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Healing as an Act of Consciousness

A view to the East Valley from Camelback mountain.

The above image is a view along the trail on Camelback mountain, a Phoenix area landmark which is also next to the town of Paradise Valley where, from June 11-18, 2012 we will host Carol Robert’s Genome Healing Workshop for the first time outside of Australia. Each year roughly 300,000 hikers visit this landmark and make the 1.5 mile trek toward its 2,700 foot summit.

I didn’t make it to the summit. This was only the second time I’ve been to Camelback since I moved here in 2004. With the extra weight of my gear and the need for better physical conditioning, my body quickly let me know that persisting in the ascent on this day would be at my own peril. It’s not that I couldn’t make it, but doing so might have been… to put it delicately, embarrassing.

Not to worry. I wasn’t preparing to compete in an Ironman Triathlon. I simply wanted to acquire some visual images of the area, especially given its proximity to the Workshop venue. However, while easy-to-spot regulars flaunted their fitness by not simply walking, but running up and down the trail, I did come away from the experience with a treasure worth sharing, in the very clear message:

Healing is an act of consciousness.

The proper description for the Genome Healing Workshop is that it is a DNA/Stem Cell Healing Course, based on the fundamental principles of quantum physics and the regeneration techniques introduced by Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov.

Carol Roberts, herself a pioneer in Thought Field Therapy, Advanced DNA Theta Healing, and was one of the first English-speaking students at Petrov’s Moscow clinic, is building a strong body of real-world, accessible evidence that demonstrates what is possible when consciousness is consciously, and even predominantly part of the healing process. From my day on the mountain I came away feeling that it is the only real factor, with all due respect for MMS, the FDA, and anything else that a doctor might tell you. Any person who thinks a modality is going to supersede what has been created by consciousness, without the willingness of, or a change in consciousness, is looking in the wrong direction. Modalities can help, but they are empowered by acts of consciousness which, in and of themselves, they are not. In and of ourselves, we are.

Adam on Camelback mountain.

I shared a few "on location" thoughts.

The night previous to my Camelback journey, Carol sent me the following synopsis following her most recent training seminar just completed in Queensland. I’m including it here in its entirety.

It was absolutely amazing! There were 28 for the 2 days and 13 for the intensive (5 additional days). Every person was able to ‘embody’ their organs and allow them to speak and all said they got incredible insights about what they were creating as well as everyone felt the transformations immediately upon using the techniques. They were all able to help their partners shift deeply held consciousness patterns and many described how amazed they were at what their organs were telling them.

There were a number of instant physical healings as well.  One lady who had lost a toe felt new energy up the side of her body and could feel the toe regenerating as we used the stem cell process. One lady who had glasses for 30 years told how she could now read the manual without them as clear as day after a 15 minute process. Another lady also said her eyesight had also greatly improved after one of the processes. Everyone in the intensive course was able to release a whole life time of traumas in one session,  and couldn’t believe it could actually be that easy, yet they had experienced it.

There were a number of people who were receiving galactic information. Everyone said that as they connected with themselves, they were connecting more with everyone else as well. The love between everyone was incredible. Some said they were connecting better with  their guides and higher selves too.  People kept coming up to me and thanking me from the bottom of their hearts, it was beautiful. I should have taken before and after pictures of everyone.

On the last day of the intensive, as we were communicating with our organs, one lady kept getting the urge to communicate with Grigori Grabovoi who came to the group and gave us guidance through her. I haven’t done this in the group before, only privately for myself, but it felt right for this to happen. It was wonderful to hear him talk about how thrilled he is that so many people are finally gaining benefit through his work. He told us that as soon as we intend the healing, it is already done and that he is here to help every one of us.

One of my clients with motor neuron disease, causing her to not be able to eat or drink, only through a tube, can now eat and drink normally. This was after 4 x 1 hour sessions. One person dying in hospital in India had no will to go on and decided she would die there, the next day after the session, she left the hospital and has steadily improved ever since.

Each paragraph above could take us on a journey down new avenues of self-discovery, redefining what is possible along the way. Unlike the typical $cientist that would see an apparent miracle with his own eyes and dismiss it as impossible, we are in the process of redefining what is miraculous.

The Genome Healing Workshop experience will be one where we get together to practice and experience healing acts of consciousness.

Awakening from the Astral Slumber

The physical and the astral (or plasma) body.

Ponder the thoughts written below:

…the astral body is a component part, the very Self, of earthly existence; … it is the seat of the conscious mind and is not created by the will of the individual.

The astral phantom is so much our very Self that we do not realize how bound up in it we are; we do not seem to comprehend that we are using it this very moment. It is our life, this astral body,and when it permanently severs from the physical body, that physical is of no account. I wish I could convince you, reader, that this phantomous body is not a new entity, which you will acquire in the future; it is “You” of the present—your consciousness, your animation.

