Journey into Quantum Possibility


Notes Along the Path to ‘No-thingness’

Our journey to a conscious awareness of The Substrate, the Core of Subtle Energy, and to the edge of Nothingness, is to the place from which all of creation emerges. As we advance in consciousness along the way, each dimensional realm that we encounter reveals “less” in the material sense, but more in substance, intelligence, wholeness, joy, harmony, love, and power. The subtle world of energy informs the dense world of matter. Indeed, the dense world of matter is simply a specific form and quality of energy.

In acknowledging our connection to all of creation, in contrast to being here by happenstance and with little purpose, we discover that our ability to influence the unfolding of experience has always been, always is, and always will be active. The question arises, what will we choose from this point on irrespective of what has brought us to this moment?

Despite huge perceived disparities in health or wealth, freedom or tyranny, the term oneness contains within it, the implicit, innate and inalienable ability to change one’s experiential state. In other words, irrespective of their social station, each human being is the power to transmute the quality and nature of his or her experience. The “direction,” nature, and quality of the change is entirely up to the individual.

This is done, not by appeals to an outside authority, but by changing the vibrational harmonics within one’s self. This reference to self is not to suggest that God isn’t involved. From what I can surmise, God is involved with it all, whether saint or sinner, believer or non-believer, human or non-human, terrestrial or ET.

God is not only ALL potential, but ALL “ex-istence”. God is The Substrate, Source Field, Prana, Orgone, Universal Substance and Intelligence, The Vacuum, Divine Matrix, the Grand Designer and the Design… you name it.

In God, you can trust or not trust. It makes no difference to God, for God is a Singularity through which the experience of duality becomes possible. Trusting or not trusting will make a difference to you, who chooses that theme of learning. Yet, while the rewards or consequences of duality seem quite real, they are in actuality, an illusion.

Another example is that thing called death. It’s an illusion too. It would be a better description to call it “shift,” or “phase.” No one “dies.” They phase, just as birth is also a phasing, in this case, “in”.

God is consciousness, to which we are indelibly connected. The thing we aren’t always connected to, is awareness of our connection to God and each other. That is the journey of consciousness, which is the journey awareness of our oneness with ALL of Creation, and with love that powers it.

Duality makes both differentiation, and individuation, possible. It also makes unawareness possible. While we are a singularity, duality makes it possible to experience collectivism in its full spectrum of form and degree. From joy to sadness, cowardice to courage, exaltation to shame, love to fear, and all steps in-between, this is the experiential landscape of the human spirit, wherein we travel through the auspices of free will.

Free will allows us to act as though we’re powerless; as though we’re evil or good; victors and victims, villains and avengers. We can be penniless or abundantly rich. Underlying it all is the One Source Field.

By our beliefs and the accompanying resonance that they cause within our energy field, we create, attract, and then experience our imaginings, from the wildest and profane, to the most pious and mundane.

Everyone has an energy field; everyone is an energy field. The meaning of the term energy field should be expanded to encompass one’s entire field of experience.

And so we shall.

On Matters of Spiraling and Choice

A nether world...

I’m almost half-way through Save the World Within You, the second part of Arcady Petrov’s trilogy, Creation of the Universe. The book reads like an epic religious tale, and perhaps more importantly, seems deeply entrenched in the foundations of duality, i.e., heroes and villains, good and evil, heaven and hell, and an interplay between divine and demonic forces.

Inside the subterranean Sun, Mugen sits on the thrown in a giant hall he who once called himself “the only zealous god”. For some reason he is jealous, but of whom would he be jealous if he was higher than the highest? He had countless names, changed his image countless times. We look at him in wonder: he is a man but not a man, a demon but not a demon. He is something incomprehensible and in-between. p. 248

For one who has been inclined to reject such matters, this journey into the depths of Hell by Petrov and his partner in liberation and ethereal justice, Igor Arepjev, was met with some initial resistance. However, I’ll stress that resistance is not dismissal. Indeed, I have utmost respect for the journey that they took, and in Petrov’s sharing. And in spite of the polarizing dip in duality, their overall purpose was unification and oneness, not of “forces,” per se, but of a conscious awareness of The Whole.

Irrespective of the plane of existence that these excursions were carried out on, or whether anyone believes that they actually exist, the imagination or memory was vivid enough to the one who shared it.

The goal that they achieved is an important one for each of us, believers and non-believers alike. Their mission was to remove a “mirror” in the collective unconscious that blocked awareness of the connection between the two hemispheres of perception. It’s like a “missing link” that humanity has long sought, but while science has been trying to confirm our connection to primates, the true connection to be appreciated has always been between “us”, the microcosm, and The Macrocosm, the Individual and the Divine. In other words, to see the oneness between the Creator and Creation, each within the Other.

Scientific-technical progress in its contemporary form is no more than a mass of dangerous discoveries and technologies. The world is not a workshop, nor a temple in and of themselves. It is both one and the other, and in it the creative process must be illuminated with the sublime light of moral guidance of the Lord’s revelation. p. 250

Considered supreme in its “objectivity,” science as practiced today is indeed like a child running amok, playing with nuclear toys, altering the food supply to kill its nutritional value, then using deadly drugs to play doctor and nurse on real people when their health inevitably declines, all with no moral compass because science has lost its humanity.

Not only science, but medicine, business, and even commerce, where the pursuit of money is considered an honorable objective in and of itself. Religion has lost its humility, thinking that large edifices and intercessors are needed to “represent” the unworthy masses, and any belief that isn’t our belief, is “wrong.” Tax assessors and collectors, bill collectors and intimidators all see no link between their actions’ effects on others and similar dynamics that evolve in their own lives. These are some of the consequences of thinking that power is in money, and making money into a god. The actions that we justify doing to each other and the planet Earth in the name of money is indeed hellish at times.

