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Two Videos for Self-Empowerment and Awareness

Only time will tell who will find this information useful, and when, but I am moved to speak more, through video. A few days ago I drove to an area not far from my home, looking for a place to talk about a few things.

The two videos below are the result.

Taking Ownership of the Gift

Whether we’re talking about healing a body, a planet, or greater things still, certain realizations are necessary. I offer some suggestions. (Browser Link)

The Interrelatedness of Everything

I barely managed to get my head in the frame in the second part of this video. (Browser Link)

A New Earth Vision Formed with All-Inclusive Love

Now that the 2012 election appetizer is over, we can get on to the main course. Some people are elated, some are terrified with Mr. Obama’s re-election. I’d like to suggest that there’s another position available, which is exemplified by a growing, but unacknowledged plurality, i.e., those whose vision for a balanced, re-harmonized, detoxified, abundant, safe, and peaceful world, is undeterred.

The importance of undeterred vision cannot be over-emphasized. It means being held in spite of apparent prophesies to the contrary in the Bible or Nostradamus, predictions of Planet X/Niburu, or further encroachment in civil liberties by a corporate oligarch.

An undeterred vision of reclaimed freedom and restored health of the People includes, but is not limited to the citizens of the United States of America. It would include the citizens of the world.

It is achieved, not by external force, but by individual “order.” Not by totalitarianism, but through the acknowledge of, respect for, and expression of individual sovereignty.

The basis of collective government, is self-government, mutual respect, and responsibility.

This is not the Fatherland’s “New World Order,” but it will lead to the unfolding of a New World that All would love, because Love, by All, for All, and in All, would have brought it into being.

Irrespective of external developments, this unfolding New World receives my vote with each breath that I take.

Every human being is capable of such love, but most have a long list of “justified reasons” for choosing a much narrower version. However, the number who embrace this all-inclusive love, is growing, and by their intent, thought, and action, so shall it come into being, irrespective of who would “win” the presidential elections of life.

The world we know today is a reflection of what we’ve accepted to be “true”, much of which is, in actuality, false. The world of tomorrow depends on what new truths we’re willing to embrace, and the new choices and actions that come from them.

While the election outcome was in doubt, thanks to the $6 billion public relations campaign that the candidates and PAC organizations mounted, I didn’t tune in or follow the exit poll results. I didn’t sit mesmerized at the TV set with bated breath to see who would be the first to project the winner from exit poll data.

I had a problem with both candidates, as well as the system so intent on controlling the population that it can’t risk any true diversity of opinion, and so practiced at shaping and controlling information that a yet large percentage of the population doesn’t even know that the government doesn’t work for its benefit in spite of a daily stream of supporting evidence.

Even fewer know that the president of United States Corporation and the federal government are just pawns in a much larger game.

The statement above, while metaphorical, caused me to pause nonetheless. It suggests that forces or entities are influencing the moves that the president, Senate, and House of Representatives, make, as well as the Alphabet agencies, both overt and covert, and the military. They are getting the mandates from someone or something, and it’s not helping the people of America, nor of the World.

Some examples:

  • Divisiveness – Politicians portray the United States as the icon for freedom and “righteousness” and anyone who takes issue with us “or our friends,” are enemies. They think that “might” gives us “the right,” and “wealth” gives us power to control, punish or otherwise negatively interfere in the affairs of others. When others take exception to our policies, we use that as confirming evidence of that our policies are “right” and their “enemy” status is justified.
  • Dissension – When diversity of opinion is stifled; and when real solutions to problems are ignored while false (and even destructive) solutions are promoted, dissension will naturally rise.
  • Destruction – After 9/11, U.S. Armed Forces were sent to invade Iraq on the premise of looking for “weapons of mass destruction,” and what did we do? Destroy much of the country and kill thousands of people, leaving depleted uranium material wherever “conflict” was engaged. We insinuated ourselves into war in Afghanistan, and what are we doing? “Killing terrorists” (so we say) and protecting opium poppy fields. Other sanctioned ongoing destruction programs include cutting down rain forests, incorporating poisons in farming practices, genetically modifying food supplies, poison-centered medical treatment standards and practices, poison-centered inoculation/vaccination policies, chemical (read toxin) or synthetic, nutrition-less foods.
  • Disease – The many destructive methods described above, coupled with our dissatisfaction about them, eventually become diseases, which start new, sometimes multiple or simultaneous rounds of toxic treatments.
  • Debt – This is the true state of the “land of the free.” The country is in debt, the people are in debt (or so they believe), because the system is designed to create the illusion of freedom, but actual slavery.
  • Disinformation – Clearly, a lot of disinformation is going on, because much is being hidden. Why is it being hidden? Because if you knew the truth, you’d really be mad, and more importantly, you have the power to change it.

In spite of these factors, or because of them, it is time well-spent to take stock of our personal vision and the knowledge or belief that support it. It is the one thing that each individual can “control” irrespective of what others do, whether they agree or not.

For example, we “honor” U.S. veterans and combat personnel around the world, but what hope do we offer them? Over 320,000 vets have brain injuries alone. 18 choose suicide daily. Thousands more were wounded or maimed due to combat. My New World Vision offers them the hope of natural, not technological restoration. If they are a “force” of anything, it would be of friendship and peace. I see more travel than ever, because the destinations are safe, the people are friendly, and the memories would be Golden.

Don’t get me wrong; “The future” is at stake. However, NO ONE is able to speak with any certitude on what is going to happen. Everyone believes something; everyone feels something, but neither are expressions of known certainties.

There are those who predict a collective blooming for humanity (in the positive sense), and those who predict gloom. Who is to say that both aren’t right?

If your vision of the future isn’t a joyful one, isn’t one that you’re looking forward to, or is stress-causing rather than harmony increasing, I have little to offer that will change your mind. However, wherever you are on the “what lies ahead scale,” you may find the videos below worth your time.

Richard Hoagland: Government Secrets—What Obama Knows about December 21, 2012

Given in 2011, this presentation by Richard Hoagland uses “HD” or hyper-dimensional physics to guide his perspective to the global events of our time in general, and as they relate to December 21, 2012.

