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In the “Afterglow” of Genome Healing

Cathedral Rock is the perfect backdrop for an afternoon in Oak Creek.

As events unfold in the world that suggest that a major “reboot” lies just ahead, a week of savoring has swiftly passed since our Genome Healing Workshop experience ended, to which we added several days in Sedona with Carol Roberts and her co-facilitator Gabrielle (“Gabi”).

We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop itself, as well as our guests who traveled from Australia, Canada, the states of Washington, California, Massachusetts and Arizona, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Each brought with them certain elemental truths. Each took back the realization that truth is a tapestry, not absolute or static, but a dynamically unfolding element. Through Carol Roberts’ efforts, my Genome Healing workshop experience added several practical elements to my truth cosmology.

The All is Conscious, therefore All is Consciousness

I don’t know about you, but the statement above is not new to me. The idea that consciousness is in everything, and everything is conscious, makes sense if your concept of a God or Creator can be described by the words “omniscient,” “omnipresent,” and “omnipotent.” However, the practicality of that truth is relative to the degree that we (1) acknowledge our own direct connection to life and its Source, and (2) exercise our will to live, not merely “survive,” or “die,” which would be the ultimate expression of one’s failure to survive.

While these factors may sound as though they should be attributed to the realm of philosophy, they are of direct relevance, as they affect the degree to which we are susceptible to the vagaries of all indicators of well-being, including our states of health, wealth, and relationships. Indeed, life experience, and the quality thereof, is a direct effect of the ideas that we give our attention, beliefs, and energies to.

The Genome Healing method encourages, even requires conscious communication with consciousness. You ask, “Consciousness of what?” The answer is, what ails you. You don’t speak to the “disease,” which itself is a fiction, you speak to the organ or system that is expressing the dis-ease. There are two reasons to do this:

  1. “Dis-ease” is not normal. It represents a deviation from joyfulness, harmony, love, and undistorted truth. It is a result of isolation and alienation from those very elements (i.e., joyfulness, harmony, etc). If not reconciled, dis-ease leads to a denigration of our ability to sustain or restore health and well-being.
  2. The organ or system represents unexamined parts of ourselves; unresolved traumas, unrequited memories and insults that have resulted in imbalances, blockages, and dysfunction on mental, emotional, and metabolic levels.

The Genome Healing method not only helps one to raise his or her own conscious awareness, it elevates the level of one’s conscious integration, increasing inner harmonics, thereby expanding our sense of self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-esteem.

Self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-esteem will never be measured by, or on a scientific instrument, yet try doing anything positive or noteworthy without them. The internal dialogue, not just with one’s organs, but with the “female” (yin) and “male” (yang) aspects of said organs, are an attribute of Genome Healing that Carol Roberts introduced and has raised to an art. It is founded on, and framed by questions that take one to the depths of negative feeling. The goal is not to wallow in said feelings, but to become conscious of them so that they can be expunged by restoring the Blueprint of Optimal Function, or the Creator’s Norm.

This is simple stuff, and it is profoundly deep, and deeply profound. Anyone and everyone can use Genome Healing, but each must be willing to see, touch, and acknowledge their darkest feelings, that they may be given light. It’s not the light of technology, but the light of one’s own love, acceptance, and forgiveness, which is the Norm of the Creator.

In the video below, realizing how easy it might be to dismiss these methods as unscientific, I spoke about the mistake that would be.

Science is beginning to recognize the power of the subtle world.

Although I have used one of the Genome Healing protocols (there are many) on my eyes, I still wear my eyeglasses. Yet, my eyesight is changing, and I am feeling inclined to wear my glasses less, essentially giving myself more time to exercise and re-experience having perfect sight.

I have used the process for several other areas in my body, and the results are still unfolding.

One thing I can say is that you can feel a literal change in your outlook after going through the “Transformer” protocol (introduced by Grigori Grabovoi), which results in a change in energy, as well as the aforementioned self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-esteem matrix. This doesn’t put it “above” any other method, but it certainly distinguishes it.

I’m glad we did it. We’re planning the next one for November 2012.

