Saturday Night ThoughtFest Debut

How about this for little notice or planning? If you have nothing better to do, please join me in some realtime interaction tonight (for me), 8-11pm PST, when I host my first Saturday Night Thoughtfest on Google Hangouts. You can watch it on YouTube. The recent (and current) issues that […]

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A Day of Reckoning; A Cry for Help

Today is one of those “zero” days in my life; a reset day, where we cross the event horizon that marks change. Sometimes we know it when it’s happening. Other times, we don’t. Today I know. What I don’t know is how it turns out. In previous posts […]

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Seeking Fiscal Samaritans

I am at the edge of what appears to be a fiscal/financial abyss. Or maybe it’s just a matter of perspective. I am in the far-too-familiar (for me) position of owing far more money to people than I have taken in. This is not necessarily because of money given and not […]

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Since when did innocence stop being "presumed?"

Talking Water with Dr. Wil Spencer

It’s becoming a habit we both enjoy. Wednesday, May 18 (2pm-4pm EST) will be my third visit with Dr. Wil Spencer, The Body Electrician and Chief Environot, on his radio program, An Alternate Perspective ( Studio A). This time we’ll discuss water, that ubiquitous substance that not only makes all […]

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