I am no longer surprised that realms can exist that are populated by energies that would be considered “dark.” Fortunately, I now appreciate that none are static, and that light is fundamental to, and implicit in all of creation, and will eventually be revealed. When you know that, what is there to fear?

Petrov and Arepjev, along with Grigori Grabovoi, have demonstrated, and are continuing to demonstrate the efficacy of their healing practices and principles by the results that they are achieving, without “technology” or medication, but with consciousness and natural gifts, on real people. Dismissing their accomplishments is an option, but would not be wise.

But then, what has skepticism or doubt ever had to do with wisdom?

If all of creation is information, and in itself neutral, then any resistance or affinity that I experience was my own self-limitation.

Having said that, I am deeply interested in, and committed to learning, understanding, and utilizing the Gifts that I have come to understand are God-given, not only to me, but to all of humanity. This includes the power to heal myself of any ailment or abnormality, without a doctor’s note or permission by any professed “Authority.”

The journey of consciousness is singular even though we make collective strides. As Petrov and Arepjev traveled through the depths of the valley of the shadows of death, I was touched at how they feared no evil, knowing not only that a divine presence was “with them,” but also within them.

This is actually one of the blessings of contrast, in that by moving in and through the core of a frightful or even stressful experience, you do one of two things; succumb to the stress or fright and its resultant downward spiral, or rise above it and ascend to new levels and realms of experience.

What are you choosing?

The Power of the Imaginal ‘You’

Sad truth...

I can’t speak to mass media programming practices in other countries, but in America, the term “programming” is appropriate in ways far beyond the subject of entertainment. At stake is not the human soul. It is the human imagination.

At the heart, the control and programming of human imagination speaks to humanity’s collective perception of possibility and impossibility. It also influences who they believe is “in control,” and how said control is being played out.

Perception tends to be limited or constrained by that which appears to:

  1. have happened in the past,
  2. be happening in the present,
  3. be doable without dire consequence.

Our sense of both “the present” and “the future” is influenced and molded, but not controlled by these factors. If such factors controlled everything, there would be neither innovation nor invention. There would be no social change. There would be no change in direction. No healing for “the ill.” No abundance for “the poor.” No freedom for the confined, and no forgiveness for those who have condemned themselves for their actions.

If the past, present, and the threat of dire consequences actually controlled things, suppression wouldn’t give way to disclosure, and deception wouldn’t give way to truth. Hearts hardened by efforts to “rule” and “control” wouldn’t regain their humanity.

And yet, all of the conditions described above are changed with the application of another idea; courage.

Indeed, illness, dysfunction, poverty, crime, and punishment, and their collective forms of famine, natural disasters, and war, are also perceptions; ideas applied consistently enough to seem real and independent of the people who express, and are directly affected by them. When faced with the courage of heart-felt conviction, all can be transformed.

Say or see something a certain way consistently enough, and the proclivity to question and challenge the idea tends to wane. Acceptance and stagnation emerges as the limitation becomes a stable component of one’s reality. And yet, this can always be changed as one gains knowledge of our true imaginal nature, and changes what attention and energy is given to.

Expect a period of destabilization while the vision settles in.

“Image” is everything

While the imagination would be, and is the main component of the imaginal nature, the more fundamental element to notice is the power to image. When we imagine, we are imaging. When we image, we initiate the organization of patterns and frequencies into fields of energy. Field manifestation occurs instantly. This is one reason that intention is so powerful, though you’d never know it from mainstream media.

We are inclined to think that imaging is a brain function, but it’s not. The brain itself is the result of an idea. It has no creative power of its own. It is a transmitter and receiver of impulses and information that passes through the multidimensional and Imaginal You. The heart is where transformational imaging occurs. It is also how one’s transcendental vision is organized and coalesces without linear “thinking.”

Heart-felt imaging

An energy field is created instantly when we imagine from the heart. However, within the linear space/time continuum that presently predominates, a field formation process is initiated, whereby the patterns and energies that are destined to become our experiences will increase in both coherence and density.

In the context of space/time, “Here” and “Now” is an ideaform that has gained sufficient coherence and density so that we experience it as “the physical moment.” However, it is inherently limited since we think that it encompasses only that which is visible/measurable in the physical sense. Yet, Here and Now is far more expanded than that, encompassing all other planes, vibrations, and densities exist too.

The dark matter and dark energy that are now understood to make up 95% of the mass of the Universe, doesn’t represent an unmanifested reality, but simply one that we presently don’t or cannot yet coherently perceive. The fact that we are aware of it means that we can perceive it. However, we don’t presently know how to interact with it consciously. I believe the this knowledge comes as we awaken to the implicit Oneness of All with the Creator and Creation, and inherent Gifts that rest within each of us.

Our insistence on defining reality and our limitations by the characteristics of our physical form contributes to an inability to fathom the non-physical elements that are equality, and more fundamentally ours. And yet, these elements can be imagined by each human being, and therefore represent individual power that is not yet available consciously.

In this context, notice what the mass media serves up to us each day. Stories about conflicts and violence, that are resolved with guns. Stories of militarily enforced peace initiatives. Stories of disaster and disease, lack and limitation. Stories of exploitation and indifference. Divisive stories about “have’s” and “have not’s”.

No one talks about the costs of health care going down, which would happen as more people (1) heal from illness, and (2) get sick less often. The predominant conversation is about the inevitable and continual rise in disease. Few are willing to help another who is ill because we are told only drugs can “cure,” and you have to be licensed to administer them. We do not understand our own innate power, not only to heal ourselves, but to send coherent, healing energy to another through the conscious use of our imaginal power. We don’t know that denying help to another in a time of need for fear of reprisal is to deny ourselves when our time comes.

It gets easier to pull the trigger with practice...