Without the astral body your physical anatomy would be but a crude mass of insensible material, lying inert in the power of gravity.

The quotes were excerpted from Projection of the Astral Body, by Sylvan Muldoon. The book was originally published in 1929. The subject of the “astral body” was wrapped up, along with many others, under the general category of “the occult”, which meant that “good,” or “God-fearing” people would be wise to steer clear.

The above excerpted statements laid bare, in very understandable terms, the truth about who we are. At the time the book was published, Muldoon was in his mid- to late twenties.

In today’s terminology, the astral body can also be described as a plasma energy field. They are one in the same. “Ectoplasm,” another linguistic “blast from the past,” also describes the look and behavior of an “exteriorized” plasma field. The term is hardly used today in anything but a “spooky” context, yet a willingness to “sit” with these thoughts takes us to the doorway of life’s most bountiful reward, transcending the fear of death by and through a greater understanding of Self.

The first time or place I ever heard the term “Bardo” used, was in Arcady Petrov’s trilogy, “Creation of the Universe”. Of course, given its Sanskrit origins, the term had been around for quite some time. It hadn’t occurred to me to look up its origins or meaning while reading Petrov’s work, so it was a pleasant surprise to see Muldoon refer to the bardo level in his master work.

A careful look at the languaging of various reference books on these subjects reveals the subtle and consistent nudge of these concepts into the realm of “after-life” or nether worlds that are detached from, and not involved with this one. For example, it’s not “normal,” but paranormal. Not “natural” but supernatural.

This is how blatant the dimming and dumbing down of humanity has been. This is why today we spend trillions in “space” travel, developing ways to move physical bodies across the heavens, when the form that gives those bodies any significance, can travel to any point in the heavens right now. This why we spend tens of billions on massive “super colliders” to destroy particles in a quest to “understand” the origin of the universe. This is why we spend billions seeking “cures” for what are actually dis-eases of the heart and mind and then develop and apply caustic chemicals in long-standing “battles” with copyrighted and trademarked “diseases” that can never be “won.”

The plasma energy field is the experience vehicle for each individual life on earth as well as beyond it. Yet, it is not studied for what it is. “Experts” publically deny, debate or dismiss its importance or question its existence. Privately they employ “remote viewers” to “see” what our “enemies” are up to. We think only a few people have such abilities, if they are acknowledged at all, yet, we all have them.

“Prestigious” institutions of higher learning offer no curricula on the subject, in spite of the very real scientific bridges that can be crossed. “Death” remains cloistered in intellectual ivory towers, or in a pop culture house of horrors. We remain in the dark about who and what we are.

The phantom body is the condenser of cosmic energy—the very energy you employ in moving about. This energy is the “breath of life”—omnipresent in every living thing. The Adam and Eve story is no doubt fiction, but the ancient writer hit upon the truth of the matter when he said, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

Without this “breath of life,” man would be really nothing but the dust of the ground. The breath of life is the universal, the cosmic, energy, condensed in the astral body, which you are using every instant. You may think you are a living body, but you are, as Moses said, “a living soul.” It is the astral entity which is the real “You”; it is the universal energy that is the breath of life.

Muldoon wrote the passage above in his examination of what many have described as the “silver cord.” He concludes:

But what has all this to do with the astral cable? Simply this: When the astral body is in coincidence (with the physical), you are physically alive. When the astral body moves out of coincidence, you are physically dead—unless the astral cable, running from the energetic body to the physical body, is intact.

Healing… true healing is not about anything other than you and I, our choices, our nature, and the understanding that we bring to, or glean out of each experience. Everything else is a side story or subplot. We are attractors of experiences, both “in” the physical realm and beyond.

The 90+ percent of the universe that is considered “dark” because it is unaccounted for only describes the extent of what we have been unaccustomed to intelligently seeing, and therefore, have remained vibrationally incompatible with. Our concepts about death, and whether it is “right” to “kill” another, for what ever reason, “eye for an eye” thinking, concepts of “haves” and “have nots,” are all influenced by fundamental constructs of possibility which we impress upon the mind and thereby form what we think of as our reality.

So when someone is killed or “die,” we mourn a “loss.” They didn’t really “die,” but they will have essentially been ex-communicated if we think they’re “in heaven,” (or hell) and “out of reach.” When we have a metabolic dysfunction we focus on the body and not the individual’s state of mind and heart. We don’t consider their goals and dreams, passions and fears. Our health care system judges whether we can help them by whether “the practitioner” has an accredited “license,” or whether they have money to pay their bill. The more help they are convinced that they need, the more costly the remedy. And yet, the remedy itself is not.

Time to wake up from the slumber.


Below is a flier that we’re distributing, locally and nationally, for our upcoming Genome Healing workshop with Carol Roberts. I’ll have details on the venue next week.


