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9/11 Plus Ten Years: What Have We Learned?

NORMAN, OK — As fate would have it, I was one of the estimated 1.5 million people who travel from city-to-city in America each day on the tenth anniversary of the now infamous demolition of the World Trade Center complex in New York City on September 11, 2001. While some drama was noted on a few flights, my flight went as smoothly as a warm knife through butter.

Even though I carried gear up the proverbial wazoo — laptop in the backpack and bag with video camera, microphones, and more — I passed through security with no undo delay. Extra steps were being taken. On certain flights people were randomly stopped by TSA agents and asked to present ID cards and boarding passes before boarding the plane.

While I hadn’t forgotten about the 9/11 event, the extra precautionary steps then made sense.

The world does certainly remember 9/11. The government and media have seen to that. To varying degrees they’ve been molding the public perception of the events that led up to, and have transpired since that sorrowful tragedy where 3,000 people’s lives ended. From the U.S. Open Tennis championships, to the NFL, 9/11 became a context point around which to make meaningless activity sound meaningful, and make unconscionable actions on our parts sound justifiable. Don’t get me wrong; I love tennis, and like football, but in the scheme of things, neither is likely to foster the kind and depths of introspection that would assist in one’s spiritual liberation.

The statement, “War is unconscionable. There are no winners,” can contribute toward spiritual liberation. It happens as we take stock of what is, and is not working beneficially in our life, and make changes.

I can’t tell you what have we “won” through war in the 10 years since 9/11, but I can tell you a few things that we’ve lost.

Freedom is one. While the shock of the event itself was still making itself through the public consciousness, the Patriot Act was signed into law by George W. Bush on October 26, 2001. The provision broadened the government’s power to execute wire taps, searches, and seizures. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) also grew out of this event. They added an entirely new set of hoops — scans, restrictions for carry-on liquids, searches, etc. — for travelers to jump through.

There are many who can detail the legislative and social changes far better than me. I simply ask the question, do you think we are safer now? Are we happier now? Or freer now? If your answer is no, don’t blame the Democrats or the Republics, as the “muffage” (i.e., mishandling) has gone on while both were in power. The ones who gave them power are you and me. Look in the mirror, not to blame yourself for what has gone wrong over the past 10 years, but to realize who can change things from this point on.

Over the past 10 years we’ve been led to believe that the freedom to seek vengeance was ours alone. Tens of thousands of additional lives have been lost, and countless more maimed in the ensuing years.

The photos below of a wounded Marine, being given the hero treatment by Washington bureaucrats, is telling. He is lauded for his bravery and sacrifice. Do you think he really cares about their accolades?

Instead of reducing the military death and debt toll, the lawmakers continue the acrimonious policies and relations that feed hostilities. Is that what the Marine wants?

I imagine that he would gladly trade his “hero” status for the eye he gave up, or his arm.

Or the natural restoration of his innocent face.

Science has grown quite adept at destroying things, both in matters of war, as well as in matters of medical practice. Thousands of people are dying each day from the effect of medical treatments that decimate the human organism while the generals in white coats wage “war” against a myriad of diseases. When a life is lost, and there have been millions since 9/11, their families mourn just as deeply, and with equal sincerity, as those who were memorialized at Ground Zero.

But while we wear ribbons, and do marathons and walk-a-thons, medical practices haven’t changed and the death toll rises.

What about the foreign casualties of war? The civilians of Iraq and Afghanistan, two nations that we have occupied, not with a peace-abiding coalition, but with a military one? One could argue that “they” are intent on killing us on our soil. However, we have armed forces in their midst that are killing them, or are an immediate threat to do so, far in excess of guidelines that might be suggested by the “Eye for an Eye” School of Revenge Management.

Yet we keep giving ourselves congratulatory pats on the back for how we’re handling things. Documentaries on how we killed bin Laden run on the Discovery Channel, as history is “spinned” in one direction and away from another, such as how the towers came down with such precision, or what accounted for Building 7’s fall.

War is not the answer to conflict. Neither are lies to the public. It just adds to enmity and heartache, depression and misery.

Peace isn’t an option that you “try to find a way to.” It’s one that is chosen because it is the solution itself. Just as war can be engaged unilaterally, so can peace. We can commit to being peaceful, not harm causing, as we redress our differences, and no longer be a military threat to another country.

I know that the old “enemy” paradigm dies hard, but we are bankrupting ourselves by trying to become the police force of the world. We’re not that, nor can we ever hope to be. If 9/11 has shown us anything, it’s that we’ve not gone in the positive direction. We’ve continued on a slippery slope into fear.

Instead of trying to be the baddest dudes on the planet, able to force our will and ways on others, we might consider taking the lead in solving our problems, doing what we say we want to accomplish:

  • lessen our dependence on oil
  • lessen our carbon and “greenhouse” emissions
  • restore the balance of our ecosystems
  • restore the nutritional quality of our foods
  • respect the life-giving bounty that Mother Nature provides naturally
  • protect ourselves through peaceful balance and coherence
  • heal ourselves from chronic and degenerative diseases

All of these and more are achievable now, and have been for decades, but no one is mourning the American mavericks and inventors that have lost their lives, or came close to losing them, because their product would correct a known problem. Stanley Meyers lost his life promoting a way to dramatically extend the fuel economy of an internal combustion engine.

Paul Pantone (, who likewise has developed such technology, was committed to a hospital in Utah, ostensibly because he was declared “incompetent.” However, the patents that he held on fuel saving technologies were considered competent; competent enough that authorities attempted to have him sign over his rights.

Where would we be if we gave into fear?

We’ve be with a fearful government, abusing the power we’ve given it because its truth is suspect.

