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Cast Your Vote Now! Elect Your Power Within!

On this eve of the 2012 election, I’d like to suggest a last-minute “write in candidate” and a slightly different electoral process. It involves casting a “vote” with, and within One’s Immortal Self. Whether Mr. Romney or Obama is named President of United States Corporation is not important […]

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Awakening from the Astral Slumber

Ponder the thoughts written below: …the astral body is a component part, the very Self, of earthly existence; … it is the seat of the conscious mind and is not created by the will of the individual. The astral phantom is so much our very Self that we […]

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On Matters of Spiraling and Choice

I’m almost half-way through Save the World Within You, the second part of Arcady Petrov’s trilogy, Creation of the Universe. The book reads like an epic religious tale, and perhaps more importantly, seems deeply entrenched in the foundations of duality, i.e., heroes and villains, good and evil, heaven […]

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The Power of the Imaginal ‘You’

I can’t speak to mass media programming practices in other countries, but in America, the term “programming” is appropriate in ways far beyond the subject of entertainment. At stake is not the human soul. It is the human imagination. At the heart, the control and programming of human […]

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Apple’s Brightest Light Dimmed

As I took photos of just my second Apple product ever, a tiny iPod Nano that has become part of my vision for a new concept in healing and well-being modalities (more on that soon), the announcement was broadcast on my car radio that Steve Jobs, co-founder of […]

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