A $cientist Cries ‘Woo’…


It was quite a surprise to discover just how much attention my article, Genome Healing: An Awakening Opportunity, was given by a writer who calls himself Orac, and publishes the blog, Respectful Insolence. A member of the www.scienceblogs.com collective, the article, as well as the idea of healing your genome, received full-scale scrutiny and a thorough lambasting last week.

As if I needed confirmation that we’re on to something. This is like the FDA’s declaration that MMS is, when used as directed, “a powerful bleach.” They’ve spent millions of taxpayer dollars attempting to make a case against the perception and actual truth that MMS has been a far greater help to many, willing to make a criminal out of Daniel Smith. But this too won’t hold up to the light of truth. There’s something far greater than MMS… and that’s the Healer Within each of us, to which Orac emphatically cries “woo!”

The blogger, who says he was among the 1,300 members to come to Scottsdale to attend the 2012 annual meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons, somehow came across one of the postcards that we distributed about our Genome Healing Workshop (June 11-18).

Just a few of the vendors at the breast surgeons conference include:

  • Agendia, which through its product called Symphony, offers a “Personalized Breast Cancer Genomic Profile”
  • Allergan, whose product offerings include the category of breast and facial aesthetics, and is deeply committed to the “science of rejuvenation. BOTOX and silicon breast implants are just a few of their product offerings.
  • Genomic Health, whose product, OncotypeDX® Breast Cancer Assay, promises to provide a 10-year risk assessment of recurrence.
  • Invuity, which makes a line of illuminated breast retractors, filling what it calls, an unmet need in minimally invasive breast cancer and thyroid, orthopedic and spinal surgery tools.
  • Trulife, which makes a line of prosthetic products, including breast forms.

This was a random list to give you a feel for the conference itself. You can view the entire list by click here.

This is by no means an attempt to mock breast surgeons, or attack the profession. It does, however, give you a glimpse into the training and mindset of Orac, and why the notion of Genome Healing, in the absence of any actual research on his own (which would put him at odds to his profession and its conventions of thinking), is viewed with such skepticism and derision.

Hilarious! But it’s genius as well. Imply to the marks without actually explicitly saying so that they can regenerate their failing organs. Don’t promise anything, but tell them that regeneration is “possible” and that regeneration “may indeed be achieved.” In a way, you almost have to admire the purity of the lying going on here. At least, I have to think that it’s lying, because I find it hard to believe that anyone could really believe something so utterly full of grade-A 100% nonsense. On the other hand, I always did have an overly optimistic view of humanity.

Notice how he infers that anyone who sees potential in Genome Healing is a “mark.” This would apply to any form of self-healing. Spoken like a true $cientist who wants you to believe that what he says represents all known and acceptable knowledge. What he doesn’t tell you is that he subscribes to the concept of truth by consensus, and outside authority. If his superiors, who have been honored for their ability to regurgitate accepted conventions of thinking, haven’t said it’s so, then it’s not so. His mistake is in thinking that what applies to him must apply to everyone. Yet, if he can convince you that his boxed-in concepts are true, then they will be for you too.

Imagine the millions of people who were told by their doctors that they had only a few weeks to live, who enjoyed years and even decades of extended life and health by deciding for themselves what would be true for them. I’ve met a number of such people. They are always glad they listened to their own guidance, and shudder to think about what might have happened if…

Nonetheless, Orac had many supporters among his readers in the comments that followed the article.

Even more surprising is that this was not the first or second time Orac has found fertile grist for his “woo” mill from this forum. In January 2012 he cited me in an article, “Combining energy woo with The Secret”, and as far back as July 2010, we caught his attention with our introduction to structured water.

He might have had a field day with MMS after the FDA announcement when we garnered so much attention from various troll groups.

If I were so inclined, we could go through the entire Oracic Record, but that would be counter-productive. I must say that I’m grateful. It’s good to know he’s out there and watching, because it says that these subjects are important enough for more people, who might not find, read, watch, or listen to this blog on sincere interest alone, to be introduced to these ideas.

Since many are, even without their knowledge, conditioned to be mentally polarized against the idea of consciousness-based, self-healing and organ regeneration, then they’re going to first hear about it through a negative perceptual lens.

I’m okay with that.