Our children’s imaginal power is being channeled through realistic looking video games that help them practice pointed guns at other human beings and pulling the trigger, stealing cars and racing dangerously through the streets for no particular reason. We’re led to believe that unseen viruses and bacteria are threats to our health, so much so that we’ve permitted life-altering chemical treatment of our water, foods, and medications to combat them.

When the viruses, bacterial infections, and tumors inevitably come, we raise more money to fight them as our “enemies.” Practicing medicine by “the Book,” allopathic practitioners discuss the odds of recovery using statistical data lacking any knowing, or even evidence, that the human being is well within his or her own power to not only heal, but regenerate and normalize and restore metabolic function.

Inner Peace art

Peace is not thought of as an inner state. We see it as a state that someone else must submit to through some form of “enforcement.” We have even shouted mantras such as “No Justice, No Peace!” in protest to perceived external conditions that we wish to see changed. Yet, the conscious, positive use of imagination is as powerful as any other, its power increased by the level of balance, peace, and equanimity that one has established within one’s self. It is untraveled territory for most.

Peace is a gift that one fills self with to overflowing. Then, as we keep on giving, its radiant vibration will touch everything and everyone around us without depleting the Giver. We need not be afraid of the future, if we choose a loving and peaceful present.


Before writing the above, I read this passage from Book II of Arcady Petrov’s Creation of the Universe trilogy, Save The World Within You.

I have devoted many pages in both the first and second book of my trilogy to traditional, “big” science. “Why did you do it?” the reader may ask. It was adherents of traditional science that formed humankind’s collective consciousness for centuries; they are responsible for many of the planet’s problems, both global and those involving personal destinies. Therefore, all those to whom the true state of affairs is revealed must relentlessly ring the alarm bell and help to shift the worldview and psychology of people in the other direction — from mechanical knowledge to universalism and from selfishness to universal love for all nature, for everything that the Creator has given us.

Yes, the inertia of thinking is a powerful and dangerous force. The well-known American writer James Halperin has a good joke about it: “People drummed it into their heads that man is mortal, and now they keep dying of inertia.”

Actually, Halperin is absolutely right. People do not necessarily have to die. Conviction in the inevitability of death is real only as long as public consciousness accepts this sad inevitability. But if people stop thinking that death is inevitable it will no longer be that.

Further on, Petrov continues…

When people appeal to the past, extracting from it abundant evidence to confirm that these or any other paranormal phenomena are impossible in principle (which is what Academician Kapitsa did), they forget about the simple and universally understood word, “evolution.”

Apple’s Brightest Light Dimmed

Steve Jobs passing

As I took photos of just my second Apple product ever, a tiny iPod Nano that has become part of my vision for a new concept in healing and well-being modalities (more on that soon), the announcement was broadcast on my car radio that Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer Inc., had passed away at a brief 56 times around the sun.

Expect to see pundits and opinion directors turn this into a platform for “heightened awareness” about the condition that will have been attributed as the cause of Jobs’ death. More money will be sought and raised, more people will walk, jog, and run. However, until more people gain a practical understanding of humanity’s multidimensional nature, we’ll continue devising strategies to heal the human iceberg by “attacking” the tip only. They will continue to sound plausible as long as we act as though the other part, is not there. I refer specifically to the need for balance, which includes a functional existence on what would normally be considered purely energetic levels of expression.

All expression is energetic. One major difference lies in density. Another difference is in the expression’s degree of coherence. The form that we think of as the human body simply represents the optimal vibrational density range for interaction with others who are similarly “tuned” for earthly life. When it is coherent, we are also healthy, not only of body, but of mind and emotions.

There are other, less dense energetic aspects (and realms) of Earth, as well as of the human nature, that we are free to travel to. Anyone who can remember a dream, recalls a subtle adventure where generally understood laws of physics, and concepts of who is “living” and “dead,” need not apply.

As is the case with the deaths of most high-profile people, Jobs’ passing is a windfall for the present medical orthodoxy because he will be presumed to have received the very best of care that money could buy.

That’s the problem. If he had insisted on some “alternative” approach and died, the approach would have been blamed. If he got well again, it’s highly unlikely anyone would ever have publicly said how.

If the money to pay for orthodox pancreatic treatments and liver transplants couldn’t buy Jobs his health back, most people presume — or it will be suggested — that even more money must be spent in research in this ongoing “battle.” They don’t question the treatment methods, even though there is no reason that a man so young should contract such a condition, much less succumb to it. We’ll never know whether it was the acuteness of his condition, or the treatment, that actually hastened his exit.

By relying on “the experts” to tell us how to interpret what happened, as well as where the challenges, opportunities, and research must be directed, we continue to put distance between true healing, and ourselves. Thinking of disease as a “battle” maintains the mentality that justifies destructive, medical weaponry. Thinking that death is the irrevocable end to life maintains the “by any means necessary” attitudes and methods that are employed to avoid it.

So expect to see all the stops pulled in an effort to “beat” this “menace to society,” even though in actuality, cancer is no more a menace than an Staph, E. coli or Salmonella bacteria, or the West Nile virus. These mute living messengers are natural responses that the body produces in response to the unnatural products that predominate day-to-day life. Being life, they serve a metabolic purpose that is necessary to sustain life. Yet, the press is more apt to characterize Jobs’ death a victory for “these enemies” than a failure of current medical or political, social, and educational standards and practices.

No one is speculating on what, with an idyllic life and enviable lifestyle, Jobs’ would possibly intake or be exposed to on an ongoing basis that would eventually wreck pancreatic function and lead to a liver transplant. Yet, there are surely a long list of medications that can shut a liver down.