Much more to share.

“First Look” into the Genome Healing Workshop

The Genome Healing Workshop is motoring on wonderfully. The time/energy matrix has not yet worked favorably enough for me to give a day-by-day, blow-by-blow account. Perhaps I should use something other than a pugilistic analogy, but then the unveiling of new information can indeed be a blow to existing and comfortable concepts of potential and possibility. Too often we claim to want change, but want to maintain existing perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, and patterns of choicemaking. What we want is for others to change, while we sit and judge whether they’ve done it to our satisfaction.

We’re funny that way sometimes.

This post will be briefer, but it will provide something that my words can’t; words, images, and feelings of Carol Roberts herself, as she speaks to the group, which includes people who came from Massachusetts, Saskatchewan, California, Arizona, and as far away as Buenos Aires, Argentina, to attend this gathering of Souls.

One commenter on the YouTube video  thread found reason to warm viewers that spiritual healing is “bringing in demons.” You almost want to laugh at such nonsense, except when you realize that either the writer, or someone who reads the comment, may actually think its true. But that’s an example of how we’ve layered ourselves in ideas designed and intended to have us walk cautiously, reluctantly forward into something new, even if its pretty uncomfortable where we are.

But walk we must. That’s why courage is such a special and valuable form of love.

Self-Understanding for a Change

Planning for the long-awaited first Genome Healing Workshop in the United States moves into a new phase, when Carol Roberts and one of her staff members arrive in Phoenix from Brisbane this afternoon. We’ll get acquainted over the weekend and prepare the new venue, shown above, for Monday morning for seven days of collective instruction and individual revelation.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 people will come together, from Saskatchewan, Canada, from California, Boston, and parts of Arizona. We are even expecting one from Argentina! Pretty amazing, to say the least.

There are, and will be those who insist that it’s impossible to heal yourself without taking extreme, approved, technological measures. And they certainly aren’t convinced that one can do it one’s self. What they are not including in that sentence is “within my belief system.” In that context, the statement becomes true.

One cannot heal self while operating, whether partially or full time, within a belief system where unfamiliar, unconventional, un-investigated, non-technological methods are summarily judged to be invalid or questionable. However, the disabling component of the belief system is (1) the invalidation of the human being, and (2) the human being’s agreement, whether actively or passively, with the invalidation, by embracing the belief.

How many people would agree to kidney and heart transplants if they believed, if they knew that a diseased kidney or heart could heal? How many would have joints replaced if they believed or knew that the power and ability to repair joints and restore cartilage is within us? How many people would take chemotherapy if they knew that doing so exacerbates the damage to their inner systems while taking some doses of inner truth would set them free?

Even if they are credentialed up the wazoo, a mass of people telling you self-healing is not possible will not make it so if you don’t share the belief. On the other hand, if you say it is so, then it is so. The next step is learning how. We are now learning that the process involves a willingness to re-embrace the wholeness of, and the harmony and balance within ourselves.

It’s about time.

By our true nature, we are exo-physical beings, meaning the real “you” and “me” exist and experience life in a form that is independent of the physical form. That exo-physical body, which includes a pattern or energy matrix that influences how the atomic elements are organized, as well as their function or dysfunction, is highly malleable. Said malleability is subject to change (or not) according to the beliefs that we hold to be “true,” not only about reality, but about ourselves, relationships, and what is “real.”

We are so accustomed to exercising a preference for that which is unnatural and unreal, and unimpressed by the natural and real, we have become unnatural and unreal ourselves. Falsehood has become our truth, and limitation, our insecurity blanket.

Now for a change.

I am finishing Ultimate Journey, the third of Robert A. Monroe’s trilogy, and it, like the Grabovoi and Petrov material, provides valuable perspective in the emergence of self understanding.

Self-understanding has, in its own quiet way, become an undocumented taboo (“ask your doctor if ____ is right for you”). We are encouraged to trust our five senses, the ones that we rely on most to operate and interact within the physical world.

Our obsession with patentable chemistry, which allows a certain period of exclusivity and financial advantage, has come at a very high, but unacknowledged cost; limiting the mobility of consciousness, and its range of awareness.