It’s time for a change; a change within each of us. It’s not enough to want to be different. We’ve got to be different starting on the inside, in our heart.

Let me end this by suggesting a scenario.

Imagine that forces from a foreign country came into the United States and openly threatened the lives of our citizens. There would be a call to arms and every effort would be taken to resist and repel the threat.

If such a response by Americans is easy to understand, why is it that we don’t seem to understand the umbrage that people in other nations have against our doing such things — destroying property and killing innocent people — on their soil?

The bureaucrats are supposed to be wise. They are supposed to protect the safety of all Americans. They are supposed to demonstrate to the world what America truly stands for. Well in the last 10 years, “America” has stood for vengeance, intimidation, and forceful acquisition, including on American citizens. Truth has been on a “need to know” basis.

We can do better than we have, but it begins by knowing that we do not and cannot honor life by killing.

A Love Note to the Beautiful and Powerful You

Lost amid a myriad dialogues about the trying, even apocalyptic times we are in, is an appreciation of just how beautiful and powerful we, this entire collective of Souls on Earth, are.

I write these words knowing that “beautiful and powerful” might be among the last words that some readers would choose for a self-description, much less for humanity. Or perhaps, given the opinion that it is okay to kill and even celebrate the elimination of certain factions, they can see where the terms may apply to some, but certainly not to all. The concepts of population control, capital punishment, “ethnic cleansing,” and eugenics are all products and permutations of such thinking, where “authorities”—believed to have something that we do not, e.g., power, money, credentials—decide who, for the sake of the “greater good,” should exist (i.e., to live) and who should not (i.e., to die.)

Yet, they shun responsibility for the policies that they enact on our behalf, claiming powerlessness to follow anything but the self-serving, arcane “rules” (laws) that control them.

This is all part of a grand fairytale that we’ve been unwitting witnesses to, and actors within. Our health care mess, War on Terror, Federal Reserve system and the National Debt, are all examples of how we’ve allowed our lust for money supersede policies that reflect and embody a love and respect for each other. It’s more of a “grim” fairytale because many people are suffering the ill-effects of the adoption of long-standing “self-evident” truths that appear to benefit a small few.

But I assert that humanity is beautiful and powerful. We are compelling evidence that anything we can think, is being done; is being experienced by someone, somewhere.

And if an idea isn’t being experienced presently, it can be eventually, at some future time. If an idea serves a purpose, a human, or group of humans, will imagine it into being. The purpose that the idea serves doesn’t have to make sense to you or me, but it is a perfect expression of gross effect that is spawned from subtle cause, the immeasurable nothingness and emptiness of a thought or idea.

The Power to Imagine Like da Vinci

While he is heralded as one of the greatest artists in all of history, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) imagined the advent of flying machines 400 years before the Wright Brothers took their historic flight at Kitty Hawk. In a scant 100 years since then, we are now imagining manned journeys to distant planets of the solar system and beyond. Clearly, there is power in imagining. It is also clear that a large portion of the human population uses its imagination unconsciously, with little awareness of its—or their—true power.

Leonardo had no more power to imagine, or to create than any other human being living on the planet today, any that has ever lived, or ever will. The question is, how do we use this power called imagination?

What do we imagine? Not only about ourselves, but about our world? And how does what we imagine about ourselves affect the world around us? There are some who think that individually, we are of little to no consequence in the larger scheme of things. I tend to differ.

The idea that our imagination is of little consequence provides no incentive to take greater notice. When persistent fears become recurring experiences, we don’t see the connection. When authorities take steps to limit our freedoms on the logic that they are “protecting” our safety, we blindly imagine the worse outcomes that they conjure up, supported by media coverage in newspaper and magazine articles, broadcast news, motion pictures, fictionalized dramatizations and video games. We allow them to send our children into zones of war, where hostilities and enmity is escalated and death tolls mount, instead of diffusing contentious ideas that have persisted for centuries.

Young soldiers are taught to “follow orders” and “shoot to kill” to protect life, liberty, and property. They will kill, confine, imprison, and destroy in order to do so.

So “the game” has gone.

I believe that if we master ourselves, we can transform the world. This is why the Powers That Be have attempted, best they could, to keep you in question and doubt as to whether you can trust, and therefore be responsible for, your own judgment, unafraid of any other.

This is why we’re encouraged to be fearful, an oxymoron if I ever heard one. If keeping people in the dark about who they are is the goal, fear is the only way to go.

Fearing Love and the Source

We are encouraged to fear loving and God (an omnipotent Supreme Creator that is separate from, and judgmental of us). We’re advised to worry about what He’ll do to us if we don’t satisfy the conditions and stipulations, and jump through the hoops that His intercessors have put before us to appease Him.

This God, mind you, is the Essence of Love, which has no reason to withhold Itself from anyone, any more than the sun would choose to shine on some while refusing its light to others, or gravity would selectively apply, or limit, its force.

Some ideas, in their purest, highest expression, are unconditional. They are also eternal. Love is one such idea. The intent of love, irrespective of the language spoken, is universally beneficial, harmless, courageous, nurturing, health-enhancing, and life-affirming.

When we practice love in anything other than its full intention, we open ourselves to the vacuum that forms by its withholding, expressed variously as sorrow, loneliness, and despair, or aggression, anger, shame, reprisal and revenge.

If we are willing to be blatantly honest, chronic illness and disease can all be traced to a time or place where love was, or is still being withheld, which reduces one’s joie de vivre, progressively and cumulatively, and hence, one’s reasons to live.

Love is a reason to live, because love is life. To take away love, or to refuse to give it, is to suffer a little death within.

We do this not knowing that the solution to our perceived problems in life (and love) is to give to others what we feel we want to add to our lives. If we seek love, joy, or peace in our lives, we should give it unconditionally, as the option is always present.