Polarity can be changed; not by me, but by sufficient doses of common sense information. If what I write doesn’t ring true within the reader, then it’s not for them at this time. Like a seed, the idea will still have been planted, also not by me, but by whatever “force” led them to be introduced to the idea in the first place. I’m certainly not forcing anyone to read these thoughts. They will be here if and when the reader is ready. When their own “moment of truth” comes, as it surely will, they’ll wonder whether that “consciousness-healing” idea actually had teeth.

What I find fascinating is the literal aversion that Orac and many of his readers appear to have against even considering the possibility that such a level and form of healing is indeed possible. There is no harm involved in activating one’s own healing abilities and using Nature’s systems. There’s great harm in castration and breast mutilation. There’s great harm in standard oncological treatment. Yet these practices go unquestioned and unchallenged. The surgeons step in to make the patient feel that they have an acceptable replacement for that “bad” and misbehaving body part that you didn’t need anymore.

I’m willing to bet that there are very likely no doctors who have had a radical mastectomy. Most likely because the vast majority are males, and any women doctors who have had a radical mastectomy would likely not wish such an ordeal on anyone.

Just my speculation. I don’t know this to be a fact.

I also don’t know that restoration of The Norm of the Creator is not possible. Neither does Orac or his posse. If restoration of The Norm is really possible, and we can re-instruct our DNA, reactivate Stem Cells (if they haven’t been decimated by chemotherapy), and lengthen telomeres, we owe it to ourselves to figure out how, and to KNOW for ourselves whether it is true. A real scientist will be open to the possibility, and willing to see the evidence or experience it for himself. The price of $3,000 for this course also pales against a medical education that easily costs over $100,000, and is costing millions of lives from standard treatments each year.

And look at what a doctor and society has gained by that time all that money has been spent and matriculation through medical school is complete: a washed brain and closed mind, set to what the authorities tell it to do, and fearful to have a thought of its own.

Talk about “marks.”

Arcady Petrov experienced regeneration of his gallbladder and kidneys, as well as normalization of his eyesight in his journey of self-discovery. What gifts are we turning our backs on if we refuse to open our minds?

This was a nice email to receive from a woman who, after I sent her additional information, spent an entire evening considering whether to attend the Genome Healing Workshop:

Hi Adam,

Thank you for sending me all this information. I have just spent the entire evening reading and watching videos you sent. I had told Les I was not interested because of the cost. I am very interested now. I am really excited. I will send this information out to 60 plus people tomorrow to be of service. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.



If all this resonates with you, please send it to others who may be interested in attending.

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  1. Wait. So if I believe that my disease no longer exists I will be healed? Is that the basis of this?

    I have been taken to multiple faith healers (all failed), put on an alkalyzing diet, paleo diet, totally vegan diet… all without improvement.

    All it is is that I have created my own self-delusion of illness and if I believe I am well my organs will naturally regenerate and I’ll be all better?

    Oh, wait – I have to pay you $6000 (like I have that) and then I can know the rest of the ‘secret.’

  2. Wow so many strawmen here its a fire risk.

    Many of the explosion of diseases that are now commoner in the 21st Century are due to the fact that our average lifespan has almost doubled in 200 years. TB Smallpox Typhus Diptheria etc etc prevented many people reaching their 50s – There has been no explosion – the patterns have changed because our lives are longer.

    Power$ that be? lol dare I say conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy.
    What you dont state is that medicine is self regulating – issues with the efficacy or long term safety of medicines are actually continually investigated and picked up by clinicians working in the field. This is how knowledge advances and pharmaceutical trial data is validated in the real world. Frauds and obscuration soon gets discovered – Contrary to your paranoia very few people in the world of science and medicine have any financial vested interests in pharmaceuticals etc. The evidence drives the practice – when the evidence changes so does the practice. i note people like you never talk about risk benefit calculations – what most of us in the real world actually use to make rational decisions.

    We understand a lot about the universe – Science has been the most successful method of documenting natural phenomena – so when we talk about proof we are talking about the emperical method – that is the benchmark for reality in the 21st century whether you like it or not. If your fantasy doesnt hold up in that reality its very very unlikely to have any basis in reality. Its why we no longer talk about magic spontaneous generation and phlogiston.

