cell, which is capable of fighting its own battles when properly equipped.

One thing that cells need dearly on the inside, is the chloride ion (Cl-). Normal cellular “motor function,” where it produces the energy that runs the body, is outlined in the Krebs Cycle (see below). Mixing a particular strength of sodium chlorite (NaClO2) with a particular strength of light acid, releases the O2 from the bond detoxifying the compound. The success that so many people have experienced using the MMS product as first introduced by Jim Humble, means that while there may be discussion on what was actually happening, it was done right and well enough. That means by minimizing or avoiding the generation of chlorine dioxide to get the real prize, i.e., chlorite ions.

Chlorite Ion (ClO2-)

  • Yin/Feminine
  • Intracellular
  • Stabilized
  • Essential Element
  • Negative Ion
  • Therapeutic
  • Restorative

The Chlorite Ion (ClO2-) is what I will be referring to from now on when it comes to use of the product that has come to be known as “MMS,” or the “Miracle Mineral Supplement.”

A Big Industry for Chlorine Dioxide

A very large chlorine dioxide industry existed prior to my meeting Jim Humble or learning about MMS. Instead of small bottles with which to dispense miniscule amounts of the molecule in question, railroad cars like the one pictured below are typically used within the chlorine dioxide industry.

The largest application for chlorine dioxide is as a bleaching agent in the pulp and paper industry. Needless to say, a lot of it is used. If you’ve ever used white paper, you’ve supported the demand for, and use of toxic chlorine dioxide. Chemtrade, a company, based in Prince George, British Columbia, manufactures and ships sodium chlorate (NaClO3), the fundamental component for making chlorine dioxide, in 100 metric ton quantities, via rail cars like the one pictured above.

Chemtrade Logistics Inc. %E2%80%93 Sodium Chlorate - Mozilla Firefox 9252012 15246 PM[1]

This is the chlorine dioxide that the FDA’s Safety Alert (07/30/2010) and Consumer Update (10/01/2010) against MMS referred to in its characterization as a “potent bleach.” However, this has never been the product that was produced when MMS was (or is) properly prepared and taken as directed.

The chlorine dioxide (ClO2) generated for use in the pulp and paper industry is derived from a recipe that requires adding sodium chlorate (NaClO3) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4) together, plus an electric current (electrolysis).

According to Wikipedia, 95% of the ClO2 produced in the world is made using sodium chlorate. A large percentage of the remaining five percent, involves bleaching of flour, disinfection of meat and produce, and water treatment. ClO2- is such a different thing chemically from ClO2 that it is called by another name, i.e., “chlorite,” “ionic chlorite,” “the chlorite ion,” and “chlorine dioxide anion. “All of these terms refer to the molecule that is ClO2-.

It’s easy to dismiss the significance of that little “minus” sign when you don’t know the chemistry deeply enough and you see, by the results that you trust and the research that you’ve done, that claims of efficacy appear to be true. I found Jim Humble’s presentation of the chemistry credible, I also did my own research, which appeared to support and corroborate his claims, which was supported by the beneficial results that people were experiencing.

If I even noticed the minus sign, I surely ignored any meaning or role it may have played. Jim never mentioned it. Dr. Humiston didn’t mention it. Chlorine dioxide was presented as a milder oxidizer than ozone (O3) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). There didn’t appear to be anything else to think about. They didn’t mention the chlorite ion as being relevant, so I accepted their picture as the complete one.

When the critics arrived, full of righteous indignation and ridicule, I considered their arguments specious, figuring that MMS was working and harmless due to the very small concentrations of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) that were being generated compared to the amounts that are routinely produced for industrial applications. So I continued to explain and “defend” the idea of generating chlorine dioxide. I can’t say that any more.

Today I heartily recommend using MMS1 as much as ever, if not more so. I would recommend preparing it as it was originally conceived. However, the objective would be to detoxify the chlorine dioxide that presents itself for an instant, when prepared as directed, and using what remains, which is referred to as the chlorite matrix.

No “Froot” this Guy from Kamloops

It may be hard to take anyone who calls himself “frootloopsian” seriously at first glance, but you do so at your own peril with Grant. He knows chemistry, very deeply.

Of his own accord, he began addressing MMS attackers in the comments thread of one of my YouTube videos. He has saved his two dogs with MMS, as well as himself, oddly enough, after being exposed to chlorine dioxide poisoning.

I don’t always remember to monitor all the comment threads to the material that I have put out, so with gratitude and excitement I watched and read numerous comments and clarifications that he wrote, back and forth, over a period of months.

It was he who tracked down the WF10 information. He tracked down the “Sarin et al,” and the “Cornford, Frost, Herring, McDowell” research into the chlorite matrix. It was he who understood the efficacy of this work, chemically and metabolically, as well as how the chlorite matrix differs from chlorine dioxide.

Grant also understood what was not being said in many of the available documents. For example, the 190-page Toxicological Profile of Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite (2004) published by the CDC makes no clear distinction in hazard potential between chlorine dioxide and the chlorite ion. It lists the chlorite ion as one of the “disinfection byproducts” of chlorine dioxide. Without saying anything about its toxicity. Fact is that chlorite is vital to health, especially its restoration.

Both chlorine dioxide and chlorite act quickly when they enter the body. Chlorine dioxide quickly changes to chlorite ions, which are broken down further into chloride ions.

It was Grant who began taking me deeper down the rabbit hole of cellular biochemistry, patiently introducing me to the subject of membrane potential, and the dance that occurs as chlorite ions are taken into the cell, and potassium ions are pumped out through ion channels. These ions can only be produced by combining a specific strength of sodium chlorite with one (or more) of five specific acids.


Introduction means just that; the beginning of my appreciation for the role and importance of the chlorite ion (ClO2-) in the cell’s ability to produce energy. When properly activated, MMS delivers massive amounts of chlorite ions that are vital to the inner workings of healthy cells, and their ability to self-repair and restore vitality. The proof of that restoration would be a return of energy (increased ATP production), and organ functionality.

In the audio clip below, Grant further explains the +’s and -‘s of membrane potential, and other points of interest.

Consider, on the other side of the equation, how standard medical practices such as chemotherapy and radiation in cancer treatment, decimate, if not obliterate the cell, and the disease gets blamed for it. Since we don’t acknowledge the damage that the treatment does, even after it kills (and the medical system robs) the patient, the practice continues unchanged. So who is to blame for that when we’re under no obligation to take the drugs?

Before this introduction to the inner state and workings of the cell, I paid no attention to its place in this matter. None of the reference material that I consulted mentioned it either, because it was not in the context of the application. Documents written about municipal disinfection were not going to be concerned about Krebs Cycle in a single individual.

I assumed that the health improvements that people reported were due to the net effects of viral and bacterial depopulation, as a state of balance within the ecosystem was being restored. But it appears that unless a cell is self-sufficient and able to produce energy, success isn’t assured. There wasn’t much “legitimate” scientific information available that we could call upon. But maybe we didn’t know where to look.

Grant may or may not have known either, but he didn’t stop looking until he found something that either scientifically confirmed or refuted the MMS claims. That was the work of Cornford, Frost, Herring, and McDowell (1971) of the University of British Columbia. Could it be mere coincidence that MMS formulation and dosing methods closely matched that of a long-forgotten analog, known as Dichloroacetate, or “DCA”, which was first synthesized in 1936? (See additional article.)

A large number of children and adults have been exposed to DCA over the past 40 years, including healthy volunteers and subjects with diverse disease states. Since its first description in 1969 (Stacpoole, 1969), DCA has been studied to alleviate the symptoms or the haemodynamic consequences of the lactic acidosis complicating severe malaria, sepsis, congestive heart failure, burns, cirrhosis, liver transplantation and congenital mitochondrial diseases.

Here’s another, published in the British Journal of Cancer (2010).

These articles are valuable in the following ways, showing:

  • the wide medical interest in, and potential of, a product that has many similarities to MMS.
  • that the claims made by people who have used MMS track with the results achieved by medical researchers.
  • long-term experience with the product.

According to Grant, the Cornford work was conducted due to knowledge that ClO2 was a carcinogen and mutagen that was classed as pervasive due to its 300,000 year longevity. They therefore looked only at the chemistry that could produce ClO2, with the intention to conclusively confirm the presence or absence of ClO2.

Here’s one site that suggests DCA is worse than MMS!

The importance of the Cornford work lies in its confirmation of the chlorite matrix (ClO2-) as the salient element in cell restoration. It delivers chloride ions (Cl-) into cells, restoring their viability and vitality, which is experienced as added energy and accelerated healing.

DCA Similarities to MMS

The Cornford tests with DCA were done using a 23% solution of pure sodium chlorite (NaClO2), activated with a 10% solution of acetic acid. Acetic acid is one of the five known mild acids proven to detoxify chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

The sodium chlorite used to produce MMS is generally 80%.  While pure is best, the 80% purity is not deemed to be a problem with MMS as long as there is no sodium chlorate (NaClO3) in the remaining 19%.

The potential problem is that some sources of 80% sodium chlorite have been found to contain small amounts of sodium chlorate. No amount is acceptable.

Trace amounts of sodium chlorate could cause adverse reactions, such as nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. It could be the body’s reaction to chlorine dioxide (ClO2) exposure.

This is not to say that some people wouldn’t experience some of the more extreme forms of detox reactions even if they had no chlorine dioxide exposure. The objective is to make sure they have no chance of such exposure through preventable and unwanted inadvertent reactions.

These potential facts made the FDA warning credible, even if it was disingenuous.

They don’t want people to use MMS for reasons other than any potential health danger, but I acknowledge the potential dangers that could occur if a different species of chlorine dioxide is produced due to the presence of sodium chlorate in the source material.

Evidence of this lies in the fact that when MMS is activated as recommended, chlorine dioxide ClO2, is detoxified by the acid. Chlorite matrix, (ClO2-) breaks down to salt (NaCl-), which has the proper “electrical credentials” to enter the cell.

WF10 is another analog to MMS

A bit more complicated, but no less important, is WF10, a product originally developed by the pharmaceutical firm Oxo Chemie, and is now owned by Nuvo Research, of Mississauga, ON. A patent was awarded to Dr. W.F. Kuehne for the formulation, which uses not one, but five 10% strength acids with the same 23% solution of sodium chlorite. Must be a reason, eh?

Researchers reported cellular repair in post radiation and chemotherapy treatments after WF10 treatments.

Oxo Chemie has completed a controlled randomized, crossover study in France in 1991 that examined the effects of 103 patients with acute radiation dermatitis and radiation- or chemotherapy-induced mucositis. Results demonstrated that WF 10 significantly improved lesions and accelerated recovery without side effects. – Drugs R.D. 2004

The five acids used in WF10 are:

  • lactic
  • acetic
  • ascorbic
  • citric
  • humic

Lenntech, a Dutch company that provides water treatment and disinfection solutions, has extensive information about chlorine dioxide, including its characteristics and uses, on their website. The closest application to MMS would be under the term, “stabilized chlorine dioxide.” However, they are mum with regard to how it is applied.

Where Lenntech does give specifics for generating chlorine dioxide ClO2, they speak of using sulfuric acid, for which the term “activator” is likely appropriate. I am now beginning to see that both the compound and the acid used, are critical. The chart below shows seven “species” of chlorine, along with their chemical formulas. Among them, only the chloride ion (Cl-), highlighted in yellow below is, by design, an integral part of the Krebs Cycle. Our preoccupation with chlorine dioxide has meant ignoring the cell, its power, and the effect of our actions upon the environment that it lives in, an environment that affects its health, or impairment.

The Cornford work confirmed, through emission spectroscopy, that the chemical emissions of chlorine dioxide species (ClO2), were not present after detoxification when the sodium chlorite was combined with acetic acid.

In a General Paper titled, Detoxification of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) by ascorbic acid in aqueous solutions: ESR studies, Ozawa and Kwan, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Teikyo University, independently confirmed the Cornford findings. Their paper, published in Volume 21, Issue 2 (Feb. 1987) of Water Research, concluded:

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) which was easily prepared from dissolving sodium chlorite (NaClO2) in acidic aqueous solutions can oxidize l-ascorbic acid (AsA) to give the short-lived intermediate, ascorbic acid free radical (AFR). The detection of the ascorbate radical was made by using the electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy coupled with a rapid-mixing flow technique which enabled us to detect radicals having a life-time of 5–100 ms at room temperature. This result indicates that the ascorbic acid becomes a suitable reagent for detoxification of the ClO2, which is remaining in drinking water, in the living body.

What does this all mean?

In order for MMS to be used effectively by people who have become aware enough of it to seek it out, they need to understand it sufficiently in order to assure that they get the best potential results possible.

The results obtained thus far with MMS have been great. Yet, evidence is that it can be better. However, MMS1 in its original form is the only method that is supported by legacy science that predates, by several decades, its introduction. The Cornford et. al. findings, which confirmed the harmlessness of DCA because NO chlorine dioxide species was present, have never been challenged or refuted.

Given the numerous conversations that I’ve had with Grant, most of which involve my simple willingness to listen and ask questions, to which I was shown answers, I now see areas of potential deviation from the original purpose and goal behind preparing and using the chlorite matrix.

Given that I have played a role in providing information to help people make their decision to use MMS, it is my responsibility to update my understanding if or when it comes. Now is such a time.

Whether the MMS community chooses to adopt any of the new guidelines that Grant or I will be proposing or not, is up to each. However, as we continue to rollout information on the HeLa cell, the importance of proper preparation of MMS (and DMSO) for effective elimination of HeLa cells will grow.


So are my suggestions on how to best prepare, purchase, and use the product known today as “MMS1.”

  • The product is best made with pure sodium chlorite. To my knowledge, that is never the case. If it is made with 80% grade sodium chlorite (NaClO2), then the product should contain no sodium chlorate (NaClO3) whatsoever amongst its residual byproducts (which sometimes include NaCl and other salts).
  • If you’re an MMS manufacturer or user, be aware that many distilled water producers add ozone (O3) during the production process. Please avoid using any water that contains ozone. If any bromide (Br) is chemically present in the body, potassium bromate (KBrO3) can be produced.
  • The purpose of adding citric acid is as a reagent to detoxify, and thereby eliminate chlorine dioxide (ClO2), leaving the chlorite matrix (ClO2-) that can be taken in to repair and restore the cells. This is a process of detoxifying chlorine dioxide, not activating it. Do not inhale the product as it is being detoxified. Done correctly, the FDA’s warnings, and the critics’ claims of snake oil, become especially specious, because chlorine dioxide (ClO2) production is no longer the goal.
  • Continue to use the guidelines for MMS1 use developed by Jim Humble ( No one has devoted more time and energy to inform and help people heal, as well as encourage and empower them take an active role in their own healing journey, or to help others. My interest here is to suggest a more precise and reliable way to get the results that the chlorite matrix can deliver, and reduce any adverse reactions.

Let me repeat here. From what we’ve been able to confirm through verified, independent clinical research (i.e., Cornford, et. al, Sarin, et. al, and Oxo Chemie, et. al.), the chlorite matrix (ClO2-), not chlorine dioxide (ClO2), is the actual item that chemically breaks down to a form that can be delivered to, and used by the cells to self-repair and restore Krebs Cycle function.

This is not a separation from, or rejection of what Jim Humble introduced to the world. The intention is to ensure that the actual results that he intended, actually be realized, and to expand the benefit.

The critics of MMS weren’t totally misinformed. Some of them understood the dangers of chlorine dioxide (ClO2).  Yet, most contented themselves with ignoring and/or dismissing the beneficial results that people reported, or turned their judgments toward Jim Humble.

I realize that some factions actually don’t want people who heal. Anyone who takes an objective look at standard medical practices these days can see that drugs are designed and approved to mitigate symptoms only, even while vaccines, thanks to the HeLa-laced cocktails that they push on us from cradle to grave, represent the seeds of future diseases that will become one’s medical cross to bear.

When you see how pervasive and coordinated these actions against humanity are – medicine, GMO’s, chemicals in products, toxic water and atmosphere, electromagnetic field toxicity, and government enforcement policies – it comes as no surprise to see modest changes instigated within MMS that could undermine its effectiveness, whether from outside, or from within.

I have put considerable thought into this communication, as it appears to deviate from established norms. However, the deviation, albeit well-intended, from the one formula that could help support MMS (via its own analogs) on a scientific foundation, started long ago. I felt it important to call attention to the needs and power of something that has been overlooked this entire time; the trillions upon trillions of very powerful cells. That is, if we give them what they need.