It’s hard—I’d even say impossible—to hold on to “hard feelings” when you’re giving love. When we’re withholding love, compassion, or genuine care for another, we don’t realize that we’re also withholding these energies and feelings from ourselves. When we feel vulnerable and victimized, we take our own immune system down, because we’re less enlivened in ways that only being in love can do.

This doesn’t mean being in love with another, but simply within the coherent, harmonic energy field that is the sphere of love.

Loving another does not mean condoning, or agreeing with all that another does. It means remaining balanced and coherent within one’s self, true to who and what we are.

Being unconditionally loving is to instigate, in other words, to intend no new harm. We cannot walk into a situation bearing a weapon of mass or self-destruction, and say that we didn’t intend any harm. Only by being harmless and fearless under all circumstances would such truth be confirmed.

This does not mean cowering passivity in the face of the threat of death. However, a courageous commitment to balanced, harmonious life can do wonders. Any love withdrawal that may have resulted in acrimony or harm can be healed through love’s restoration. We have tried sending money in the place of love, and all the practice has done is escalate the perceived danger index.

Far more that is joyful can be accomplished between friends, than can ever be imagined as enemies.

These are easy concepts to dismiss, as one could cite the escalating dangers in the world, but doing so wouldn’t diminish their truth. The Powers That Be want you to celebrate the elimination of an “enemy” while enmity between groups is increased; “Ask your doctor,” your pastor or priest, peer review committee, or anyone else to whom you can hand your imaginative power over to, and not KNOW that you are beautiful and powerful beings, and said power to imagine is yours to give, and that it is YOU who are giving it. If you love how you imagine your life unfolding, and live said life each day in that spirit, your life will unfold accordingly.

This is how the game continues, and how it can change as you change.

For these reasons, you won’t read much in the way of dire future predictions coming from me. This is not because I have mastered the art of love (although it is certainly my desire and intention), but I do appreciate its power, especially when it comes to the conscious use of our imagination.

Being fearful represents the unconscious use of imagination. Being loving is the conscious use. Choosing to love, in spite of the “logical” reasons to be fearful, opens the heart, expands the consciousness, and evolves the being to a new level of possibility. It brings the imagined world into being in ways that fear can and will never do.

IF we want to see a different outcome to the dire apocalyptic scenarios that some people are suggesting, we have to imagine differently, and exercise all the qualities that go with the new intention—e.g., patience, tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, courage, and gratitude.

If we realize that energy follows and forms itself around attention, which follows and forms itself around intention, then it makes no sense to give energy, thought, and imagination to outcomes that we don’t feel joyful about. (Jim Humble’s recent “Kill Order” newsletter to his readers—where he reported that he had reliable information that an FBI “hit” had been issued on him—was a big example of what I feel is unconscious, because it is unloving, imagining.)

This doesn’t mean that dire events will not occur, but it is unwise to allow the fear of them to give them energy, and override one’s sense of what is best, and loving.

It appears to be a truism that if you can conceive or imagine an idea—good, bad, or indifferent—it is. When much of the information sent across public airwaves is either mindless or laced with fear, it’s easy to see how our evolution as a species might appear to be in question. But I believe the true jeopardy is in appearance only, because each Soul is both beautiful and powerful, and an expression of, and from the same Source.

In Duality We have Trusted

There does not appear to be a power problem, where one “force” is stronger than the other. There simply appears to be a persistent predominant belief in duality, which I believe we’re in the process of learning doesn’t really exist.

Duality, the idea of separateness and contrast, can express as what we might term, oppositionism, or the proclivity to seek to “win” or prevail (not “lose”) over our “opposition,” via eradication, after convincing ourselves that our imagined “good” is more worthy to exist than their imagined “evil,” even if we must do inhumane, “evil” acts in order to eradicate the inhumane evil force.

Because we see duality as real, we become “dividable,” and therefore, “conquerable.” Thinking that cancer tumors are evil, malignant forces that invade our bodies, we remain oblivious to the unbalanced environment and imaginings that we mindlessly maintain. We agree to treatment methods that make the environment even more toxic, as well as maintain our fearful, oppositional thinking. When these methods kill us, or those we unloved (or unloved us), we mourn. But what if it was all unnecessary? What if we can change this pattern through a simply shift to more loving consciousness?

Seeing beauty and power in everyone, meaning in all of humanity, tends to throw a damper on the idea that anyone, or anything is only a force for evil (and we’re only forces of good), even if we don’t find a resonance with their position or actions. Their existence means that a purpose is being served, which will be perpetuated by fear, or transmuted by love.

But then, that is the appearance. Anyone who is motivated to take the loving road less traveled, to seek, find, and know truth that emanates from their own heart, will find the way… their way. The Path to freedom, health, abundance, and vitality, is the path of Love, and is always available when one is ready.

Notes from the Beginning of The Beginning

CHICAGO, IL – Shifting paradigms and disappearing paradoxes dominate these times, as the world turns while hurtling its way through the galaxy on a much speculated upon path, its present in upheaval, its future, uncertain.

Is it the beginning of The End, or of The Beginning? is the question.

My vote is for the latter. The beginning of The Beginning. The birth of a new reality that emerges from the tumult of the Here and Now, of which we are witnesses, writers (by the choices we make), and experiencers.

I am in my hometown of Chicago, taking some time to be with mom, enjoying the golden apple pie that, like a great alchemist, she conjures up from humble ingredients. Her pies (sweet potato too) have served as the benchmark for every pie I have ever tasted. She’s still got it; apples neither too tart nor too sweet. Maybe it’s the love she puts into each ingredient that transcends its potential ill-effects, and reminds me of home.