Our mass media outlets “busy” our minds with non-essential, nonsensical, and outright false information, to keep us stoked in fear, and unwilling to explore beyond where someone else has told us is “safe” to explore. We fear the darkness, not knowing that we are already in what we fear, and remaining in fear keeps us there.

Monroe’s books are wonderful and valuable because they are experiential. His voice resonates a Knowing truth that quells fear, and encourages each reader to seek and find his or her own answers, to re-integrate with the One.

In its own way, Genome Healing does the same thing.

Now for a change.

The Plasma Energy Body and “The Norm”

One week from today Carol Roberts and her assistant Gabriella will arrive in Phoenix to begin the experience that will be the first Genome Healing Workshop to be held on U.S. soil, running June 11-17 2012. We’ll have several days before and after the workshop to show them around before they head back to Queensland, Australia.

Yesterday she sent me the two training manuals that will be used, for the first two days of basic training, and for the five days of advanced. Interestingly, the first book is 56 pages in length, while the second is 30 pages.

I am looking forward to this experience, not only as instigator, organizer, and host, but for the chance to meet and spend time with the very special group of people it spoke to, who could see being no other place at this time in their lives, but here. All are quite enthusiastic, coming from as far away as Saskatchewan, Canada, Washington state, and California, in addition to Arizona locals.

Carol has her communications act together. The materials are well organized and presented. There are indeed certain elements that those familiar with Grigori Grabovoi’s will recognize, and more, such as a discussion of plasmoids, their nature, and role in the structure of the human soul.

I first heard of plasmoids just last year (2012), not from Grabovoi or Petrov, but during my conversation with the inventor, Paul Pantone, as he described one of the aspects of plasma energy, and how, upon observing and then touching a tiny generated plasmoid, he was knocked clear across a room.

Pretty powerful stuff.

There’s still time and spaces available if the spirit moves you. To sign up, visit


The thoughts below are excerpted from The Message of the Diving Illiad, by Walter Russell. During a conversation the other day, my friend Clayton Nolte mentioned Russell, and I happened to have that title in my library, but had not read it as of yet. So picked up the book and just opened it up. This is what my eyes were immediately drawn to:

See thou no more with outer eyes alone, for thou has knowing eyes to void the illusions of thy sensing.

Throughout long æons man has walked this earth with eyes of outer seeing, giving belief to that earth of his body’s sensing. Throughout his new æons he must walk with eyes of inner seeing and know Me in it as but visioning it in Light of Me and Light of him.

For I am a patient God. I patiently await awakening man.

Awakening man is he who knows the Light of Me in him. Man may choose his own æons for his awakening, but know Me he must. Until that day man’s agony of unknowing will be man’s alone. His knowing must be his own desiring.

Whyfore be thou slave to thou sensing? Be Me in thy knowing.

There is a practical, fundamental truth to these words that is so right that the meaning can go over one’s head. Well, the true meaning is over one’s head, or at least beyond it, because Russell is referring to the inner seeing “eyes” of the heart.

The exo-physical, plasma energy body, which is also referred to as the “auric field”, is the indestructible element wherein the patterns and matrices that influence the formation, appearance, and function of the physical body exist. Add to that, the perceptions and sensations, with the perceptions being the more expanded of the two.

The sensations that we experience while the physical form is “awake” tend to be constrained by that which is perceivable through its experiential lens. However, perceptions that we can and do receive go way beyond physical constraints. Denial, disbelief and dismissal have become so engrained as reasonable responses, we have closed ourselves off from this mighty channel of transformative information and restorative energy that rests within us and awaits our awakening.

Robert A. Monroe’s work, Far Journeys, which I just finished reading, describes insights, customs, and conventions learned about this far more pervasive world, which constitutes that 95% of the known matter and energy of the universe that conventional $cience still classifies as “dark.” They are “dark” to minds that only see/perceive reality in a Newtonian space/time context.

When we understand that we are the animators of the body, but that it is not who we are, perhaps it will be easier to permit new insights and outcomes, such as organ regeneration, shape shifting, and fearless, conscious OOB travels, to become The Norm.