We’ve lost touch with the knowledge that under the proper circumstances, the body can self-repair, and have been led to believe that unless we take vaccines “for protection,” we’ll definitely catch the feared disease. The companies that produce the medication think it’s good business to “be prepared.” They seem to have no concept of the insult, the shock that vaccines have on the entire electrical system. That’s why they appear dumbfounded when hints of a connection between vaccinations and autism and “sudden infant death syndrome” or SIDS, are suggested.

On the other hand, orthodox medical practitioners would likely be dismissive of a conversation about natural organ repair or regeneration without surgery!

The people who we’ve trusted to know what the microbial messengers are really saying, have themselves been fed a grim fairytale, and been led to believe that their medical religion is infallible, so infallible that laws and government agencies have put all conscience and common sense aside to shield them from the consequences of their prescriptions and practices.

However, Nature will have the last word.


Book two of Arcady Petrov’s trilogy just arrived, and the first paragraph of the introduction describes the journey and objective.

You are holding in your hands the second book in a series conceived as a trilogy. It’s title, “Save the World within You” largely defines its subject matter. The purpose of the book is to unveil the techniques and technologies of clairvoyance, its discovery through the spiritual aspects of self-development, and positive management of events in one’s life. Just as in the first book, the narrative is presented on two planes — the ordinary, earthly plane and the subtle matter plane occurring, as it were, in parallel to our world, the existence of which most people do not even recognize.

After reading the first book, “Save Yourself,” I suspected this might be the case.

Preparing to dive in…

On Neutrality, Changing Truth, and Worldview on Death

At its simplest, most fundamental core, change happens from the nexus of where the Now Moment intersects with the spatial construct known as “here.” At these precise coordinates is the confluence of feelings that represent one’s vision, or worldview, which is “colored” by individual and collective hopes, fears, passions, and beliefs. We could say that there are no real “truths” in this objective or observable world because while it might appear that the sky is blue or the sun is hot, you’ll always find someone whose “truth” says otherwise. Truth is an inner construct that is as malleable as the outer one. And when we are ready to embrace a different inner truth, we will create a different outer world.

For a vision or worldview to change, one’s truth must change. To understand that the truth can set one free, one must see how their truth has already enslaved, and most likely is still doing so.

We argue for our limitations. We rationalize the status quo, and horrors that we instigate in the name of freedom. We acquiesce to the notion that the diseases — the abnormalities — that have insinuated themselves into our lives must be fought to the death, and — as long as we have someone to pay for it — that we will be the battlefield. All the while we’re never invited to re-examine our truths. It’s not that they are sacrosanct, they’re very profitable for a few at the expense of many.

But damn neither the few, nor the many. If you insist in doing so, you strengthen your current worldview, thereby keeping yourself where you are.

The moment we embrace neutrality. The moment we see and feel all ideas with equanimity; the moment we are at peace with all that has “shown up” in the Now Moment, Shift can happen.

If death can be reversed, then what is the point of killing?

If death is an illusion that we’ve been treating as “truth” all these eons, it makes perfect sense why there would be a nether world of “dark” spirits who haven’t yet awakened again to their Inner Light.

Imagine the suicide bomber that was conned into killing himself for 72 virgins, only to get to the other side and realize that he needs a body in order to play with them, or that they are 72 angry wives. Angry before he took his own life and that of others, he’s most likely angrier now… but at whom?

If we are one, his motivation for wanting to return to this dimension (he will not have left Earth) may not be to “get even,” but to restore balance, for destruction is a destabilizing force that affects the entire Cosmos and dimensions not yet imagined in our world. As we recover our true selves we become the balance that the world needs and yearns for. We also reveal the love that the world needs and yearns for.

Love is the cohering power of all creation.

There is life on the other side of “death,” but not bliss if one’s heart is not blissful, if it’s not balanced, coherent, and at peace with all. There are legions of souls who have gone to war to fight (i.e., kill) for peace, but they were in conflict with their Inner Truth that since there is no death, this was not getting us where the politicians said we were going. Net result, messed up souls.

Why? Messed up worldview.

The “preserve freedom” mantra that the Western nations have fed their citizenry is the same as the “72 virgin” myth of the terrorists. I refuse to label the 72 virgin myth as an Islamic or Muslim construct, but will call our military actions in foreign nations terrorist too. They are just as destructive and destabilizing as the suicide bombers. They may also be fed from the same source, who fund both the west and east.

All of these dynamics could be part of a larger, collective ruse to keep the When Will Humanity Wake Up? game going.

And what are we to “wake up” to? Our power. Our ability to create everything, and to the fact that we are creating everything that we imagine. Everything, without exception, from the picocosm to the macrocosm. If it is in our consciousness, it is our creation, because it is real.

Many people think that when they die they’ll go to heaven and be with God (or a menacing counterpart). What if the real truth shows up after the veil has lifted, and they see the deception that they have operated under and the mess that they perpetuated?

It could be that many people are allowing themselves to be killed medicinally for some karmic balancing purposes that only a soul would understand for sure. But what about those who are allowing it because they simply don’t know better yet? What about those who think that their illness is God’s punishment, and they’re running the martyr program? What joyful options, experiences, and accomplishments are they foregoing simply because they have yet to imagine it? What if they knew that they can heal and be healthy, and the price that they must pay is to give up their tendency toward judgment and ill-will?

If such truths became evident to me after leaving the body, I can imagine wanting to come back until I understood myself enough to make making my heart’s choice the signature of my life.

Evaporating an Invisible Barrier to the Ideal You

Artists rendition the Etherinc Body

Another title, Selected Lectures, by Grigori Grabovoi, is available for preorder on I have read Grabovoi’s short book, Unified System of Knowledge. While it takes some “tuning” to get acclimated to the rhythm of the translated English, it still makes a deep impression.

Although I generally have time to read a few pages at a time Petrov’s 500+ page narrative, Save Yourself, is an easier read for me than Grabovoi’s.