Over the past weekend I spoke at the South Eastern Iowa Longevity Conference, in Fairfield, itself an oasis of transcendental thinking among the expanses of pasteurized dairies and genetically engineered farmlands.

The New Beginning (i.e., natural, unpasteurized dairy, GMO-FREE growing practices), will evolve as we move away from many practices that have become familiar. Dependence on “the miracle of chemistry” being one. We use chemicals in so many ways, without question, that the detrimental cumulative effects on our physiological and mental health, has not even been noticed by the powers that be, much less acknowledged to be culpable.

So we must take notice ourselves, as well as embrace new methods.

The New Beginning won’t necessarily look drastically different from the familiar. But our experience will be very different.

The talk that I gave was titled, “PHOTONIC WATER: For Better Energy, Health, and Life.” This too represents an old concept looked at from a new perspective. The view itself isn’t new. Energy has always been with us, because we have always been Energy. What’s new is that we’re acknowledging its primacy. We’re seeing the energetic perspective as a viable, valuable, and indeed, the FIRST FACTOR that should be considered, in determining what’s beneficial or not with regard to water treatment.

“Purity” is no longer measured in terms of nothingness. Water with no minerals is electrically inert, the intent behind which would act as a slow poison. Optimal water is balanced, not only in terms of pH, but energetically, in terms of negative entropy.

In the new energy conscious world, positive entropy is known to be disruptive and destructive on subtle systems, whereas negative entropy, as are negative ions, have harmonizing and cohering properties. Harmony and coherence are present when we are healthy. If they introduced when we are sick, heal begins to return.

Our observations about entropy apply to water, but also, to every product, every thought, idea, or concept, and every emotion. When we “tune-in” to energy (and everyone can do it), we gain insights that don’t reveal themselves if we’re limiting ourselves to information confirmable only by our five senses.

Over the past two years my attention has turned to the subject of water, its nature, and role in the unfolding story of human life and health on earth. The fact that we have been “fighting” what has become a losing battle with health, can be tied very closely with our relationship to, and thoughts about water, and related topics.

Needless to say, if we’re losing a battle to maintain health, the more looming specter is that we’re also on the deficit side of the quest to sustain life.

Life WILL be sustained, but not by continuing to do things that way we’ve been doing them. Therefore, the beginning of The Beginning is upon us, as The End of the Familiar is at hand.

Swami Beyondananda

I had a wonderful time in Fairfield and absolutely enjoyed getting to know Steve Bhaerman, both the co-author of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and How to Get there From Here, and the alter-ego of the comedic stage personality known as Swami Beyondananda (

Having heard of, but never having seen a Swami performance myself, I could not have imagined enjoying comedy that much. He speaks with comedic brilliance from a familiar, but rarely broadcast perspective. There was no obligatory laughter to be found masking over uncomfortable, or downright dangerous ideas.

Not only did I have the pleasure of watching the Swami’s performance at Fairfield’s Morning Star Studios, I captured it on video. I will give Steve an opportunity to view it as a process of gaining permission to share it as a video or CD title, but in my opinion, he’s that good.

A Visit to the Gulf Coast

My original plans were to travel to New Orleans from here to co-present, along with Wil Spencer, a series of workshops, titled, The Power to Heal is Within – in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA, and in Biloxi, MS. You may recall that Wil was the object of some controversy and scorn when he had the audacity to try to help residents of the Gulf Coast states who are experiencing the ill-effects of the highly chemicalized environment, using a number of products, including one he called, “Advanced Oxygen Therapy,” which was a relabeled MMS/chorine dioxide product.

Instead of avoiding controversy, he incited it when someone recognized the ingredients of his AOT and, putting two and two together, deciding that a fraud was being perpetrated. Fortunately, several people who have in fact been helped by Wil’s protocols – of which MMS/AOT was only a portion – have mobilized to organize the workshops so that more people who were interested could hear and learn.

For my part, I will talk about water and energy, and electricity, bringing with me some new technologies that I’ve been introduced to recently that can help restore cellular, energetic, electrical, and lymphatic system circulation, all of which are natural byproducts when energetic coherence is increased with a concomitant decrease in entropy.

The developments that are unfolding at this moment on the Mississippi River, which will impact the Gulf Coast region over the next several weeks to some presently unknowable extent, made it prudent to postpone the gatherings until things settle down.

This is all part of The New Beginning.

You can watch my presentation here.

Me at the Longevity Conference speaking from Fairfield IA

More soon…

Conscious Imagining for a Changing World

Beautiful Planet

If the first three months of 2011 are any indication of what the rest of the year holds, then I think it would be a gross understatement to suggest that it’s going to be quite a ride.

What that statement means to you reveals a lot about where you’re putting yourself in the matrix of potential outcomes.

A large proportion of the population fears that the current chain of events represents the beginning of the end of the world. But that’s not the only possible interpretation. We all agree that change is occurring right now. The vast majority of us would likely agree that change is needed. So if we can agree on those two points, the events that are unfolding is simply how the beginning of what lies ahead looks right now. Everything else that unfolds is potential. It can be heart breaking, or heart warming, a nightmare, or the realization of our most wonderful dreams.

I see this time as a one of great opportunity to learn more about who we are, our spiritual/energetic nature, and what that means, and to imagine new and different outcomes that involve qualities best described in words other than “doom” and “gloom.” Imagination is the unacknowledged power that rests within every human being, used most often unconsciously, or stimulated through fear, limitation, and dread. We’ve grown accustomed to dismissing or discounting this great ability, thinking that the creative experiential process couldn’t be that simple. In other words, it seems unlikely that imagination/visualization plus belief could coalesce into experience.