I’ve also produced a new 6-minute video about it.

Some thoughts on the Genome Healing Workshop.

Finding the Courage to Imagine Resurrection

Organ regeneration is one of the most accessible and perhaps comfortable aspects in the universal appeal of Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov’s writings and teachings. I have a part or two that I am excited about restoring to the Norm. However, that is just the appetizer to the main course, which, I believe, we may be more reticent (myself included), to discuss… but we must. The subject is resurrection.

What does “restoring the Norm of the Creator” really mean if not eternal life and immortality? In other words, no death? As it became quite evident in Petrov’s “Creation of the Universe” triliogy, death was/is a fabricated idea that we have perpetuated by our beliefs and through our fears.

I’m over simplifying here, but the fundamental message is that as “children” of The Creator, we are imbued with the same attributes, including eternal health and life. Yet, given our Free Will, we are free to continue to believe in the inevitability and/or finality of death (and taxes), until we choose not to.

A rap concert in Coachella, CA caused quite a buzz when rap artist, Tupak Shakur, who left this world via gunshot in 1996, appeared in an on-stage performance with Snoop Dogg. It caused quite a stir. Even the Los Angeles Times, in reporting on the concert, demonstrated some conceptual dyslexia, referring to Shakur’s appearance as “reincarnation” instead of resurrection.

In the general scheme of things, if resurrection is possible, and is a reality, it makes the possibility of organ regeneration feel that much easier. I offered more thoughts on the subject in the first half of Talk For Food.

If we want to “Restore the Norm”, it’ll mean living again, and fully.

The Great Power Within Us

I have finished reading Book III of Arcady Petrov’s trilogy, “Creation of the Universe”, Save the World Around You. It was well worth the effort, replete with useful insights, some of which are metabolic, particularly on cancer, telomeres, and the informational nature of DNA. It’s greatest gifts, however, are conceptual.

The drama surrounding the struggle of “Death” to remain alive, and its eventual vanquishing by placing the spark of Life within it, is just one of many subplots that would make Petrov’s book an amazing motion picture, one I’d love to produce.

While it is clear to me that re-reading the voluminous work, 1,600+ pages in all, would reveal even deeper levels of insight that I may have missed on the first pass, the salient point to be understood is that the power to change both our inner and outer world is within each of us, not only collectively, but individually.

The unspoken point that is up for grasping is that these powers are activated through the process of knowing, accepting, revealing, and embodying the highest imagined expression of one’s Self. Grabovoi and Petrov’s methods are actually secondary to the primary understanding that the Power to make these amazing changes is present within each of us, and is activated via desire, willingness, intention and permission. These immeasurable attributes can be “turned on” or “turned off” only by the “attractor” of the experience.

Experiences are “attracted” to each of us, individually and collectively, for reasons that we may, or may not consciously know. However, the fundamental purpose of all experiences are to facilitate a higher expression and depth of self-awareness, through:

  • deeper understanding
  • expanded knowledge
  • self- and experiential mastery

Shedding dis-eases, which themselves are simply patterned ideas based on certain sets of assumptions about what is, and is not possible, is just one indicator of a conscious awakening, and an awakening consciousness. How perfect that the foundation of these revelations are so simple as restoring The Norm of the Creator, or as Carol Roberts calls it, The Blueprint of Optimal Functioning.

We are excited to be bringing Carol and her crew to Arizona (June 11-18) for an intensive 7-day course in Genome Healing, which incorporates many of Grabovoi and Petrov’s methods. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the second recorded conversation with Carol on my Talk For Food program.

Genome Healing puts many Grabovoi and Petrov methods into practice.

The class size will be limited to 24 people. The tuition is $3,000, not including lodging. (Click here to register online.) We’re finalizing the location venue.

We’ve seen weekend “Petrov” workshops at a tuition of $1,500. In addition to the Grabovoi and Petrov methods incorporated, Carol’s experience in Thought Field Therapy and other modalities, attention to the subtle nuances of consciousness, and the absence of language or cultural barriers, will make this a far more productive experience. That is because the power is already present. We are each learning how to access and use it consciously, rather than continue our time-honored practice of deferring to a highly indoctrinated (“educated”), but unconscious “Authority”.

The “within-ness” of said power is not a material space. It’s not in an organ or embedded within some area of the brain. It exists on a level that precedes the pattern or matrix around which our reality and everything within it, organizes itself. In other words, it is not “physical”. But then, nothing real ever was, or is.

The power that is within us is not limited to matters of physical healing. It is expressed within the totality of our experience. Healing of physical dysfunctions, through the act of restoring the Norm of the Creator, represents a validation of sorts for the healer’s ego. This is not a criticism, just an observation. We can use this power and affect amazing healings on others, and not our physical selves, and it would not mean that there is something we’ve yet to master. As long as we are giving of ourselves in the best way that we know how, and have not come to the conclusion that there is nothing more to know, then we are a conduit for the Great Power; both a blessing thereof, and blessed thereby.