The significance of his thoughts on harmony at the end are easy to overlook.

He addresses, in some depth, many of the issues that have surfaced surrounding Freemasonry, Pyramids, Washington, DC, the presidency in general, and Mr. Obama in particular.

Mr. Hoagland, as well as the presenters below, point out substantial variances from the truth that certain scientific, political, social, medical, media, educational, and corporate operatives have relied upon to influence on our view of reality. In other words, much if not all of what we have held to be “true” has actually been false. This is a massive charade that we are waking up from and beginning to see.

The presenters also agree that we must be the solution, not some last-minute “savior”, a sentiment resoundingly echoed by Bill Donahue. How we change our inner relationship with self, will affect our geopolitical relationships with each other, and signify our readiness to be conscious, active, and equal members of an intergalactic community, and not fodder for human chomping aliens.

Notice how such membership never comes up in “New World Order” conversations?

However, in order to “be the solution,” we also need to recognize the extreme measures that have been taken to pervert the truth, and then keep it in protective custody through an entire matrix of “authorities.”

Just why things have been this way is not as important at the moment as realizing that most “truths” are actually not, and finding out what is.

Now what “truths” am I talking about? Here are a few that come to mind.

  • Darwin’s theory of human evolution
  • Germ theory
  • The speed of light is as fast as it gets
  • “Birth” is the beginning of life, and “death” is the end
  • The physical body is the being.
  • It is okay for a government to deceive, mislead, or oppress certain of its citizens
  • It is okay for a government to deceive, mislead, or disrespect the sovereignty of the citizens of other nations
  • We can dismiss the place of consciousness as a key factor in the involution of our problems, as well as the evolution of our solutions

The last item would more likely be classified as an unspoken truth, which, when they are detrimental, are the most insidious.


I have been reading several books lately, some of them are available free, online. One of which is The Dulce Book, by Branton. While I’m only halfway through Chapter 12, this book led to names of others, such as Dan Burisch (below), John Lear and a man referred to only as daniel, that fill in many blanks.

Watch them if you dare… and if you care.

Project Camelot Interviews Dan Burisch – Part 1

A five-part series.


Lloyd Pye – Everything You Know is Wrong

I differ with some of this conclusions, but his hypothesis is compelling.
Fasten your seatbelts!

A Grand Time for Lovefulness and to Know One’s Self

I don’t know about you, but in spite of all the perfectly valid reasons to be fearful about:

  • “the end” that appears to be upon us,
  • what is actually about to begin,
  • the chaos that is everywhere
  • threats that face humanity, and
  • whether there’s anything we can do about it, or
  • whether there’s time,

This is a GRAND time.

While I’m sure there are many who would beg to differ, It’s a grand time to be alive, present on Earth at this time in her history. Imagine, for a moment, that you have the power to re-create it in any way you want; what changes would you make in the world to make it a better place?

You need not tell me or anyone else your answer. Just imagine it sincerely, and love it into existence.

A massive effort has been made to keep you in a perpetual state of fear; deaf, dumb, dim, debt-ridden, diseased, and distracted. As such, the world is fraught with danger and distress, but imagine it changed. Picture your most wonderful dreams having come true.

It’s a grand time to be in the middle of things, to know the stresses that mount when we feel powerless, and the JOYFUL process of its re-discovery. It’s a grand time to realize that we haven’t been forgotten or abandoned, we’re not damaged goods, or that our isolation has been in belief, but not in actuality.

The task now is not in discovering our power, but learning how to use it consciously, lovingly. We have many things to practice on.

In every conceivable way we have been admonished to listen to and trust “experts” or “authorities” other than the One inside. We’ve been willing to offer ourselves in sacrifice, to allow the experts and “professionals” to make their best guess on what is “wrong” with us, and how to “fix” it rather than nurture and empower the Inner One that knows.

To fear for our lives means an active belief in the idea of “death” as an event we must avoid at all costs, or by any means necessary. The fears are unwarranted because death is but a phase shift wherein the Immortal Being that we are, dissociates from the mortal vehicle of earthly material, that we experience this reality through.

We are not, never have been, nor will we ever be the vehicle that is the physical body, itself a macrocosm to an ocean of microorganisms.

At death, for a final time, we “exit” the body through a stargate that is used over the entire course of the earthly lifetime while the body is in the state called “sleep.” The stargate’s molecular form is the pineal gland. This gives new meaning to the idea of entering the “temple.”

The only difference between our nightly sleep-time exit and final body dissociation is that at the final departure, the cord that persists during the physical lifetime between our Immortal Essence and the physical body, is cut.

Like an extension cord, this cord maintains not “a” flow, but the flow of divine energy that motivates, animates, and informs the physical form and all the life that lives, moves, and has their being within it, keeping it viable because it yet has a purpose to serve for you.

No force on earth can cut this cord unless and until the Immortal You decides that it is time. Even then, the cord cutter is YOU, the Immortal Being, and no Other. When and how the final phase shift occurs, is also up to YOU, for the experiential reasons that you chose prior to entering this realm.

Population Reduction, Armageddon, and End Times

Many are concerned about the population reduction intentions and initiatives of a few against the a vast portion of Earth’s population that are not only evident today, but appear to have been in effect for hundreds of years. Various prophesies, from the Bible and Nostradamus, to the Mayan Calendar and other sources, point to the times that we are currently in as significant.

Mass population reductions, or “phase shift events,” are not new on Earth. They go back much further than current shapers of opinion care to let be known.

The population of the “civilized world” has been led to believe that our present concepts of thought, science, mathematics, social order, governance, history, and most importantly, human potential, represent the most “advanced” there is, or has ever been on Earth.

Such thinking has led us to conclude that we’re a disparate group of fragile, mortal beings, alone on a hostile world and in a vast, lifeless universe, searching for extraterrestrial intelligence that may be like us, but afraid of any that appear different. While the U.S. government refuses to admit evidence of extraterrestrial visitations – recorded events go back hundreds of years – military factions prepare for war.