I ask you to consider while you are reading these thoughts, that it is that simple. Consider that we don’t have to convince anyone else to change in order to change the world. We only have to change ourselves. The motive force behind all harmonic change, is being moved by, through, and in love. It may sound hokey, but it’s true.

If you’re sick, imagine what your life would look and feel like after you healed. Believe it. Love it. Be grateful. Rejoice. If you’re concerned about radiation, imagine what your life would look and feel like as your immune system is protecting you. Believe it. Love it. Be grateful. Rejoice. It doesn’t matter what the problem is. Imagine what your life would look and feel like with the problem solved. Believe it, love it, be grateful and rejoice.

This doesn’t mean we won’t have new challenges (which themselves are opportunities), but let’s get some of the old, clearly outdated ones, off the table.

Guided into Fearful Imaginings

Through education, medicine, science, the media, and many other avenues, we are being guided to imagine far more ignominious outcomes for the planet Earth and humanity, and led to believe that they represent the only possible future. We’ve grown accustomed to fearing the doom and dreading the gloom.

There’s no need to be afraid, but if you are, an option is available. Inquire Within.

Many well-meaning experts are firing off instructions to their email lists, to help their audience best cope with the changing tide… doling out advice on how to survive the anticipated calamity. However, survival mode sets the quality of life index quite low.

This lies at the heart of old school, dualistic, linear thinking. It is “Good Guy/Bad Guy 101,” played out on a grand stage. So “convinced” are we that our methods represent the most advanced possible, we panic when the limitations of our current orthodoxies become self-evident.

Pick your apocalypse.

Pick your apocalypse.

We’ve grown accustomed to watching and rationalizing millions of deaths each year as a result of pharmacology-centered medical treatment schemes. The public is placated by stories of the valiant fight that individuals are waging against the “menace.” Fundraising campaigns suggest we’re getting closer to finding “the cure,” and you can do your part by helping the organizers reach their fundraising goals. Each year over $100 billion are raised, and people keep on dying from the same diseases. Readily available healing methods, which might be called cures, go unpracticed, which health insurance companies would refuse payment.

Do YOU want more of this?

If you don’t, then celebrate the changes that are happening, and imagine how you’d like your new world to be, and know that you won’t be alone.

This is One ‘Cloud’ We Can Do Without

Take the nuclear radiation problem that now troubles so many people around the world. Suppose there was/is an easy fix it? What if it could be achieved through a simple matter of transmutation where, under the proper circumstances and conditions, the toxic elements could, in effect, be “turned off?”

This is not a far-fetched idea. The key could be through the auspices of biological transmutation, a subject that was studied by Louis Kervran (1901-1983), an expert in radiation poisoning.

In The Secret Life of Plants, by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird write about Kervran’s work:

All of this further suggests that in living nature there exists, below the level of Lavoisier’s classical molecular chemistry, a deeper level of nuclear chemistry which associates and dissociates nucleons, the components of atomic nuclei.

Science et Vie has postulated that if plasma-type nuclear reactions take place in bombs, in nuclear reactors and in stars, then there must be a wholly different type of reaction, specifically utilized by life, which brings about fusion in a strangely quiet way. The magazine suggests the analogy of a strongbox which can be opened by dynamite or by a combination lock. Like the lock, the atomic nucleus can prove stubborn when confronted with blind violence but pliable to a skillful manipulation.

This raises the question of whether Dr. Wilhelm Reich was not on track of the discovery of the century when he purported that he had observed at the microscopic energetic visicles or “bions” which are not alive but “carry biological energy.” Exposed to sufficiently high temperatures and made to swell, all matter, even sand, undergoes viscicular disintegration, wrote Reich, and the resulting visicles can later develop into bacteria.

What that means to me is that life is indestructible. The disintegration can be described by such terms as chaos and anarchy. Yet, they are precursors to a reorganization and re-forming of life, and a coalescing into new, improved forms.

While there may be a number of ways to mitigate the effects of radiation, including products such as bentonite clay, iodine, and even MMS, wouldn’t it be better to simply turn off the radioactive clouds?

While I believe it can be done, you have to wonder how many people would scoff at the idea if “pundits” hadn’t already given their stamp of approval.

After seeing how ardently some people are intent on debunking MMS, trying to convince anyone not already familiar with the product that it is dangerous bleach, how open are we to even imagining solutions to human problems if they haven’t come from “approved” channels.

MMS use has been criticized by some apparently naturopathic “experts” who dismissed positive testimonies freely given by many thousands of people. Like their allopathic counterparts, the many stories of success that poured onto the internet after Jim Humble wrote his book, were treated as “anecdotal,” while the erstwhile experts continued to scoff at its use.

Criticism or not, MMS has shown itself to be effective in many areas where satisfactory pharmacological substitutes do not currently exist. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a.k.a. MRSA, the leading cause of hospital-acquired infections which claims over 18,000 lives each year (and rising), is one example.

Yet, for all the claims that MMS is a dangerous bleach, there has not been one death attributed, since its introduction, to its intake, whether used therapeutically as recommended, or even by inadvertent overdose.

Make no mistake, chlorine dioxide is not something you take lightly. It should be used with careful consideration, but without fear. Contrary to what the FDA has suggested in its 2010 warning on MMS, it should be used. We should understand the “when” and “how” to apply it best. This is research that Jim Humble has continued to advance.

In 2011 we have seen the collective Calamity Bar ascend to unprecedented levels, and there is reason to believe that Mother Earth is not done. In part because we, her children, still have some waking up to do.

“Wake up to what”… You ask?

For one, that neither “science” in its current form, nor scientists who consider The Scientific Method to be sacrosanct, have all the answers. And yet, they act as though they do. BP’s scientists and management sure acted that way in the Gulf oil spill of 2010, and we are seeing the pattern repeat itself in the wake of the 2011 earthquake in Japan.