Bashar offers some great insights on “Earth School” and humanity.

More soon…

Misinformation and Restoration of the Norm

Easter Greetings to Everyone, believers and non-believers included.

The vast majority of those who will read the following thoughts will do so after Easter, but the subject of resurrection is becoming particularly meaningful in a far more expanded context than has been the case for the past 2,000 years or so.

Some thoughts that came on my morning bicycle ride.

I am nearing the completion of Book III of Arcady Petrov’s trilogy, Creation of the Universe: Save the World Around You. At times it has been difficult for me to form a mental picture of what is happening, or to follow the logic of the dialogues between Petrov and his cohort, Igor Arepeyev. For example, the progression of creation from a point, or as represented by a cell.

Nonetheless, I don’t dwell on what I don’t understand, but latch on firmly to what I do. There is a smorgasbord of embraceable thoughts for us to consume and enrich ourselves by.

Self-enrichment is not a dirty word, for it must begin in thought; in the ideas and concepts that we embrace and hold as “true”. Informational elements are the core components of ideas, and collections of ideas form the concepts that eventually coalesce and express themselves as the experiences of our reality.

While there are profound appearances of commonality, no two experiences or realities are the same. We’ve explained away some of the differences by categorization practices, breaking down all elements of life into various groups. While this Newtonian logic seems true, we are actually observing the effects of an entire universe of subtle dynamics that stand as real causes. We define the iceberg of life by the tip that we see and measure, looking at anything and everything visible and assuming that the definition is implicit within it.

Let’s take recent racial dynamics as an example.

The media frenzy that has followed the Travon Martin death in Florida demonstrates how delineation techniques, in this case, racial categorization, has been successfully used as a tool to stoke tensions within an entire population.

Talk show discussions about America’s “race problem” shot up like wildfire, and was further stoked a couple days ago when a rash of shootings broke out in Tulsa, OK, that left three black people dead and two injured. (See story.)

I rarely speak about racial dynamics because the “race” that may define me has never been founded in how I look, nor in my genetics.

Being a human being provides me with the same tools, abilities, and needs that are shared by virtually every other human being. The tools are information and energy, the abilities are discernment and choice, and the need is for love. Some people may think the need is for money or power, but when they obtain both, they learn that nothing else satisfies the heart, or heals the soul. I speak not of love received, but of love given.

Believe it or not, these same tools are the very ones used by beings from beyond earth. They are no “greater” nor “lesser” than we are. Their level of advancement, compared to humanity, may very well lie in the greater degree of self-understanding that they have sought and attained. $cience would have you think you have to go to certain schools in order to even have a relevant thought along these lines.

Little or no connection is thought to exist between something within you and the “cures” to the ills of our world, so you are not encouraged to look within, nor to help others. In so doing, the general disintegration of our world continues while we wait for someone to ride in on a white horse.

That said, the one element that each and every one of us can “control” in life, is in the choice of whether to give or to withhold love. Love and its elements – compassion, tolerance, patience, forgiveness, inspiration, intelligence, genius – is connected to every wonderful discovery and outcome that we have ever enjoyed. When the times get tough, the tough should get loving.

The civil rights leaders who are now spouting off about the race problem in America, and are suggesting that their “group” is now endangered, is essentially encouraging their followers to withhold love, friendship, courage, and respect, not only for others, but for self.

When we withhold our own love, by being fearful, we are the first to lose. Nothing good ever comes when such behavior becomes habitual.

If we spend more time looking suspiciously or with resentment at our fellow human beings, it means we’re spending less time looking lovingly within, discovering who we are, and unwrapping the amazing gifts that the Creator – I don’t care what label you give – has given.

Petrov refers to this Force as the Father. This is the source of life. I’ve sometimes done the “where’s the Mother” thing, but I have no question that the following elements represent the Norm of Creation:

  • Natural Immunity from ALL Disease
  • Restoration of Health and Well-being
  • Regeneration of Organs (internal and external)
  • Restoration of Optimal Expression (Reverse aging)
  • Immortality (No need to “die”)
  • Resurrection (Re-entry on the physical plane after “death”)

If the first five options are true, then the sixed must be too.

Humanity is emerging from an elaborate wool-pulling that goes back thousands of years before the Sumerians.  In Petrov’s third book, the main focus is on how the idea of death was inculcated into the collective consciousness, and how it – the being that represented Death – has been vanquished, actually by giving it the seed of life, and removing information (a profound over-simplification.)

Anyone who aspires to make any of these ideas true for themselves is advised to understand that Restoration of the Norm implies all of the above. It would also mean being loving, not as a requirement, but as a choice. Love that is thought to be obligatory, isn’t genuine.

