In the Matter of Daniel Smith, MMS, and the FDA: Let Freedom Ring

Lately I’ve been taking my time before saying what’s on my mind, but I am pleased to report that Daniel Smith, who the FDA and Department of Justice chose to make an example of in their campaign to protect the pharmaceutical oligarchy by discouraging the sale and use of MMS, is no longer being held in custody. He and his wife Karis were released on bail last week. However, while he is in a better position to prepare their legal defense, they are not free citizens yet as far as the law is concerned.

Let’s be clear that they are, and always will be free human beings, but the actual realm where true slavery, or freedom rings is, is in the mind and heart. Daniel and Karis are free citizens where it counts. I am confident that the world around them will reflect this truth in due time.

I spoke to Daniel a couple days ago. He and Karis were incarcerated for 31 days. Away from their children, callously stripped of their ability to support them by zealous and ambitious prosecutors seeking to build their own reputations as public ass kickers. Except for the grace of friends and well-wishers, they might still be behind bars, which is where the prosecution wanted them. One friend put his house up as collateral, another guaranteed notes on each, to help them make bail and post bond.

Unlike the way you see things on TV and in the movies, where the presumed innocent but guilty defendant is cleaned up, shaved, and gets a haircut in order to look like a right and upstanding citizen while his “mouthpiece” (an officer of the court, mind you) tries to convince the judge that he is ready to return to society, the presumed guilty but innocent Daniel was unkempt, unshaven, and had been forcibly drugged (some “vaccine”) a week or so earlier, when he stood before the judge and spoke for himself.

This is NOT Daniel Smith, but the DOJ would like you to fear him.

The government continues to try the case in the court of public opinion through the media. A recent article, published February 28, 2013 by the Medford (Oregon) Mail Tribune, but picked up on the Oregon Public Broadcasting web site, reports how Federal prosecutors attempted to keep Daniel and Karis in jail, claiming they were a flight risk.

The prosecutors actually sought to maintain the perception that Smith is a menace to society, making him an example for anyone else who dares try to mess with their policies, irrespective of whether or not they are intelligent. The bureaucrats continue to underestimate the intelligence and power of each human citizen that seeks, embraces, embodies, knows, and therefore speaks truth.

The government pleads its case to the public in the article, angling to get an “aware” jury pool if the case goes to trial. They’re not even claiming that MMS does any harm, in spite of its danger being THEIR ORIGINAL CONTENTION. My guess is that since the real science doesn’t support their claim, they’re steering clear.

According to the article, prosecutors claim that government agents made “numerous” undercover purchases of MMS through the PGL web site after PGL became a private membership association. What they didn’t say, and the writer probably didn’t know, was that each “member” signed a waiver, essentially taking responsibility for their action, as it is their right to do. Even with that waiver, Daniel was aware of the “undercover” purchases.

The article continues to paint the chlorine dioxide anion (ClO2-), which mixing MMS and a light acid together produces, in broad brush strokes. If they bothered to do a modicum of homework – including the writer who wrote the Medford Mail Tribune article – they might realize that the chlorine dioxide (ClO2) that is produced to bleach textiles and disinfect wastewater, is a very different chemical animal than the product that Daniel Smith sold.

Even vaccinated 7th graders can figure that out if they care to look!

Sadly, MMS proponents don’t make the distinction either. While interest in MMS continues, some vendors are scrambling to minimize their potential risk. A new one, MMSGREENLIFE.COM has the gall to include “Green Life” in its name, then say that while it “feels bad about the posistion of Project Green Life, MMSGREENLIFE is OPEN as USUAL!” Lacking any real evidence of harm, I wouldn’t be surprised if this site was run by government operatives, distributing chemicals labeled as “MMS” so that they can get some “reliable” harmful data. The choice of that name is that incongruent with respect or common sense.

I can’t see any other reason how, or why the operators of the site, which appeared out the blue, (registered in November, 2011 while the government was actively trying to build a case against Smith), or anyone within the MMS community wouldn’t strongly suggest that there is a large ocean to choose names from, and that it’s a pretty salacious move to try to capitalize on any recognition that might yet be associated with the name. They had to know it might happen since they were aware enough to deny any connection with Smith’s Project Green Life. Just my opinion, but I’d steer clear of it. Even their description of chlorine dioxide is as vague and misleading as the FDA’s. This is another reason that the MMS community should lead the understanding about the chlorine dioxide anion (ClO2-), which is not a bleaching agent for textiles or wood pulp, has an oxidation potential of 0.95V, and has been scientifically proven to be harmless inside the body.

I’m not speaking as a proponent of MMS. I prefer to drink my own urine now, as it has everything MMS contains, and more, and the body knows how to mix it to serve its specific needs. Yet, I know that MMS is better than 90+ percent of all the medications that the FDA has approved for doctors, medical personnel, and hospitals to use, which is the real reason why they’re trying to shut it down.

