The Debates, the Tyranny, and a Silent Voice

A couple weeks ago I watched a congressional hearing that centered around John Stumpf, pictured above, the newly former CEO and Chairman of Wells Fargo Bank. With so much attention directed toward the Hillary / Donald Show, there’s precious little time to really process what the bank’s actions and policies, under Stumpf’s […]

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The Debate and Election Debacle of 2016 Continues

Speculations and debates about who “won” the vice presidential standoff between Senator Tim Kaine and Gov.Mike Pence last week overlooks the largest “loser” in the equation: namely, the People of both the United States, and the world. After watching the vice presidential “debate” on October 4, the salient question might be, which of […]

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Modern Day Mystic Show Tonight

I’m looking forward to talking water, consciousness, and change with Peter Schenk and his co-host Donna Whittington, of Modern Day Mystic at 8pm (Eastern) tonight. If you can, tune in and join in. He’s doing some amazing things with water too, that I’m eager to learn about. Follow the link, […]

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