In His Own Words: The Chlorite Matrix

[The following article on the Chlorite Matrix was written and published in July 2011 by Grant Maanum in a blog he titled, The Chlorite Matrix. Unfortunately, few people noticed, or appreciated the significance of this information. One time is not nearly enough, as the subject must be examined from many angles and points of context. With his permission I am republishing the article here, with a few new images and comments.]

Sodium Chlorite, Citric Acid, and Calcium Hypochlorite. The New Reality…

The issue of the Krebs Cycle (1943) is front and center when regarding any health issue whatsoever, and that “cycle” determines the functionality of each individual cell in our body .

The modern term is “Citric Acid Cycle”, and the importance of that citric acid is prioritized. There are complex events taking place within all cells due to the ongoing actions of that cycle, but the important part is the production and discharge of the energies which “fire” the various “Voltage-Gated Ion Channels” contained within each.

To see an animation of the channels in action and the flow of ions both into, and outside the cell, follow this link.

In order for the Citric Acid Cycle to function correctly, diet must include all or most food groups. The intake of natural source Potassium is critical. Given our cultural obsession with chemical additives, you can see the increasing difficulty in maintaining or restoring conditions required by our very nature for the human body’s health.

There are different strengths and different speeds of energies coming from different Element decays, and there also are “sub units” of energies produced.

These energy discharges do not occur by happenstance; they are part of the Natural Human Design.–AA

The energy discharge created by the specific decay rates of the elements involved, is actually aimed at the specific voltage gated channel that it passes through.

Please appreciate the Intelligence and singular intent that orders these complex operations. Then consider the arrogant intent that results in mucking them up. The good news is that what has been put asunder, can be restored to order. A body that has been orchestrated and manipulated into ill-health, can be healthy once again. –AA

The Channels, such as the Potassium channels, the Chlorine channels, and the Calcium Channels are targeted due to designed “Communication” between the energy source, and the energy “target” at the channel’s opening. The targets are smears of Amino Acid.

Of the 22 standard amino acids, 20 are coded, in essence, “written,” by the universal genetic code. Want to change the message? Change the amino acids. Inadvertently change the amino acids, change the health. Intentionally change the amino acids, destroy the health. Restore the standard amino acids specified within the genetic code, restore the health.

Eight of those twenty-two amino acids are essential to human life, and can ONLY be taken in through proper diet. Most important to this discussion, are the 5 positive or negative electrically charged  amino acids, and that it is known that the “Alpha” amino acids communicate with Beta- Decay Energy sources.

Considering the energy, sodium decay produces ~20% of the energy produced by Potassium decay in paired discharge, then Potassium produces five fold that energy, in paired discharge. The Potassium decay is VERY powerful, and will “jump-start” the impaired or dormant voltage gated channel.

This is where the Chlorite Matrix enters.

Molecule size must be small for these processes to work.

The “Chlorite Matrix” is a solution made with Sodium Chlorite, and usually Citric Acid. Other acid, such as Acetic, Lactic, Humic, and Ascorbic can be substituted.

The use of Lactic Acid is “specifically directed” to the production of “Beta- propane” or Acetone. That issue will come later. Per my research involving Sodium Chlorite/Citric Acid (or Acetic Acid) produced ClO2 Emission Spectroscopy, the only difference produced by using different acid reagents, is the total time of “survival moment” of the Chlorine Dioxide molecule which was produced by the Sodium Chlorite/Citric Acid reaction. The breakup of the Chlorine Dioxide molecule is important.


In order for the Chlorite Matrix to produce the expected results, the Sodium Chlorite MUST BE Sodium CHLORITE, and the Citric Acid MUST BE PURE and from a NATURAL SOURCE.

The water used MUST NOT BE OZONATED.  NO OZONE. The water MUST NOT contain anything which may react with Chlorine, producing Organochlorines. Later, i will provide the latest science regarding the Genotoxicity of ozone treated water, but start with this.

Google…  “Possible Involvement of Oxidative Stress in Potassium Bromate-induced Genotoxicity in Human HepG2 Cells.”

Potassium Bromate (KBrO3,PB) is a byproduct of Ozone used as Disinfectant in Drinking Water….

There are several versions of the Chlorite Matrix which are well-known. Beginning with the earliest (1984) published work (so far), the Sarin et al work with his chlorite matrix is continually referred to by Authors of related papers, and that Chlorite Matrix invention is now protected by Dr. Friedrich W. Kuhne of OXO CHEMIE AG, Switzerland.

That evidence exists within the Patentstorm registered 6086922 “WF10″ chlorite matrix based compound’s four patents. I recommend that you search Sarin et al Chlorite Matrix, and read it five times. Print it out. Pass it out. Mag it to your fridge.

Abstract of Patent 6086922

Within that international patent, there are the results regarding the use of that Chlorite Matrix based WF10 in HUMAN TRIALS is there. The science is well represented, and the results are clearly stated. The WF10, administered by injection, successfully “cured/ended” the HIV/AIDS issue with regard to the four HIV/AIDS infected volunteers. The numbers regarding the return of T cell, NK cells, and ATP production are stated, along with the 9-week long WF10 administration process that was required.

Baking Soda-Gate, Part II

I am pleased to report that the YouTube video with Jim Humble showing how to add baking soda to MMS to make it taste palatable has been removed. However, a second copy of the same video is still online, which was posted by someone else on June 17, 2012.

Viewer beware… STILL.

That’s the simple part.

Yesterday I received email replies from both Jim Humble and Dr. Ron Neer, the gentleman seated with him in the video. I wrote to Jim privately and asked him to take the video down and recant the advice regarding using baking soda to abate the taste. In informing me that they removed the video, Jim’s letter suggested it was in spite of my urging, rather than because of it. He went on to correct what he saw as errors in our reasoning. Given the limited exposure that both of them have had to anything we’ve said on this subject compared to what they have done, their responses and skepticism are reasonable, and to be expected. So while I have my own opinions about what each says, I am going to publish them both, without editing, rebuttal, or comment.

Not knowing the basis of the suggestion to not use baking soda with one’s MMS intake, it’s also easy for both of them to assume that neither “my source” nor I have “the full picture.” Fortunately for us, we don’t assume that we do. However, we have an element of, as well as a perspective on “the picture” that few have even considered, referring to the HeLa cell, which is affecting everyone, and needs to be known, acknowledged, and dealt with, else the infecting injecting of humankind will continue with our permission.

Perhaps this is the beginning.

Before we get on to the responses, I have also recorded two more conversations  with Grant (the latest one lasting 2-hours this morning), specifically on points made in Dr. Neer’s and Jim Humble’s emails below. In the process I gained a better understanding of the power of the chlorite species and the distinction between chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and the chlorite matrix (ClO2-).

This was brought out in research done in 1971 by Cornford, Herring, Frost & McDowell, of the University of British Columbia, as they explored the chemical nature of Dichloroacetate (DCA), which itself was first proven in clinical practice in London, 1936.

MMS could be considered a grandchild or analog of DCA, as both compounds involve the detoxification of sodium chlorite (ClO2-), with a light acid. Not just any light acid, but research has shown that detoxification is achieved with any one from the list below:

  • acetic
  • ascorbic
  • humic
  • citric
  • lactic

In the Cornford tests, 10% acetic acid  (1 part acetic acid to 9 parts distilled water) was applied in a distilled water solution which was forced through a high-speed jet, like a car wash sprayer, to mix with a 28% solution of 99.9% pure sodium chlorite (NaClO2) under equal pressure at a 45% angles to each other.

High-speed “mixing” of sodium chorite and acetic acid.

The above image provides a visual impression of the electron spectroscopy tests that were run.

It is possible that each acid has its own area of effectiveness, which may be why Oxo Chemie’s WF10 used all five on its HIV/AIDS trails. The original attacks on DCA were likewise based on the assumption that chlorine dioxide was being produced. The case against this assumption was proven by Cornford, Herring, et. al, but was not publicized.

The Chlorite Matrix (ion) with the minus sign.

I will comment on the replies below after I finish producing the first of our conversations on the chemical ramifications of adding baking soda to MMS. Takes much more time when there is no image to work from, but I’m getting through it.

I debated whether I should just send the audio as it is, but have decided against doing so because the HeLa cell factors in to this equation as an issue that few, even in the medical industry, are aware, or think is problematic.  It is, in my opinion, a greater problem for humanity than our present debt crisis. For reasons that will unfold, it is critically important that if a person takes MMS, they actually get what MMS can do for them.

Grant has been very clear that the way Jim originally formulated MMS, which he believes had no sodium chlorate involved, would be perfectly safe because it follows the example set by both DCA and WF10. The 1971 work of Cornford Frost Herring, & McDowell proved the non-toxicity of the chlorite matrix through emission spectroscopy which showed that the chlorine dioxide species (ClO2-) was formed, but disappeared in less than 1/3 of a second. This is in stark contrast to the 300,000 year life of chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

As such, I am adding visual information to support the audio, so as to help the listener/viewer better appreciate the authenticity and weight of the problem, and the context and importance of effective solutions, which includes, but is not limited to, properly administered MMS and DMSO.

While I finish preparing the video, here is a short selection from today’s conversation, discussing three specific points:

  • the research that supports these recommendations, which go back to 1971,
  • the HeLa cell, and
  • the chemical effects of adding baking soda.

Here is Jim Humble’s response:

It would have been nice if you guys had checked with me before starting to throw things on the internet indiscriminately before knowing what you are talking about.  Luckily you got enough stuff right that it isn’t all wrong.
I have been going to take Ron’s stuff off of Utube and anywhere else for some time, just now got around to it.
Your logic is flawed in a number of places.  Fortunately that does not make you completely wrong and the same with your “Source that you trust.”
The first point is where you say that MMS sodium chlorite puts oxygen into the system.  Well that is totally incorrect.  MMS brings no oxygen to the system what-so-ever.  When the chlorine dioxide molecule destroys a molecule it is itself destroyed.  The two oxygen atoms that are released are released as carbon dioxide.  Oxygen atoms, yes, but they have no power as oxygen.  The reason that the chlorine dioxide ion kills pathogens is because it is positively charged and it attracts the negative electrons of the pathogen.  Electrons are what hold the parts of the pathogen together.  Namely the outer layer of the pathogen.
Only chlorine dioxide ion does the killing, because it is the only thing that can. When in water the chlorine dioxide ion returns to the chlorite condition only part of the chlorine dioxide ions return to this condition and the chlorite cannot kill the pathogens.
What you and your source are looking at is the chemical explanation of what happens and you are grabbing on to points in the reaction that only last 1 millisecond or so and thinking that is where it all ends.

The chlorite cannot kill a pathogen.  When the pH is brought down under 9 or so the chlorite deteriorates into chlorine dioxide and that is what kills the pathogens.

Don’t go to google to find your answers.  Google answers are mostly college chemistry which isn’t wrong, but you got to know how to apply it to actual commercial operations and your source hasn’t yet understood it.  He might be good, but I doubt that he needs to tell me I should get my shit together.

Let me suggest that you both go to Lenntech.  That is a company that has been using chlorine dioxide for many years commercially and they have the technology pretty well explained.  Once you have learned what chlorine dioxide is and how it works to really do the work then come back and correct me but don’t put a bunch of crap on the internet.  Go ahead and say don’t use sodium carbonate.  We have not been using it for some time.  But don’t tell anyone that chlorine dioxide is chlorine or that chlorine dioxide does not kill pathogens, because of all that chemistry, it is the only thing that does and it is destroyed in the process being changed to chloride.  No useable oxygen is ever added to the body.

And then please tell me how adding 18 mg chlorine dioxide along with 10 mg of sodium carbonate can produce many grams of carbon dioxide in the body.  Your trusted source isn’t making sense yet.

Lenntech has written it up and explained the chemistry pretty well and so have a number of other commercial companies.  They are light years ahead of Google Chemistry Answers and even the Universities.

Please don’t be like all the rest of the critics.  Just start talking before you have a clue and please tell your trusted source the same thing.  A dose of MMS IS 3 DROPS.  That is a total of 18 mg of chlorine dioxide.  The amount of sodium carbonate was less than 10 mg for that one dose.  Then to say it doesn’t matter how little sodium carbonate is used.  That in itself is crazy as amounts do matter.

So anyway if you guys are going to write it up please get it right before just writing and go over all the details before you say that chlorine dioxide never does the job as it is the only thing that does do the job, and in hundreds of places in hundreds of water supplies throughout the world, and if sodium carbonate was the terrible thing that the trusted source says, we have thousands of people using it and no problems reported.

Still we have found that using sodium chlorite to bring the pH back up when needed works best.  I have just been working with the worst cancer you ever saw and I used CDI which uses sodium chlorite to bring up the pH.  And if your trusted source is going to come up with ideas about using sodium chlorite to bring up the pH he will compete with a couple of universities in Spain who have used it extensively in the past 6 months.

Adam, my suggestion is you read the technology on Lenntech carefully before writing another article and that you either take this last article down or you change it.  Don’t just make me wrong.  Your are supposed to be a trusted friend. Friends don’t just start writing stuff about friends without at least talking to them first.

Jim Humble

Now, Dr. Neer’s letter:


hope all is well in your world

we have tested the formulation with baking soda very much so prior to suggesting it to people.

There is no msg or co2 formed when you add baking soda to it.  There also is no balanced equation that would show anything otherwise.

Jims mixture has more acid in it then is required to activate the mms.  so there is excess acid in it.  This is called stoichiometrically imbalanced. as excess acid contributes to diarrhea and throat burn and bad taste we calculated what little bit of bicarb would be needed to get rid of the excess unused acid.

Also the original mixture of mms left of ph of 2.5 to 3 making it hard for people to handle therefore many people stop taking mms. our ph is around 5 and helps be more receptive to the stomach and throat.

our attempts to help people not give up on mms and continue were the basis for the small addition of bicarb.

turns out many hundreds of people have reported back to us with great testimonies and can once again continue to take mms otherwise they would not.
the mixture of mms has chlorous acid, chlorite and chlorine dioxide in it.

the chlorine dioxide test strips are precalibrated to test specifically for that.  you eliminate false tests by adding some glycerin per instructions then the reading is solely chlorine dioxide.

this is what turns mixture yellow,  what gives it the odor and is a well known action.

the reaction is somewhat confusing but we understand the chemistry along with the help of some of our Ph D friends and other experts working in the chlorine dioxide field.  this team of experts has much knowledge to help those whom really want the truth and want to help mankind. One of the original doctors whom helped jim write his book have even tested and approved our bicarb addition.

chlorite appears to be the carrier but it is the chlorine dioxide that is the agent used to kill when needed.
chlorite itself can do pretty good by itself but even the smallest of activation helps it to be even better.

here is other research from other great knowledgeable folks whom have very similar views.
you and grant are welcome to contact us anytime and we are happy to help folks better understand the believed truth behind the chemistry of mms.  I am also available to go on the radio with you at anytime to help educate people.  We want to help people get well.
the bicarb will NOT hurt anyone and frankly is vital so people do not quit as most people simply can not take it the other way. The testimonies speak volumes.
dr ron

Nuff said… for now.

What NOT to do with MMS

First trip to see Jim in Hermosillo, Mexico (2007) to shoot my documentary.

If you are familiar with the product known as “MMS,” the sodium chlorite solution that was introduced and popularized by Jim Humble, it’s possible you’ve stumbled upon something that I’ve written or produced about the product since my first introduction to it in 2007. In some respects I have helped the public’s acceptance and understanding of the product through the many articles, interviews, and video documentaries that I’ve done. As such, while I choose not to be part of, or party to Jim’s health ministry network, my appreciation for the significance of what MMS means to humanity has grown, and my regard for its chief ambassador is the highest.

Much of my special regard for MMS can be attributed to new insights that I’ve learned just recently through my ongoing and deepening conversations with Grant, the Canadian connection who has such a passion for unveiling the liberating power of truth. When he calls, I listen, and learn.

He called today just as I finished editing the third audio conversations into a video (below). He was concerned about a recent video that Jim’s organization posted on YouTube titled, “Removing the Bad Taste of MMS (MMS1) with Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)”

Don’t do this…

The video shows Jim along side Ron Neer, editor of a newsletter titled, “Voice of MMS,” explaining how to soften the unpopular taste of a day’s intake, which was prepared by adding 24 drops of MMS (sodium chlorite) to 24 drops of the citric acid activator. (This is to facilitate, in a single preparation, a 3-drop per hour course, incrementally taken over an 8-hour period.)