There’ll be no faking here.

Pain Relief by Information Waveform

Some of the many insights contained in Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov’s works are beginning to see the light of day in my own life. Evanescent concepts are evolving into practical understandings that can be applied in my “here and now.” In this case, it was through my first successful use of intention, Grabovoi numbers, and consciousness to help a friend gain relief from what might be described as “Red Zone” back pain.

Oh yes… she was 25 miles away. 

* * *

It had been several weeks since Pat and I had spoken. Unbeknownst to me, she had recently sustained a fall at home, landing on her tailbone (coccyx), stressing the sacroiliac and resulting in spinal disc herniation.

To put it midly, it hurt, badly.

Pat’s lower back pain was profound and constant, and had been that way for over a week. Given her predilection against taking pain killers, her inner strength was her only buoy. It was enough to allow her to carry on with life, but not without the pain. This is one reason that our quest for understanding should be ongoing, not pursued by a few “credentialed” individuals, but by everyone.

Pat was happy to hear from me and, putting her own discomfort aside, she asked how life in general, and things at the Photonic Energy Center were progressing. I had much to share, including the Genome Healing Workshop we’re planning in June, and our exploration into healing methods that can be performed remotely, in essence, via waveform.

It was then that she shared her lament, as any way that she might gain relief would be most appreciated.

Distance, or waveform healing is not new. The term “waveform” refers to the transmission mechanism by which information is directed to any “place” in existence, and activated.

Creation is comprised of, and driven by information, organized in a specific order, according to a directed intention. Information is “pre-energetic”. It exists as an impulse even before it is received, or uttered.

Knowledge represents a specific information organization. It is a transient state. For example, Pat’s knowledge was sufficient to know that prescription pain killers would not actually help her condition. Therefore she refused to rely on them. However, it was not sufficient to mitigate the condition or the pain.

My knowledge had been sufficient to know that information, numbers, and geometry could be used to mitigate many conditions, but it was an intellectual knowledge. It had not become practical, meaning that hadn’t actually done it myself.

I can now say that I have.

Coincidently, I had just read a section in Chapter 2 of Save the World Around You, the third book in Petrov’s trilogy, which talks about creation, and how all that is created begins with, and springs from a point.

At one point, Petrov comments that Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing of the Vitruvian Man is conclusive proof that he was clairvoyant. Of particular interest to me was/is the significance of the square and the circle, which are two-dimensional analogs for the three-dimensional cube and sphere; both, according to Petrov, are perfect forms of God.

I deduced that the square and circle are somewhere present in the Blueprint of Optimal Expression, otherwise The Norm of Creation. As such, they might likewise be effective in removing, isolating, or otherwise nullifying information that represented a deviation from said Blueprint, or The Norm.

So I took a sheet of paper, wrote Pat’s name on it, and with a black ink pen, drew a single point or dot. From that dot I drew six random radians. I didn’t think about it… just did it.

The image felt like the point from whence the pain was being “broadcast”. Therefore, I drew a circle (representing a sphere), then a square around it (representing a cube). The purpose was to contain/isolate the pain point.

I then referred to Grabovoi’s Restoration of the Human Organism Through Concentration on Numbers (we have 3 copies) for an appropriate number to apply to the situation. That turned out to be for Spinal Insult, or “8888881.”

We have another “waveform” method of working with people on the energy matrix. It is a software-based system that is based on the principles of Qi Gong.

“Waveform” sessions that we have run have taken as long as 10 hours to complete. We rarely know how long they will take. So it was somewhat of a surprise when the program that was started on Pat completed in only 8 minutes.

A few minutes afterwards, Pat called me and asked me had I done some work on her, which I answered to the affirmative. She said that she had been out with a friend, trying to look at some furniture with a friend in order to divert her mind off the pain. However, it wasn’t working, even to the point of asking her friend to take her back home.

It was while they were on their way back to her house that the pulsations of pain suddenly stopped. The timeframe corresponded roughly to the time that I drew the pictogram above.

I didn’t record Pat’s elated comments to me when she shared how much better she felt, but I did turn the speakerphone on so that my colleagues, Della, Canei, and Jim could hear.

We are not content to “push the envelope” of possibility with regard to how these new methods can be used to help each other. We’re venturing outside the envelope, as we appreciate and release the limitations that we have based prior self-understanding on.

Energy, Consciousness, and ‘Who We Are’

Energy is almost the most pervasive influence on life as we currently know it, because everything that we know and recognize as part of life is formed, by and comprised of energy. Particle and wave, frequency and vibration, calorie, BTU, and photon, and more, are all descriptions of energy.

In spite of its virtual ubiquity, there is much about energy that we don’t understand. And yet, there is an even more powerful influence on life that we understand even less than energy, and that is consciousness.