Turning On and Tuning In to Healing Information

I guess I should be honored to have someone tweet that I’ve kicked up the ‘woo’ factor a notch in organizing the first Genome Healing Workshop in the United States (June 11-18). Yet, given our current addiction to virtually all things metabolic it should also be no surprise, especially when critics rely only on what they themselves have spent the time to research, which is often little or nothing.

That said, we’ll simply have to risk or endure some ridicule or criticism if we’re going to change our state of affairs. Given our predominant beliefs, the Genome Healing Method, along with the other protocols proffered by our Russian friends, Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov, are a clear departure from current conventions of thinking, and may sound “woo woo” indeed. That is, until the truth becomes self-evident.

This is where results weigh in, if one is willing to use their own judgment and not wait for an “authority” to validate, approve, or confirm what they have seen, read, or heard.

Skepticism is considered a “smart” position to take these days. But look at its underpinnings. It simply involves an attempt to “prove” or “argue” the likelihood of a negative outcome instead of a positive one. Skepticism and its more extreme component, doubt, present nothing positive for consideration, require no intelligence, and certainly, no inspired thinking. After all, inspired thinking connects us to outcomes imagined, but not yet experienced, hoped for, but still in waiting. This doesn’t make such options “woo woo”. Their mere possibility is reason enough to seek greater understanding of how to make them come true in the here and now.

And yet, it takes the same amount of energy to be skeptical as it does to be inspired. Actually, less. Both sets of information exist as available “truths”. Both have equal ability to exist, and not simply in a “battle” or “debate” over which is “right.” A limitless universe has room for ALL.

We are moving toward a new dimensional plane, one in which many elements that were thought to be impossible, or even miraculous, will become commonplace. Organ regeneration is one such element. Telekinesis is another. Bilocation is yet another. While the latter two would be so far out as to break most “woo woo” limbs, organ regeneration, such as spinal cord repair, are likely to be embraced first and by many.

As outlined in Arcady Petrov’s trilogy, “Creation of the Universe,” internal organs regenerate faster than external ones, such as limbs or teeth. This may in part be due to the dynamics between observation and one’s beliefs.

Our ability to “see” the external organs makes regeneration dependent on our belief in the possibility, given that we’ve not “seen” it, or heard of it happening before. No such perceptual inertia is involved with the internal organs. We can’t see the kidneys, gallbladder, tonsils, or prostrate, so a simple stance of neutrality, or non-disbelief, could very well suffice, if other conditions and factors are equal.

The new dimension that we’re entering makes medicine-free healing possible, as well as distance healing. Interestingly enough, the National Institutes of Health has been looking into distance healing and other acts of consciousness. (See article.)

I also found a scientific article, “The DNA-wave BioComputer,” written in part by Dr. Peter Gariev, that reports the results of experiments conducted by the Institute for Control Sciences, in Moscow. The article goes on to confirm the informational factors that affect DNA, and opens the door to change. In essence, it explains how and why consciousness-based methods, if performed under the proper conditions, can and do work. (View or download the article.)

In somewhat esoteric, but still comprehensible terms, the report describes how the researchers’ studies of DNA “led to the conceptualization of the genome’s associative-holographic memory and its quantum non-locality.”

These factors are important in both the informational management that is a normal and natural part of the human thinking process (our thoughts are much more powerful than we know), and the ability to affect beneficial physiological changes at a distance (non-locality). All of these are part of the matrix of potential within which the Genome Healing Method operates.

Further the phenomena, detected by these experiments described in part two, establish the existence of an essentially new type of radio signal, where the information is encoded by polarizations of electromagnetic vectors.

Further experimental research has revealed the high biological (genetic) activity of such radio waves, when generated under the right conditions by DNA.

Instead of declaring “this is impossible!” and dismissing it, as many $cientists have shown a proclivity to do, the researchers saw great potential of this information, as evidenced by the following:

For example, by means of such artificially produced DNA radiations, the super fast growth of potatoes (up to 1 cm per day) has been achieved, together with dramatic changes of morphogenesis resulting in the formation of small tubers not on rootstocks but on stalks.