After waiting 30 seconds for the two ingredients to combine and become what Sarin et al (1971) referred to as “chemically stabilized chlorite matrix.” This is a fundamentally different animal to the chlorine dioxide (ClO2) that we have grown accustomed to discussing. The chlorite matrix has always been the end product and active ingredient to MMS, created using one or more very specific light acids, and is distinguished chemically by ClO2-. That barely noticeable “minus” (-) sign behind the “2” means that it is a negative ion, and hence, a detoxified molecule.

In actuality, there is no “chlorine dioxide” (ClO2) present.

I originally believed that concentration was the distinguishing factor between how much chlorine dioxide can kill versus that which can heal. To some extent, it is still a factor. However, charge polarity is a more relevant distinction that should now be factored in. Negative ions are always positive, if taken in appropriate concentrations. Standard chlorine dioxide, which is positively charged, is never helpful, period.

With regard to Jim’s “sodium bicarbonate to MMS” video, Grant called with a warning to NOT do it, under any circumstances. The chemical changes that occur literally turn the product into what the FDA was warning the public against. In other words, it takes away the negative ionization of the chlorite matrix, leaving chlorine dioxide.

Below is a 10 minute conversation we had on the subject.

There’s more. Afterwards, he called back after doing a more thorough chemical analysis. That conversation lasted 80 minutes, and ties in several other related subjects.

While not an “end all” solution, MMS is on a short list of items that eradicate another item discussed in the second conversation mentioned above. Namely, the HeLa cell.

You may know little or nothing about the HeLa cell, but it has impacted your life, and very likely, is doing so right now. This is the video that I was preparing to upload when I received Grant’s call, and more is on the way.

The medicine industry’s now maniacal use of vaccines has gone far beyond any genuine appearance of concern for human health or life, and must now be considered as direct factors in the rise of many disease pathologies that were unheard of prior to Henrietta Lacks’ death from cervical cancer in 1951. Although there are many more, ones that immediately come to mind are autism, Alzheimer’s, Morgellon’s disease, and virtually any other pathology that you can think of, especially every form of cancer.

The thing you should know here, is that the chlorine ion, defined as “ClO2-” (with the minus sign) will, as the EPA stated in Chapter 4 of its Guidance Manual (1999), “become the dominant species in drinking water.” If it will do so in drinking water, it will do so in water, period, including the aqueous environment inside the human body.

Taken in Hermosillo, Mexico (2009)

If Jim Humble hadn’t brought MMS to our attention, it would have remained an obscure, little used, if ever approved, expensive drug, called WF10. But you should know that adding baking soda to MMS will turn it, chemically, into something that can indeed do harm. I will likewise post that conversation, which describes the chemistry in greater detail. Soon.

HeLa-wakening; Asking the Question ‘Why?’

“Knowledge makes man unfit to be a slave.” – Frederick Douglass

Sums things up real well.

When the FDA went public with their crusade against Jim Humble’s Miracle Miracle Supplement, “MMS” in July 2010 via a consumer advisory and subsequent campaign to take the now defunct Project Greenlife down, one could hardly imagine the size of the jar they were trying to keep a lid on. It’s beginning to become apparent now.

Whatever you suspect that it is, think larger. Much larger.

We search every nook and cranny to determine where to assign blame. However, it wasn’t the FDA, EPA, TSA, the Fed or their counterparts. It wasn’t Democrats or Republicans, vaccinations or chemotherapy, or the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Syria. It wasn’t Israel and Iran, Fukushima, Katrina or Isaac. It wasn’t gun owners, illegal aliens, Christians, Muslims, or Jews, nor was it Nazis, Yakuza, M-13, Crips or Bloods. Forget about Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, Halliburton, and Merck. They’re not the cause of this mess. And while we’re still in what could be called our awakening phase, it wasn’t even the HeLa cell.

It is bigger than all of the above, combined.

Hiding in plain sight is the mindset that fuels all forms of divisiveness, elitism, enmity, and factionalism. It’s the same mindset that suggests, even insists, that we are alone in the universe, accidents of nature, here by chance, must compete for scarce resources, and should be dependent on outside “authorities” who know what’s best for us, albeit at a price, better than we can know for ourselves.

An enormous amount of energy has gone into the cultivation of a dim, hostile and adversarial worldview as the only “reasonable” option to adopt. Even with the promise of a “Golden Age” after a holocaust, some feel that we must trudge our way through the slime of the current times. Well, in case you haven’t noticed, a holocaust of major proportions is happening right here, right now.

But then, you may be distracted by the start of the NFL season and subscription invitations from the Direct TV fairy.

Deione Sanders as the Direct TV fairy.

ABUNDANT poverty and disease for the majority are “natural,” inevitable, even expected byproducts of this dark, monothemistic worldview. Given that we possess the knowledge and ability to make an abundant, healthy, and peaceful life possible for every human being on the planet, the fact that we’re not doing so, or even striving to do so, suggests that such an outcome isn’t desired by the policy makers and opinion shapers.

We continue to prepare for war while offering vapid platitudes about an enforced peace. However, real peace first takes light within the human heart as it resonates with the Soular Sun. It is not achieved through the barrel of a gun. We romanticize the fight between the dark and light, evil and good; a fight to the death, as “winning” is achieved by any costly means necessary. This is certainly the mindset in medicine, where chronic and acute disease is pervasive and health or healing are not the goal of drug-based standard treatment practices. None of it brings peace where it counts.

If a patient can be convinced that the condition he’s been diagnosed with is nasty and mean enough, he’ll set his expectations very low, on “survive,” and prepare to exist in little more than a medicated, debilitated state that would be described as anything but living. Doctors have become the chief “coaches” in their patients’ hope dimming. If their drugs haven’t reduced your symptoms enough to give you hope – which is all they’re intended to do – then they’ve got nothing else for you.

Through the mindset that I refer to, it has become easy to induce an entire society to be accepting of, and accustomed to knowledge, power, wisdom, being held by a select few. We look to the days of Nazi Germany and wonder how conscientious people would let such conditions happen, blind to the same dynamics unfolding at home today.

Instead of burning books, information is “edited”… including genetic!

“Experts” are given great power. They can be called in to influence life and policy decisions on the basis of their opinion alone, knowing virtually nothing about the actual facts of a matter, and caring even less. Lobbyists have only one priority, and that is the objectives of their corporate benefactor.

We haven’t understood how our eyes have been on the wrong “prize.” Little did we know that WE are the prize. Our future depends on gaining that knowing.

Okay, I needed to get that off my chest. More on the HeLa. I am beginning to see its telltale influence, virtually everywhere.

The HeLa cell could very well be behind the sudden and dramatic rise in strange new diseases, such as autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder (ADD), Alzheimer’s, and Morgellon’s, conditions unheard of in the time of Jenner and von Behring, but were foreshadowed by the mindset that they shared in common.

Grant sets me straight on a few things.

In this conversation, Grant explains the incredible natural integrity of the DNA and the informational genome that exists within it – that is, before 1951. The HeLa energy made it possible to willfully break in to the DNA and re-ordering its information. They made it look like it came from a human being – a dead human being at that – so as to keep questions or origin to a minimum.

a_conspiracyAt Grant’s suggestion, I ordered a copy of A Conspiracy of Cells: One Woman’s Immortal Legacy and the Medical Scandal it Caused, by Michael Gold (1986 SUNY Press), which arrived today.

Evidenced by the rubber stamp on the first inside page, the book’s previous owner was a doctor. It is in almost pristine condition. No markings, yellow highlighted pages, or notes of any kind. They even lay flat, as if they weren’t turned very often. A far cry from my Arcady Petrov books.

This should provide me with a better understanding of the players, issues, and events of the times. It is becoming evident to me that in order avoid resistance to an escalation of vaccine use, the public needed to be sold on the idea that WITH VACCINES a major disease had been arrested. Poliomyelitis was the disease. With this public relations campaign, the authorities took it upon themselves to escalate their use.


Shaking Vaccine History at Its Foundations


At long last I’ve re-surfaced. Never really went anywhere, but the number of hours in the day seems to shrink further while my worldview morphs and transforms.

My information intake has gained a new input medium in the form of regular conversations with the Canadian gentleman known here as Grant. The conversations have become quite valuable, as his grasp of physiological and medical sciences, as well as the history of the evolution of many of said practices, as well as the individuals involved, is vast and impressive.

It’s all the more so when he says that his educational pedigree is graduating at the very top of the bottom third of this high school class.

We talk just about daily. I began recording the conversations after one too many informational gems had escaped from the corral. There’s something special about gaining a new awareness the first time that is elusive when we attempt to re-create the moment.

Dialogues on Vaccination

My last article on vaccination sparked a cautionary suggestion in the comments section by Arrow, long-time Thought For Food subscriber and moderator of Health Salon. Arrow helped many people find this forum by linking to my original article on Jim Humble’s Miracle Mineral Supplement, titled No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry. That one article became a forum unto itself, and remains the most widely read article that I have written on the subject to this day.

That seems so long ago. Yet, not far away.

In fact, MMS plays a role in how Grant found me. He knows the difference between the product that the FDA issued a warning about and mislabeled as “MMS,” and the real thing. He was exposed to chlorine dioxide at a pulp mill where he worked in British Columbia, which resulted in severe respiratory distress. This condition was resolved when he discovered a product that features the chlorite matrix, that we know as “MMS.”

Just last week MMS came to the rescue for him again when he brought his 10-year old Pekingese mix (I think that’s what he said) with an impacted uterus back from the brink of death. The local veterinarian declared, in no uncertain terms, that the dog, which was losing significant amounts of blood, needed a hysterectomy right away; a $2,000 procedure.

Declining the offer, he went to one of Jim Humble’s sites and found a testimonial by a woman who had a similar problem. Roughly three days later, the bleeding had stopped; her appetite had returned, and she was beginning to act like a puppy again. Within another two days her bowel movements resumed and normalized. This account is in one of our recorded conversations.

Arrow’s comments on vaccination provided an opportunity for Grant to do his thing, which is to share his remarkable grasp of the research that he’s done. He estimates that it took him nearly 500 hours of digging into the science of the chlorite matrix before he found WF10.

Grant reminds me of Sheldan Nidle, in the ease with which he retains, recalls, and sees the context of history. We haven’t gone totally “off world” yet, but you will find some – actually many of the upcoming subjects to be quite compelling.

“How compelling…” You ask? Compelling enough for me to have added a little dose of MMS to my daily routine… well, not one but several, and they are little. Dowsing to get the best intake amount and frequency for me, I use the original, 1:1 1 drop of MMS to 1 drop of citric acid (50% solution), 6x per day. I activate it in a shot glass, and add water. No taste problem, no nausea or diarrhea, but I do feel it working within me.

I’ll give you two reasons why I see this as a uniquely important and valuable move, not against any other method, but in conjunction:

  • The nature, use, and deliberate proliferation of the HeLa cell in vaccines and GMO products. The current story about HeLa cells and how they came to be, may eventually rival the immaculate conception story that we’ve been led to believe, under penalty and duress, about the birth of Jesus to Mary. I mean no disrespect to religious traditions here. However, no “history” is immune to the biases of the historians, particularly if they were subjects to a higher human “authority.” They will write as they’re told. Not much has changed.
  • Given what we will reveal about the HeLa cell, the nature and characteristics of the chlorite matrix, which sodium chlorite is, becomes even more important. I learned that MMS is just one way, and perhaps the most economical, to avail one’s self of the chlorite matrix. Two others are DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane).

I’m delaying discussing just what the chlorite matrix does to the HeLa cell, and why it is important, to give you some time or opportunity to see what’s said about the HeLa cell now… for example how it made it possible to sustain a human cell vaccine outside of a human being. Nobel Prizes were awarded for this discovery.

The Chlorite Matrix

According to US Patent 6086922, which was filed in March 19, 1993 and issued July 11, 2000, the chlorite matrix is an isotonic solution containing 5 to 100 mMol ClO2- per liter of solution. The “minus” sign is important, because it distinguishes whether conditions are ripe for the tragic and the magic. Our FDA, in its efforts to “protect” the public, has described positively charged version. Truth is, I didn’t understand this subtle distinction until Grant brought it to my attention.

Notice a second patent, 5019402, that was awarded to Alcide Corporation in 1990, for a product formed by adding “a chlorine dioxide liberating compound to a weak organic acid and a heat activated saccharide.” This was to safely disinfect blood.

There are roughly 20 other petitioners listed on the page that reference the Alcide patent. The list includes Proctor & Gamble, and Cancer Technologies, Inc., with a method for deactivating HIV infected blood. NONE of these applications suggest that the end products are dangerous. Yet, with all the great intention behind these products, it appears that, to date, the FDA has not granted approval to any of them.

The dialogue that Grant and I had in response to Arrow’s thoughts was significant enough to base an entire video around. We covered the topics she raised at the end of a 2 1/2 hour chat. Our exchange about variolation (a precursor to vaccination and subject of the video below) and its evolution only took about 11 minutes. It took me an additional 30 minutes to set the stage for the subject, insert clarifications here and there, and provide a summary at the end.

The video is titled, “Mysterious Indifference.”

You’ll eventually meet Grant (“GM”) after 20-minutes of my setup.

There’s far more to say about this subject, much of which has come from subsequent conversations with Grant. As I mention at the end of this video, ending vaccination won’t occur by showing the illogic or dangers, or “fighting Big Pharma.” However, I am convinced that it can be done, and WILL be done.

To further prepare yourself, watch the short videos below. They contain the kernels of understanding that you’re going to want to explore if true freedom is your goal. We’ve long contented ourselves on seeking financial freedom, but given the fiction that the current monetary system is founded under, we’ve allowed a far greater tyranny to operate in plain sight, where The People are the property of soulless corporations, and profit is king.

If this is new to you, then take some time to ponder what Jordan Maxwell is saying. We’ll be covering these subjects too.

Shocking at first…
But really makes sense…

The “MMS-is-Bleach” Card is Played… Again

Keri Rivera offers presentation on MMS at Puerto Vallarta conference.

Just as the US~Observer goes to press with a series of stories on the “still infamous” Miracle Mineral Supplement product introduced by Jim Humble, now known by most as “MMS”, another mainstream electronic publication, the Huffington Post, has published a slam, written by Todd Drezner, a regular contributor. Drezner reports on, and takes sides in an imbroglio that has been brewing in the Autism community ever since Keri Rivera gave a presentation at the 2012 Autism One conference in Chicago on the successes that she has witnessed and documented with the help of MMS.

Rivera has more than a passing interest in the subject. She founded and operates Autismo2, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a not-for-profit that is dedicated to helping families improve the lives of their children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, using the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) protocol. The clinic is an outgrowth of another motivation; the fact that Rivera is the mother of an autistic child, a growing boy who, in his second year of life, was healthy one day, and after receiving a required, “routine” inoculation, suddenly went away. His body is there, but his spirit, his proclivity toward normal human interaction, is not. He is distant in a way that saddens a mother’s heart.

From all indications, Drezner is also parent of an autistic child. A filmmaker, his post provides a link to his video, Loving Lampposts, which poses the question of whether Autism, which today affects 1 in 150 children, is a condition we’ve brought upon ourselves through the gross use of chemicals in our Western culture, or whether autistic children represent a new type of human being.

We won’t get into the premise of his movie here. Let’s agree that both parents share a common problem for which parents are seeking solutions. Why are they seeking solutions? Because our vaunted medical $cienctific community hasn’t come up with any that are acceptable. So let’s also agree that the problem hasn’t been solved. The trend for the Autism phenomenon isn’t in decline. It is continuing to rise.

At the Autism One conference Rivera shared some documented experiences that go against the trend; actual successes that some of the families that she works with have experienced with the help of MMS, in the form of almost 40 children out of 400 families, losing their diagnosis. In other words, the syndrome went away, and the child, the spirit, had returned.

I spoke with Rivera last year about her experiences, which have expanded since then.

Keri Rivera talks about her success with Autistic families using MMS.

Drezner, a parent whose child still has Autism, and who now makes a living from a video that only covers how to live with it in spite of the continuing growth of the disorder, is taking umbrage with Rivera, a parent who is presenting documented evidence of improvements, for using MMS. Why? Because, according to Drezner, it is “bleach!”

