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In the “Afterglow” of Genome Healing

As events unfold in the world that suggest that a major “reboot” lies just ahead, a week of savoring has swiftly passed since our Genome Healing Workshop experience ended, to which we added several days in Sedona with Carol Roberts and her co-facilitator Gabrielle (“Gabi”). We thoroughly enjoyed […]

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Self-Understanding for a Change

Planning for the long-awaited first Genome Healing Workshop in the United States moves into a new phase, when Carol Roberts and one of her staff members arrive in Phoenix from Brisbane this afternoon. We’ll get acquainted over the weekend and prepare the new venue, shown above, for Monday […]

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Genome Healing: An Awakening Opportunity

Yesterday we visited the proposed site for the Genome Healing Workshop. It is, in a word, breathtaking! But a single word isn’t enough. It is a private residence, physically in Phoenix, on Camelback mountain, and satisfied my desire to create an amazing and memorable experience for all who […]

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Healing as an Act of Consciousness

The above image is a view along the trail on Camelback mountain, a Phoenix area landmark which is also next to the town of Paradise Valley where, from June 11-18, 2012 we will host Carol Robert’s Genome Healing Workshop for the first time outside of Australia. Each year […]

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The Great Power Within Us

I have finished reading Book III of Arcady Petrov’s trilogy, “Creation of the Universe”, Save the World Around You. It was well worth the effort, replete with useful insights, some of which are metabolic, particularly on cancer, telomeres, and the informational nature of DNA. It’s greatest gifts, however, […]

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