Consciousness is the directing principle of energy. It not only “sends” energy from one place to the next (with each “place” itself being energy, including each point along the way), consciousness determines the nature, direction, and “spin” of said energy; its orientation. In practical terms, consciousness determines whether energy is harmonizing (organizing) or disruptive (destructive) in nature.

In Save the World Around You, Book III of his trilogy, Arcady Petrov quotes Grigori Grabovoi on consciousness:

“Consciousness represents a structure that unites the spiritual and the physical.”

This fits nicely with my understanding of consciousness, because that which is “spiritual” and that which is “physical,” are both comprised of energy; one difference being “density.“ Perhaps a better differentiator is the degree of said energy’s organization, otherwise referred to as coherence.

Everything is spiritual, because everything is energy. However, energy is not a “cause,” but an effect. A house may serve a valuable purpose, but it did not cause itself. It was created.

Consciousness is causal. It is not a “thing.” It is more commonly recognized as “You” and “Me.” In actuality, consciousness is in all living things. However, there is far more that is among “the living” than meets the eye. For example, one need not have a “physical” form to be consciousness. Indeed, the physical realm would correspond to the visible portion of an iceberg.

To be causal is to initiate changes of energy. Therefore, you and I are causal because we change the state of energy as a function of simply being. We cause energetic disturbances that eventually become illnesses, and as we embrace joyful and harmonious states, life improves. The healer is within the consciousness. And our consciousness is a subset of the One Consciousness, Mind, and Power; that is, the Consciousness, Mind, and Power of the Creator.

Therefore, the power to heal, the power to bridge, the power to harmonize, and the power to love, is within us all. As is the power to ignore the previous sentence. Each is actualized by the choices we make.

Even when we think that we have no power to affect any kind of significant change, said power is both present and active nonetheless. In other words, when we think we are powerless, our power is present and active. When we are unaware of our true effect on energy, we are operating “unconsciously.”

Most human behavior is conducted in an “unconscious” state. The unconscious state is dominated by unexamined and unquestioned patterns of thinking, which affects the organization and unfolding of life experiences. Unconscious actions are dominated by highly delimited thought structures, which are better known as beliefs.

Energy is limitless in its ability to be organized and reformed. Beliefs constrain the forms that energy will take for the belief holder(s), who, by harmonic resonance, affect its directional “spin” and polarity. Beliefs can be positive or negative, so can energy. As our beliefs go, so goes our energy. As our energy goes, so goes our reality, including, but not limited to, all matters of health and well-being.

Another thing we should know about energy is its malleability. It responds instantly to thoughts, both singular and systemic. A belief is a systemic thought construct, itself comprised of energy that gives it unique behavior and characteristics that apply specifically to the belief holder(s).

Informational Building Blocks

Innate within the essence of all energy is information. Information defines the correspondences and relationships that influence and govern the characteristics and behavior of the energy that it becomes.

Information is the symbolic representation of desire, intention, vision, and Will. You may or may not be able to see information that drives energy, but you can change it nonetheless.

Information is created with and through human imagination. Imagination creates structure from Infinite Potential, which can be perceived as either nothingness or chaos. However, everything that we know and love, and all that we fear, comes from the same place.

What does all this talk about energy mean in practical terms?

It becomes the basis for a deeper understanding of who we are, and the re-creation of our world.

First View: Carol Roberts Interview

Well, this video isn’t a “first” for some of you who get YouTube notifications of my new uploads. I thought I had that video set to “private,” but the cat’s out of the bag. BTW, thanks for the feedback that some of you sent. The audio feed on Carol’s side was HORRIBLE, but intelligible enough for the effort to have been worthwhile. We plan on doing more over the weeks to come, so they have little choice but to get better from here.

I’m pleased to say that the U.S. Genome Workshop site is ready enough to announce. It can give information about the workshop, accept tuition payments for the 24 spaces that this workshop will comprise. The website address is:

The course is 7-days. There won’t be anyone in the States or Canada (from my best guest) that will have had her BASIC course, to only elect the Advanced. This is our first time having her in the States, so we’re presenting one course, and with enough time to allow 24 interested people (in 7 billion) to make their arrangements.

Anyone wanting to cut right to the Registration page for the workshop can click here.

I am continuing to postpone jumping into Petrov’s Book III while finishing Report on Radionics: SCIENCE OF THE FUTURE The Science which can cure while Orthodox Medicine Fails, by Edward W. Russell. This information dovetails nicely into the Grabovoi/Petrov work. In fact, I spoke today with James Rink, of Neological Technologies (, who has developed a device that, he says, uses Grabovoi numbers in conjunction with radionics to help the user or practitioner achieve their objectives.

He has agreed to send one to our Center for experimentation and comment. We may either invite him to our workshop, or sponsor another one centered around this technological tool. The implications of radionics is such that the potential healing opportunities extend far beyond that of the body.