That’s it.

His article says nothing of the successes that Rivera presented on. He discounts and dismisses MMS as snake oil and quackery, criticizing the organizers of the Autism One conference for even giving MMS a forum.

I received the following thoughts from one of the parents that Rivera supports through a private Facebook group:

My son has passed plates of worms (seems they are ascaris lumbricoides – so they are big, 40cm or so and very obvious to the eye), having been on Keri’s protocol for only 6 weeks. THIS alone has a huge impact in restoring balance. I think many parents would feel the same, she is marvelous and deserves so much support.

This is ascaris lumbricoides, called by some, the king of the parasites. It persisted in her son’s body until his mom gave him MMS. Doctors apparently hadn’t seen it. Nothing in the DAN! protocol had helped alleviate it. But 6 weeks of MMS in, a load of ascaris lumbricoides out. “Bip, bam, thank you Keri!”

None of this is evident in Drezner’s article. The public will only hear that she advocated giving children “bleach.” MMS isn’t bleach, but that’s not the point. Drezner’s opinion is that the fact that MMS is “bleach” is reason alone never to even discuss it. Again, no concern about results, even though he himself apparently is still seeking a “cure,” and therefore, hasn’t yet learned how to stop or reverse the Autism condition.

I imagine Mr. Drezner would have no problem giving his child chemotherapy “to fight” cancer if his doctor said do it. Our hearts cry out to the children who are so afflicted.

Yet, the reactions of vomiting and diarrhea are also likely, along with a host of other visible signs of physiological stress will show up when chemotherapy is given.

The difference is that when chemotherapy is given, the body’s mineral and ecological system is thrown further out of optimal balance. Having the condition, be it autism, cancer, or anything else, is already a sign of mineral and ecological imbalance. Chemotherapy only makes these conditions worse. Parents agree to the treatments because they trust the medical $ystem. If they doctors, and various agencies know differently, they aren’t telling. However, the results reveal the truth, if anyone cares to acknowledge it. Anything that helps restore said ecological balance, will help restore health. Anything that doesn’t won’t.

When we see pictures of children “fighting cancer” that have no hair, we think that the cancer condition caused the hair loss. However, the cancer treatment; the chemotherapy or radiation, actually did the deed. We are accustomed to rationalizing, at doctor’s suggestion and all the “respected” literature on the subject, that it was okay because the cancer was so dangerous.

Even though it creates no residual chemical toxicity in the body, doctors will not use MMS, which has proven itself to be a benign and effective way to reduce a myriad of chemical abuses and microbial abnormalities inside the human body. Doctors will not use it because the FDA and the AMA frown upon such use. Livelihoods can be upset if this outlaw “bleach” as the FDA mis-characterizes the sodium chlorite solution that is MMS, is used.

As for Autism, a similar imbalance is in effect, just as it is with any disease. MMS should not be looked upon as a “cure”… balance is. However, it should not be dismissed on the basis of mischaracterizations and innuendo. There is solid scientific evidence that MMS, particularly the chlorine dioxide molecule, is far more helpful than we have even begun to appreciate.

A source pointed my attention to a drug that was developed over 10 years ago called WF10. Through clinical trials it was discovered that the product actually repairs cellular and chromosomal damage done by chemotherapy in cancer treatments. It was envisioned for use as a possible aftercare medication.

Needless to say, the FDA did not, or has not given its approval. The WF10 product, which is administered intravenously, dose-per-dose, is actually 4 times the strength of MMS.

I imagine Mr. Drezner would really be against that.

US~Observer Prepares to Cover the MMS Story

Just a little dab’ll do ya.

The story of MMS and Daniel Smith has caught the attention of the US~Observer (, an investigative reporting newspaper based in Grants Pass, OR that is particularly concerned with wrongful prosecution, and after reviewing Smith’s case, prepares to balance the editorial scales. The paper is planning to publish a series of articles on the case, outlining the FDA’s actions in their efforts to bring MMS down by destroying Smith’s business and making him a criminal scapegoat. In some respects, the Agency’s actions can be likened to the financial lynching of a U.S. Citizen, to be put on display as a deterrent to anyone else who might think of selling or using MMS.

The problem is that we take exception to such behavior, particularly when the person and product in question has not done the harm that the Agency has accused it of, but massive harm has been, and continues to be perpetuated by the Agency itself, as well as policies and products that it continues to approve.

While the FDA has spent millions in taxpayer dollars trying to mount a credible case against MMS through Daniel Smith, Americans spend hundreds of billions coping with the effects of costly medicines that it has approved only on the basis of showing evidence of remedying symptoms. Some of these “medicines” that have been repackaged, renamed, and re-introduced, started their product life as rat poison. The extensively prescribed anticoagulant, warfarin, is one such product. A new drug, Pradaxa®, is touted in television ads as being 35% safer than its counterpart. It is FDA approved. Yet, with all the effects of what is clearly a poison, the Agency itself publishes a document intended to guide consumers in its “safe” use. (See document.)

I suspect that the patents on warfarin have run out, making it fair game to compare the “greater safety” of the new product, which likely cost much more. The problem is that the original wasn’t good for us, and the new one is only 35% less harmful, meaning that it is 65% as harmful as the first. The list of Pradaxa’s “side-effects” is unchanged from warfarin.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) says that Pradaxa  is used to prevent strokes or serious blood clots in people who have atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat). The logic is that “A-Fib”, or irregular heartbeat, increases the chance of blood clots, which in turn increase the likelihood of a stroke.  Irregular heartbeat is a clear sign of a deficiency in magnesium, and very likely other trace minerals. This is how medical thinking takes a simple problem and makes it more complex through standard “approved” treatments, and when the patient eventually succumbs, the “disease” gets the blame, which then calls for a new round of fundraising, walking, running, and ribbon tying, to find a cure.

When doing a search on Pradaxa, the official product site comes up in first position in search results. Positions 2 and 3 are sites for law firms that are offering representation for people who have had adverse reactions after taking the product. But this is of no concern to the FDA because all the legal, publication, and financial “T’s” have been crossed, and “i’s” dotted. Everyone thinks they’re protected.

Except that the public is not.

Neither Daniel Smith, nor anyone dealing with the profound betrayal of public trust that medical $cience continues to engage in, should pay for this any more.

A Turning Point for MMS in the Media?

Today marks another milestone in the story of the Miracle Mineral Solution, coined by Jim Humble as “MMS” with the publication of the first newspaper article to which the word neutral would apply. At the very least, Chris Stein’s article in the Pacific Northwest Inlander, titled, “When a ‘Miracle’ Meets the FDA”, suggests, at least by his tag line, that if it is not snake oil, then MMS may indeed be a cure-all.

Daniel Smith from Spokane Inlander article on MMS.

The FDA and DoJ want to make an example out of Daniel Smith of PGL.

The story mainly focuses on the impact that MMS had on the businesses of Daniel Smith (Project Green Life) and his associate Matthew Darjany, and the fact that after a year of surveillance and another year of case-building, the Department of Justice has yet to bring an indictment in spite of convening two grand juries to date.

The list of “in spite of” activities would be long indeed. Also, the reasons why the DoJ will have difficulty proving criminality, even though they are trying to prove it, is that no such behavior or harm can be demonstrated from the judicious and intelligent use of the product.

I had an opportunity to speak with the reporter last week, garnering a mention in the article as an “MMS advocate,” a term that I don’t see as being appropriate. I would caution anyone from looking to MMS as the answer to their particular problem without understanding more fully the contributory factors that their problem reflects. This is particularly true with regard to achieving and restoring balance within the body’s ecosystem. MMS can help, particularly because it doesn’t generate new chemical “residue” that the body cannot metabolize, as is the case in virtually every pharmaceutical-based medication. If MMS isn’t helping restore balance in a given individual, then it can cause harm, just like aspirin, Tylenol, and even salt.

If saying that MMS is better and safer than thousands of FDA-approved medications, but not the total answer makes me an “advocate”, I won’t argue, but I explained much more about MMS to Mr. Stein that didn’t make his article.

Unlike the Sydney Morning Harold’s article of January, 2010 which virtually declared that a woman was killed by MMS ingestion, a claim that could not be confirmed by autopsy in spite of the husband’s lobbying attempts (I commented on the case here), Stein’s story was a breath of fresh air.

Stein also notes that in spite of the FDA and DoJ’s actions against Daniel Smith that MMS remains readily available, even on and eBay.

Then there’s this video link that someone sent me yesterday:

You’ll never guess what’s in it.

This FDA-APPROVED cleaning product has, as its central agent, chlorine dioxide.

‘FDA Protection’ At Work v. MMS

I’m going to start right here by saying it deeply saddens me to feel that the image above is an appropriate representation of events that are reported below, but that’s how I see it.

For almost two years I have followed, with minimal comment, the saga of Daniel Smith of Project Green Life, who the FDA sought to make an example to discourage merchants from selling and distributing MMS.

On June 11, 2011, while Daniel was on a road trip to a yoga camp with his daughter, FDA agents — with guns drawn and protective vests in place prepared for a shootout — raided Smith’s home. “Securing” the premises, they forced his wife to sit on the curb while they ransacked the property.

When they were done, the agents had seized everything they could to undermine not only PGL as an MMS distributor, but of Smith’s ability to earn a living whatsoever, confiscating computers, hard drives, business records, private member records, product, equipment, and every penny from every bank account.

They also raided the fulfillment and bottling companies that provided the MMS product under contract to PGL.

Mind you, he had not lost his right to earn a living. He still had the right to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Additionally, the harm of his action needed to be self-evident. In spite of the FDA’s public statements to this effect, evidence of such harm has yet to be demonstrated, whereas the success stories remain on the rise.

Please note before I go on, that this is not to say that MMS is “a” cure, or “the” cure. The question here, is whether it is the harmful agent that the FDA claims, and whether the rights of private individuals, including Daniel Smith and you and me, can be kicked to the curb in such a callous manner by a government agency on the strength of unverified, specious, or outright false claims.

This was the culmination of a year-long “operation,” where FDA agents quietly went through Smith’s garbage, put GPS tracking devices on his cars, and had agents sign membership contracts affirming that they were not federal agents so that they could purchase MMS.

After their initial raid of PGL in August 2010, Daniel had formed a Private Membership Association. Under this framework, he could lawfully – under protections provided by the First Amendment – make products, which may be outside the venue and authority of State and/or Federal agencies (in this case, MMS), available to individuals.

As a condition of purchase, members were required to affirm that they did not represent a federal agency, and were exercising their right to use the products purchased in the manner that they, said individuals, saw fit.

As you might imagine, in the course of their information gathering, representatives from the Agency did indeed join PGL’s Private Membership Association and purchased MMS, with no compunction about misrepresenting themselves or their intent.

These tactics were used to help the Agency craft a story that would be shocking enough to a Magistrate to grant them nearly one hundred warrants so they could completely wipe Project Green Life out in a single day. The true harm that had been done by Smith, or by the particular product in question, if there were any, was never at issue.

Neither Smith’s Constitutional, nor Human rights meant anything to the Agency. MMS was the only product under any contention with regard to FDA “authority”, yet the Agency, with cold precision and little regard for humanity or truth, drew the U.S. Postal Service and a Magistrate of the Washington State Courts into the fray.

I have sat by quietly, exchanging emails from time-to-time with Daniel, as he has filed motion after motion in his own behalf. I have remained silent at his request.

A much larger MMS Community has morphed, as any idea will naturally do. While still led by the now the Archbishop Jim Humble, “the movement” has been primarily concerned with advancing its crusade through “health ministers,” via a non-religious Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

Before there was a Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, people who saw value in what Jim Humble had brought to the public’s attention, took steps to inform (myself included), and make it available to others (e.g., Daniel Smith).

Project Green Life wasn’t the first “major player” (Global Light Network was the first) in the nascent MMS Community, but they became one because they hung in there with people. They didn’t just “sell you product.” They answered questions when others were mum. They worked with health care practitioners as well. They amassed many stories of success. Some could say that this was their ultimate downfall, but I suggest that not doing so would likely have meant much slower growth, and maybe, no FDA interference, and no Genesis II. Just “business as usual,” except more; more deaths, more stories of pain and suffering.

Today, April 22, 2012, Daniel Smith fights for his life. I don’t know what Jim, who I personally love and respect, can or will do to help Smith, but anyone who takes umbrage with how the FDA has used its power in the case of MMS (and many other instances), should consider raising their voices now.

The Agency is attempting to form a Grand Jury in its concocted case against PGL, in their claim that it is an “unapproved drug,” and supported by their bogus published claims in July 2010, that MMS was “a potent bleach”. This from the agency that APPROVES the use of mustard gas – they call it “chemotherapy” for cancer patients.

They intend to indict Smith in a kangaroo court that will only hear one side of the story – that is, the FDA’s.

Short video that I produced with Jim Humble after the original FDA “smear”.

The RESULTS that MMS users have gained will not be under consideration. The HARM that may or may not have occurred, or the benefits, will go unexamined. It is the lack of APPROVAL, something that from its historical pattern, the FDA has shown itself unlikely to grant at any price (an exception being VERY narrow approvals given to DMSO), that is at issue.

(This article shares many other FDA acts against distributors of nutritional or “unapproved” benign products.)

The FDA should be called to task for the RESULTS that the health care business is getting with the products that it has already approved, yet it has spent two years and who knows how many millions of taxpayer dollars to shoot down public perception about a single product, whose “dangers” have not been demonstrated by the facts.

Irrespective of what the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing does, or does not do to assist one of its precursors, Smith has put up a site by or through which individuals can voice their support:

The site’s name, “I Am Not an Animal,” is from FDA drug laws that classify Man as “animals”. Don’t believe it? Here are two:

(f) 1 The term “food” means (1) articles used for food or drink for man or other animals, (2) chewing gum, and (3) articles used for components of any such article.

(g)(1) The term “drug” means (A) articles recognized in the official United States Pharmacopoeia, official Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, or official National Formulary, or any supplement to any of them; and (B) articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or other animals; and (C) articles (other than food) intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals;

Here’s a link to the entire Section:

Unless declarations are submitted and on record, the Grand Jury will ONLY hear the evils that MMS is, and the dangers that Smith, by his wonton disregard for the FDA’s “authority”, has subjected the public to. This is a sham in the making.

While “animals” don’t have the ability to nullify the FDA, humans do. It’s time they learn that there is a difference. I don’t know who or what they think they are, but their thinking, is off… way off.

If you have experience with MMS that may be helpful here, please consider going to the site above and making a declaration. You will need to print out the provided forms, fill out where appropriate, and send two copies out; one to the U.S. District Court in Spokane, WA, and the other to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, in Washington, DC.

If we don’t act responsibly in the face of such blatant tyranny, we might as well be animals.

On Energy, the MMS Journey, and Conscious Acts of Consciousness

This essay takes goes places that I hadn’t figured on going before I sat down to write it, but covers a subject that was perhaps overdue, so here goes.

The Photonic Energy Center (PEC) has become the centerpiece of my life over the past year. After officially opening in September, 2011, it continues to evolve, as does my understanding of the amazing resources that have always been available if we possess the knowledge to know where to look and the wisdom to act when it resonates with us.

The PEC has given me a regular place to be on somewhat of a prescribed schedule. Some people would refer to this new practice as a “job” but for me, it’s more of a daily revelation. It’s not hard to be here. On the contrary, I have had to employ creative measures to stay here since, as a business, it is not yet self-supporting, financially speaking.

While I received help to acquire some of the equipment and technologies that we have here – including the Photon Genius, Energy Enhancement System, and Trifinity8 technologies – the business itself was not funded and we have scuffled (and succeeded so far) to maintain harmonious relationships with landlord, contractors, and investors, amid financial stresses that have impacted just about everyone. Yet, it’s a fitting testament that the time is now right for this beginning.

The stresses that you don’t buckle under or run away from will reveal your resolve and strength. In that respect, we are resolute, and very strong. As old energies have stepped away, new individuals are feeling a call from a place within themselves, to come to Arizona and give their energies to helping the PEC — and the ideas and methods that we are embracing — to grow.

Being at the Center gives me an opportunity to lay some of the crazy ideas that you’ve become accustomed to in this forum on the unsuspecting public. We speak, not from a place of having been told what is “true” and what is not, but from learning and experiencing truth for ourselves, in our own lives. I learn, experience, and share, with a respect for where others are, or are not, in their own healing journey, which is a journey of awakening consciousness.