But shame on them for doing harm to people who have done none. The FDA’s “laws” aren’t above humanity. They’re not even based on truth, as no “drug” can, or will ever cure any disease. The public is being brainwashed by the brainwashed. It’s time to wake up, and stand up.

If MMSGREENLIFE.COM isn’t a front for an undercover government operation, it is a mere annoyance compared to the bigger problem of bullying of citizens by government agencies. Yet, a government that would openly consider “droning” its own citizens would certainly not be above other forms of blatant disregard for human life. What else do we need to see?

While such behavior is reprehensible, it’s easy to see how it evolved, now that government officials have begun describing and rationalizing the circumstances they might see fit to use drones to kill Americans on American soil. I comment about it more at the beginning of last week’s Talk For Food (click here to download mp3).

The last people who should be running a “war on terror” are the terrified. I’m suggesting that the policy makers are the terrified ones. They don’t appear to understand that the “do unto others rule applies to them too.”

“What you do unto others, you do unto yourself.”

I’m not afraid of a drone attack, as I would never wish it on anyone. I am not afraid of an assassin, as I would never even wish it on anyone. It’s not that I’m not capable making such wishes; I simply know that my thoughts have power, and I choose to use my thoughts and intention on events that I am serious about, which is RESTORING HARMONY, not propagating more harm.

The United States Corporation, under the guise of representing The People, is propagating more HARM around the world by remote control, “secure” not only in the idea that they represent “good,” but that they can get away with their crimes against humanity. The people who have salivated at the specter of “bringing down” Daniel Smith, are just as controlled as are drones, and equally mindless and heartless.

Daniel Smith has an active mind and heart. It is his best protection from harm, as it is for each of us.

The Justice Department is devoting a great amount of money, time, and human resources in order to make the public think that Daniel Smith, an intelligent, sincere, human loving and respecting American, is a criminal, while they, and their related agencies, FACILITATE countless INHUMANE, and thereby criminal acts against individuals, both foreign and domestic. The only “sin” for many of these people, was uncovering and advancing solutions to social problems that billions and trillions of research dollars have yet to produce. The government’s “War on MMS” is but one of many campaigns that have been run by various alphabet agencies in an effort to squelch real progress while advancing imaginary perceptions of gain.

We are led to believe that the “terror” threat is abroad, when much of their activity is instigated by individuals located in the city-state of Washington, DC. They themselves have been puppets to other manipulators who have long saw themselves as “above the law.”

They weren’t, and aren’t.

All human beings are subject to the same Universal Laws. There’s no getting around that. There’s no way, or place to hide. What you do unto others, you WILL do to yourself.

Since when did innocence stop being "presumed?"

THIS is Daniel Smith.

Daniel Smith will be okay, whatever the verdict. He remains himself, having shed the web of fear that the DOJ tried to snare him in.

They just don’t seem to know what they’re doing to themselves.

Gotta love ‘em…

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  1. Hello, my friend and I have been trying to locate the court case number for Daniel Smith vs FDA without success. Could someone help with this. Thanks.

  2. This is just another example of the governments total lack of respect for individuals when they are not promoting the standard FDA approved products. If you do not have the 850 million dollar budget to support the FDA and do endless testing, this is what happens frequently to our country’s citizens. I know of one case where the TSA went into Ecuador and kidnapped and held a US citizen for a long time and stole two homes from him and never proved him guilty of anything. If you do not have deep pockets, you cannot protect yourself. Check out the story of “Nancy’s no hunger bread” where the FDA ruined the lives of people trying to share something they discovered accidentally.

    God save us from our government.

  3. Thank you for sharing this difficult experience.
    AWARENESS is important as more People see the injustice and the atrocities and the fraud
    to face their fear to create Change.
    Thank you for being here!
    You are not alone Abraham, Daniel, and all the readers.

    LOVE and Peace
    (A DIY Project)

  4. Reblogged this on Ronmamita's Blog and commented:
    … Let’s be clear that they are, and always will be free human beings, but the actual realm where true slavery, or freedom rings is, is in the mind and heart.

    …The United States Corporation, under the guise of representing The People, is propagating more HARM around the world by remote control, “secure” not only in the idea that they represent “good,” but that they can get away with their crimes against humanity.

    …All human beings are subject to the same Universal Laws. There’s no getting around that. There’s no way, or place to hide. What you do unto others, you WILL do to yourself.

  5. I have always liked Adams writing. It is always good, normally and I am glad to have him on Daniel’s side. Adam, like most of us is always doing his best, and what he had to say about Daniel’s case and the FDA was really good.

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