A New Respect for Energy

Radiation is energy, and therefore, has a distinct vibrational frequency. If it has a frequency… of shall I say, if it is a frequency, then it has its own color (light) and audio tone. It may be possible to produce an audible (or inaudible) frequency that safely inactivates radioactive isotopes in the same way that chlorine dioxide inactivates pathogens.

Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971) isolated the frequency of a microorganism that was consistently present in cancer, which he inactivated through the application of a complementary (cancelling) frequency. Patients went into Rife clinics in Los Angeles and San Diego with cancer, and walked out cancer free… in 1931! The Rife device represented one of the first vibrational or therapeutic energy devices to be suppressed by the AMA, and the still nascent FDA, which officially bans the use of this non-invasive technology as a medical device to this day.

An opportunity to imagine a different scenario is at hand.

We have been practicing “checkbook science” for quite some time, long before Louis Pasteur deduced that microorganisms, or “germs” were bad things that could and should be killed off by chemicals. In this thinking we have remained oblivious to the environments, including energetic states, in which certain microorganisms grow. We have neither taught our children, nor ourselves to be aware of, or respect energy. Children who retain their innate sensitivity to, and awareness of energy tend to be “persuaded” to shut it down, or keep it to themselves.

We generally can’t see an energetic state, but we are always in one. That is, because we are one. As such, they tend to follow us wherever we go. They (we) have the ability to bring certain experiences and behaviors into our sphere while keeping others away. The tipping factor?


Making someone or something else the “bad guy” has played its course for many of us. If you listen to “experts,” they’ll tell you who and what to think of as “bad” today, although it may change tomorrow. Taking no time to do any research on their own, or even engage in creative and courageous imagining, they look to what other “experts” have opined, even if it means resolving ourselves to many years (or lifetimes) of suffering.

I don’t believe that any suffering is necessary and virtually all suffering from chronic and degenerative diseases can be mitigated; and health restored, IF it is truly desired. Not everyone who is chronically ill wants to be well again, but we have to assume that those who are sick, but say that they want to be well again and are willing to take the sometimes lonely journey, are sincere.

The business of degenerative and chronic disease is a sorry game that’s only fun for a very small few, if the word “fun” even applies. It is big business, very BIG. IF it is going to change – that is, if more people are going to become healthy, then they are going to need to be willing to have more, and be more fun. We’re often ready to be serious at the drop of a hat (or news release); having reasons to be heavy, instead of light. And yet, this is where limitation and fear predominates.

The answers that we seek that will resolve the personal, or social challenges of our times, are available to those who have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. More importantly, to those who have the heart and wisdom to care for the whole, for Mother Earth, and humanity, Her Children, even those who don’t care for us, even over money itself.

The Money Factor

Our belief that money is the key to the solution of every problem, as well as the way to prevent solutions from being known, is part of why we are where we are. It is time to wake up to this fallacy. The “Golden Ring” that one human would think is so valuable, so as to step on, or over others in order to reach, would be fool’s gold. There is no real value in any “success” where the human heart has not been one’s guide.

On the other hand, there are legions among us who believe that their life is somehow “deprived” if they don’t have the latest this or that. They strive to “keep up with the Jones’” (who they may not even like), at the expense of their own happiness.

We are stressing ourselves out over meaningless distractions and pursuits, while meaningful discoveries and truths – about ourselves – go unexamined, and therefore, remain unembraced.

Money has been the goal of many, and the downfall of many more. It is neither a doorway to happiness nor power. Whatever one’s station in life, both happiness and power are abundantly available, if we liberate ourselves from unquestioned, self-limiting beliefs.

One place to begin this redefinition is by being willing to take a kind, loving, and benevolent look at ourselves and others (even if they don’t take us kindly), as well as the future, and don’t be surprised if it turns out just as we imagined.

On Asking Questions and Positive Change

Hello 2011

Have a Blustery New Year


So much has already happened to start 2011; so many opportunities and reasons, so many catalysts to encourage us to take a fresh look at life with both un-jaundiced eyes and mind. We’re receiving wake-up calls that prompt us to ask the long stifled question, “where do we go from here? Can we do better? Can we live better? Can we heal and be well?”

The word “shocking” has become the unexpected intruder in the unfolding history of this young year. Unexpected perhaps, but the events are all catalysts for each of us to ask probing questions.


Starlings die in Arkansas.

Starlings mysteriously fall dead from the sky in Arkansas.


With birds falling from the sky and fish die offs in the U.S. and around the world…


Worldwide locations of mass bird and fish die offs.


We search for causes, offering everything from fireworks and cold weather to HAARP emissions and the loop current as the answer…

But the mystery lingers…

Mystery, i.e., our inability to make sense out of a phenomenon, experience, or concept with understandings presently thought to be true, serves as reminders that we don’t know everything yet, and catalysts to stay open and keep asking questions.

We must ask questions if we are to change our attitudes, to change our behavior, and hence, our experience.

We don’t question human behavior nearly enough. In fact, we oftentimes tell ourselves that we (or they) can’t change. However, there’s a big difference between “can’t” and won’t. The only way to know the difference, is accepting that positive change is possible. The alternative, is to go dumb, or numb.

Then, just when we become comfortable in our numbness to bad news, another event happens close to home that we just can’t ignore, making us ask questions again.

My heart goes out to those who were involved in, and affected by the shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson (1/8/2011), which is just down the road from me.

The President and First Lady pay their respects to the Fallen in Tucson

The President and First Lady pay their respects to the Fallen in Tucson

As much as we wish her a speedy and full recovery, who among us is ready to send healing wishes to the man who pulled the trigger? Is he not, and was he not already in dis-ease?