The same radiations also turned out to be able to cause a statistically authentic “resuscitation” of dead seeds of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana, which were taken from the Chernobyl area in 1987.

The latter example was reported in David Wilcock’s book, The Source Field Investigations. Yet, the resuscitation of “dead” seeds suggests that other “dead” items may also be vivified once again, or perhaps I should say any or all rather than “other.”

The new dimension is not really “new,” it’s just becoming consciously accessible once again. Indeed it is becoming the standard playing field of reality, as the “laws” of nature are changing. While we may have had the ability to regenerate organs previously, the ability hadn’t been active in enough people for the idea to take hold as part of our collective reality. We’re in the process of changing that.

The beauty in all this is that every one of us have the components needed to either (1) remain under a spell of limited possibility, or (2) liberate ourselves. No one can do that for us, no matter how many initials they place before, or after their name.

I talked more about the Workshop in the video, just published.

This one includes some comments by Gregg Braden.

Genome Healing: An Awakening Opportunity

An amazing site for an amazing experience.

Yesterday we visited the proposed site for the Genome Healing Workshop. It is, in a word, breathtaking! But a single word isn’t enough. It is a private residence, physically in Phoenix, on Camelback mountain, and satisfied my desire to create an amazing and memorable experience for all who come.

I felt a strong resonance with this property. It was the first one to engender such a strong and positive feeling when I began looking for something other than a hotel or conference center.

However the owner or agent wasn’t easy to find, so we began looking for, and at other sites. Given that its price was also a question, the thought was relegated to the back-burner. However, a local real estate agent that I eventually contacted sent me a link to this property as a consideration, with no knowledge that I knew anything about it, or had any interest. After viewing it yesterday, it is even more impressive in person than a photo could ever reveal.

A few things must yet unfold before this is a “done deal” on this plane, which we are working toward, and I’ll leave it at that for now. This is going to be a special experience wherever it is, but I’ve seen where my heart wants it to be.

In the meantime we distributed re-designed postcards (see sample below) for the workshop yesterday, stopping by the Unity of Phoenix, New Vision Center For Spiritual Living  (New Thought), Unity of Mesa, as well as to several doctors offices, bookstores, and herb shops.

Carol sent me another testimonial yesterday. This shows you more how the term “healing” is subject to expansion, compared to the narrow framework that we’ve become accustomed to.

Hi Carol:

Thank you too for giving sooo much of yourself to all of us during the past 7 days. My friend who picked me up from the airport last night has known me for about 12 years and said  you could not believe the transformation. She brought me to the airport and I see her on a regular basis. But now for the WOW.

My flight was due to leave Gold Coast Airport yesterday at 3.25pm. I arrived at the airport at 2.15 to find that it was fogged in and that no incoming flights were able to land.  All the flights both Virgin and Jetstar (plus other airlines) were all cancelled and passengers were asked to collect their luggage and gather downstairs to be transported to Brisbane on a bus and would be advised when a flight would become available to take them to their destination. 

No information was given about my flight JQ441 except that it was delayed. At 4.30 approx an announcement was made that JQ442 from Melbourne was circling and going to attempt a second landing. (This was the flight plane due to take me back to Melbourne.)

I went into the transformer and attempted to lift the clouds to make the landing strip visible.  I took the “Mist” through the transformer a second time and intended that this lifting would allow 442 to land.

About 3 minutes after this was done a huge shout from the people sitting in the departure lounge as 422 landed and my flight was then able to take off just after 5pm.  WHAT CAN I SAY.

We can all draw our own conclusions !!!!.

Thank you again Carol.  My friend Pek-Sim is going to check her diary to see if she is in Australia in September to do your course.

Much love,

Lorraine   xxx

At the beginning of my most recent conversation with Carol (not yet edited), I offer the hypothesis that “healing is an act of consciousness,” to which she readily agreed. A greater knowing of who and what we are stimulates new impulses; new approaches to familiar challenges.