The public isn’t exactly inundating us just yet; but we’re getting our share of new clients each week, and I’m getting a first-hand understanding of

  1. how far the health care system has deviated from its mission of health, as evidenced by its now arcane treatment practices, and
  2. how well said health care system has sold the idea of “diseases” as entities unto themselves to be fought, and defined its success by symptom abatement rather than the restoration of health.

I continue my studies of the consciousness-based methods of Grabovoi and Petrov, having now received Svetlana Smirnova’s two books, Introduction to the Methods of Grigori Grabovoi and Methods of Healing Through the Application of Consciousness, based on Grigori Grabovoi’s teachings, while Book III, Save the World Around You, by Arcady Petrov from his trilogy, “Creation of the Universe,” has shipped and is in transit.

When I first learned of the Grabovoi/Petrov material, I was keen on learning it and introducing it to the English-speaking world. This was before there was a Photonic Energy Center, and even before there was any information available in English. I’m really excited about doing it now. There’s no way that the FDA or anyone else can claim dominion over thought and intention as drugs! (See article.)

After the first books became available and I met Svetlana and Alexander Teetz on their stop in Phoenix last year (see video below),

I was keen to go to Thailand to attend a Grabovoi concept workshop there. However, a reader who heard feedback from a number people who had made the journey emailed me to suggest that it might be wise to contact Carol Roberts, an Australian-based teacher of Genome Healing, who had attended workshops in both Thailand and with Petrov himself in Moscow, and, for various reasons, came back somewhat less than thrilled about the experience.

[By the way, I had to set aside the SVET workshop video that I shot that Svetlana and Alexander put on here in Phoenix, but I'm starting to realize that it may remain the best 1-day seminar in English (well, with the German too) available anywhere in the world. The first hour is finished, and on DVD. I will make it a priority to get the rest of it done and available.]

After several extended conversations with Carol, particularly with our common desire for clear communications, I feel that far more value and understanding could be gleaned from her workshop than the others. So I intend to take her course in April, and bring her and her team to Arizona for a 7-day course – June 11-18.

Class size will be limited to 24 people, and the tuition is $3,000. We are working out the details with respect to the venue, and we will support it with a series of interviews with Carol via Skype, and possibly an interactive one from Australia.

I’ll have more on that, along with a web site, very soon.

Entering a New World of Possibility

I can’t say that I have personally changed that much since I began reading the Grabovoi/Petrov material, but my understanding of the scope of change that we are capable of achieving – personally and collectively – has deepened significantly. It was very nicely complemented by the works of another Russian author, the Ringing Cedars (Anastasia) series of books by Vladimir Megré, that I read — all 9 of them — in 2010.

Books by David Wilcock (The Source Field Investigations), Duncan Laurie (The Secret Art: A Brief History of Radionic Technology for the Creative Individual), Langston Day (New Worlds Beyond the Atom), and Edward W. Russell (Report on Radionics: The Science Which Can Cure where Orthodox Medicine Fails), have been my serial companions.

It is as though I’ve entered a new world, a process that has been ongoing since I started my radio show “Talk For Food” (an audio, and now video extension of this blog), and invited Jim Humble to be a guest to discuss this product he had named, “MMS” on my 5th show.

What I couldn’t imagine at the time was how close the effort would allow me to get, not just to the people who had brought forth such insights, but to the intrinsic truths – the underlying principles – that their insights were based on.

While it would be correct to say that I became a “proponent” of MMS, I didn’t make the promotion of MMS my mission in life. I have never suggested that it cures every ill. It is certainly not the only “cure,” nor even the best one. But it remains a far better chemical tool than those that the medical profession currently administers to the public.

The evidence that it has been involved in remediation of a very wide spectrum of conditions says more to what MMS helps to facilitate, than to what “it” cures.

Though we do not administer, use, or promote its use at the Photonic Energy Center, I still support the use of MMS. If someone asks me about it, which happens fairly often, I answer their questions and/or point them in a direction. However, the focus and intent of the PEC is to call attention to an element that Jim Humble and many others have tended to dismiss in their zeal to encourage the adoption of their idea; that is, its energy and effect on the individual’s energy field, the importance of restoring its balance and coherence, and most importantly, the consciousness of the individual who is seeking remediation.

In other words, you are the star in the drama that is your life. Your state of mind and sense of self is what gets overlooked when product or process-related problems or “cures” are focused upon. If we think that a product, drug or otherwise, can “cure” us, we absolve ourselves from looking in the mirror to see how what we’re experiencing right now, came to be. We gain no clue as to what to change or how.

At the Photonic Energy Center we make it clear that we are not medical people, and we do not “treat” anyone with anything but coherent, beneficent, harmonizing energy or information.

Consciousness Overlooked

Some people would use the terms “consciousness” and “Soul” synonymously. The distinction isn’t really important here. Jim has been inclined to suggest that the body does the healing when MMS destroys pathogens, which are labeled “the bad guys” within in the body, and sees the product’s use as a weapon in just another brand of “war” that the individual must wage. He has been disinclined to acknowledge energy as a factor of any great import, even though the body itself is nothing but energy.

Everything is energy, even MMS. However, energy that we cannot see and measure, except perhaps by effect, has routinely been discounted and dismissed. It is very easy to disempower energy that may have been present simply by maintaining a negative attitude about it. If we don’t believe in the methods that we have chosen, or in our innate ability to overcome the problem that we’re experiencing, then the method we’ve chosen is of little significance.

Energy Fallout within the MMS Community

There has been some controversy within the MMS community when Jim called out and, you might say, ex-communicated Ann Schneider-Cullen, an MMS supporter from the UK (who was also targeted by British authorities in aftermath of the Project Greenlife/MMS smear campaign), who had begun to market a tablet (sugar pill) infused with the energy of certain doses of activated MMS.

Schneider-Cullen contracted a homeopathic pharmacist at Ainsworth’s, which are commonplace in London, to prepare a collection of mother tinctures that correspond to various doses of the conventional material, and sent some samples to me. She also had samples prepared by another method, known as Vibrionics. In both cases, the energy of the chlorine dioxide, which is produced as a byproduct of activating the MMS, was captured and transferred to a tablet.

In early 2010, Schneider-Cullen sent product samples to me, which I took to Santa Fe, NM to be analyzed by Dr. Samuel Berne with a GDV, electrophotonic imaging system. The technology can read the energy emanations of humans, environments, or materials, such as water, and yes, MMS.

The beauty of the GDV is not limited to the images that it is capable of producing, stunning as they are.

GDV image of the energy of a 6-drop dose of chlorine dioxide (activated MMS).

The beauty is in the understanding that can gleaned from the images, which can be captured dynamically.

The energy of the Vibrionic MMS derivative.

As you might imagine, I was very excited to see this. Not only were the images remarkably similar in appearance, but the analytic data indicated that the quality of the energy was low in entropy. In other words, the energy of the MMS, and the Vibrionic derivative, were both of a type that, if you knew nothing more about them other than this quality, would indicate a beneficial effect. These images, confirmed and supported by GDV analysis, tended to explain why (1) MMS has been so helpful for to so many, and (2) why a vibrational derivative might also work.

With this information in hand, in April, 2010, Schneider-Cullen and I both attended the first MMS workshop in Barahona, Dominican Republic. Desiring to offer the public another viable way to enjoy the benefits of what MMS can do, there was also a natural desire for Jim to bestow his blessings on the effort, essentially endorsing it.

That didn’t happen.

Jim Humble at the whiteboard at first MMS workshop.

Jim’s research hadn’t been in the area of “energy;” it was in chemistry, which he understood very well. He did not understand how what amounts to a non-atomic vibrational signature could substitute for a molecular particle. Or how the “energy” of the chlorine dioxide could be separated from the chlorine dioxide itself and applied to a sugar pill.

I trusted that it was possible, which was corroborated by the images and data that you see above, as well as roughly 200 years of history that predates the discovery of chlorine dioxide, starting with Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843), the father of homeopathy.

However, this wasn’t the place for a debate. Jim’s investment in time and energy to bring MMS to the public’s attention earned him the right to decide what he wanted to endorse and what not to. Furthermore, there were enough variables to deal with regarding MMS. They included trumped up claims of a death attributable to MMS ingestion in the South Pacific by the widow of a woman by a husband who exercised (apparently successfully), far too much influence on the thinking of the investigating authorities of Vanuatu, to be above suspicion himself.

Jim had other, more important things on his mind, i.e., the genesis of his church, which he called, Genesis II. He did, however, agree to support some experimentation. Allow people to take the vibrational MMS, document it, and see what happens. Ann had done some of that already. Later that year (2010), after recording a talk that Jim gave in Amsterdam at the Nexus Conference, and a workshop in Germany, near Dusseldorf, I traveled to London and interviewed several people who had experienced the MMS tablets, as well as David Needleman, the pharmacist that prepared the homeopathic remedy.

Ann Gylman with David Needleman of Ainsworth's, London

At the first workshop in Barahona, which was also attended by members of Project Greenlife, which by that time was the largest MMS distributor, and who would have naturally offered the tablets too, it was agreed that they would conduct the energy tablet experiment.

Several months later, in August of 2010, the lives of the Project Greenlife staff was to take a different turn, as the FDA officially declared war on MMS, seeking to set the public straight about the solution by publishing misleading information and going after what it deemed to be a kingpin in the nascent MMS industry. The outcome of this smear campaign, which spread to Japan and the UK, is still unfolding.

Today, in early 2012, Ann Schneider-Cullen, who changed her surname to Gylman, has fallen out of grace with Jim Humble. The changes in name and relations do not appear to be related. The MMS workshops continue.

The protocols continue to evolve. No longer is it recommended that anyone take 15 drop doses at a time, and possibly several times daily (smaller and more frequent intakes are now the norm.)

Furthermore, Chlorine Dioxide Solution, or CDS, is in its ascendancy. In several newsletters that he publishes frequently to his mailing list, Jim firmly denounced Gylman for not acting in a timely manner to stop billing the energy pills as MMS, failure to make it clear that they were experimental, and wrote that he’d seen no evidence that they work.

Ann Gylman now sells Love Frequency (528) pills. Still hasn’t changed the footers on her emails saying that she’s the official MMS distributor in the UK. Her site ( still touts the MMS pills. Nothing nefarious by either party, and yet, there’s not much love between them right now, because the energy has changed.

I hadn’t planned on writing about this, but now is as good a time as any.

There are some details here and there that I’ve probably left out, but this is the gist of what happened. And the gist of my assessment of it all is that it’s all perfect, everything that happened, as it is. We often get side tracked when we think that the way things are now is the way they will always be. Rarely is this true… unless love is actively involved.

The experiments with MMS and Vibrionics energies was a valuable learning process, making it possible to have an independent and impartial “third party” to help us to see and make our way into a new and heretofore unfamiliar world. The GDV can go a long way toward helping us gain a better appreciation, trust, and confidence in “energy” products. We intend to acquire a GDV and use it at the PEC.

The GDV would allow one not only to capture energetic emanations, but allowed the scientific analysis of the quality of the energy, or I should say, energy field so captured. This is more than a kirlian image. It produces not just a static, but a dynamic reading. The analytical capabilities of the GDV, which was developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, allows the amount of entropy, to the positive or negative, to be known. Positive entropy is unhealthy, much in the way that positive ions are. They are destabilizing, explosive. Negative entropy, as is the case with negative ions, are implosive, organizing and harmonizing in nature. This is Restoration of the Norm of the Creator territory.

On the other hand, we tend to dismiss the curative potential of a positive attitude (or belief) about an idea. This is the same mindset that has dominated allopathic medicine with the rise of pharmacological products, strategies and orthodoxy. Medicine is bullish on pharmaceuticals and negative about anything that their “authorities” haven’t sanctioned.

In actuality, MMS is a superior use of pharmacology… far superior than the vast bulk of pharmaceuticals that licensed medical practitioners are legally killing people with at this very moment.

However, it is the consciousness that is actually doing the killing. The “deadly pharmaceuticals” are facilitators. Pathogens are the result of ecological imbalances that result from the non-natural materials and disruptive energies that dominate our “modern” lives.

The consciousness that is killing patients is shared both by the patient and the medical practitioner, as well as the system that said medical practitioner operates under. None of this is engraved in stone. The agents of change are one’s choices and actions, fueled by a shift in beliefs.

‘Beliefs’ are Beyond Matters of Religion

The medical system is a belief system; nothing more, nothing less. In that regard, it is the same as a religion, and so is science. The medical system has based its “authority” in “science,” but the “science” that they rely on might be better symbolized by a change in spelling to “$cience.” Any study that can be defined or controlled by money, is not true science. True science gave way to $cience some time ago. If you don’t believe me, check the gas mileage on your car or truck, gas prices, and then search for the many ways to modify current internal combustion engines that would give us triple-digit gas mileage today, but have been suppressed. (See my video, Indelible Promise: a Conversation with Paul Pantone, American Inventor)

The FDA has been basing its sense of authority on pharmacological medical $cience for so long that it has failed to see how ludicrous its claims of jurisdiction are. “All ‘cures’ are ‘drugs.'” The greater problem is that neither academia, nor conventional scientists in colleges or universities, are pointing out the now obvious cracks in their thinking. Attorneys are mum, and will not challenge the agency, but they will be quick to sue when the damage has become undeniable.

These practices don’t change systems, as all parties are still “following the money.”

The medical system’s focus has shifted away from maintenance and restoration of health, to a fear of, and anticipation of disease (even when one is healthy), and the management of symptoms. Orthodox medicine has made fear-based, pharmaceutical prescribed, metabolism disrupting and immune suppressing methods their Standard of Care, taking precedence over the maintenance and restoration of balance, otherwise known as homeostasis.

And we’re continuing to allow it.

The mindset espoused by medical science suggests we have been infiltrated by an “evil” force that must be vanquished by “the good.”

And we buy it.

Few people ask where the pathogen, or the cyst or tumor comes from. How, why, or under what conditions does it evolve? These are the questions that can only be answered by and through conscious acts of consciousness. This is where true healing becomes possible, as individuals reconnect with (1) love, and (2) their purpose for being here, meaning experiencing Earth through a physical form.

Where we think, and have been conditioned to continue thinking, that life “happens” to us, it has become evident that life happens through us. In spite of the brevity and succinct angularity of his translated speech from Russian to English, Grigori Grabovoi makes the point that we are not experiential bystanders in the healing process, but active, conscious participants. Even in passivity, our mere presence in what David Wilcock refers to as Space/Time, makes us active parties in how life on Earth and throughout the Cosmos, unfolds. What we don’t appreciate is the role that Time/Space, the realm of energies that, for almost 100 years, have been tapped into and directed by Radionics pioneers, can play in the transformation of our health and world that awaits.

While people say they’re waiting for peace, others continue to pick up guns against others who fear annihilation, sometimes pulling the trigger, and the circle continues. However, there are no mistakes. Both the “villain” and the “victim” are “joined” energetically, magnetically. The victim who sets aside his fears and loves life is more powerful than the biggest, most “lethal” gun.

We are also joined with their drama, because their interactions reflect a “conflict” or energetic disturbance, that we have allowed to fester within ourselves.

Self-Harmonization can be Unilateral

Harmonizing the world within one’s self will change the energy of one’s inner world, including a change in the microbial order that exists therein, and then be reflected in one’s outer world.

The most “inner” of one’s inner world, is the energy field. It is one that is subtler, meaning generally not detectable by current-day technology, but this realm of the progressively small is actually denser than the world we can measure. It fills the space between the nucleus of an atom and its spinning electrons.

There are many more fundamental forms of energy, some of which are in our range of perception and most are beyond. Such energy spectra that are outside of our range of perception can be called on and used, both to our benefit and detriment.

Practiced Dismissal

We hear almost exclusively about energies that are harmful or detrimental, so such “bad news” is easy to believe, and even think that it is very likely to affect us. Since we don’t spend nearly as much time learning about beneficial energies, it’s easy to dismiss “good news” as not likely to affect us.

The term “spontaneous remission,” is one way to describe, but not explore, a situation where a new and harmonious alignment of energies has been achieved. We’re left with the idea that it was a “placebo,” “luck,” or “Providence,” but we dismiss the conscious act of consciousness that a human being chose in order to make it happen.