In reality, the vacuum, which means “emptiness” when translated from Latin, turns out to be not empty space at all but a certain informational environment that contains over 99 percent of the total information within the Universe. — pg. 104

This statement correlates with the premise that over 95% of the mass of the universe is comprised of what has been termed, “dark matter.” It’s only “dark” because we have thus far been unable to conceptualize it.

Science still questions whether we’re alone in the Universe, and yet, the unrecognized matter and energy that we have detected would suggest that there is — not “may be” — far more available to our perception when we develop the eyes to see and ears to hear. Perhaps this will happen when we demonstrate the willingness to love the ones that we presently see and hear.

Science, especially in areas of direct interaction between different fields, such as physics-chemistry, biology-genetics, and computer science-psychology, is now beginning to accept a paradoxical paradigm, which would have been considered blasphemous heresy just yesterday: there is no impassable barrier between the material and the ideal; one can quite easily become transformed into the other. –pg. 105

If no such barrier exists except for our belief that it does, then our task and opportunity can shift toward allowing such a transformation to, and oneness with The Ideal to be restored within our lifetime.

Petrov progressively describes how he came to learn of the “bio-computer,” a natural quality of the material world that could be likened to the Holodeck on the U.S.S. Enterprise of Star Trek fame. Learning how to consciousness access and control the bio-computer, which is already being used unconsciously by everyone, becomes the task/opportunity at hand. The distinction we should be making here is that the bio-computer is living, and not a simulation. The Ideal You lives, and is available for assimilation, attunement, and atonement.

This is place where knowledge is a power greater than money, and it’s available too, because it is part of everyone.

“Missing Link” Found: The Human Consciousness

I’m starting to get into Arcady Petrov’s Save Yourself, Book One of his trilogy, Creation of the Universe. It is a narrative of his personal journey which yielded new insights about the nature of reality and the role of human consciousness in reality’s creation and/or change. Along the way, restored perfect eyesight and later, regeneration of his gallbladder served as very credible confirmations that Petrov was on to something important.

Imagine what such success might mean in your life.

This is in stark contrast to the primrose path that modern medicine continues to try to lead the public down. How many times each day do you hear or see something like the following?

“Ask your doctor if __________ is right for you! And if you can’t afford your medication, ___________ (caring company that it is) may be able to help!”

“And by the way, while you may experience rashes, uncontrollable twitches, heart attack, or have thoughts of suicide, take heart because your symptoms of __________ disease will have gone away.”

Advertisements of this type proliferate over the airwaves and in print publications, such as the New York Times and Reader’s Digest. They should be outlawed.

They steer the undiscerning consciousness of the viewer/reader toward creating the very problems that the medication is apparently intended to resolve. The problem with this practice is that healing isn’t the primary intent behind the development, availability, and dissemination of such medications; profitability through condition perpetuation, is.

Creating the appearance of improvement without actually doing so is not only the goal, it is what they have succeeded in doing. The push and perception that we’re potential victims to Mother Nature, unable to fend for ourselves is so relentless that vaccinations are mandatory in the education system, placing our children educations as hostage unless shots of powerful chemical toxins are given to their still developing immune systems. Instead of being a boost, said vaccinations are an insult, invasion, and traumatizing shock to said system.

We’ve become so accustomed to thinking that having letters behind one’s name means they hold greater truths than we’re capable of knowing, has meant that millions of people surrender their own common sense to someone who “practices” on others for a living, following guidelines outlined in a “Bible” that recognizes pharmacology as the only viable field of knowledge.

Old school practices...The shocking rise in the phenomenon known as autism spectrum disorder is clear evidence of a connection between vaccination events and neurological and cognitive lights going out on thousands of children with increasing frequency. Yet, the practice goes virtually unquestioned and unchallenged, and is even rationalized and defended in medical circles. Parents resign themselves to figuring out ways to mitigate what has been done to their children, instead of taking affirmative steps to prevent it from happening again to any child.

A great price has been, and is being paid for this, the chemicalization and medicalization of America. So pervasive has the onslaught been that most Americans don’t even see it, and are still not aware of the price they’re paying to this very day.

Petrov eventually opened a center in Moscow that has not only helped thousands of people restore their health using what he calls “bio-informational technology.” The beauty of it all is that, while the FDA and other alphabet agencies try to bulldog their way into control of natural supplements, consciousness is a field that will always remain the domain of its holder. Each human being has a consciousness, and in fact, is one. We may continue to turn over “control” to an authority (which many are presently doing), but that practice will change, as will one’s world, when we wake up to who we are and embrace the power that rests within us.

Fortunately, more people are waking up each day. I found this passage from Petrov’s book to be of interest

The sensational discoveries made by Russian Chinese Dr. Tszyan Kanchzhen, outlined in his work Theory of Field Control attracted the attention of the science section of the Communist Party Central Committee years ago and were classified as top-secret. Dr. Kanchzhen determined that “DNA is not simply a ‘cassette’ with recorded data its material carriers are bioelectric signals.” In other words, the electromagnetic field and DNA comprise a combined genetic material, which exists in two forms: the passive one — the DNA, and the active one — the electromagnetic field. The first stores the genetic code, which ensures the stability of the body. The second, however, is capable of altering it. This can be accomplished through the impact of bio-electromagnetic signals, which contain energy and information simultaneously.

This observation fully supports the position presented by Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles, who postulates that genes do not control the organism, a position supported by the emerging science of epigenetics. I recently spoke with Steve Bhaerman, who co-authored, with Dr. Lipton another milestone book, Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here.