The Genome Healing Course is a Course in Consciousness. It doesn’t have to take a lifetime to change a lifetime’s worth of effects born from a more rigid or restrictive sphere of consciousness.

The knowing of which I speak is not static. It is dynamic and progressive. There will always be more to know, and greater challenges to master, but we’re at the threshold of a major awakening opportunity that I am pleased to be part of, and to take part in.


Redesigned GHW Postcard

Healing as an Act of Consciousness

A view to the East Valley from Camelback mountain.

The above image is a view along the trail on Camelback mountain, a Phoenix area landmark which is also next to the town of Paradise Valley where, from June 11-18, 2012 we will host Carol Robert’s Genome Healing Workshop for the first time outside of Australia. Each year roughly 300,000 hikers visit this landmark and make the 1.5 mile trek toward its 2,700 foot summit.

I didn’t make it to the summit. This was only the second time I’ve been to Camelback since I moved here in 2004. With the extra weight of my gear and the need for better physical conditioning, my body quickly let me know that persisting in the ascent on this day would be at my own peril. It’s not that I couldn’t make it, but doing so might have been… to put it delicately, embarrassing.

Not to worry. I wasn’t preparing to compete in an Ironman Triathlon. I simply wanted to acquire some visual images of the area, especially given its proximity to the Workshop venue. However, while easy-to-spot regulars flaunted their fitness by not simply walking, but running up and down the trail, I did come away from the experience with a treasure worth sharing, in the very clear message:

Healing is an act of consciousness.

The proper description for the Genome Healing Workshop is that it is a DNA/Stem Cell Healing Course, based on the fundamental principles of quantum physics and the regeneration techniques introduced by Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov.

Carol Roberts, herself a pioneer in Thought Field Therapy, Advanced DNA Theta Healing, and was one of the first English-speaking students at Petrov’s Moscow clinic, is building a strong body of real-world, accessible evidence that demonstrates what is possible when consciousness is consciously, and even predominantly part of the healing process. From my day on the mountain I came away feeling that it is the only real factor, with all due respect for MMS, the FDA, and anything else that a doctor might tell you. Any person who thinks a modality is going to supersede what has been created by consciousness, without the willingness of, or a change in consciousness, is looking in the wrong direction. Modalities can help, but they are empowered by acts of consciousness which, in and of themselves, they are not. In and of ourselves, we are.

Adam on Camelback mountain.

I shared a few "on location" thoughts.

The night previous to my Camelback journey, Carol sent me the following synopsis following her most recent training seminar just completed in Queensland. I’m including it here in its entirety.

It was absolutely amazing! There were 28 for the 2 days and 13 for the intensive (5 additional days). Every person was able to ‘embody’ their organs and allow them to speak and all said they got incredible insights about what they were creating as well as everyone felt the transformations immediately upon using the techniques. They were all able to help their partners shift deeply held consciousness patterns and many described how amazed they were at what their organs were telling them.

There were a number of instant physical healings as well.  One lady who had lost a toe felt new energy up the side of her body and could feel the toe regenerating as we used the stem cell process. One lady who had glasses for 30 years told how she could now read the manual without them as clear as day after a 15 minute process. Another lady also said her eyesight had also greatly improved after one of the processes. Everyone in the intensive course was able to release a whole life time of traumas in one session,  and couldn’t believe it could actually be that easy, yet they had experienced it.

There were a number of people who were receiving galactic information. Everyone said that as they connected with themselves, they were connecting more with everyone else as well. The love between everyone was incredible. Some said they were connecting better with  their guides and higher selves too.  People kept coming up to me and thanking me from the bottom of their hearts, it was beautiful. I should have taken before and after pictures of everyone.

On the last day of the intensive, as we were communicating with our organs, one lady kept getting the urge to communicate with Grigori Grabovoi who came to the group and gave us guidance through her. I haven’t done this in the group before, only privately for myself, but it felt right for this to happen. It was wonderful to hear him talk about how thrilled he is that so many people are finally gaining benefit through his work. He told us that as soon as we intend the healing, it is already done and that he is here to help every one of us.