I am pleased to be learning that we – human beings – have such wonderful powers available to us, all for the price of opening up our minds and hearts to understand more fully Who and What we are.

I am also astonished to see how simple and difficult the awakening process can be, because each human already has the power to change his or her world in magical ways. The “miracle” is not the MMS, or the structured water, or Photon Genius or Energy Enhancement System, or any other new and great technology that comes along. The miracle is within, with a simple change of one’s mind to resonate with the loving heart.

There will always appear to be a good reason to justify maintaining a hard heart or closed mind. However, we pay a dear price in never gaining the opportunity to know and experience the immeasurable blessing that forgiveness, joy, love and friendship can bring.

Consciousness is expanded only by and through loving choice and action, by harmonization, restoration of balance, not by force, but with the power that enhances THE WHOLE.

Consciousness can be expanded unilaterally. In other words, it doesn’t take agreement by anyone else for an individual to expand his or her consciousness. It is not expanded by “seeking expansion,” but by being expanded within the field that is Love. The sense of oneness with all, including the Creator of All, is a glimpse of the true nature of our being, for it connects us consciously with the Creator, AND with All of Creation, meaning, with each other – “friend” and “enemy” alike.

I am grateful to see what I see now, and to all who have helped me to get to this wonderful and joyous place. It would be easy to say that we have much work to do to change the world, but actually and simply, it would be better to see that we have much more joy, equanimity, peace, love, and tranquility to be.

From Outrage to Liberation by Imagining New Ways to Heal

Time For Outrage book cover

There was a story today on NPR about the chord that the book, Time For Outrage! by Stéphane Hessel, is having on readers around the world. Hessel has seen and experienced more than his share of injustice in his 94 years, and lived to tell about it. Sales of his booklet have skyrocketed in his native France and around the world, now exceeding 2 million copies.

While outrage could be, and you might say should be in order, I wouldn’t suggest hanging your hat there. The next goal should be liberation, not from the tyranny of the majority, but from enmity, unnatural, toxic solutions, destructive thinking (including war), and fear.

Outrage does not have to mean negative outcomes, nor does it have to mean destruction, but then, it depends on what is being “destroyed.” In the field of health remediation moving away from the “Medicinal” and Surgical Schools of Thought could be considered “destruction” to those who made a living off of prescribing medicine and performing surgery. But then we ask ourselves, since the present system’s only real interest lies in sustainability and growth of itself, at the further expense of the public’s health and well-being, then what are the costs of not changing?

Hessel commented that during his day the injustices of the Nazis who occupied France and exterminated millions of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and people with mental disabilities, were clear and well documented. But today, while there are many examples of tyranny by government agencies against the interests of the citizenry to take umbrage to, one has to be willing to look deeper to see it, even though it’s hiding in plain sight.

Gestapo thinking and tactics remain alive and well today, but it’s no longer happening “over there” far away on foreign soil; it’s happening right here. The threat comes, not from some foreign “enemy” as they’d have you to believe, but from people we regard as kindred, people that we trust, people who believe they are “protecting” us, perhaps from ourselves. They appear to be unaware, or unconcerned about the harm they may be doing.

Last week I talked with Daniel Smith of PGL. He is managing as best that he can with the FDA, et al, who, “in the public interest,” are trying to mount a Grand Jury investigation against his company, along with his fulfillment house and lab. The Agency bent or broke every judicial rule in the book in order to get a judge to sign a search warrant. They then skewed every possible interpretation of judicial authority to justify seizing anything they thought would disable and discredit PGL.

The Agency was not concerned about proving any wrong-doing. Who’s got time for that? Especially when your case is questionable.

Unable to present a case built on scientific, demonstrable evidence that actual harm or wrongdoing had been done, they set out to “inactivate” a big player in the still nascent MMS community before said community got even bigger. This was a preemptive strike to prevent enough of the public from learning the truth about the wonders of detoxified chlorine dioxide. Prevent a critical mass of public awareness because of the threat that wide deployment of detoxified chlorine dioxide would have on thousands of FDA-approved drugs that are not only ineffective, but dangerous when taken.

By taking PGL down, the Agency probably figures that other MMS suppliers would either turn tail and run away (which some have done), or tread lightly because they’ll never know who’s next. Yet, if enough of the public understands how detoxified chlorine dioxide works to safely inactivate pathogens and other forms of toxicity that routinely are picked up and stored within the body — even mitigating the damage from certain forms of medical treatment — there will be no turning back.

Personally, I believe it’s already too late.

People are continuing to seek out and use, and tell others about detoxified chlorine dioxide. They’re still sharing good news, such as a man who resolved brain cancer with the help of detoxified chlorine dioxide. These folks shouldn’t have to feel nervous about sharing good news, especially when it’s the truth. Doctors shouldn’t have to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to learning how their patients managed to recover from an acute illness after being given a death sentence by modern medicine. More over, doctors shouldn’t have to feel like such methods are off limits, or that their medical license would be put in jeopardy if they adopted approaches that were demonstrated to be effective.

The American Medical Association’s relationship with the pharmaceutical industry creates a de facto conflict of interest with respect to the public good. Along with surgery, pharmacology has become synonymous with standard medical care. It relies on synthetic, life-inhibiting practices in the process of seeking to sustain or perpetuate life. It has become axiomatic that sustaining or perpetuating life is not the same as being healthy, or living. We’ve been taught to progressively lower our expectations of health. Youth is not even exempt, so quickly has the sanctity of infancy been violated with mandatory vaccinations. Medical science surmises points to the continuing degradation of health as reason to use more pharmacological insults to the human body, instead of less. They act as though the immune system didn’t exist before Louis Pasteur or Marie Curie, and can’t be relied upon.

Public agencies have a responsibility to be on sound scientific as well as judicial footing when they take actions against private citizens, not making innocent people into criminals for acting responsibly when the Agency chose not to. Of course, the FDA would never admit to acting irresponsibly. Yet, the Agency’s hostile position toward MMS and dismissal of the overwhelmingly positive results that people have reported is reason to call it to task, given the mounting number of deaths from chronic and degenerative diseases that occur annually.

Using its resources and authority to criminalize American citizens to protect the economic interests of companies that exploit, but don’t eradicate human disease doesn’t make the FDA’s strategy right. By the way, MMS doesn’t eradicate human disease either. Humans are the only ones that can heal themselves. However, some methods and modalities can assist the process, while others will inhibit. The FDA’s approval record is heavily skewed in favor of methods and modalities that actually escalate electrical and metabolic damage over alternates that consistently demonstrate beneficial results.

The FDA is clearly not working in the best interest of the public, but instead, protects the interests of the industry that it thinks pays its bills. MMS is just one of many cases where the Agency’s wanton disregard for public health is evident. Their use of the authority that we’ve granted them has become abuse. I say “we” because who do you think generates the money that pays the pharmaceutical companies who pay the FDA? The public does.

The public pays dearly in the health that they sacrifice from the prescriptions that the pharmaceutical companies make, and in the betrayal to all principles of healing that the medical profession is supposedly sworn to uphold, and by a health insurance industry that only pays for inferior and even dangerous “FDA approved” treatments and methods while ignoring clearly superior, non-toxic, inexpensive, and effective alternatives.

Instead of seeking to confirm, validate, and replicate claims of amazing recoveries from the millions of people who have used MMS, the Agency has gone on record as opposing it, informing the public that it is dangerous bleach and attempting to criminalize conscientious American citizens for making the product available.

And we wonder why America’s stature in the world continues to decline.

I’m not blaming the FDA for doing what it’s doing. It is not going to change itself. The people who are running the Agency believe that they are doing right. They’re not asking for my opinion.

However, their beliefs aside, what about people who see what the Agency is doing, but shrug their shoulders and say, “that’s how Big Pharma works”?

Smith is seeking to raise money for what amounts to a legal offense fund. The ground that the FDA and U.S. Postal Service are basing their interest in PGL, et. al. on, is so shaky, their disregard for the presumption of innocence until “guilt” is proven is so brazen, that they are presenting instance after instance of a government agency at odds with the people and principle it is chartered to serve.

Yet, the funds he’s seeking would be to retain an attorney that would spearhead this offensive.

Attorneys are notorious for arguing for causes and sides that they may not believe in because every citizen has a right to a fair trial. The government agencies have mounted “evidence” to support a premise that is easily dis-proven scientifically and logistically, yet I’ve not heard of any attorney that is willing to be a legal advocate or representative for MMS on principle.

The world won’t end if MMS goes away, but the FDA isn’t called to task for its methods and practices, the freedoms that made America the great nation that it has been, will continue to erode. As much as I love America its citizens are not as free as outlined by its Founding Principles. However, don’t blame the FDA if this is true, because it can only happen if we allow it.

The answer to the question of “what to do” rests within the heart of each soul, in our ability to feel, and to use our imagination.

Woo Woo Alert–All Moments are Imagined into Being

We are creators of our reality; which includes the FDA and everything it, the medical industry, and other agencies are doing. We create our experiences by what we imagine. Our imagination is guided and directed in certain directions, toward some areas and way from others, early in life, when we are most dependent on those who made the first impression. We learn to accept the reality of our surroundings, and the behaviors that we see as “normal.” That will include disease, interpersonal relations, and more. Life is our true classroom. We are never out of school. However, we have been led to dismiss the power of our imagination, and the role that it plays in the actual outplaying of our experience. This leads to a belief in individual powerlessness compared to others who may have such factors as “numbers,” “money,” or “position” in their perceived favor. Even the idea of being “disadvantaged,” for whatever reason, is only meaningful if a person believes it to be true for them.

The cultivation of negative human imagining is rampant in our world today — terrorism, war, cataclysms, environmental catastrophes, scarcity thinking, violent video games, gun worship, disease, death, destruction — all direct human imagination in the direction toward scenarios that appear beyond our ability to influence. Using kinesological testing, we’d see that the very thought of ideas would make a person go weak. Why? Because they are not in alignment with truth, integrity, wholeness, joy, or love.

What most people don’t know is that we have an equal ability to imagine outcomes and experiences that are rooted in truth, integrity, wholeness, joy, and love. Imagining creates instantly in one’s mind, preceding the idea’s actual manifestation in space and time. Our power of imagination is inalienable, but it’s important to know who is doing the tuning. If you think someone else has more power over your life than you do, then you are allowing them to “tune” your imagination. It’s easily done through suggestion. How many times have you watched those commercials on TV for drugs that have such a long list of side-effects that you wonder how any intelligent person would go near them? It’s because many people have turned over the keys to their imagination, and are not deciding which channels they will tune into. If the storyline of what you’re being fed is about fear, limitation, and other forms of disempowerment, then you are making yourself weak, but it’s being done by someone else. Changing our reality begins with changing the quality and patterns of our imaginings.

Imagine consciously.

Relative to which way the MMS story goes, we are free to imagine attorneys with integrity stepping forward and putting the FDA and other government agencies on notice that we see the damage they are doing, which they will be held accountable for. We are free to imagine people from within the Agency actually waking up from their abusive stupor, as their humanity returns. We are free to imagine that all the money needed to mount a campaign to help the public wake up will be available at the right time. We are also free to see positive changes happening without any money for legal counsel having to change hands. We are certainly free to imagine ourselves healthy once again (if we’re not already), and free of lists of medications that may have become a “normal” part of our reality. Disease is not normal to any human being, and we have the power to reclaim and restore our health. No one can take that power away, but we can give it away.

It’s time to transcend outrage and imagine a new day of healthy liberation, from this point on.

Remarkable MMS Insights, “Geeks Gone Wild,” and Change Whose Time Has Come

In my Talk For Food video this week, I mentioned a remarkable information source that has emerged who articulates the underlying chemical behavior of MMS with amazing clarity. It evolved in the comment thread from a short clip that I posted three years ago on YouTube from my documentary, Understanding MMS: Conversations with Jim Humble. Naysayers have come and gone, some of whom we’ve seen here. However, a lively interchange has been going on between two people, for months. One, the naysayer, calls himself “Footman.” The other, who has emerged a most knowledgeable researcher on the deep chemistry of MMS, calls himself “Frootloopsian.”

This is the video in question titled, “A Conscientious Doctor Comments on MMS.” That doctor is John Humiston, MD, who at that time, practiced medicine at the William Hitt Center, in Tijuana, Mexico.

The exchange below comes from a new naysayer, Gravitytheory.

GRAVITYTHEORY: The main ingredient in this “solution” is chlorine dioxide, a form of bleach. Any chemist or even material safety data sheet on the subject will show you the harmful effects on your body due to ingesting bleach. Please do the research yourself before taking this. There are many scientific papers out on chlorine dioxide toxicity, and not one on the positive or therapeutic effects of this poison passed off by these lying snake-oil merchants.

FROOTLOOPSIAN: Not true. The main ingredient is 17 Cl 37 which becomes 17 Cl 38 by collecting a neutron from any number of ongoing decay. The only way to get the Cl 35 and Cl 37 into the cell in a way that doesn’t interfere with the normal Krebs Cycle will be by causing the Chlorine isotope(s) to accept two oxygen atoms. Few understand the different production methods of the ClO2, and even fewer know that the Sodium Chlorite/Citric Acid method produces detoxified ClO2. The detoxified ClO2 is the issue here and the cell’s “programing” to accept all dioxide, due to the pair of Oxygen atoms, become the vehicle of that acceptance. Any chemist worth dick will know about the differences between the two ClO2, and my collection of those data sheets you refer to clearly make my point.

Your handle tells me that you are a fan of Newton’s inaccurate Gravitational Constant.

You tell people to do the research themselves. That is EXACTLY what I have said. My offerings are well researched, and will stand up to anyone’s Pepsi Taste Test. People should stop thinking about this as MMS or WF10. Think about it as its ingredients, and it chemical processes. Think of the communication between its ingredients and their matching Voltage Gated channels, in the context of Krebs Cycle. Think of the Citric Acid as the reagent for the detoxification of the ClO2.

I don’t want this valuable idea to disappear for another 40 years, and that is EXACTLY what will happen if idiots have their way.

I heartily agree.

The YouTube comment limitations may be far more liberal than Twitter, but neither are useful for anything resembling a complex thought. Frootloopsian manages to do it anyway, but it even takes some intelligence to follow, as the comment flow moves from the bottom of the page up, at which point you must read from the top of the comment to down.

I’m going to attempt to meet, or invite him to write a paper with his summation of findings, which includes the parallel evolution, research, and clinical trials, by OXO CHEMIE, a pharmaceutical company, of what he dubbed, detoxified chlorine dioxide, that we know as MMS.


It’s the ENERGY Baby!

Tomorrow I’ll be heading for Albuquerque, to attend Geeks Gone Wild, otherwise known as the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference, which is hosted by TeslaTech. This is where the new methods, principles, practices, devices, and thinking are honored, showcased, and are on full display. While mostly hardware oriented, the platform of change that these devices focus on tend to be an energetic, as opposed to a molecular one, subtle instead of gross. This is where the potential to heal a “disease” without even touching or medicating an individual moves from the realm of theory, into actuality.

In truth, such ability has always been present and available, but we grew so enamored with chemistry that we lost sight of the fact that it represents only a small bandwidth of viable active agents in the abatement of disease. To make matters worse, our focus on, and research for chemical solutions have been conducted with a virtual refusal to consider the electrical consequences to our energetic nature. As such, they wreak havoc on it, and when that happens, we treat with other chemicals, which wreak havoc, and when something else happens, we treat with other chemicals, never even considering taking steps to mitigate or nullify the effects of the now understood to be ineffective chemicals previously taken. That is the not-so-merry go round of the Standard Medical Model that 10’s to 100’s of millions of people now see as “normal.”

And yet, if we saw things from an energetic perspective, the idiocy of these practices would be glaringly obvious. That was what I noticed when I read Electrical Nutrition, written by Denie and Shelley Hiestand. When I learned that they were now located in Las Vegas, I had to invite myself to come for a visit. Fortunately, they too thought it was a good idea.

I know two of the speakers at this year’s conference, Clayton Nolte, who first introduced me to the world of coherent-state water technology. I consider it the second major discovery that I made after starting my radio show four years ago. MMS being the first. Yet, as I began researching the writings of Callum Coates (Living Energies), Alick Bartholomew (The Spiritual Life of Water), MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans (Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water) and many others, I have come to realize that water is more fundamental than MMS, and the state of the water that MMS (or anything) goes in can influence the potency and extent of the effect. In other words, the more coherent the water is, the more powerful (and beneficial) the effect will be. As it relates to MMS, fewer drops will be needed at a given time if the water is in a coherent state before a measurable result might be seen.