Petrov goes on to describe how Kanchzhen provided tangible proof of his hypothesis through laboratory experimentation, concluding:

Dr. Tszyan Kanchzhen’s works have been patented and are essentially the first to have made a serious dent in the credibility of numerous orthodox deniers of the psychophysical makeup of reality. Until then, traditional science considered the hypothesis about the active participation of the mind and the consciousness in the processes under research to be an absurdity. The thought process was viewed merely as a sequence of neurophysiological reactions that could not have any original, primary energy, i.e., any energy acting in advance of such neuro-physiological reactions.

Here’s a “missing link” that proponents of Darwinism have never even considered looking for, and might still argue doesn’t exist. Otherwise, humanity — ALL of humanity — would have to be looked at as something more than mere parasites on planet Earth. Presently, we see life as something that happens to us, but not, as Grigori Grabovoi proclaims, through us. This is a very important point of information that can forever change our thoughts on where power truly rests.

When ExtraOrdinary Technology Meets ExtraPerceptual Consciousness We ALL Win

Time flies when you’re having fun, or so the time-honored adage goes. But today, time seems to simply be flying. Your individual “fun mileage” may vary.

The 2011 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference was something that should be on everyone’s list who want to see “out-of-the-box” thinking in action. I had an intense weekend at the event in Albuquerque last week (some of it discussed in my most recent edition of Talk For Food), and upon returning home, quickly immersed myself in the details of opening up another venture, the Photonic Energy Center (we don’t have the web site up yet), which will feature, among other things, a device called, the Photon Genius, which I learned about in March when I traveled to the Midwest to interview a couple, Drs. Tom and Joy Watson, who run a natural health service, in which a Photon Genius is in both of their offices.

The big national (and international) story was agreement of the U.S. government to increase the debt ceiling. A cause for celebration by most pundits, but which affected me in much the same way as the celebratory tone that prevailed after Osama bin Laden had apparently been “conclusively” killed, according to the opinion makers, making the world a better place. I shared my misgivings about the debt ceiling decision too, since no one expected anything else. The drama surrounding the “last minute” wrangling was predictable and inevitable, so as to give the impression that the outcome was truly in doubt.

It was not. The perception of debt, indebtedness, and by inference, indentured status, was solidified, which was the goal all along.

It was the goal because no options; other than raising the debt ceiling or raising taxes, were ever discussed.

I opined that these, among other reasons, are why America has already become a Second World country. Standard and Poors has already devalued the bond rating, which will mean higher interest rates which will ultimately be paid by, guess who? Americans!

All of this in the face of the fact that it is unnecessary.

I’m about to dash out again, this time to record a seminar about a topic I came across last year, but kept quiet about. It is the work of a Russian, Arcady Petrov, who has a center in Moscow three notable phenomena are happening; organ regeneration (e.g., uterus after hysterectomy), restoration of eyesight (after blindness that persisted, in some cases, for decades), and the regeneration of teeth. The main vehicle for these changes? Consciousness.

Petrov is a student of Grigori Grabovoj, who is on record of performing a feat thought to be possible by only a few in all of human history, resurrection from death. I’m not making this up.

Watch this video, Light of Eternity. It is part 1 of 7 on YouTube.

When I saw this video last year, I made a promise to myself that I’d go to Russia to meet Petrov and Grabovoj, learn about their methods, and introduce and employ them here in the U.S. Petrov’s book was not available in English at the time. I looked hard and wide for a translation, finding only a 25-page manuscript of the beginning. But all of that is changing.

The only place where I found any coherent information about Petrov and Grabovoj’s work was in Germany, at the Svet Center, which was founded by Svetlana Smirnova, a Russian-born neurologist who now lives and practices in Hamburg.

Life hasn’t taken me to Russia yet, but today, the information that I seek has come to me. Svetlana Smirnova is in Phoenix, about to give an 8-hour seminar on this work with Alexander Teetz, a biophysicist who will translate Smirnova’s German into English.

I’ll be video recording, as well as interviewing them. We’ll discuss how to use the video after it is shot.

At the time I learned about this, there was no Photonic Energy Center in my plans. But now that there is, what I envision is even more exciting, as I see how humanity —  those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear — can ween itself off the “medicinal model” altogether. Looks like a great marriage between ExtraOrdinary Technology and ExtraPerception (which is simply an awakened) Consciousness is at hand.

I’ll have more to say about all of these subjects soon.

Self-Understanding, Beliefs, and Energy

Beliefs power all change that we experience, whether said change is desired or otherwise.

While self-awareness is not a foreign concept to most people, self-understanding, which is the larger and more useful goal, gets far less attention. To illustrate, our general self-understanding shows a level of maturity where, by adulthood, we’ve outgrown childhood beliefs in such concepts as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, but we still fall for the Grim Fairy Tales that suggest that “diseases” represent malevolent invaders that have a life of their own, afflict everyone that they “strike,” and once said disease is contracted, it must be killed, at the risk of the life and limb of the patient.

If our self-understanding is low enough to buy this story (and mine has been there because I bought it willingly), we will accept any plausible story from anyone who appears to know (credentials and degrees are very effective indicators of the appearance of knowledge or competence), even if the approach has shown little in the way of favorable results.

In other words, if the fear, the veil to self-understanding, is large enough, and misinformation is conveyed consistently enough, we will override common sense, and thereby allow “experts” or other influences to hasten us to the doorway of our demise.

Self-understanding is still low enough in general, that it has not yet become apparent that the long list of “diseases” that have been foisted upon the public consciousness by the Health Care industry, American Medical Association and related agencies of thinking, are fabrications that do not exist unto themselves, other than as states of energy, which are neither proprietary, nor engraved in stone.

It’s All Energy

Diseases are states of energy because we are fields of energy, in which smaller energy states exist. We exist in larger fields of energy. A field of energy is also an energy state.

Energy is the most malleable substance in all the universe. Even when it appears to be still, it is actually moving. Even apparent nothingness is actually a somethingness of subtle energy. Even when it is chaotic, there exists an underlying order. All harmonic change emerges out of apparent disharmony. They are always in a state of change, at varying rates.