    And empericism works. 60 years ago diseases like breast cancer had an 80% mortality over 5 years. That is down to 20% Certain types of lymphoma had over a 90% mortality – now they have a 90% survival rate. All due to rational medicine and eperical technique. If people like Orac didnt understand those laws well those real actual and verifiable results wouldnt exist.

    Please dont talk about science as if you understand it. Try learning from real scientists.

  3. “What I find fascinating is the literal aversion that Orac and many of his readers appear to have against even considering the possibility that such a level and form of healing is indeed possible.”

    Oh, they considered it indeed. Then they looked into the evidence, found it lacking, and are now averse to people profiting from an unproven treatment.

    “There is no harm involved in activating one’s own healing abilities and using Nature’s systems.”

    Nope, but there’s a lot of harm involved in trying to activate healing abilities that don’t exist and ignoring real treatments.

    “Yet these [medical] practices go unquestioned and unchallenged”

    Nope. They question and challenge them all the time. And when something is shown reliably and regularly with proper evidence to be safer and more reliable, they will use that. Unfortunately nothing has been, not your ‘therapy’ not ‘homeopathy’ not any of them.

    • Oh, they considered it indeed. Then they looked into the evidence (i.e., $CIENTIFIC evidence, not PERSONAL), found it lacking, and are now averse to people profiting from an unproven treatment.

      Unproven to WHOM, Sarah?

      On the other hand, they are FINE when a group of respected $cientists say that a pharmaceutical firm has met its burden of proof for a drug by paying millions to the FDA and getting published in PEER-REVIEWED, then collects billions from the public, kills or maims tens of thousands, until the FDA finally rescinds the approval for THAT particular use. No problem there, eh?

      Nope, but there’s a lot of harm involved in trying to activate healing abilities that don’t exist and ignoring real treatments.

      If you or your $cience hasn’t put any credence in the idea that said abilities could be activated, and haven’t respected the work of people who have, then HOW CAN YOU SIT THERE AND SUGGEST, WITH ANY “CERTAINTY” THAT THE ABILITIES AREN’T THERE? Have YOU personally researched the subject and confirmed FOR YOURSELF that this is not so FOR ANYONE OTHER THAN YOU? I believe I know the answer. What is the harm in exploring this avenue, when the “proven” and “real” treatments are KILLING innocent people every day? Are you familiar with the term IATROGENIC DEATHS? They ALL come from administering “proven” and “real” treatments.

      Nope. They question and challenge them all the time. And when something is shown reliably and regularly with proper evidence to be safer and more reliable, they will use that. Unfortunately nothing has been, not your ‘therapy’ not ‘homeopathy’ not any of them.

      “They” must mean, “the Power$-that-Be”, who control $cientific re$earch, Medical $chools, and flood main$tream media with ads about products that are foreign to the human body, while conducting a chemical slash and burn job on food and water. The history of homeopathy goes back over 250 years, and other methods can be traced back even further than that. Do you not find it amazing that we’ve had an explosion in diseases in the past 100 years that aren’t indicated in the previous 5,000+ years of human history? What you think of as “advanced” technologies are, in truth, barbaric, when poison is used as an anticoagulant and the body’s natural stem cells are obliterated instead of turned on in the “fight” against cancer.

      You’ve been “conditioned” well Sarah.

      I’m sure “THEY” would be proud of you.

  4. One needs to see such things with one’s own eyes. Another’s testimony is never quite enough. I have been ill for many years with CFS/ME and am reading Petrov’s 1st book .Having seen dozens of Healers and Psychics, without material improvement, I am still a ‘don’t know’. Deotima.

  5. I don’t believe anyone should feel offended by the oppinion of other. Polemics is natural and polemics brings interesting results if conducted in proper way. So called official medicine has got many obvious weaknesses so we’re going to see who is right in coming years. Fascinating anyway…

  6. He lives in a totally different world, Adam – it operates by the same laws, but he knows nothing of those laws – so he’s not in control of his life – which is threatening. And the only way (for someone like that) to lessen the threat is to become “educated” – to turn his “life” over to science – What is so funny is that his reality works just like the rest of ours does – what he thinks and believes is what he gets. Tragic and to be pitied – and I’m sure he feels the same way about me (tragic and to be pitied) when he’s not mocking. The great thing about Petrov and Grabovoi is that they do have medical documentation. But Orac would not recognize it if he saw it – .

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