While I believe fear levels, with respect to ET’s are high in certain government circles, I believe it is more so due to agreements they entered into with certain ET factions – the HeLa cell is likely one such result, as it has made many “advancements” of the latter half of the 20th Century possible. This includes GMO technology.

The video below gives a small sampling of what has been going on.

While pharmacological research scientists had knocked on the door for decades trying to break in, the Human Genome itself had been virtually inviolate, that is, prior to the HeLa cell’s introduction.

After the HeLa cell, informational out-breeding across genetic lines was not only possible, it has now become accepted practice within $cientific circles. It has been duly named, “lateral gene transfer,” and has become very big business.

This ability to violate the natural integrity of the Genome is why a Monsanto can virtually co-opt “ownership” of entire species of corn and other crops via patent protection, because their genetically adulterated seeds were altered by the incredible HeLa-induced field effect that made gene mutation possible.

No one asked the public if they cared, but I think they’re going to find out soon. Monsanto isn’t alone in this one. Their fear may be more related to what humanity does with them when it finds out.

Being Immortal Beings too, but with the freedom to be unaware, the “lesson” of such people who run Monsanto, or the FDA, Syria, Israel, the various “ruling families,” etc., are between their conventional level of thinking and Higher Self.

‘Force Fields’ of Love

The time for the end of the grand charade is nigh, not because “they” are ready to let you see, but because sufficient numbers of you are ready to know and live in truth.

What does knowing and living in truth mean? It means loving love enough to be it yourself under all circumstances, toward all people. It means loving peace enough to embrace it yourself under all circumstances, toward all people.

A loving, peaceful person becomes a harmless person. And while the “powers that were” would have you think that the only way to protect yourself from harm is to “bare arms,” as in weapons of harm and destruction, becoming harmless actually invokes a much more effective power, in the form of your own force field.

The human force field is made of plasma, which is the same material as the silver cord that keeps the physical body functioning as it sleeps while we are away on other planes of experience.

Considered the fourth state of matter, plasma’s nature and dynamics are rarely discussed.

Our relationship to plasma, and more importantly, its ability work on our behalf, is largely unknown, and rarely consciously observed.

Better we think that we need guns to protect us, when in fact, a plasma field around us and within has been protecting us all along, that is, when we’re not believing in, or thinking of harmful methods so deeply as to bring harm to ourselves.

What we seek, we’ll find. What we fear will appear.

A plasma field protects the earth, as it is made of the same “stuff” that is issued forth from the sun. It transforms the sun’s energy into a form that becomes our visible, “living” forms. It also influences the interactions that occur between living beings in our respective dramas of earthly experience.

Plasma, the fourth state of matter, is within everything that is physical, and is responsive to the direction of the consciousness of an Immortal Being, i.e., you and me.

With or without your body, you are an Immortal Being. Irrespective of who you call “God,” or whether you believe in one, you are an Immortal Being. Your disbelief in, or disagreement over the nature of God doesn’t invalidate your Immortal Beingness any more than your being “born” on Earth makes you an “earthling.”

All of humanity are spiritual, i.e., Immortal Beings, having a time-limited experience on Earth. As such, they take on an experiential vehicle that is made of earthly material, for the duration of their journey here. When that purpose is served and the journey done, they leave.

Existence doesn’t begin on earth, nor does it end here. However, distortion created on Earth will need to be resolved here before moving on. Distortion in one’s energy field, the effects of lovelessness and fear, remains in one’s energy field, dims the light, and therefore restricts one’s interstellar motility.

Yet, one’s very willingness to love self and others, to forgive and be forgiven, to not only seek peace, but be an example, marks the lifting, not only the veil to more expanded consciousness, but the restoration of conscience, and opening to the Universal Life that has always been present, though previously unseen.

Fearlessness is not the same as Lovefulness. One can be fearless, while lacking wisdom. The loveful are wise. The loveful will melt hostilities because they value and respect the life, sovereignty, and kindredness of themselves with ALL of creation, whether “born” on Earth, or in the Heavens.

An isolationist, separatist, xenophobic mindset has been inculcated within the consciousness of humanity, through education, science, religion, health practices, and government. The idea of “good” and “bad” is the foundation of duality, and the means by which certain information has been held back on a “need to know” basis. And yet, for those who seek wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, truth cannot and will not be withheld.

If knowledge is power, and truth will set you free, is there any wonder that such efforts have been taken to impair the human Immortal’s knowledge of self?

If knowledge is power, self-knowledge is Self power. The power of Love, for freedom, health, and harmony, washes away fear. An inner harmonization occurs only when one is in a state of joy, laughter, or bliss. Healing is one result of inner harmonizing. Opening one’s eyes to truth, unafraid of what will be revealed, expands the consciousness, and where needed, activates the conscience. The conscience is our connection to the Immortal Being Within, that has guided us to this moment, at this time of great change.

Ignorance of self, and consequently, self-loathing, fuels our fear of others, and willingness to force our will on others. Yet, in so doing, we also subject ourselves to being “forced” by what appears to be those with greater “weapons of will.” The greatest “weapon of will” is not a weapon at all. It is self-knowledge, understanding, and love. It is truth, undistorted. It is responsibility accepted, and respect fully applied to self and to others. It is treating others as we would like to be treated… even if they do not appear to be likewise so inclined.

We can change our world, and in fact, will change it, in spite of the dire predictions of the fearful. Extraterrestrial life forms exist in all manner of persuasion, but the only thing that distinguishes a “threat” that any might represent is the degree of our own self-knowledge. This is something that can be revealed for no one, but one’s Self.

Video Series on Death from a Biblical Scientist

Meet Bill Donahue. I have often described myself as non-religious, having spent much of my early days within a Southern Baptist household. But a friend sent me one of his videos the other day, and I love his way of explaining the symbolism and greater meaning in the Bible. While he is definitely a biblical scholar, his teachings are liberating, not dogma-building.

He also mentions the origins of Abraham


This is another series of worthwhile videos. Enjoy.

Good stuff…

Elegy of Awakening

Since change is the only true constant in the entire universe, 2012’s arrival is nothing new. And yet, the smell of real, profound, and very significant change permeates the air these days.

