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The Ascendency of Balance

I have just returned home from a crisscross country trip that covered 6,250 miles in 14 days. The “crisscross” comes from the fact that I began by heading west toward California, and returned home from the east. My destination was the Treasure Coast of Florida to deliver and install the […]

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New Ocean of Information on Water

It is with great pleasure that I report the publication of an article that I contributed to about the Rainmaker H2O technology and its potential impact on California’s water politics and crisis, in Science to Sage e-Zine. The implications in farming and ranch applications, which are major consumers […]

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Sitting Out the E. Coli Scare with MMS

The new wave of stories about illness and death make the following points increasingly obvious: Just how little we know about ourselves, meaning our metabolic, mental, spiritual, and imaginal nature, How having money, or throwing money at a problem, is no guarantor of solution, and will more likely […]

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Slammers can Come and Go: MMS Roles On

A new “anti-MMS” article was brought to my attention this week. This one, written by Sara Vaughter, a nutritionist, has her conclusion in the title, “No Miracle, No Mineral, No Solution.” Cute. She and I agree that MMS is no miracle, but that’s where the agreement ends. Vaughter’s […]

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