Saturday Night ThoughtFest Debut

How about this for little notice or planning? If you have nothing better to do, please join me in some realtime interaction tonight (for me), 8-11pm PST, when I host my first Saturday Night Thoughtfest on Google Hangouts. You can watch it on YouTube. The recent (and current) issues that […]

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A Day of Reckoning; A Cry for Help

Today is one of those “zero” days in my life; a reset day, where we cross the event horizon that marks change. Sometimes we know it when it’s happening. Other times, we don’t. Today I know. What I don’t know is how it turns out. In previous posts […]

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Seeking Fiscal Samaritans

I am at the edge of what appears to be a fiscal/financial abyss. Or maybe it’s just a matter of perspective. I am in the far-too-familiar (for me) position of owing far more money to people than I have taken in. This is not necessarily because of money given and not […]

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Since when did innocence stop being "presumed?"

Talking Water with Dr. Wil Spencer

It’s becoming a habit we both enjoy. Wednesday, May 18 (2pm-4pm EST) will be my third visit with Dr. Wil Spencer, The Body Electrician and Chief Environot, on his radio program, An Alternate Perspective ( Studio A). This time we’ll discuss water, that ubiquitous substance that not only makes all […]

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Inertia and the Forces of Change

Although change is the only acknowledged constant in the universe, inertia can be described as the tendency of whatever exists to continue or be repeated as it is. In other words, from moment-to-moment, that which exists will, for all practical purposes, appear to be unchanged. It is reassuring to know that the appearance does not represent […]

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The Amazing Promise of Balance

My most recent blog post presents as a theory or thesis, an idea that in time will be seen by all as a blatant fact. Some may even wonder how we could have been duped for so long. Until that time, We the People give tacit consent to our own unnatural and unnecessary […]

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