On the other hand, water that has been treated chemically, with no sensitivity to its energetics and natural ways of achieving and restoring health, will actually contribute to the diminution of vitality.

Since virtually all water “looks” alike, it is easy to dismiss its energetic condition as a factor, whether we’re talking about the evolution of a chronic condition, or its mitigation. But this truth has become self-evident to me now, thanks to the doorway that Clayton invited me to enter.

I co-founded Photonic Water Systems (, with my friend George Clark, to basically create a business framework with Clayton that would establish the scientific and practical foundations for this technology, help the public appreciate the nuances of the technology, and establish price points that would support a traditional (not MLM) manufacturer, wholesale, distributor, retail model. When Clayton subsequently decided to emphasize his autonomy as a manufacturer, we became just another distributor. Except that we had a brand name (Photonic), and a vision.

We’ve set ourselves apart in pricing (choosing higher price points for some models), which has driven business to other distributors. There are a few distributors who are using our brand name but have no business ties with us. But that’s where things are now. It will all eventually change. Clayton will be a speaker at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference, to talk about how to structure water, and host a booth demonstrating the product.

The other speaker that I know personally is Warren Starnes, director of the Skilling Institute, and manufacturer of the Photon Genie and Photon Genius. This would represent the third technology, after MMS and Photonic Water, that I have embraced in a deeply personal way. I won’t go into the whole story on how it happened, but suffice it to say that I’ve seen a lot, and it is positive, and exciting.

It was Warren who commissioned me to visit with and produce the video below after taking a trip to meet a married couple who operate a natural health care practice, with two offices in the Midwest.

That was an eye opener.

On the trip I introduced the Photon Genie (the Skilling Institute’s smaller, portable device), to several people who saw such dramatic reductions in pain that they purchased devices for themselves. As I saw more, and realized that this technology is not widely known, much less available, I wanted to create a way to do it. The Photon Genie has been around for 15 years or so, and is in use by practitioners in 41 countries. The Skilling Institute itself has existed for over 50 years, and is well-respected for its technology. The Photon Genius, however, is relatively new by comparison, and there are few places available where the public can simply schedule a session. I could see playing a part in changing that. What better way to do so but to acquire the technology, use it ourselves (gaining our own experience), as well as make it available to others, learn how to run such a center, and then package it as a business?

We’d need our own Photon Genius, but didn’t have the $25,000 that the system goes for. Sounds like a lot until you realize that this price point now represents the lower mid-range for automobile purchases. Virtually anyone who really wants one of these devices, can get one. And standard medical care for chronic and degenerative diseases will cost FAR MORE.

With that in mind, the desire was so strong, the vision so clear, that I wrote one of the people who purchased one of the Photon Genies (she had been experiencing some major pain when I told her I had some technology that she might consider trying out), and asked if she would purchase the Photon Genius on our behalf, suggesting a workable repayment schedule, and allow us to open, operate, and develop our vision into a turnkey business. She said yes, and the PHOTONIC ENERGY CENTER was thereby conceived.

The day the Photon Genius arrived.

We received our Photon Genius in late June, 2011, and are close to opening. Our site will be There’s no working site there yet, but it’s coming too.

This too is part of the change whose time has come.

Fear, Fate, Truth, and MMS

The events surrounding the status of Daniel Smith and Project Green Life (PGL) have, up until recently, put most of us at a loss for words. Recently that all changed when Dennis Richard, of A2Z Health Products (, sent out a letter to his mailing list that virtually predicted that “the end” was at hand (so buy your MMS while you can!).

Would that be music to the FDA’s ears! Intimidate, terrorize and criminalize one innocent family, and watch others who represent the product turn tail, cringing in fear, and run for the hills. This “gold star” could either gain a promotion for some ambitious agent with the Agency, or an even more lucrative job with a pharmaceutical company, such is the lack of concern over the effect they are having innocent lives.

The small bump in MMS sales that A2Z Health Products gets can be forgiven for the service that they would have rendered to the Agency. It would be a small reward for doing more to bring MMS down than the Agency is actually able to do legally, or on the basis of science. I say this, believing strongly, that MMS use will not be going down.

The use of detoxified chlorine dioxide, or MMS by private citizens and conscientious health care providers, will continue to rise, not fall. It will also be used by the presently unconscious, presently pharmaceutical-dominated, Health Care Establishment. The demand (not hope) for health will drive this change in thinking, and the health care system will respond, because disease management only prolongs and “grows” disease. Health restoration is the only way that true reductions in the cost of health care are possible. Present-day treatment methods will collapse, as the barbarism of such practices as chemotherapy, radiation, vaccinations, etc., will become glaringly self-evident.

In other words, helping people to heal from their ailments will naturally bring down the cost of health care. And it’s not a drug that is doing it, it’s going to be oxygen, it’s going to be minerals, microorganisms, and energy, that “drugs” actually rob the body of when administered. The “miracle” is that people heal in spite of using predominant pharmacological medical practices these days. Hundreds of thousands die each year from said practices, which the FDA and related Agencies around the world appear to be insensitive to.

The presumed guilt and Gestapo tactics that the FDA and its agents practice on private citizens, whose only real sin is not having the financial resources manipulate whole systems with false truth, will come to an end before MMS does.

I’m pleased that Jim Humble has spoken out about Daniel’s situation and shed additional light on the Agency’s actions. The situation became the subject of my radio/video show yesterday.


I spoke with Daniel Smith a couple of days ago. He and his family are safe. Many people have been inconvenienced by the agency’s actions, as his business and life have been suddenly turned upside down, even though he was on sound legal footing. It is apparent that sound legal footing is not important to the FDA.

Nor is truth.

I hope to publish some of the amazing insights that a poster on one of my YouTube videos had about chlorine dioxide. In light of these revelations, it makes the FDA’s efforts to suppress even more unconscionable.

The Monument Lie that Fuels (or Fools) the FDA

I spoke to Daniel Smith of PGL a couple of days ago, after two of his product’s distributors, seeking to know the status of their supplier due to lack of an ability to reach the company, inquired here. For anyone not familiar, I reported that agents from the FDA and US Postal Service had raided their offices and confiscated computers, seeking to make a case against them for selling the product introduced by Jim Humble known as the “Miracle Mineral Supplement,” or “MMS.” It has taken me a day of reflection to process how to respond and what to say.

It is not my place to relay intimate details of the case that the FDA and US Postal Service (a.k.a FDA) are seeking to mount against a young man and his wife, who are parents of young children, who have used their intelligence and followed their conscience and harmed no one. Indeed, they have helped many people by making a form of detoxified chlorine dioxide available to the public. The “crime” that these agencies are pushing is that the product is a drug that is not “approved” by the FDA, which claims (see updated consumer advisory)  that it is dangerous, a point that is not demonstrated by actual experience.

For this, the people of the FDA are willing to turn the lives of an American family upside down, not only financially – by trying to destroy their business – but into criminals. The principle that a suspect is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty has gone out the window, and is nowhere to be seen. The irony is that the FDA’s claim about detoxified chlorine dioxide is fundamentally flawed, and their operating principle, that the only “curative” agents to disease are drugs, is foundationally FALSE.

And no one seems to know it.

The Agency is not alone in apparently not having a clue that drugs are not curative, and that the true healer and healing state is within, and can be revealed by each individual. The education system doesn’t seen to understand it. It informs us that we are biological accidents, subject to virtually any and every form of attack. The insurance system doesn’t seem to get it, the chronic disease fund-raising associations haven’t slowed down their walks and runs for their pet “cures” (pharmacological or technical only please), the research grant money coveting scientific community hasn’t spoken out, the media has only read the press releases that their advertisers have fed them, the legislators don’t seem to know it, the jurisprudence system hasn’t ruled against it, and the lobbyists certainly aren’t telling the legislators anything different.

Some major religions don’t seem to get it; seeing God as an occasionally bipolar “Massa” to whom much favor must be curried to be worthy of His Love. They claim that all the pestilence, cataclysms, and disease are the work of an evil counterpart, and we should be fearful of them both. They see no silver linings in these clouds.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO), a body that you’d think would support a safe, widely available, effective answer to a number of serious disease pathologies, was dismissive of MMS when Humble approached them a number of years ago.

None of these bodies of people, who represent such a broad range of industries, knowledge, beliefs, and resources, seem to understand the fact that anything that further destabilizes an already out-of-balanced ecosystem will not “cure” disease, and that restoring alignment, balance, and coherence — on physical, mental, and emotional levels — will. The destabilizers include chemical additives and preservatives to water and foods, genetically engineering pesticides into produce, and many other practices that we have come to embrace as signs of our technological “advancement.” It also includes our tendency to under and over-react to day-to-day interaction from a place of fear.

In this unbalanced state, we still believe the self-professed and perpetuated fictions that peace can be achieved through war, and health can be restored by killing the host.

The appalling and growing numbers of people who are getting sick earlier in life while staying alive longer, bears out the insanity that we have been experiencing. Yet, the only debates by policy makers on how to “fix” the health care system revolve around “how to pay for” the projected increases in sick people. Of course, that would be through taxing and otherwise involuntarily sucking more money out of them while they continue on their present chemically dependent paths. They aim their rhetoric at “the rich,” to get the support of the “Middle Class,” but being the largest group, the “Middle Class” always ends up paying the largest share.

Such are the fictions that we continue to subscribe to, but apparently don’t see.

The true answer to the challenge of rising health care costs not by an increase in “approved” (or unapproved) drugs, but by increasing, sustaining, and restoring health using only methods and modalities that have demonstrated that help restore alignment, balance, and coherence. Such change can be confirmed experientially, and with technology of which the FDA sometimes takes a dim view. (See their comments on thermography.)

The FDA only considers remedies to be viable if millions of dollars have been put into their research and paid to the Agency. They have begun to define themselves and their constituency by the money that they are able to pay to the Agency. It has become the de facto “God” of all things medical, but its myopic view of the world is through a pharmaceutical lens. Millions of years of observation, use, and demonstrated natural behavior no longer count. Results that demonstrate an improvement in alignment, balance and coherence — which will also yield positive shifts in energy and vitality — are the only litmus tests that the FDA should be judging anyone or anything by. By that measure, the Agency is so far out of line, that it has become an example reminiscent of another, repressive world and time.

How funny… as I’m writing this, a call is coming in… the Caller ID says “Cancer Fund”. I didn’t answer it. They’re not interested in the contribution I’d make.

I can’t speak to Daniel Smith and PGL’s situation from a business or legal standpoint. But I’ll say this… they are not alone, and this is not simply about detoxified chlorine dioxide. The thinking and policies that are unfolding for the Smith family are affecting others around the country, and perhaps abroad too.

Just last week I received the following email from a friend of mine, a naturopathic doctor, in Mississippi. The subject line read: “Morningland Dairy, our favorite raw supplier, is run out of business.

(July 6, 2011) Dear Friends, I hope you have a minute to read this letter to sympathize and/or pray for this wonderful couple who have spent their lives supplying others with wholesome, raw milk dairy products.  NO MORE…if there is anything you can do to help Joseph and Denise Dixon, please do it!  And let us know what else we can do.  I’ll be emailing my Health Freedom Lobbyist in Washington with this email (thank you BETH CLAY).  Thanks for being aware!  Betty Sue and Duke

Dear Members/Friends,
It is with regret that we must announce that, at this point, we are not shipping any cheese.  We are sitting in limbo because the state of Missouri is down on us to the point that we can no longer afford to operate.

The Howell County judge has thus far refused to recognize our unincorporated, private member association as being separate from the original Morningland of the Ozarks LLC, and although all we have done as an association is to purchase other manufacturer’s raw milk cheese that we distributed to our members, we were accused by the Missouri State Milk Board and the Missouri attorney general’s office (we received word on June 29th that the judge found us not guilty) of producing cheese without having implemented the costly and unfair changes to our plant that were outlined in the judgment against the LLC in February of this year.

We were also accused of selling the embargoed cheese that still remains in the same cooler in which it has been stored since before August 26th, when the embargo was first implemented (of this we were also found not guilty.)  But because we did not allow the milk board inspectors to inspect the closed part of the plant in which we are storing our own, personal household goods (we did allow them to inspect the cooler in which the cheese is stored), the judge found us in contempt of court orders, and we have been ordered to allow full inspection and to supply information about our private association sales since Feb. 23rd upon demand of the state authorities. (If forced to supply sales records, we will do so, but we will blacken out the names of our members.) If we are found to be not in compliance with this contempt order, we are to be fined $100/day, until we comply.  We also must pay for the contempt hearing court costs.

With only a small amount of members, our association has never yet shown a profit, but we thought that in time it eventually would, and that in the meantime our members could continue to enjoy the benefits of the raw milk cheese we could provide from other producers.  Recently, however, we had to re-submit a $2,000 bond in assuring that the embargoed cheese in our cooler would not be sold, in order to be granted a stay on the ordered destruction of the cheese.

Then we were forced to attend the hearing in Missouri concerning the erroneous accusations described above.  Joseph is traveling all over the eastern half of the U.S. with his electrical work and could not attend.  I (Denise) and our younger children are living in Ohio temporarily in order to take care of my ailing parents, so we had to spend quite a bit for me to return to Missouri for the hearing.  Jedadiah, regretfully, has had to find employment elsewhere.  It appears that the Missouri Milk Board and attorney general’s office have no intention of letting up.  We have thus far experienced a loss of approximately $450,000, are basically bankrupt, and we must, regretfully, cease shipping cheese to our members for now.

For more information about what is going on with Morningland, check out the following:

Do you see what I mean?

Click here to read what the FDA has to say to consumers about raw milk. Tell me if you see a pattern here.

If the FDA’s “facts” were so, you’d wonder how we survived for the tens of thousands of years before they came along. And then, what about indigenous cultures around the world who have drunk raw milk for generations? You can learn more about them by visiting the Weston A. Price Foundation.

This week, Mike Adams appeared on Alex Jones, talking about the thinking behind the Food Safety Act.

Mike Adams joins Alex Jones to discuss the Food Safety Act

So it would be easy to immerse ourselves in Daniel Smith’s situation, but doing so would narrow our appreciation of the larger picture. The only way to change a predominant way of false thinking is to seek, understand, embrace, and share an alternative way of thinking that is based on a greater, demonstrable truth.

I don’t care whether people use detoxified chlorine dioxide or not, but I do care that hundreds of thousands of health care professionals are routinely prescribing medications that do real damage, “protected” by the FDA and paid for by the drug companies, while beneficial products and innocent people are being harassed and railroaded.

All justified by, and founded on a monumental lie.


While we didn’t discuss the FDA, my conversation with Denie Hiestand (pronounced “hee-stand”), co-author of Electrical Nutrition, sheds light on the fiction.

Denie Hiestand: Author of “Electrical Nutrition”

Fox (FDA) to Henhouse: ‘We Will Decide What’s Breast For You’

A major story in the health sector this week was about an FDA panel removing Avastin as an approved indication, in conjunction with the chemotherapy drug docetaxel, for metastatic (spreading) breast cancer. Well, that’s the major story for the general public. The major story for me was that in Spokane, Washington, agents from the FDA  engaged in a legal home invasion operation with the help of a magistrate, the United States Postal Service, and local law enforcement, to search the property of PGL International ( and its fulfillment house for distributing the product known variously as the Miracle (or Master) Mineral Supplement, or simply “MMS.”’

Daniel Smith, who runs PGL, was out-of-town, having taken his daughter to a yoga summer camp. Back at home, his wife was forced to remain outside on the curb, “guarded” by some of Spokane’s finest and prevented from using her own phone to call her husband. Seeing the spectacle that was brewing, a neighbor contacted Smith to tell him what was unfolding at home.

On Wednesday, June 29, around 9:00am (PST), I received a text message from Daniel:

Our home is being raided right now and K (his wife) is home alone.

We talked later that day where he filled me in on the details noted above.

Yesterday I received the following:

They froze all my accounts.

I’ve not heard anything else from him since.

According to Smith, the charges (or grounds) that were listed on the Search and Seizure Warrant (with the Seizure part disallowed) were interstate transportation of an “unapproved drug.” The word “smuggling” was also used. Perhaps this was for the magistrate’s benefit, to give the impression that some really underhanded activity was going on.