All “disorders” and diseases have an underlying order that can be expressed, or re-expressed, when they are viewed from the context of energy. If you can detect energy, it won’t and can’t “lie.”

Healing is not the result of external, measurable, quantifiable factors. It is the process of adjusting, aligning, restoring balance, and coherence to our energy field complex, which is who and what we are.

The energy-adjusting factors that hold the greatest sway in the healing process are subtle, immeasurable. This is because we are not a single, but are multiple fields of energy, the differences of which may be likened to multiple octave scales on a piano keyboard.

In the illustration above, you can see the correlation between musical notes on a single octave on a keyboard. This sound (and light) octave corresponds to the physical body alone. However, we have other “bodies” that, while not visible, each have their own “musical notes” that are of higher octaves.

People who have endured the painful energy-state of nerve damage, which is referred to medically as peripheral neuropathy, are often surprised to find that after agreeing to have the painful limb amputated, the pain continues. The doctors call this phantom pain. But the truth is that the sensation of pain is an energetic disturbance that exists on a higher octave, in an unseen energy body, than the physical one. In fact, if the emotional or mental trauma that actually contributed to the damaged and hurt feelings that the individual experienced had been addressed in the first place, restoring balance, alignment, and coherency, the pain and the physical dysfunction could have naturally reversed.

The states of balance, alignment, and coherence of our energy fields, which constitute the complex of our beingness speak loudest with regard to (1) the individual’s putting themselves into the disease condition, and (2) their power to activate the corrections that reverse the condition.

Treatment methods that do not consider the entire complex, allopathic or naturopathic, miss the very biggest of opportunities.

The entire energy complex includes the individual consciousness that forms it.

That would be the true “you” and “me”.

A Love Note to the Beautiful and Powerful You

Lost amid a myriad dialogues about the trying, even apocalyptic times we are in, is an appreciation of just how beautiful and powerful we, this entire collective of Souls on Earth, are.

I write these words knowing that “beautiful and powerful” might be among the last words that some readers would choose for a self-description, much less for humanity. Or perhaps, given the opinion that it is okay to kill and even celebrate the elimination of certain factions, they can see where the terms may apply to some, but certainly not to all. The concepts of population control, capital punishment, “ethnic cleansing,” and eugenics are all products and permutations of such thinking, where “authorities”—believed to have something that we do not, e.g., power, money, credentials—decide who, for the sake of the “greater good,” should exist (i.e., to live) and who should not (i.e., to die.)

Yet, they shun responsibility for the policies that they enact on our behalf, claiming powerlessness to follow anything but the self-serving, arcane “rules” (laws) that control them.

This is all part of a grand fairytale that we’ve been unwitting witnesses to, and actors within. Our health care mess, War on Terror, Federal Reserve system and the National Debt, are all examples of how we’ve allowed our lust for money supersede policies that reflect and embody a love and respect for each other. It’s more of a “grim” fairytale because many people are suffering the ill-effects of the adoption of long-standing “self-evident” truths that appear to benefit a small few.

But I assert that humanity is beautiful and powerful. We are compelling evidence that anything we can think, is being done; is being experienced by someone, somewhere.

And if an idea isn’t being experienced presently, it can be eventually, at some future time. If an idea serves a purpose, a human, or group of humans, will imagine it into being. The purpose that the idea serves doesn’t have to make sense to you or me, but it is a perfect expression of gross effect that is spawned from subtle cause, the immeasurable nothingness and emptiness of a thought or idea.

The Power to Imagine Like da Vinci

While he is heralded as one of the greatest artists in all of history, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) imagined the advent of flying machines 400 years before the Wright Brothers took their historic flight at Kitty Hawk. In a scant 100 years since then, we are now imagining manned journeys to distant planets of the solar system and beyond. Clearly, there is power in imagining. It is also clear that a large portion of the human population uses its imagination unconsciously, with little awareness of its—or their—true power.

Leonardo had no more power to imagine, or to create than any other human being living on the planet today, any that has ever lived, or ever will. The question is, how do we use this power called imagination?

What do we imagine? Not only about ourselves, but about our world? And how does what we imagine about ourselves affect the world around us? There are some who think that individually, we are of little to no consequence in the larger scheme of things. I tend to differ.

The idea that our imagination is of little consequence provides no incentive to take greater notice. When persistent fears become recurring experiences, we don’t see the connection. When authorities take steps to limit our freedoms on the logic that they are “protecting” our safety, we blindly imagine the worse outcomes that they conjure up, supported by media coverage in newspaper and magazine articles, broadcast news, motion pictures, fictionalized dramatizations and video games. We allow them to send our children into zones of war, where hostilities and enmity is escalated and death tolls mount, instead of diffusing contentious ideas that have persisted for centuries.

Young soldiers are taught to “follow orders” and “shoot to kill” to protect life, liberty, and property. They will kill, confine, imprison, and destroy in order to do so.

So “the game” has gone.

I believe that if we master ourselves, we can transform the world. This is why the Powers That Be have attempted, best they could, to keep you in question and doubt as to whether you can trust, and therefore be responsible for, your own judgment, unafraid of any other.

This is why we’re encouraged to be fearful, an oxymoron if I ever heard one. If keeping people in the dark about who they are is the goal, fear is the only way to go.

Fearing Love and the Source

We are encouraged to fear loving and God (an omnipotent Supreme Creator that is separate from, and judgmental of us). We’re advised to worry about what He’ll do to us if we don’t satisfy the conditions and stipulations, and jump through the hoops that His intercessors have put before us to appease Him.

This God, mind you, is the Essence of Love, which has no reason to withhold Itself from anyone, any more than the sun would choose to shine on some while refusing its light to others, or gravity would selectively apply, or limit, its force.