Is he not “one of our own” too?

Are we ready to celebrate the heroes and disown the villains, locking them up and throwing away the key, or putting them to death?

How’s that working for us?

Would it be better to punish him? Or would it be better to help him heal his heart so that we know that the “red zone enmity” that he sunk to won’t happen again from him?

If we can help him heal, then can we help other “red zone cases” that currently fill our prisons?

Jared Loughner

The smile can't cover up a deep-seated hurt.



If we heal just one such man or woman, then a blessing can emerge from this chaotic mess.

(Hint, it won’t happen via prescription medication or surgery.)

If we seek to punish alone, we’ll get more of the same.

Every moment, every event, and every experience that is not to our liking is a catalyst to ask the question; “is there another way of seeing and responding, that I might realize a new quality of change? Can healing come from this?” These are personal questions that can affect humanity as a whole.

U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords

Representative Giffords: Simply irrepressible.


Even the most tragic moments have within them the seeds of the greatest blessings and beginnings. They will grow based on the environment that we create around them. If we create an environment that nurtures greatness and actually heals dis-ease of all involved, then the fruits of our choices will eventually nourish us.

Asking the right questions and making inspired choices are the first steps that each of us can take.

Flooding in Australia

Nature works on a scale that is sometimes hard to imagine.


I reach out to the people of Australia’s heartlands, who are experiencing Mother Nature’s power first hand. This is not vengeance, but her need to “adjust” her settings. Brace yourselves for something wonderful; the new lives that you can create in your new world.

Haiti earthquake aftermath.

Devastation begins within, as does reconstruction.


I reach out to the people of Haiti. You were suffering from life before the events of January 12, 2010, only to see a bad situation turn worse in the ensuing year. My heart goes out to you.

Will you search within your own heart and allow heaven to emerge from your hell?

Money only brings palliative relief, and even that will be for a few. Only love can cure what ails you.

Gulf Oil Spill BPs Costs

This can be cleaned up naturally.


To my fellow U.S. citizens on the Gulf Coast who still endure the effects of the chemical desecration that was the Gulf Oil Spill treatment chosen by BP and the U.S. Government. A corporate decision made a bad situation worse, and efforts are still being made to cover it up.

Even as you cope with the tell-tale and obvious signs of disease, please know that you can heal yourselves, your children, and communities. If you do, you can show others the way.

Afghanistan war child.

Let's give him something else to look forward to.


To those around the world whose countries are torn asunder by war, whether cultural, civil and political, please know that peace is at hand; and that it begins with and through you. Will you make your desire to break the cycle of tragedy your reason to treat others the way you want to be treated, instead of reason to prey on innocents?

-  - Homeless man John Wayne and others wait in a parking lot near LP Field after Metro police had them move their possessions from under the Shelby Street Bridge. Wayne said police have been nice about giving them time to move. A recent count by a national organization found 1,542 homeless people living in Nashville in January 2005. -  -.JOHN PARTIPILO/THE TENNESSEAN

A home is not the true measure of a man's worth, for each is priceless.


To those who are in poverty. If you don’t see a wonderful bounty that is available just for you at the expense of no one else, then imagine it into being. Imagine yourself joyfully being part of its growth.

Man behind bars...

Beware of the habits we embrace, lest we believe they are us.


To those who populate our jails, please forgive us for shunning and fearing you. We have made you our problem. Let those who are ready to treat others as human, even in an inhumane place, raise their thoughts and set a new course of intention. You are where you are for a reason. Only by owning the choices that you made to get there, will you gain the power to liberate yourself, even while behind bars. What is the true warden, but fear?


Famine in Africa

Famine is a state of mind that can be changed.


We complain about the darnedest things. We see our troubles as the worst there could ever be. Yet, we don’t know jack about troubles. Someone, somewhere always is experiencing something that would immediately make us feel grateful for the troubles that we have, and maybe even consider that we can fix them.

The world that we live in is one of our creation. Limited resources and availability, haves and have-nots, poor and rich, heroic and villainous, healthy and diseased, are all states of one humanity, and we are all capable of experiencing any or all of these expressions. We are also able to change any, if we ask heart-felt questions, and are willing to see new ways.

The Road Ahead

What lies ahead depends on how you see it.

Take a look at the image… how do you see it? Is the sun rising? or is it setting?

The answer depends on your point of view, which only you can change.

A ‘Wake-Up Call’ to Love

The Love Within, by Della Hale

Removing our shields and revealing the unwavering love within changes everything.

For many reasons, some obvious and some not, 2010 marks an important step forward in the story that humanity is writing for and about itself. Increasingly, we are learning to permit ourselves the possibility that there may be some truth to the idea that we are sentient, intelligent beings possessing heretofore unimaginable powers of creation. So fully and consistently has the wool been pulled over our eyes (and consciousness), that we’ve bought the idea of powerlessness, difference, and inequity, hook, line, and sinker.

Yet, I believe we are waking up from the malaise; that is, a sleep so deep, that we are mostly in it even when we are awake. The sleep I speak of is the one wherein we walk a dream of our own creation, totally unaware that the dream is ours, and that we can change it according to our desire and will. Believing we are powerless, we don’t realize that the dream is unfolding as a perfect reflection of our state of mind and heart, a state we often deny and disown, or assign to others. We have made that dream our truth. And yet, there are some amongst us who, knowing the truth, and content with the status quo, will gently and “innocently” encourage us to remain captains of our own dark nightmares for their own perceived gain. The light of day dawns, for we will one day see that both our “loss” and their “gain,” are illusions, as are our powerlessness and their power.

