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The bin Laden Perception Campaign: Who is Being Served?

President Obama, in his own words (or that of his speech writer).

President Obama’s announcement of the killing of Osama bin Laden on May 1 has triggered a massive ORCHESTRATION and MANIPULATION of public perception, not only of Americans, but anyone who thinks they have a legitimate axe to grind about AMERICA.

However, we should make a distinction between citizens of the nation of states founded in 1776, and UNITED STATES CORPORATION, which was founded in 1871, is based in the District of Columbia, and of which Barack Obama is the present CEO. (Please download, read, and save this document.)

I make these distinctions because President Obama’s actions are so out of character with the spirit and sentiment that marked his rise to office. To stand before, not only the nation, but the world, and proclaim that he had overseen the campaign to murder another human being – let’s put the fact that it was Osama bin Laden aside – goes against any semblance of what America stands for, and gives legitimacy to martyrs, whether real, or wannabee.

To rationalize that the world is a better place without him suggests that bin Laden and Al-Qaida were the cause of our problems.

But exactly what are our problems?

  • The American dollar is presently in a slippery slope to worthlessness, which is having a cascading effect throughout our society.
    • Gas prices are at $4 / gallon and higher
    • Food prices are skyrocketing
      • This prompts producers to find more ways to extend the shelf-life of their foods, generally through the use of preservatives
      • Pesticide use is soaring
    • Bats are “mysteriously” dying in the millions
  • Chronic and degenerative diseases are coming on earlier in life, and staying longer.
  • The cost of these treatments are going higher, while the results continue to be ineffective
  • The advice and guidelines that government agencies propound tend to be of ever more dubious value.
    • FDA authorizing genetically modified foods
      • Corn
      • Soy
      • Alfalfa
      • Salmon
    • FDA using misleading and outright false information in opposing alternative therapies which have shown themselves to be effective and inexpensive, such as MMS.
    • EPA doing nothing new to
      • Mum on chemtrails,
      • Bullish on chlorination and fluoridation in the water supply
      • ALLOWED BP to dump Corexit in the Gulf after the oil spill, to which the FDA gave an “all clear” just weeks later that it saw “no evidence of harm” to eat the food
      • Estuaries in the Gulf are still toxic spill zones, a year after the oil spill

While the list could go on, we have to ask ourselves, “Was bin Laden responsible for this?”

The current public relations campaign to get you to be celebratory over the United States taking the lead in a premeditated killing would suggest that our problems are over.

Do they really believe the American people, or the world, are that naïve?

I guess the answer is yes… that “they” must believe it, since it is happening.

It is a greater shock to see president Obama do this… that is, until we see him as CEO of UNITED STATES CORPORATION, as opposed to being the elected representative, by democratic process, of the American people. The interests of those who run UNITED STATES CORPORATION are being served by Mr. Obamas current actions, and it appears by this gesture, that humanity, even in times of war, is not sacred to them.

I will shed no tear over bin Laden’s death, yet it is hardly a cause for celebration. The selling of celebration over the killing, is reason for even greater regret.

It is a time for solemn and earnest sorrow, not only for the twisted set of circumstances and policies that put him on his journey in the first place, but for the geopolitical social atmosphere that those who run the UNITED STATES CORPORATION have wittingly or unwittingly, contributed to.

The greater victory, the greater act of patriotism would, in my opinion, have been to diffuse the enmity that had prevailed so long that provided plausible cover for a 9/11 event to occur. The world doesn’t feel “safer” simply because we have donned the role of “Exterminators” and taken out the latest pest.

This is a monumental demonstration of how inappropriate our current thinking is, and how easily and effectively the public has been conditioned to be misled.

On the other hand, that may simply be the appearance, because anyone who truly respects life, and even freedom, could not be pleased to hear about how a deliberate, pre-meditated murder plot was carried out. Bin Laden’s masterminding 9/11, if indeed he did do it, doesn’t make our masterminding his killing – and the deaths of almost 6,000 and countless additional Iraqi and Afghan civilians, any less heinous.

I just had to say something.


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