Some ideas, in their purest, highest expression, are unconditional. They are also eternal. Love is one such idea. The intent of love, irrespective of the language spoken, is universally beneficial, harmless, courageous, nurturing, health-enhancing, and life-affirming.

When we practice love in anything other than its full intention, we open ourselves to the vacuum that forms by its withholding, expressed variously as sorrow, loneliness, and despair, or aggression, anger, shame, reprisal and revenge.

If we are willing to be blatantly honest, chronic illness and disease can all be traced to a time or place where love was, or is still being withheld, which reduces one’s joie de vivre, progressively and cumulatively, and hence, one’s reasons to live.

Love is a reason to live, because love is life. To take away love, or to refuse to give it, is to suffer a little death within.

We do this not knowing that the solution to our perceived problems in life (and love) is to give to others what we feel we want to add to our lives. If we seek love, joy, or peace in our lives, we should give it unconditionally, as the option is always present.

It’s hard—I’d even say impossible—to hold on to “hard feelings” when you’re giving love. When we’re withholding love, compassion, or genuine care for another, we don’t realize that we’re also withholding these energies and feelings from ourselves. When we feel vulnerable and victimized, we take our own immune system down, because we’re less enlivened in ways that only being in love can do.

This doesn’t mean being in love with another, but simply within the coherent, harmonic energy field that is the sphere of love.

Loving another does not mean condoning, or agreeing with all that another does. It means remaining balanced and coherent within one’s self, true to who and what we are.

Being unconditionally loving is to instigate, in other words, to intend no new harm. We cannot walk into a situation bearing a weapon of mass or self-destruction, and say that we didn’t intend any harm. Only by being harmless and fearless under all circumstances would such truth be confirmed.

This does not mean cowering passivity in the face of the threat of death. However, a courageous commitment to balanced, harmonious life can do wonders. Any love withdrawal that may have resulted in acrimony or harm can be healed through love’s restoration. We have tried sending money in the place of love, and all the practice has done is escalate the perceived danger index.

Far more that is joyful can be accomplished between friends, than can ever be imagined as enemies.

These are easy concepts to dismiss, as one could cite the escalating dangers in the world, but doing so wouldn’t diminish their truth. The Powers That Be want you to celebrate the elimination of an “enemy” while enmity between groups is increased; “Ask your doctor,” your pastor or priest, peer review committee, or anyone else to whom you can hand your imaginative power over to, and not KNOW that you are beautiful and powerful beings, and said power to imagine is yours to give, and that it is YOU who are giving it. If you love how you imagine your life unfolding, and live said life each day in that spirit, your life will unfold accordingly.

This is how the game continues, and how it can change as you change.

For these reasons, you won’t read much in the way of dire future predictions coming from me. This is not because I have mastered the art of love (although it is certainly my desire and intention), but I do appreciate its power, especially when it comes to the conscious use of our imagination.

Being fearful represents the unconscious use of imagination. Being loving is the conscious use. Choosing to love, in spite of the “logical” reasons to be fearful, opens the heart, expands the consciousness, and evolves the being to a new level of possibility. It brings the imagined world into being in ways that fear can and will never do.

IF we want to see a different outcome to the dire apocalyptic scenarios that some people are suggesting, we have to imagine differently, and exercise all the qualities that go with the new intention—e.g., patience, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, courage, and gratitude.

If we realize that energy follows and forms itself around attention, which follows and forms itself around intention, then it makes no sense to give energy, thought, and imagination to outcomes that we don’t feel joyful about. (Jim Humble’s recent “Kill Order” newsletter to his readers—where he reported that he had reliable information that an FBI “hit” had been issued on him—was a big example of what I feel is unconscious, because it is unloving, imagining.)

This doesn’t mean that dire events will not occur, but it is unwise to allow the fear of them to give them energy, and override one’s sense of what is best, and loving.

It appears to be a truism that if you can conceive or imagine an idea—good, bad, or indifferent—it is. When much of the information sent across public airwaves is either mindless or laced with fear, it’s easy to see how our evolution as a species might appear to be in question. But I believe the true jeopardy is in appearance only, because each Soul is both beautiful and powerful, and an expression of, and from the same Source.

In Duality We have Trusted

There does not appear to be a power problem, where one “force” is stronger than the other. There simply appears to be a persistent predominant belief in duality, which I believe we’re in the process of learning doesn’t really exist.

Duality, the idea of separateness and contrast, can express as what we might term, oppositionism, or the proclivity to seek to “win” or prevail (not “lose”) over our “opposition,” via eradication, after convincing ourselves that our imagined “good” is more worthy to exist than their imagined “evil,” even if we must do inhumane, “evil” acts in order to eradicate the inhumane evil force.

Because we see duality as real, we become “dividable,” and therefore, “conquerable.” Thinking that cancer tumors are evil, malignant forces that invade our bodies, we remain oblivious to the unbalanced environment and imaginings that we mindlessly maintain. We agree to treatment methods that make the environment even more toxic, as well as maintain our fearful, oppositional thinking. When these methods kill us, or those we unloved (or unloved us), we mourn. But what if it was all unnecessary? What if we can change this pattern through a simply shift to more loving consciousness?

Seeing beauty and power in everyone, meaning in all of humanity, tends to throw a damper on the idea that anyone, or anything is only a force for evil (and we’re only forces of good), even if we don’t find a resonance with their position or actions. Their existence means that a purpose is being served, which will be perpetuated by fear, or transmuted by love.

But then, that is the appearance. Anyone who is motivated to take the loving road less traveled, to seek, find, and know truth that emanates from their own heart, will find the way… their way. The Path to freedom, health, abundance, and vitality, is the path of Love, and is always available when one is ready.


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