While celebrity soothsayers predict dire events and calamities this year, and times to come leading up to and including 2012, the ride need not be traumatic. We always have options. We can be fearful, or we can choose love.

Choosing fearlessness when fear might appear to be the most logical or reasonable response, is the same as choosing love when most are calling for vengeance or retribution. Love is the great transformer of individual and collective lives, and realities. I’m not referring to selective, transitory love, but love that is as consistent as gravity, as reliable as the tide. There will sometimes be shifts and changes in how love presents itself, but it is always present, love makes the moment transformable always. Love doesn’t make magic possible. It allows us to see, feel, and experience the magical side of life, which is always ever-present. In fear, we are deaf, dumb, and blind to life’s natural, loving magic.

No matter what the challenge, I look forward to each and every day. Each presents an opportunity to love in the best way that I know how, beginning with my self. To admit to loving one’s self was, at one time, the height of selfishness. We had to love others in order to prove that we were loving, putting self last, if on the list at all. If you don’t love yourself, then what will anyone else resonate with? At best, they will resonate with your invisibility, to the extent that you don’t include yourself among recipients of your love.

When you fill your own cup with love, and keep filling, you can then give to others, and not be depleted yourself.

Each moment presents the opportunity to love even higher and deeper. To put our “hurts” away, taking the shield from around our hearts. Little did we know that erecting shields of fear, anger, and resentment around the heart imprisons our power, and keeps us where most say they don’t want to be; i.e., in pain, depression, poverty, feeling lonely, resentful, abused, and powerless. We use much more power maintaining this illusion, this untruth about ourselves, staying out of balance while believing that something or someone outside of ourselves is going to “save” us. The Saviour is within, and we will connect as soon as we love. That’s because the Saviour is love.

We have much to learn about ourselves. Yet, all we need to know, is to love ourselves, and each other, without condition, ulterior motivation, or strings. Some will say that’s easier said than done, but if you look at each time you feel less than loving toward some one, recognize that moment as an opportunity to heal your self. It’s a place to improve your health, to hurt just a little less. The first step is to forgive.

To forgive doesn’t mean to forget. True forgiveness means that we enter a kind, harmless, non-judgmental place with full knowledge, and in full remembrance of what the individual may have done. In so doing, we reclaim the power that we had given away, oftentimes to fear, wariness, or over protectiveness.

We are learning that there are many ways to heal; in essence, to maintain or return to a state of dynamic, perpetual balance called health. We are waking up from the idea that the pain life is to be expected and endured, and that injustice is the rule. We are cautiously stepping into the concept that our experience is our creation. Owning one’s own experience is the first step in changing it. Forgiving is the next step. Opening the heart and embracing and being love solidifies the foundation that these two steps must stand on.

Let it be.

Alchemy to Fractility: A Journey Begins

SOMEWHERE in WASHINGTON — I feel a bit like Jim Humble in not wanting to divulge my exact whereabouts, yet still wanting to share. I will say that I am in the state of Washington (not the District, which technically isn’t in the United States).  Of course, being mum on a subject only increases curiosity, right? I’m doing so, not for any concern about my safety, but for the identity of the people that I’ll be meeting in person for the first time later today, relative to the subject matter, products that they produce, and information that they may share.

The subject and product is “M-State” or mono-atomic elements. In various forms, they are attributed with some amazing healing properties, and profound spiritual/perceptual openings in others. Our mission is to learn how it’s made, interviewing the producer on-camera, as well as showing the process. Much has been said about M-State (also referred to as ORMUS) product use, going back 3,000 years and more. I won’t wax profusely here about something I know so little about. I do want to learn to what extent these products can be of assistance, and under what circumstances.

Then my “investigative crew” and I will head to Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, to a workshop with Dan Winter titled, Sacred Geometry & Breakthru FRACTAL Science of Spirit. I’ve just recently been introduced to Winter, and this two-day gathering (December 12-13) just so happened to appear, in a perfect location and timing that couldn’t be passed up. Furthermore, when I called the organizers to see if it would be possible to interview the speaker for Talk For Food, I was given the opportunity to video record the entire presentation too!

If you haven’t seen or listened Dan Winter and are interested in not only the nature and process of transformation, but the experience, then you’ll want to be there too. Here’s a link to a flier. If you can’t attend, check out some of the many videos that are available online. Many are full-length (2-hours or more) and available on Otherwise, stay tuned here for updates, because yours truly will have one of the best seats “in da house!”

First Video from Sheldan Nidle Montgomery, AL Workshop

Agarthans, Humanity’s Mentors

I have had Sheldan Nidle as a guest on Talk For Food on several occasions. The first time was in April 2008, as one of the stops on my first seven-day “road trip” to Northern California.

At the time hadn’t realized that I had actually read one of his early books, You Are Becoming a Galactic Human. He’s written and produced other books and videos since, and publishes regular updates to email subscribers ( I found the subject matter so compelling at the time, and his command of the information so sincere, that after finishing our interview, I asked if he had the energy to do another!

Fortunately, he did. It was quite a gesture that he and his partner, Colleen Marshall, welcomed me into their home on the strength of a couple phone calls, but that’s what happened. And as we witness the passage of time, ending 2009 and the beginning of 2010, many of the concepts that Sheldan speaks so passionately on, are becoming headlines.

This video is part of just one hour of a workship that panned 1.5 days held in Montgomery, Alabama, titled, “Making Galactic Sense Out of Chaos.”

I have produced five or six Talk For Food programs from this workshop, but due to the production effort involved, this is the first video that I’ve released thus far.

However, the visual experience provides its own information that sometimes doesn’t come through via audio alone.

I hope you find it useful.


To listen to the entire Talk For Food podcast of this segment, click here.


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