This workshop is a first for us… for me. But we’re excited about doing it. The more you learn, not only about what is possible, but that there is has been an evolving history of wonderful methodologies dating back almost 100 years, that Medical Science has consistently turned its back to, the more excited I get that the time for change is now.

Finding the Deeper Meaning in “Ex” istence

While waiting for Book III of Arcady Petrov’s Creation of the Universe trilogy to become available in English (I check for the new arrival at least twice weekly, or as often as I think of it), my reading interests have taken me in directions other than re-reading Books I and II.

The first was David Wilcock’s The Source Field Investigations, which I thoroughly enjoyed because it both complements and supplements my understanding of the phenomena that Petrov and Grabovoi have ignited.

The book is also filled with juicy examples of little-known research that has been conducted in various parts of the world, a large portion of which by Russian scientists who found something else to study to fill up their time after the end of the Cold War.

One area covered includes practical uses for, and greater understanding of pyramids — stationary machines with no moving parts that influence the motion and flow, and change the coherence of the gravitational and levitational fields that we exist in. When this is done, life is enhanced and restored. Poisons that are placed under the field influence of a pyramid were shown to lose their toxicity. It’s easy to surmise that if this is true, then placing one’s self under a pyramid of sufficient size would decrease the toxicity and increase the life force within an individual. Some segments of mainstream science might question such notions, dismissing them as unworthy of study, but this would reveal an unwillingness to handle a truth, more subtle, and powerful than the truths they have built their reputations on.

Another example in Wilcock’s book involves experiments that demonstrate the transfer of information from a healthy seed of a specific plant variety to a “dead” one of the same species. The dead seed had been killed by radiation contamination following the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, Ukraine, in 1986. The information transfer was accomplished with a non-burning laser. Simply put; a coherent and directable light source. The result was no less than the resurrection of the dead seed, a restoration of its life and vitality, and ability to propagate and perpetuate life, with no degradation in the life force or viability of the donor. Better yet, no prescription medication was needed.

The next book was Contact: Countdown to Transformation, by Dr. Steven Greer, of the Disclosure Project. He will be speaking at the 2012 UFO Congress next month in Fountain Hills, AZ, and has agreed to an on-camera interview with yours truly. This book is simply a transcript of field reports from members of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or CSETI organization, that Dr. Greer founded and heads. I’m still making my way through it, but I am impressed by two things (well more than that), (1) that private citizens have taken it upon themselves to prepare themselves to become able ambassadors for interaction with intergalactic intelligences, and (2) the preparation involved is a spiritual one, a journey of awakening consciousness, not religion.

Two direct outcomes of the CSETI experiences are (1) reduction in fear, and (2) increase in one’s ability to see subtle fields that are beyond what Greer calls, “The Crossing Point of Light.” He writes:

Most of what exists in the relative cosmos is resonating beyond the frequency of the speed of light and is thus beyond the field of normal visual perception and material, solid matter. If a civilization has reached interstellar capability, most of their technologies, and most of their ability to communicate, transport, materialize and de-materialize, use spectra of energy that are beyond the crossing point of light. p. 44

This, to me, is a key point of the human journey. We are waiting for ET’s to materialize and help get us out of the mess we’ve created, when it is we who can, by shedding fears, animosities, and prejudices open our own eyes, allowing ourselves not only to see them, but to discover and use the power that is within us, a power that we share with all of Creation, from planetary to intergalactic.

The other keynote to make here is that we are already multidimensional beings capable of traveling through time and space, just like ET’s do. We do it each time we close our eyes and go into the momentary, but familiar darkness that is the gateway to the sleep state. It is also the gateway out of what David Wilcock calls, “space/time,” and into “time/space,” which has a different set of “rules,” and its own experiential “flow.”

One additional title that I am sneaking some time in as I make my way through Contact, is The Secret Art: A Brief History of Radionic Technology for the Creative Individual, by Duncan Laurie, which discusses the history and nature of radionic technology, which itself is meaningful because a chief component in determining a devices efficacy is the consciousness of the operator.

The insights and understandings that are unveiled through these authors’ works are truly liberating.

How often do you find yourself highlighting the first paragraph of the first chapter of a book?

If one can accept the possibility that a substrate to physical reality exists that can be deterministically altered and influenced by human intention, then much of the mysterious and irrational design objectives of the prehistoric world become more comprehensible. – p. 1

I enthusiastically accept such possibility. Wilcock refers to this substrate as the Source Field. As it turns out, the terms “substrate” and “matrix” are terms I’ve used most often on the subject.

Laurie keeps the highlighter busy with these thoughts at the end of the first chapter.

Everything in our scientific worldview today stands against any truly magical technology: free energy, mind over matter, telepathy, spontaneous remission of disease, anti-gravity, and life beyond death. Yet in all instances, independent researchers report that such phenomena do exist and are a matter of record, some accompanied with patents and appliances. p. 10.