Amid the political rhetoric in a presidential campaign that is just going through the motions and the saber rattling between nations that must have an “enemy” to threat and be threatened by, something else is definitely at hand.

We are waking up.

In spite of an unending barrage of admonitions on TV to “ask your doctor” if a drug — that started its commercial life as rat poison, but is now used medically to thin blood so that it can pass through plaque-blocked arterial passage ways — “is right for you,” we are waking up.

We are waking up to the fact that genetically modifying seeds to make them “more resistant” to a particular brand of pesticide, is an abomination, both nature, and to our health.

Any synthetic chemical is an anathema to life. When insinuated into the food chain, even from first planting, chemical life killers, pesticides and herbicides, alter the instruction set of biological systems all the way up the food chain. Many “organic” growers still use herbicides.

Chemical compounds designed to control some element of life upset natural balances by chelating certain minerals from the environment. In so doing, they alter the metabolic functionality of crops to make them more tolerant of another unnatural chemical. This is how corn and other crops are genetically modified to be indifferent to a certain brand of herbicide. However, the “modified instructions” are not destroyed when the plant becomes food. They continue to function, thereby creating dysfunction somewhere up the food chain.

We are waking up to how federal agencies, whose mandate is to protect the public interest, are actually protecting the interest of public companies, which themselves aren’t human beings at all. Their lifeblood is delivering profits to shareholders, but too often at the expense of the health and well-being of the nation.

We have allowed a travesty to unfold before our very eyes, in the form of public policies that use extortion to force vaccinations on children. Authorities cite fear of diseases that haven’t happened, and threaten to withhold access to public education without them. Then they plead “deaf, dumb” and innocent when new and mysterious diseases make an alarming ascent, with SIDS and Autism being just two examples.

Treating the surviving children with more chemical medications is worse than adding insult to injury. It covers up insanity by blaming the condition on the disease, and not the vaccination/medication policy.

Non-profit organizations that spring up to “fight against” this disease, or “raise awareness of” that one, only seek to become fundraising machines. Their goal isn’t to not be needed. Instead, it is to ensure their own survival, which makes them dependent on the continuation of the disease.

I’d be happy to be shown that my line of thinking is in error, but with the many ways that there are cure cancer, and the overwhelming evidence of the damage that chemical and pharmacological-based practices are exacting on public health, you’d see more than a few non-profits protecting nature instead of giving the FDA such broad powers to attack, control, or otherwise suppress natural, “public domain,” or otherwise non-patentable approaches. This is tantamount to making the wolf governor of the henhouse.

We are waking up to the understanding of our equality, not as people of disparate races and ethnicities, but as one humanity, who share a single planet traveling through space.

We are already space travelers. Our Mothership Earth, cruises at around 67,000 miles per hour in its solar orbit, and roughly 560,000 miles per hour as part of our solar system’s journey around the Milky Way galaxy. Our government and scientists may act as though we’re alone in the universe, but we know better. When we decide to make peace among ourselves, we’ll demonstrate our readiness to be fully conscious and aware citizens of a much larger universe community.

One of the most gratifying aspects of this emerging new sight is how we are beginning to see ourselves. That is, as creators of our life experiences. The scientific “experts” may yet suggest that we’re just the result of the accidental collision of celestial bodies, or of a “big bang;” religions may say that we’re born into sin, suggesting that a loving God is jealous and vengeful (which would be very unloving), and made a mistake in His design; medical authorities would have us believe that drugs are the best medicine for what ails us even though they upset ecological balance within the body.

We’re waking up to the hollow tone of these “truths.”

It is a time of great promise, even amid the controversy and fear, because we are waking up to something wonderful within us all. It is a power that can move mountains… a love that can fill us to overflowing.

And change everything.

Finding the Deeper Meaning in “Ex” istence

While waiting for Book III of Arcady Petrov’s Creation of the Universe trilogy to become available in English (I check for the new arrival at least twice weekly, or as often as I think of it), my reading interests have taken me in directions other than re-reading Books I and II.

The first was David Wilcock’s The Source Field Investigations, which I thoroughly enjoyed because it both complements and supplements my understanding of the phenomena that Petrov and Grabovoi have ignited.

The book is also filled with juicy examples of little-known research that has been conducted in various parts of the world, a large portion of which by Russian scientists who found something else to study to fill up their time after the end of the Cold War.

One area covered includes practical uses for, and greater understanding of pyramids — stationary machines with no moving parts that influence the motion and flow, and change the coherence of the gravitational and levitational fields that we exist in. When this is done, life is enhanced and restored. Poisons that are placed under the field influence of a pyramid were shown to lose their toxicity. It’s easy to surmise that if this is true, then placing one’s self under a pyramid of sufficient size would decrease the toxicity and increase the life force within an individual. Some segments of mainstream science might question such notions, dismissing them as unworthy of study, but this would reveal an unwillingness to handle a truth, more subtle, and powerful than the truths they have built their reputations on.

Another example in Wilcock’s book involves experiments that demonstrate the transfer of information from a healthy seed of a specific plant variety to a “dead” one of the same species. The dead seed had been killed by radiation contamination following the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, Ukraine, in 1986. The information transfer was accomplished with a non-burning laser. Simply put; a coherent and directable light source. The result was no less than the resurrection of the dead seed, a restoration of its life and vitality, and ability to propagate and perpetuate life, with no degradation in the life force or viability of the donor. Better yet, no prescription medication was needed.

The next book was Contact: Countdown to Transformation, by Dr. Steven Greer, of the Disclosure Project. He will be speaking at the 2012 UFO Congress next month in Fountain Hills, AZ, and has agreed to an on-camera interview with yours truly. This book is simply a transcript of field reports from members of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or CSETI organization, that Dr. Greer founded and heads. I’m still making my way through it, but I am impressed by two things (well more than that), (1) that private citizens have taken it upon themselves to prepare themselves to become able ambassadors for interaction with intergalactic intelligences, and (2) the preparation involved is a spiritual one, a journey of awakening consciousness, not religion.