One of my clients with motor neuron disease, causing her to not be able to eat or drink, only through a tube, can now eat and drink normally. This was after 4 x 1 hour sessions. One person dying in hospital in India had no will to go on and decided she would die there, the next day after the session, she left the hospital and has steadily improved ever since.

Each paragraph above could take us on a journey down new avenues of self-discovery, redefining what is possible along the way. Unlike the typical $cientist that would see an apparent miracle with his own eyes and dismiss it as impossible, we are in the process of redefining what is miraculous.

The Genome Healing Workshop experience will be one where we get together to practice and experience healing acts of consciousness.

The Great Power Within Us

I have finished reading Book III of Arcady Petrov’s trilogy, “Creation of the Universe”, Save the World Around You. It was well worth the effort, replete with useful insights, some of which are metabolic, particularly on cancer, telomeres, and the informational nature of DNA. It’s greatest gifts, however, are conceptual.

The drama surrounding the struggle of “Death” to remain alive, and its eventual vanquishing by placing the spark of Life within it, is just one of many subplots that would make Petrov’s book an amazing motion picture, one I’d love to produce.

While it is clear to me that re-reading the voluminous work, 1,600+ pages in all, would reveal even deeper levels of insight that I may have missed on the first pass, the salient point to be understood is that the power to change both our inner and outer world is within each of us, not only collectively, but individually.

The unspoken point that is up for grasping is that these powers are activated through the process of knowing, accepting, revealing, and embodying the highest imagined expression of one’s Self. Grabovoi and Petrov’s methods are actually secondary to the primary understanding that the Power to make these amazing changes is present within each of us, and is activated via desire, willingness, intention and permission. These immeasurable attributes can be “turned on” or “turned off” only by the “attractor” of the experience.

Experiences are “attracted” to each of us, individually and collectively, for reasons that we may, or may not consciously know. However, the fundamental purpose of all experiences are to facilitate a higher expression and depth of self-awareness, through:

  • deeper understanding
  • expanded knowledge
  • self- and experiential mastery

Shedding dis-eases, which themselves are simply patterned ideas based on certain sets of assumptions about what is, and is not possible, is just one indicator of a conscious awakening, and an awakening consciousness. How perfect that the foundation of these revelations are so simple as restoring The Norm of the Creator, or as Carol Roberts calls it, The Blueprint of Optimal Functioning.

We are excited to be bringing Carol and her crew to Arizona (June 11-18) for an intensive 7-day course in Genome Healing, which incorporates many of Grabovoi and Petrov’s methods. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the second recorded conversation with Carol on my Talk For Food program.

Genome Healing puts many Grabovoi and Petrov methods into practice.

The class size will be limited to 24 people. The tuition is $3,000, not including lodging. (Click here to register online.) We’re finalizing the location venue.

We’ve seen weekend “Petrov” workshops at a tuition of $1,500. In addition to the Grabovoi and Petrov methods incorporated, Carol’s experience in Thought Field Therapy and other modalities, attention to the subtle nuances of consciousness, and the absence of language or cultural barriers, will make this a far more productive experience. That is because the power is already present. We are each learning how to access and use it consciously, rather than continue our time-honored practice of deferring to a highly indoctrinated (“educated”), but unconscious “Authority”.

The “within-ness” of said power is not a material space. It’s not in an organ or embedded within some area of the brain. It exists on a level that precedes the pattern or matrix around which our reality and everything within it, organizes itself. In other words, it is not “physical”. But then, nothing real ever was, or is.

The power that is within us is not limited to matters of physical healing. It is expressed within the totality of our experience. Healing of physical dysfunctions, through the act of restoring the Norm of the Creator, represents a validation of sorts for the healer’s ego. This is not a criticism, just an observation. We can use this power and affect amazing healings on others, and not our physical selves, and it would not mean that there is something we’ve yet to master. As long as we are giving of ourselves in the best way that we know how, and have not come to the conclusion that there is nothing more to know, then we are a conduit for the Great Power; both a blessing thereof, and blessed thereby.

Bashar offers some great insights on “Earth School” and humanity.

More soon…


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