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Accessing One’s Power to Change the World

For anyone willing to take a cursory look, the evidence is overwhelming that virtually every aspect of Western science, religion, medicine, education, agriculture, banking, government, and culture: Is based on tightly controlled, false information, with the truth being closely guarded, flat out withheld, or destroyed, Inhumane, Unlawful, Exploitative, and Unsustainable. Since the overwhelming majority of […]

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The Journey Home is the Journey to Love

A lot of attention is being directed toward, among other things, a major “reset” of the global financial system. It is long overdue. The mysterious deaths of bankers around the world, largely under-reported by mainstream media, are not by happenstance. There remains a belief in some areas, that […]

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Happy Zeitgeist Day

I saw the movie Zeitgeist, a few years ago, but I watched a portion of part one yesterday on the origin of religion, and had to watch the rest. It was time well-spent. The word reflects the defining spirit, characteristic, or mood of the time, period, or generation. […]

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