Two direct outcomes of the CSETI experiences are (1) reduction in fear, and (2) increase in one’s ability to see subtle fields that are beyond what Greer calls, “The Crossing Point of Light.” He writes:

Most of what exists in the relative cosmos is resonating beyond the frequency of the speed of light and is thus beyond the field of normal visual perception and material, solid matter. If a civilization has reached interstellar capability, most of their technologies, and most of their ability to communicate, transport, materialize and de-materialize, use spectra of energy that are beyond the crossing point of light. p. 44

This, to me, is a key point of the human journey. We are waiting for ET’s to materialize and help get us out of the mess we’ve created, when it is we who can, by shedding fears, animosities, and prejudices open our own eyes, allowing ourselves not only to see them, but to discover and use the power that is within us, a power that we share with all of Creation, from planetary to intergalactic.

The other keynote to make here is that we are already multidimensional beings capable of traveling through time and space, just like ET’s do. We do it each time we close our eyes and go into the momentary, but familiar darkness that is the gateway to the sleep state. It is also the gateway out of what David Wilcock calls, “space/time,” and into “time/space,” which has a different set of “rules,” and its own experiential “flow.”

One additional title that I am sneaking some time in as I make my way through Contact, is The Secret Art: A Brief History of Radionic Technology for the Creative Individual, by Duncan Laurie, which discusses the history and nature of radionic technology, which itself is meaningful because a chief component in determining a devices efficacy is the consciousness of the operator.

The insights and understandings that are unveiled through these authors’ works are truly liberating.

How often do you find yourself highlighting the first paragraph of the first chapter of a book?

If one can accept the possibility that a substrate to physical reality exists that can be deterministically altered and influenced by human intention, then much of the mysterious and irrational design objectives of the prehistoric world become more comprehensible. – p. 1

I enthusiastically accept such possibility. Wilcock refers to this substrate as the Source Field. As it turns out, the terms “substrate” and “matrix” are terms I’ve used most often on the subject.

Laurie keeps the highlighter busy with these thoughts at the end of the first chapter.

Everything in our scientific worldview today stands against any truly magical technology: free energy, mind over matter, telepathy, spontaneous remission of disease, anti-gravity, and life beyond death. Yet in all instances, independent researchers report that such phenomena do exist and are a matter of record, some accompanied with patents and appliances. p. 10.

We have a entered a time when our connection – to each other, as well as all of creation is becoming self-evident to anyone willing to see it. While said connection remains largely unseen for most, myself included, it is quite discernible and logical.

It’s becoming evident that there is no such thing as nothingness. The vacuum of space is simply energy that is more subtle than anything we can presently measure. This energy is alive and intelligent.

It is also evident that each of us are expressions of creation, even as we are creators of our experiences. Please note the prefix “ex” in the words “expression” and “experience.” They share the common meaning of being “out of”, or individuated, such as being “exposed,” or in view. However, what is it that we would we “out of?” I submit that it’s not “nothingness,” but The Substrate; Wilcock’s Source Field, Gregg Braden’s Divine Matrix, Lynn McTaggert’s Field. We come out of, or from, a Oneness, and our experiential journey is into what appears to be isolation and separateness. In actuality, it all is, and comes from said Oneness, and toward that Oneness, that Light, we will naturally return, like a migrating family returning home. After all, the planet Earth moves through space in its solar orbit at roughly 70,000 miles per hour, and within the solar systems orbit around the galactic center, roughly 575,000 miles per hour.

This is all very exciting, as we finally begin learning something that can make a difference, because we can make a difference, not waiting on “double-blind” studies, peer reviews, and paternalistic approvals by some group of “elite experts”.

2012: The Beginning of ‘the End…’

No, not the end of the world, but of speculation. Now we get to change all the question marks into periods and exclamation points.

Welcome to 2012. It’s been quite a wait. Not just for the past year, but for millennia.

Now the prognostications and prophesies about 2012 can be laid to rest; and we can go about the business of living it; actually deciding what will be. The truth will reveal itself, one day at a time, to all, as we reveal ourselves, one moment at a time.


Add David Wilcock’s, The Source Field Investigations to the “Glad I Read It” list. It was an amazingly wonderful read, and so on-topic for this day and time!

Wilcock makes a strong case that the time we are entering is not the end of existence (we knew that), but of orthodoxies founded on dualism, dichotomy, and divisiveness.

Even science is coming around to acknowledging the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. Within that interconnectedness is the power, residing within each of us, to be conduits for profound changes within our world, and in the definition of what it means to be human.

A number of “ends” that I see looming on the horizon, are of disease, poverty, oppression, and tyranny. Oh yeah… that thing called “death” too.

The Monumental Fiction that is the health care system will give way to methods and modalities that actually help individuals restore health and well-being. That is, until such time that one’s consciousness is restored fully enough – and self-awareness is present – enough that they know how to do it one’s self.

We have much to learn about ourselves, and latent abilities that that defy currently believed laws of possibility.

But for now, the wait is over; the real beginning is here.

Winding Down 2011, Ramping UP 2012

As the year before 2012 winds down, savor these moments, because they will soon be part of history. Speculation will give way to experience, conjecture will melt into knowing, as both fears and hopes come true.

There is a growing number amongst us who are appreciating that we do indeed create our reality, that we are part of a oneness, an implicit unity, and that we are mere reflections and aspects of each other, and of a larger One, that is an integrated Whole.

As such, the concept of “enemies” that we must fight and defend ourselves against, and erect borders to protect ourselves from, is growing increasingly outmoded.

Experience is a function of electromagnetic attraction not happenstance, driven by subtle but very powerful forces that we have grown accustomed to dismissing; namely, our beliefs.

Beliefs are behind every choice, no matter where it leads, whether to poverty, loneliness, violence, depression, illness, and war. They are also behind abundant health, radiant vitality, miraculous healing and lasting peace.

Behind the beliefs are you and me, who have the power to judge their effectiveness and desirability, and embrace new ones when we realize that the ones we’ve been so accustomed to are no longer serving us.