While Daniel’s wife was not arrested, and his business does not appear to be in jeopardy, it is clear that the FDA is intent on continuing its failed efforts to cause the interest in, and therapeutic use of microdosed chlorine dioxide to implode.

For various reasons I am proposing new terminology for MMS, to help evolve our perception of the product and the spread of its use from its humble roots, with full, grateful, and all due respect. You can bet that the FDA is attacking MMS, which, thanks to Jim Humble’s work, has rightfully garnered—by the results thus far achieved by real people—a very positive perception.

The beauty here is that we have had enough hard evidence to know that chlorine dioxide in microdoses yields metabolic benefits. Who is the FDA to take umbrage with, and criminalize a law-abiding U.S. citizen about its being unapproved, when we know that they would never approve it for the many applications that it would be useful for? Furthermore, they would require petitions and trials, each costing millions, for every specific condition where chlorine dioxide might be applied.

As such, the favor of the FDA is, not simply to the highest bidder, but to those who are able to bid.

Daniel Smith doesn’t play in that arena. He also did not break the law, nor done any harm. The millions of women who are given Avastin will not get well from this treatment. The FDA panel is now coming to this conclusion, but they are the ones that fast-tracked the drug, several years, billions in revenue, and who knows how many thousands of lives ago. Their sense of what is harmful and what is helpful is questionable at best.

Jim Humble did not discover chlorine dioxide, but he will forever be credited with introducing the public to the therapeutic potential of chlorine dioxide on living, human beings, and devising a way to make it available to anyone and everyone. He is doing what he can to create a coalition of people who, seeing the disdain that the health care industry has over alternatives, along with the futility of their remedies, are willing to help each other through his Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

However, this is a population of predominantly inexperienced people who are inclined to look only to MMS as the remedy rather than as part of a spectrum of methods that restore balance. While the pathogen is considered “the enemy” that MMS slays (as the tumor is among oncologists in cancer treatment), a myriad of chemical, environmental, energetic, and self-chosen psychological stress factors are overlooked.

Microdosed chlorine dioxide should be used by people who have chosen, as their profession, to truly help end suffering. That used to be doctors before the profession became a license to make a lot of money by peddling addictive and deadly drugs with legal impunity.

That “privilege” comes at a great cost.

Cancer treatment (and many other allopathic methods) as it is currently done these days, only tends to intensify suffering, not end it… that is, until the life itself comes to an end. Even then, death is often… too often, the result of the treatment. Research has shown that a person with cancer has a better chance at longer life if they do nothing than if they agree to the big three of surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

The suffering isn’t only in the treatment. To add further insult, the costs are staggering. And since very little is being done to help the public to truly understand and appreciate the causes so that behavior and environmental changes can be made, the cancer industry can count on a steady stream of new candidates for Avastin and other FDA approved schemes.

The FDA agents targeted PGL International because it emerged as a prominent distributor of the product in question, microdosed chlorine dioxide. The agency reserves the right to interpret any product that is presented as a solution to a health condition as a drug. This is because that is the only modality that they believe can address medical problems; a position that is also patently false.

Unfortunately, our education system doesn’t preempt such delusion because it doesn’t connect the importance of true nutrition to health. True nutrition, not patented, chemical substitutes, not genetically modified imitations, is the remedy to illness. We have not yet even recognized, much less acknowledged, the great price we’re paying by our convenience and fast-food lifestyle. Not only do we desecrate our food, we congratulate ourselves while doing so.

The truth is that no matter how much they have been peer-reviewed, patented chemical concoctions cannot and do not solve medical problems. The FDA doesn’t even judge drugs on their ability to mitigate or abate disease. They are approved on their ability to make symptoms appear to abate, no matter how they go about doing it.

Antiangiogenesis drugs like Avastin block a cancer tumor’s ability to create blood vessels on the rationale that doing so prevents them from delivering oxygen and other nutrients to the tumor. This contradicts research that has shown that tumors thrive in oxygen-deficient environments, and go away when oxygen sufficiency is restored to said environment. Otto Heinrich Warburg won a Nobel Prize in 1931 in proving this principle.

The chemicals that go into Avastin and thousands of other drugs, bind up oxygen on uptake, making the environment inside the body more acidic. Then we wonder why metastasis occurs when, in fact, we’ve fed the conditions that bring it about.

We are not laboratory-based chemical beings. Relying on ill-conceived, antagonistic chemistry that upsets the all-important environmental, metabolic, and microbial balance within the body, and thinking it will “cure,” is a pipe dream. Chlorine dioxide in the doses that Jim Humble devised, is not such a chemical.

If the methods developed by the pharmaceutical industry actually worked, there would be no reason to consider taking microdosed chlorine dioxide. However, we’re taking in microdoses of other, clearly harmful chemicals at every turn, through our water intake, processed and genetically modified (with FDA approval) foods, through atmospheric intake, day-in and day-out.

We’ve become so accustomed to taking a benign, non-phased view of unpronounceable terms, such as “monosodium glutamate,” “high fructose corn syrup,” “Red #3,” “vitamin D2,” and tens of thousands of others, that we don’t associate the long-term consequences of intake with the slow degeneration of our health.

Since we don’t consider that chemicals and other stress factors have contributed to the onset of chronic illnesses, we have no problem using more chemicals to resolve them.

Except that they never do. We simply go from doctor to doctor, who tries one treatment strategy after another, as long as the insurance or our pocketbooks can withstand it… or until the patient dies.

That’s the road well-traveled; the fast track to becoming a cancer statistic. There’s not much to crow about in health care with regard to cancer success, unless you want to count ability to raise money by making the public believe you’re close to another plausible cure as your success benchmark.

Microdosed chlorine dioxide use could mark an increase in a new kind of success. That is, where people can honestly conceive of being healthy again. I’m not saying that it will do it, but it can be a much more useful and effective tool, and not break the bank in the process.

Contrast the annual cost of microdosed chlorine dioxide, at around $25, to Avastin, which, according to the article that I read, totals out at around $100,000. At present administration levels, this one breast cancer drug brings Roche around $1 billion annually, which the FDA – which had fast-tracked the approval of the drug in 2008 for breast cancer treatment – now says is ineffective. You wonder who the people at Genentech pissed off?

This one product, which is also indicated for other forms of cancer, and for which the FDA panel is not recommending a support withdrawal, still generates more than $6 billion overall.

All of this to support a strategy and product that can, at best, offer hope of survival. How can it when it involves simply adding additional toxicity to an environment that is already too toxic?

In the meantime, FDA agents diligently try to make Daniel Smith into an example for anyone selling the microdosed chlorine dioxide product.

His “crime” is that the “unapproved drug” is just that, unapproved. And based on the inaccurate information that they relied on in their warning against MMS, the FDA isn’t interested in approving it. Instead, they appear set on keeping the public misinformed, and if possible, uninformed.

Unlike Avastin, which can result in serious and sometimes fatal bleeding, coughed up blood, bleeding in the stomach, vomiting blood, bleeding in the brain, nosebleeds, and vaginal bleeding, microdosed chlorine dioxide is not even rumored by the nayest of naysayers, to yield such effects.

A regimen of microdosed chlorine dioxide can help correct the ecological conditions that (1) can lead to breast cancer in the first place, (2) contribute to its re-occurrence. It does so, from what I can tell, by (1) the oxygen that it brings to the environment (non-patentable – this is no “drug”), and (2) the trace elements, which help facilitate an improvement in electrical conductivity to the area. Chemotherapy and Avastin compromise both of these important factors.

Microdosed chlorine dioxide is not, nor should it be considered, an “end all” solution in any strategy for health restoration. But it is in no way the dangerous chemical that the FDA is trying to make it out to be.

Someone shared the following experience on recently on this blog:

I don’t know what to think. I have recurring bladder cancer and when I go off MMS, it returns. As soon as I start it again, it (the tumor) stops growing and the surgeon is always puzzled as to why what looked like advanced stage tumors are only low-grade, non-invasive cancer.

I would like to be part of a study that investigates the long-range danger possibilities of this drug. Some of what I read is scary, but the results have been too obvious in my case to dismiss.

My MD’s so far aren’t willing to touch this with a 10-foot pole. Why the BCG that almost killed me is fine, but this isn’t, I don’t know, although reading some of the alleged chemical poison possibilities is frightening… as is bladder cancer…

It would be easy to simply say “follow the money” to see why the FDA is so interested in making microdosed chlorine dioxide therapy go away. Breast cancer treatment standards of practice aren’t the only ones that would be impacted. Our dependence on antibiotics, and many other forms of palliative care, would naturally come into question.

I’m not holding my breath for the FDA to change its ways. It is what it is. However, Daniel Smith’s only crime was making a product available that could help people (amid all the FDA-approved ones that do not).

If the FDA’s argument against microdosed chlorine dioxide therapy were correct, the results would have been corroborated by now. The languid results that the public has endured at the hands of their approved products suggest that the fox that is overseeing the henhouse has lost his objectivity (as if he ever had any). They are not serving the interests, or preserving the health of the American people as things are presently being done.

If you’re able or willing to help Daniel Smith, please let me know. Better yet, contact them by phone (on their website) or email. That’s where my concerns are right now.

Sitting Out the E. Coli Scare with MMS

The new wave of stories about illness and death make the following points increasingly obvious:

  • Just how little we know about ourselves, meaning our metabolic, mental, spiritual, and imaginal nature,
  • How having money, or throwing money at a problem, is no guarantor of solution, and will more likely escalate the problem.

The newest scare is out of Germany. It involves a frantic search for the source of an E. coli strain that induces Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, the most common cause of acute kidney failure. This is the latest example of an application where a scaled-down round of chlorine dioxide disinfection, my new designation for what we know here as MMS, would drastically diffuse a very diffusible situation.

Chlorine dioxide will eradicate the O104:H4 E. coli. Period. Not because it is an “industrial strength bleach,” as the FDA and other MMS detractors have incorrectly asserted, but because regardless of the cause, the E. coli is still a bacteria whose natural voltage and polarity is under and within the range of reactivity that would engender a chlorine dioxide oxidative response.

If any scientists are reading this article, please consider it a hypothesis. If you happen to have some O104:H4 sitting around the lab, or on some tomatoes from Germany, prepare a weak solution of chlorine dioxide, using Jim Humble’s protocol for a topical spray (10 DROPS of activated MMS per ounce of water volume), apply it and let us know what happens.

As an example, for a 4 ounce bottle, use 40 drops of MMS activated with 40 drops of 50%-strength citric acid. After the solution turns a dark orange color, usually within 30 seconds or so, fill up the rest of the bottle with water, which will turn it to a light yellow.

This is a great topical spray that would safely inactivate any E. coli, Salmonella, or Staphylococcus bacteria that may be lounging in your food or on your skin. Of course, if it’s already in your body, you can prepare according to the standard Protocol 1000 that Jim Humble recommends, and ingest.

In either event, the active chemical load within the environment would have been lessened via this novel form of benevolent oxidation. This, in conjunction with other elements that should be considered, allows the body to then restore and repair itself.

That’s been the story of chlorine dioxide’s value all along that some folk just haven’t wanted to acknowledge, or want you to know about.

This charade can’t continue much longer.

More thoughts on this subject.

E. coli as Biological Weapon?

Some people are circulating the notion that the O104:H4 E. coli is particularly deadly strain and that it may be the result of research in biological weaponry. (See linked article.)

I suggest that it isn’t important. If one were to embark on a witch hunt into who might have created it or for what reason, what would the results yield? Most likely more suppositions that cannot be confirmed. Even if confirmation were possible, what would you do?

On the other hand, if chlorine dioxide disinfection will actually help solve the problem—a supposition that can easily be confirmed or refuted—then that’s all that really matters. Peace of mind comes in proof, not of conspiracy, but that you can’t be harmed by the threat any more.

The public is not being informed that the kind of solace being referred to here, is even possible. If you remain afraid of the O104:H4 or angry at the possible conspiratorial idiocy, you’ll remain in the same unhealthy mindspace. Can’t touch it, but it’s very real, and it is self-devastating.

The good news is that you, and only you, can change it for you.

It is equally possible that the emergence of the O104:H4 E. coli was not the product of some form of nefarious “man-made” research, but the result of the legal, ignorant, and irresponsible treatment of a water supply. With all the expensive efforts to recall produce from Spain, along with the blood transfusions and dialysis treatments that have impacted over 1,700 people thus far, not one news report has suggested that anyone is looking at the water, and seeing a connection as to how it—if contaminated with certain chemicals—might induce a natural bacterial mutation.

Whether it was intentional or otherwise, chlorine dioxide disinfection can help resolve the threat, whether infection is problem, or has already happened.

If the authorities don’t see the potential connection and aren’t moved to test and confirm this for themselves, then informed individuals can and should do it on their own.

The only mention of water that I’ve seen thus far, is in an article that advised readers to wash your produce with normal tap water. The writer doesn’t mention of the chemicals that are already in the standard water supply.

Dr. Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution (co-written with Steve Bhaerman) really brought home the idea that, as a result of Newtonian, particle-based scientific thinking, we fail to factor in one of the major influences to behavior, that is essentially “hiding in plain sight.” That is, the environment.

That truth applies for all life, from human beings, to cells, fungi, tumors, cysts, yeast, bacteria, and viruses. Yet, we act as though the chemicals that are in an environment have no effect on what happens there.

From one person to the next, the chemical, ecological, electrical, and metabolic makeup inside their body is going to be unique. And, if we looked at people as the unique beings that they are, it would become evident why those 1,700 people were susceptible to this strain, and why this strain mutated in the first place.

Believe it or not, one’s state of mind will also impact the chemical makeup (and susceptibility) of his or her body. In other words, you can make your own body susceptible to an O104:H4 E. coli by your pattern of thinking. But most people don’t believe this. Others have neither the time nor the inclination to make that kind of examination.

Money, Sports, and the Great Deception

Money gums up the wheels of positive change even more, in part due to our belief that power (knowledge, etc.) follows it around. The belief is so strong that we put the pursuit and possession of money ahead of our humanity and happiness. We’ll set both aside in order to pursue a buck, in order to feel “secure.” But then, we become slaves to a lessor god.

Money doesn’t buy you happiness, and certainly doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the best in health care. Knowledge, patience, and the courage to persevere, will get you much further along the path of health than any prescribed medication.

Last week I watched the French Open tennis championships, as well as the NBA finals, which are going on presently. With all the “health” advice and facilities that sports figures have available, they are not particularly resilient people.

Tiger Woods certainly has money, but he has a persistent problem with a knee and Achilles tendon that have been slow to heal.

They’re talking about the possible “need” for replacement surgery.

Andy Murray, of Great Britain, claimed to be on pain medication during the French Open after sustaining an ankle sprain.

Serena Williams has been off the tennis court for over a year, and her career has been punctuated with withdrawals and cancellations due to illness or injury.

Dirk Nowitski carried a 101-degree fever from a sinus infection (another environmental condition), in Dallas last night, as the Mavericks beat the Miami Heat to even the series at 2-2.

My point in bringing this up is that the higher the profile that a person attains, for example, through sports, the more likely they will “break down” physically, and eventually be under “doctor’s care”.

The conversation could justifiably be about magnetic field therapy for Tiger Woods and Andy Murray instead of pain medication and replacement surgery. A baseball pitcher could also forego the perceived need for “Tommy John” surgery.

For a sinus infection, Nowitski could have taken chlorine dioxide disinfection (MMS) and most likely would not have needed to try to overcome the ill-effects of the medication that he was on, which the press has been attributing to a bug. The problem with all this is that when their health problems become public, the resolution methods become de facto standards in public perception. Isn’t it interesting that Magic Johnson’s method of recovery from HIV remains a mystery today? Well, the public message is that he is still HIV positive, but at the time he retired from basketball, it was considered a death sentence to be so diagnosed. Yet, he didn’t die.

His foundation is now dedicated to “fighting” HIV, another misguided pursuit. An article in Newsweek suggests that a daily regimen of antiretroviral medications is helping him. An article on another site suggests something else, a product called Natrol, which contains an immune system enhancer. This site also reports that Magic may have used ozone therapy too, but that his doctors are remaining tight-lipped about that.

There are some amazingly wonderful technologies available to help us restore health when gets sidelined, but you’ll hear precious little about them through mainstream media.

However, I believe that is changing.


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