We have a entered a time when our connection – to each other, as well as all of creation is becoming self-evident to anyone willing to see it. While said connection remains largely unseen for most, myself included, it is quite discernible and logical.

It’s becoming evident that there is no such thing as nothingness. The vacuum of space is simply energy that is more subtle than anything we can presently measure. This energy is alive and intelligent.

It is also evident that each of us are expressions of creation, even as we are creators of our experiences. Please note the prefix “ex” in the words “expression” and “experience.” They share the common meaning of being “out of”, or individuated, such as being “exposed,” or in view. However, what is it that we would we “out of?” I submit that it’s not “nothingness,” but The Substrate; Wilcock’s Source Field, Gregg Braden’s Divine Matrix, Lynn McTaggert’s Field. We come out of, or from, a Oneness, and our experiential journey is into what appears to be isolation and separateness. In actuality, it all is, and comes from said Oneness, and toward that Oneness, that Light, we will naturally return, like a migrating family returning home. After all, the planet Earth moves through space in its solar orbit at roughly 70,000 miles per hour, and within the solar systems orbit around the galactic center, roughly 575,000 miles per hour.

This is all very exciting, as we finally begin learning something that can make a difference, because we can make a difference, not waiting on “double-blind” studies, peer reviews, and paternalistic approvals by some group of “elite experts”.

Winding Down 2011, Ramping UP 2012

As the year before 2012 winds down, savor these moments, because they will soon be part of history. Speculation will give way to experience, conjecture will melt into knowing, as both fears and hopes come true.

There is a growing number amongst us who are appreciating that we do indeed create our reality, that we are part of a oneness, an implicit unity, and that we are mere reflections and aspects of each other, and of a larger One, that is an integrated Whole.

As such, the concept of “enemies” that we must fight and defend ourselves against, and erect borders to protect ourselves from, is growing increasingly outmoded.

Experience is a function of electromagnetic attraction not happenstance, driven by subtle but very powerful forces that we have grown accustomed to dismissing; namely, our beliefs.

Beliefs are behind every choice, no matter where it leads, whether to poverty, loneliness, violence, depression, illness, and war. They are also behind abundant health, radiant vitality, miraculous healing and lasting peace.

Behind the beliefs are you and me, who have the power to judge their effectiveness and desirability, and embrace new ones when we realize that the ones we’ve been so accustomed to are no longer serving us.


After finishing Book II of Arcady Petrov’s Creation of the Universe trilogy, Save the World Within You, I started back on Book I, Save Yourself. However, my attention continued to be drawn to another work, The Source Field Investigations, by David Wilcock, which I am now half-way through.

Similar in intent to Lynne McTaggart’s seminal work, The Field, Wilcock has done an incredible amount of leg work, outlining some of the ground breaking research that has been conducted around the world that supports evidence of an implicit energetic substrate that supports the existence and influences the dynamics of everything.

It’s no coincidence that much of this research has also come from Russia.

Throughout its pages, Wilcock provides information that further explains and illustrate that the amazing results being achieved by Grabavoi, Petrov, et. al, are not unique to them, but simply part of the implicit nature of our reality, and the intelligent life that exists therein.


I have done some further searching with regard to attending a Grabovoi-type workshop in Thailand. I have spoken to a woman in Australia who attended the Thailand workshop, and when that one proved unsatisfactory, went to Moscow to Petrov’s academy, and learned from him.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t a satisfactory experience either. The dissatisfaction was not centered around the information, but more related to the delivery.

After a lovely talk with Carol-Anne Roberts (, I’m considering a two-step process. Attend her workshop in Australia, and bring her here to put one on at our Photonic Energy Center in Arizona. There will be no language issues, and she is very much attuned to helping the student get to a place where they feel – they KNOW – that they have connected to the Source Field.

She also sent me a long list of amazing testimonials from people who have taken her course.

More on that soon too…


We have had a guest here at the Photonic Energy Center. Meenal Mehta arrived on December 10 from London. I first met her four years ago, by phone, as people were referred to me to answer questions on MMS.

Meenal tells me about Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies

Those conversations invariably and inevitably delved into the deeper issues of healing, which get into our own sense of self and our relationship to the whole.

The question of how we heal must include a look in the mirror, and answer to ourselves who we think is reflected there. Our answer has a direct bearing on the quality and degree of “shift” that will happen for us, but we are the ultimate “shifters” of our reality.

Meenal is spending a month here, and time is passing rapidly, but joyfully. She is a champion for what we are doing, and a subscriber to this blog. (I didn’t know she read these posts for quite some time.)

She is introducing Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies at our center. We’re likely the only place in the world outside of London and India where they can presently be found.

There’s more to share…


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