After finishing Book II of Arcady Petrov’s Creation of the Universe trilogy, Save the World Within You, I started back on Book I, Save Yourself. However, my attention continued to be drawn to another work, The Source Field Investigations, by David Wilcock, which I am now half-way through.

Similar in intent to Lynne McTaggart’s seminal work, The Field, Wilcock has done an incredible amount of leg work, outlining some of the ground breaking research that has been conducted around the world that supports evidence of an implicit energetic substrate that supports the existence and influences the dynamics of everything.

It’s no coincidence that much of this research has also come from Russia.

Throughout its pages, Wilcock provides information that further explains and illustrate that the amazing results being achieved by Grabavoi, Petrov, et. al, are not unique to them, but simply part of the implicit nature of our reality, and the intelligent life that exists therein.


I have done some further searching with regard to attending a Grabovoi-type workshop in Thailand. I have spoken to a woman in Australia who attended the Thailand workshop, and when that one proved unsatisfactory, went to Moscow to Petrov’s academy, and learned from him.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t a satisfactory experience either. The dissatisfaction was not centered around the information, but more related to the delivery.

After a lovely talk with Carol-Anne Roberts (, I’m considering a two-step process. Attend her workshop in Australia, and bring her here to put one on at our Photonic Energy Center in Arizona. There will be no language issues, and she is very much attuned to helping the student get to a place where they feel – they KNOW – that they have connected to the Source Field.

She also sent me a long list of amazing testimonials from people who have taken her course.

More on that soon too…


We have had a guest here at the Photonic Energy Center. Meenal Mehta arrived on December 10 from London. I first met her four years ago, by phone, as people were referred to me to answer questions on MMS.

Meenal tells me about Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies

Those conversations invariably and inevitably delved into the deeper issues of healing, which get into our own sense of self and our relationship to the whole.

The question of how we heal must include a look in the mirror, and answer to ourselves who we think is reflected there. Our answer has a direct bearing on the quality and degree of “shift” that will happen for us, but we are the ultimate “shifters” of our reality.

Meenal is spending a month here, and time is passing rapidly, but joyfully. She is a champion for what we are doing, and a subscriber to this blog. (I didn’t know she read these posts for quite some time.)

She is introducing Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies at our center. We’re likely the only place in the world outside of London and India where they can presently be found.

There’s more to share…

The Trans-human Agenda: A Natural Alternative

Recently I watched a video presentation on YouTube by Sofia Smallstorm on synthetic biology, chemtrails, the materials that comprise them, and the potential implications.

Her talk was titled, “From Chemtrails to Pseudolife”.

As she went, on an entire scenario of thinking unfolded, which included the death of trees and the introduction of a GMO “solution,” aluminum resistant plants, the growing phenomenon of unidentifiable fibers and filaments that self-replicate. These curiosities produce their own red blood cells (Morgellon’s Syndrome). She then presented the concepts of transbiology, GNA’s (synthetic cousins to DNA), nano-arrays, synthetic biology, which led to a conclusion, considered logical to some, of mankind’s inevitable merging with technological machinery.

In this talk, which was given at the Conspiracy Con Conference in June 2011, Smallstorm describes the vision of Raymond Kurzweil, author of The Singularity, who envisions a day when the “man/machine” will be indistinguishable from the real thing. A leading “trans-humanist,” he describes a level of control or mastery over such matters as aging and disease made possible through technology, which he considers able to match or be superior to nature.

Some of the people quoted in Smallstorm’s presentation expressed a belief that biology is “sub-optimal” compared to what can be done with or through nanotechnology.

Indeed, the trend toward ever smaller nano-sized cyborgs, believed and purported by their creators to be superior to nature, has gained some serious traction. Some eminent scientists, among them theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, are convinced that resisting the machine meld is futile.

To Dr. Hawking, machine assimilation maybe desirable.

All of this flies squarely in direct contrast to what I am learning and embracing in my journey through book two of Arcady Petrov’s “Creation of the Universe” trilogy, titled, Save the World Within You. Absent in the trans-human agenda is the spirit. Absent is the human intelligence or will. Absent is any role, presence, or influence of a native intelligence. Absent is the awareness of the innate ability to heal that is part of the Human Design. Also absent is any conscience of the present environmental insults, themselves needing correction, that propagated the pathologies we now experience in the first place. Trans-humanist thinking is predicated on the continuation and growth of current thinking and the resultant effects, rather than a change. Let humanity do the adjusting while the thinkers go on thinking that they know “what’s best for the rest.”

These developments are in clear, diametric contrast to the vision that I see for myself and the world in which, or on which I intend to live. The insights that I continue to gain are timely, in that they confirm and even make more evident, the delusional filter through which many of society’s celebrated and “brightest” minds view life.

Smallstorm commented on several occasions about Kurzweil’s previous success in predicting future trends, which contributes to the sense that his trans-humanistic vision is credible and will come to pass.

It’s easy to be an ivory tower quarterback. They are not new. However, Kurzweil’s perspective is devoid of any actual experience of what he’s talking about, much like the way that medicine is organized and practiced today; all at a distance from reality.

A person comes to see a doctor who is diagnosed with cancer. The doctor, not having had cancer himself, prescribes from a long list of medications that his “peers” — themselves never having had cancer, have “researched,” (paid for by a generous grant from some pharmaceutical research company) have reported relieves symptoms. The items on his list have been “approved” by the drug clearing authority. The rub there is that said Authority has a long track record of cooperating with drug companies that pay it many millions for said “approval,” and is antagonistic to products and methods that are actually effective but are cannot be patented.

Not having had cancer before, but having seen the choices that others with cancer have taken, the patient agrees to take the poison, or go under the knife, convinced that there is no better way, and that it’s their only way to “beat the odds.”

The words of the peers and the Authority are good for the doctor, since he has no interest in taking the medication himself, “just to see how it may feel to the patient.” Whether they’re good for the patient is not a concern, since “the Authority” has mandated what the doctor must prescribe. Any adverse effects that the patient has will be deemed evidence of how deadly the disease is, and couldn’t have anything to do with the medication.

Back to Smallstorm’s presentation, Kurzweil pontificates from his position in a natural biological body, yet considers it inferior to a technological one that has yet to be created. Speaking as though his pronouncements are forgone conclusions, he opines that a technological body, somehow integrated with the biological could, and would eventually make man immortal, and superior to “mere” biological human beings.

What he doesn’t consider is the prison that such a situation would create for the human spirit, which is not merely a physical being. Instead, we are comprised of a spectrum of densities of energy which, at their very core, is comprised of light, information, and frequencies. Just like the iron lung in the days of polio, a man-machine integration would be as a vibrational anchor to one fearful enough of death, and so without a clue as to our energetic nature, to choose it. Personally, I don’t see the attraction, but when you see how much we’ve separated ourselves from a sense of relationship with Creation, and the Creator, the delusional logic becomes understandable.

More reason to Know and embrace The Norm

As I have stated previously, it is my intention and desire to learn, embody, and share the knowledge that I am gaining through the Petrov/Grabovoi works. The trends and topics listed above are all the more reason to bring these concepts forward, perhaps not yet to a wide audience, but definitely, within myself.

This week I discovered a place where hands-on workshops and teachings of the Grabovoi/Petrov approaches are being done. It’s called The Thailand Project ( Seeking information that might have been available via the web, such as a webcast, etc., I contacted them. The response that I received was that it is better to know this information before spreading it around to others, and the best way to do that is by direct experience. I was invited to consider going there, and I’m on it.

Their next two English workshops are booked up (which I wouldn’t have been able to attend anyway), and the next scheduled one is in May 2012. That was farther out than I wanted, thinking a March time frame would be preferable. I wrote him back, inquiring how many people would be needed if I organized a private tour workshop.

After about 2 days the reply came; 18 would be the base number. The dates that he suggested are February 26-March 3, 2012. This is something I want to do, and feel inclined to organize. I’ll have more to share as I continue my way through Petrov (approaching 400 pages read), but I needed to get this said.

Plan a two week trip, no more than $5,000 USD, even if tricked out with upgraded accommodations and excursions. If anyone is interested in a journey into discovery of this type, please let me know.

On Neutrality, Changing Truth, and Worldview on Death

At its simplest, most fundamental core, change happens from the nexus of where the Now Moment intersects with the spatial construct known as “here.” At these precise coordinates is the confluence of feelings that represent one’s vision, or worldview, which is “colored” by individual and collective hopes, fears, passions, and beliefs. We could say that there are no real “truths” in this objective or observable world because while it might appear that the sky is blue or the sun is hot, you’ll always find someone whose “truth” says otherwise. Truth is an inner construct that is as malleable as the outer one. And when we are ready to embrace a different inner truth, we will create a different outer world.

For a vision or worldview to change, one’s truth must change. To understand that the truth can set one free, one must see how their truth has already enslaved, and most likely is still doing so.

We argue for our limitations. We rationalize the status quo, and horrors that we instigate in the name of freedom. We acquiesce to the notion that the diseases — the abnormalities — that have insinuated themselves into our lives must be fought to the death, and — as long as we have someone to pay for it — that we will be the battlefield. All the while we’re never invited to re-examine our truths. It’s not that they are sacrosanct, they’re very profitable for a few at the expense of many.

But damn neither the few, nor the many. If you insist in doing so, you strengthen your current worldview, thereby keeping yourself where you are.

The moment we embrace neutrality. The moment we see and feel all ideas with equanimity; the moment we are at peace with all that has “shown up” in the Now Moment, Shift can happen.

If death can be reversed, then what is the point of killing?

If death is an illusion that we’ve been treating as “truth” all these eons, it makes perfect sense why there would be a nether world of “dark” spirits who haven’t yet awakened again to their Inner Light.

Imagine the suicide bomber that was conned into killing himself for 72 virgins, only to get to the other side and realize that he needs a body in order to play with them, or that they are 72 angry wives. Angry before he took his own life and that of others, he’s most likely angrier now… but at whom?

If we are one, his motivation for wanting to return to this dimension (he will not have left Earth) may not be to “get even,” but to restore balance, for destruction is a destabilizing force that affects the entire Cosmos and dimensions not yet imagined in our world. As we recover our true selves we become the balance that the world needs and yearns for. We also reveal the love that the world needs and yearns for.

Love is the cohering power of all creation.

There is life on the other side of “death,” but not bliss if one’s heart is not blissful, if it’s not balanced, coherent, and at peace with all. There are legions of souls who have gone to war to fight (i.e., kill) for peace, but they were in conflict with their Inner Truth that since there is no death, this was not getting us where the politicians said we were going. Net result, messed up souls.

Why? Messed up worldview.

The “preserve freedom” mantra that the Western nations have fed their citizenry is the same as the “72 virgin” myth of the terrorists. I refuse to label the 72 virgin myth as an Islamic or Muslim construct, but will call our military actions in foreign nations terrorist too. They are just as destructive and destabilizing as the suicide bombers. They may also be fed from the same source, who fund both the west and east.

All of these dynamics could be part of a larger, collective ruse to keep the When Will Humanity Wake Up? game going.

And what are we to “wake up” to? Our power. Our ability to create everything, and to the fact that we are creating everything that we imagine. Everything, without exception, from the picocosm to the macrocosm. If it is in our consciousness, it is our creation, because it is real.

Many people think that when they die they’ll go to heaven and be with God (or a menacing counterpart). What if the real truth shows up after the veil has lifted, and they see the deception that they have operated under and the mess that they perpetuated?

It could be that many people are allowing themselves to be killed medicinally for some karmic balancing purposes that only a soul would understand for sure. But what about those who are allowing it because they simply don’t know better yet? What about those who think that their illness is God’s punishment, and they’re running the martyr program? What joyful options, experiences, and accomplishments are they foregoing simply because they have yet to imagine it? What if they knew that they can heal and be healthy, and the price that they must pay is to give up their tendency toward judgment and ill-will?

If such truths became evident to me after leaving the body, I can imagine wanting to come back until I understood myself enough to make making my heart’s choice the signature of my life.

An Awakening and Self-Recovery At-Hand

Save Yourself, by Arcady PetrovI just finished reading Arcady Petrov’s Save Yourself, Book 1 of the Creation of the Universe trilogy. All I can say is, “Wow!” (I just noticed that Book 2, Save The World Within You, is now available, and I’ve just placed an order for that one.)

Now I want to talk about it, not pontificate, but gather together with others who resonate with the idea of non-surgical, non-medicinal, cognitive, regenerative self-healing and immortality, with the Norm of the Creator being the objective. More importantly, I embrace these tenets as my own, and allow the full spectrum of possibilities so outlined, within my personal sphere.

Weaning ourselves off our addiction to disease, destruction, and death is going to be one of the first steps. Renewal, reconnection, reconciliation, all stand available as we prepare for a reunion with our lost and alienated selves. A great homecoming brews Within.

For anyone who thought that Russians were a Godless people with little or no moral compass, Petrov and Grabovoi’s works should put such concerns to rest. And while they both pay homage to the Creator, or God, with ample doses of duality dynamics (in Petrov’s book, not Grabovoi) — good and evil, angelic and hellish locales, gods and demons, even appearances by Jesus, Archangel Michael, St. George the Dragon Slayer and Pegasus — I did not get the impression that they were religious works, or that they were promoting any particular religion’s point-of-view.

Perhaps what might be gleaned from reading their works, along with the Anastasia books of Vladamir Megré, is to take back our proclivity to put anything, or anyone who makes “being spiritual” their claim to fame, on a pedestal. By normalizing our sense of their importance relative to our own, their value to society relative to our own, and their power to affect meaningful change relative to our own, the illusions that we’ve unconsciously embraced as truth for so long, begin to fade away. We can then begin the most interesting and rewarding journey of all, into self-discovery. Perhaps self-recovery would be more apt a term.

One point that has been crystallizing for me as I worked my way through Petrov’s book, is the role that suggestion plays in the shaping and unfolding of our day-to-day experiences. All that comes in the future is projected from the Now moment. Projected from where? From the consciousness of you and me, and of course, everyone else.

Could it be that simple? Yes it can.

In the latter stages of Save Yourself, Petrov makes a really profound description of what “collective consciousness” is. Oops, Petrov quotes Grabovoi on the subject.

But let’s return to our main topic. Each person has his own set of beliefs, beliefs on everything, and they can differ greatly from the beliefs of another person. But if we take all people — and this is a very great number — then all these beliefs are averaged out. As a result, the collective consciousness has a stable set of beliefs about different things. And it is this collective set of beliefs that is understood by people to be objective (i.e., visible — AA) reality. An illusion is created specifically by the stability of this resulting set of beliefs, even though this stability is simply the result of averaging out a large number of objects, in this case the beliefs that exist in the consciousness of people.

He supports his position with timely analogies,which lead to, and support new awareness, such as:


When you are thinking, that about which you are thinking is as real to your consciousness as that which is taking place around you and as that which, for example, you see with your own eyes, through regular vision.

This principle is fundamental because when you combine what you think with events in external, supposedly objective, reality, when you combine these things at the level of action, you can affect the materialization of objects, you can bring to life.

All this rings true to me.

It makes the blanket of what I will call negative broadcasting, which engender fear, mistrust, vulnerability, and a sense of impending doom proffered by mass media outlets and other influencers of consciousness, look like a simple publicity campaign. However, our own consciousness remains our own, and we are able to change the “averages” with a simple decision to change our own personal story.

One of the first things that Grabovoi discussed, in Unified System of Knowledge that rang true for me, was the inherent neutrality of information. Another word for this neutrality is equality. There is an implicit equality to all information, to all ideas, and all idea holders, who themselves are information structures.

We could view each individual as a form of information in the format of a person. — Grigori Grabovoi

Grabovoi also describes imagination as a structure-controlling system.

In light of these ideas it becomes easier to simply observe the “conclusions” our “leaders,” officials, and spokespeople are trying to get the public to come  to about the future, and about ourselves, without embracing it as true unless it is an actual desire personally. How many times have we resigned ourselves to surrendering or succumbing to someone else’s opinion about our fate, even though it was decidedly not our own desire? We are no less the Creators of that unwanted personal outcome than if it had been our singular reason for living.

Another Grabovoi-ism states that all that exists, meaning all that we see and observe, happens through human beings. In other words, we are the collective creators of all that we see and experience, past, present, and future. Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us. We aren’t the stigmatized accidental parasites that some pundits might have us believe about ourselves. We are expressions of Creation, with full power of imagination. The fact that some of us may be asleep at the wheel is irrelevant.

Whenever one gets it will be the right time. If we are expressions of Creation, of God, then so is everyone else, whether “enemy” or friend. There is no “them,” only us. Although we may want to steer clear of some, all are kindred. However, the more we know about ourselves, the more we use our imagination joyfully, the less we’ll feel the need to “steer clear” of anyone. Even our enemy yearns for love and responds to humanity. If you offer love and humanity to one who isn’t ready to accept it, they will seek distance from you for their own benefit. We have nothing to fear when we know who we are, i.e., one with all of Creation.

Times are exciting. Many people are waiting for the next catastrophe to befall us. On the other hand, there are those who say we have nothing to fear. In a dualistic worldview, one would have to be “wrong.” In reality, both will be right.

For each, the power to choose is given. The future that we believe is inevitable will most likely be true. The rub is that a doomsday may not affect as many others as one may think, since an awakening for humanity may be at hand.


SVET Seminar Video Update

As I eagerly awaited title after title from the Russian authors, and purchased books as they became available (the latest one is the 40-page Educational System of Grigori Grabovoi), it finally dawned on me that a lot of the book purchasers would be interested in the video that I shot, most likely the only such video available in English anywhere in the world at this time.

I’ve decided that I’ll set things up to accept advance orders for the DVD, which will be multiple discs, much like I did for the MMS documentary, and am now doing with Paul Pantone (, but that’s another story).

I’ll keep you posted.


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